CHASKA, Minn. (WCCO) — Murder charges were filed Monday against a Minneapolis man accused of stabbing and killing a man outside a Chaska bar.

Police say 35-year-old Jason Foster was trying to help two women who were being harrassed when he was stabbed to death.

It happened outside Kelley’s bar around bar close early Friday morning.

Thirty-one-year-old Jesse Rogers was charged with second-degree murder.

Two others arrested after the stabbing have been released and are not expected to be charged.

Rogers’ first court appearance is set for Friday, June 10.

Comments (24)
  1. Brian says:

    Great. One of the few nice guys left trying to stand up and do the right thing…then he’s stabbed and dies. Just great. I’m sure this will turn into a race conversation (last I read, the suspects were African American), but skin color matters not. This is a perfect example why capital punishment should be reinstated in MN.

    1. ellie says:


  2. V_for_Vendetta says:

    Brian, you are an apologist. The suspect is Black as I am White. You may try to soften what happened with apologetic words like African American but statistics don’t lie. Blacks are more than seven times more likely to commit a violent crime than a white person. Next you will be blaming socio-economic factors. Let’s call a spade a spade.

    1. Brian says:

      Trust me, I’m not an apologist. And yeah I’m all for calling a spade a spade. And I never said anything about socio-economic factors. I just didn’t think I should be dropping the “N-bomb” on here. WCCO’s filters and censors are bad enough, I’m lucky I go “African American” posted.

  3. Jeff says:

    Actually, I saw the guy’s mug shot………he looks mixed race to me…..but more on the white side.

  4. Silly says:

    Hopefully the other 2 that wern’t charged will learn something from this, I highly doubt they’re outstanding human beings, remember the company you keep is parallel to how others will view you.

    1. tonja says:

      So true, so true. Birds of a feather…One of the accused attackers had his teeth knocked out inside the bar during the first fight. Why were no assault charges pressed? Because the victim was black. I’m sure the n word was flying all around that bar and lit the fire for the fight to continue. This is Chaska and people here are very conservative and biggoted against blacks and Mexicans. The bar owner and patrons should have called the police right away when the first fight broke out inside the bar. Everyone present had a responsibility and they failed to act. This so could’ve been avoided by calling the police WAY earlier. Now a life has ended prematurely and racism and hatred in Chaska has ignited once again…

  5. blakie says:

    and do what kill another person so that’s makes you no better than him, i bet if you can get away with killing a black person you will do it, so you are no better than the one’s that do the killing you two are the same ,but diffrent color.

    1. tonja says:

      Amen, blakie. Amen

  6. blakie says:

    we are all over and your wives and daughters and sisters love the hell out of us , ask them?

    1. blakie says:

      and then we give them back to you after we spend your momey!!!!!!!

  7. blakie says:

    i like poeple you becauuse it is a diffrent between nignos and black people because i know alot of white nignos just like you describe and i don’t like them either alot of white ones is on here writing. thanks,for you wonderful commit.

    1. Jamal says:

      @ Blakie…Blakie can’t spell 2 words correctly..he’s ignorant.

      1. blakie says:

        you got my point

        1. BLAKIE says:


          1. Wow...really? says:

            I have one…her Name is Beretta…..she has 16 reasons (plus one in the chamber) on why she would LOVE to meet you!

            Come on by!!!!

            1. blakie says:

              I thought we was having fun ,now you ready to kill me behind words,i knew you was a weak wigger, need a weapon to fight your battles ,just the kkk go get a sheet and put your head under it and hide for the rest of your life. peace out wigger

          2. Ivan says:

            @ Blakie > keep typin in caps,loser. Bill Cosby wrote a thick book about “you people”..You reinforce every stereotype he listed..When you find someone to give your broke-ass some money, head on down to Karma with the rest of the Chimps..Maybe you’ll finally meet your Daddy!

  8. tonja says:

    Wow. You’re very frightening posting a comment like that. Is the rope for yourself then, tom?

  9. tonja says:

    Holy cow. I can’t believe what I’m reading here. Do you realize one of the accused is a white punk from Chaska with a record? Coons? Crime apes? Chimp? Why do you think this is about race and why do you think you’re better than anyone? You’re obviously a right wing Republican with little to no education and most likely receiving welfare. Unbelievable. Utterly unbelievable that people like you get to vote in this democracy.

  10. T. J. says:

    Stop with the racism! How dare you! I can’t believe what I’ve read here. This just proves that the people of Chaska can’t have an intelligent conversation about what happened last week. My goodness! Jamal, you’re the ignorant, uneducated, obnoxious and most likely unemployed one here. How can you be so bitter and hateful?? We’re all on this planet together, we all have problems, needs and issues, so don’t escalate them by attacking others! Enough! Go back to school, learn some tolerance and get a job.

  11. T. J. says:

    Oh yeah, just what we need, more white trash carrying a concealed weapon in a town filled with radical, angry racists. That’ll help ease racial tensions soooo much. My god, are you that thick?? People need to put down their guns, lay down their hatred and get educated on different cultures and look at other people without seeing a division of color. You guys make me so ill I can’t read anymore of these comments. Call the police, not your redneck brother-in-law!!!

  12. NC says:

    RIP to the man who died. Jesse will be judged by the only one that matters when he is dead and gone. PEACE.

  13. NC says:

    R.I.P. Jason Foster. May God help to give your loved ones the strength they’ll need to make it thru this difficult time. PEACE.

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