Charges: Bank Employee Stole Money From ATMs

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A former bank teller is accused of stealing more than $250,000 over a five-year period from the ATM machines at the Hassan bank where she worked, according to charges filed Wednesday in Hennepin County District Court.

Kelly Jo Bistodeau, 51 of Albertville, was charged Tuesday with one felony count of theft by swindle.

According to a criminal complaint, Bistodeau allegedly stole $259,000 from the ATMs at the First National Bank of Elk River in Hassan between 1998 and 2003. The thefts allegedly occurred on multiple occasions while she was refilling ATM machines at the bank.

After she allegedly took money from the ATMs, she used different methods to hide the theft in the bank’s records, like making false accounting entries into the general ledger.

if convicted, Bistodeau faces up to 20 years in prison and/or $100,000 in fines. She is not currently in custody, but will make a preliminary court appearance. The case is still under investigation by the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Bigcat

    Steals $259,000. Gets fined $100,000. Not too bad of a deal for her I guess!

    • @peabraincat

      Fine is different than restitution, earth to you she’ll be paying both.

  • Kally

    I wonder what casino has the money now….

    • tom

      to bad it wasn’t a racino that had the money now

  • michelle bachmann

    Do you suppose she is a republican?

    • tom

      no, a liberal with her hand out

      • Jim

        No, a Republican. (This is fun?)

    • Mike

      michelle bachmann when are you going to return those farm subsidies you stole from taxpayers?

  • jkb

    Yeah, but she will still have to pay back the $259,000 I would imagine besides the $100,000 fine.

  • wake -up

    Well, Henry Paulson stole 250 million from the taxpayers. Geihtner, Bernanke, Bush and Obama have destroyed the value of the dollar, which is theft by swindle, and no one says a word.

    Got to start from the top first

    • MIke

      wake-up, from your stupor their buddy. Interest rates are still incredibly low.

  • St Paul

    Why not set folks that do crimes like this in a special prison to take money from countrys and groups of terrorists that we are fighting? That way we can keep minimum troops there and do most of the work over here. Also it’s a great way to deplete their funds so they can’t purchase more weapons!!!!!

    • Relief Soon

      St Paul
      Why don’t you get your clothes off and lay out on the freeway, your space ship is on it’s way……………

  • Denny H.

    she stole a quarter million and isn’t in custody??

  • Denny K

    I think I know who this is

  • Tiredofignorance

    So Kelly Jo can steal from work and no ones talking about her getting jail time because it a white collar crime?

  • bring back the debtors prison

    What we should do is bring back the debtors prison where we can send people who will work off what they owe. They had this back in the depression years of the 30’s.

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