MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Delta Air Lines Inc. is announcing plans to consolidate some operations now in Minneapolis to Atlanta, but will offer jobs to everyone in Minnesota who is willing to relocate.

In a letter to employees on Tuesday, CEO Richard Anderson says the moves will save money as fuel prices have risen sharply this year.

The company plans to move training centers for flight attendants and pilots in Minneapolis to Atlanta. The company also plans to move engineering and technical support teams from Minneapolis to Atlanta.

Anderson says that while the company no longer needs the buildings in Minneapolis, it does need the people who staffed them.

He says he expects the process to finish next year.

Delta is based in Atlanta. It bought Minnesota-based Northwest Airlines in 2008.

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Comments (11)
  1. northstar64 says:

    hardly a surprise. wasn’t there a job committment as part of the merger or was that just flight levels as MSP airport?

    1. IwonderIf says:

      i believe that “the jobs stay in MN” was part of the deal.. But i could be wrong

  2. Matt says:

    This is why you don’t bail out industry, let the week ones fall apart. Another great waste of tax payer funding.

    On a side note I don’t travel Delta, worst service and rewards in the industry.

  3. Miss NWA says:

    Another slap in the face by Delta…there are already MN folks relocated to Atlanta or they are flying weekly for their commute….only to KEEP their jobs. Then lets remember they recently pulled out of St. Cloud, Eau Claire, WI, and other smaller airports in the region. Miss good ol’ NWA….our hometown airline. Now we just have Sun Country….wish they flew to more locations.

  4. wer says:

    Why doesn’t Delta just buy Minnesota and move it to Atlanta?

  5. tom says:

    why would anyone want to move to atlanta, more crime there then in murderapolis

  6. Whatever... says:

    Delta reneges on the merger specifics? Probably could have put a stopwatch to it. As much as some people loathed Northwest, you could tell this merger was going to end up bad for the Twin Cities. How many non-stop (at least long haul flights per day) destinations have we lost?? Certainly these lost jobs will be easily absorbed into the HOT local job market!!

  7. zee the reporter says:

    Delta is under contract to stay in minnesota! zee reports!

  8. tax the slackers says:

    More “hard working” rich people aholing the average working person.

  9. JOHN says:

    E-mail anderson and tell him where he can take his airline and lets find one that would like to have MSP as a hub and hire a damn good work force not the airheads from atlanta it would be nice not to have this junk airline here.

  10. JOHN says:

    Interesting that Minnesota was rated number 4 in places for employment i didn’t see atlanta on the list i guess delta did’nt get it but maybe we were placed wrongly but it looks like our unemployed will be wide open maybe dayton could charge them a tax for this as once again another major employer is leaving with nothing said by our leaders.

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