ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO/AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton and GOP legislative leaders met for another unproductive budget negotiation as hopes fade for heading off a state government shutdown on July 1.

Both Dayton and GOP leaders said after the 90-minute meeting on Wednesday afternoon that they made no progress in bridging their fundamental split over how much the state should spend in its next two-year budget cycle.

“Every economic indicator is flashing red. There’s some people talking about the national economy’s in a coma. So we’re not going to pile on more taxes and more double-digit spending on top of an economy coma. We’re not going to do that,” said Deputy Majority Leader Sen. Geoff Michel.

Republicans say it shouldn’t be more than $34 billion, the amount the state is projected to collect in that time.

“A special session is not necessary, and a tax increase is not necessary.  This is the biggest budget in the state of Minnesota’s history. It should be enough to fund our priorities. If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority,” said Speaker of the House Rep. Kurt Zellers.

The Democratic governor says that’s not enough to prevent what he says would be “draconian” cuts to state services. He wants to supplement it with $1.8 billion in new revenue from tax increases or some other source.

“The facts are the facts, and the facts are that this $34 billion budget that they’re stuck on would be catastrophic for hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans and I won’t agree to that,” Dayton said.

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  1. tom says:

    There’s nothing to talk about, Gov Dayton. MN spends too much. Cut the spending.

    1. mko says:

      We really can cut spending. It’s not that tough. Let’s quit kicking the can on down the road. Cut the spending Now.

      We elected the GOP to Cut The Spending. Governor Dayton, listen to the people. We want you to cut the spending.

      1. Who trumps whom says:

        .Who trumps whom here?

        The kid governor who says, “W-a-a-a, W-a-a-a, I want to buy something”.

        Or the parents GOP who say “Sorry, Charlie, no more spending”.

        It’s obvious who’s in control here.

        Stick to your guns, GOP. Don’t spend one more dime. Minnesota spending is out of control and needs to be stopped.

        1. Sue says:

          You all keep talking about how we spend too much money well I like to know the facts behind it, can you tell me what and how we spend too much money where is the proof. If you can’t back up what you say then maybe you should just keep your comments to yourself.
          You go Dayton, stick to your guns and don’t give in.

          1. Clark says:

            Sue do you know any government workers that are in charge of their department budget? As many will tell you if they dont spend it they wont get it next year. This is also common in our Public schools. My sister works in the DNR and the problem is rampant. They know if they dont spend all of their budget dollars they will be cut the following year.
            Just one example of waste in our government and no incentive to cut within any of the departments.

            1. Citizen says:

              @Clark. I used to work a department budget in public employment. We did zero-based budgeting. Everything was funded from the ground up. The money left over was returned to the general coffers of the government entity. It can be done. Why isn’t done? First, it is easier just to budget by saying we had X dollars last year, so we should probably have a cost of living percentage more dollars this year. Two. With all the Grover Norquist philosophers saying we should starve government out there, I’m sure most government people want to try to at least maintain enough money in their budget to provide the MANDATED services that they have to provide. It’s called funding a civilization, that’s what taxes are for.

              1. Clark says:

                Point proven. When its not your money it’s really easy to spend. Starve government? When has any govt budget or funding ever shrunk?

          2. Sick of liberal talking points says:

            And when the government shuts down don’t be blaming the republicans because they have given him offer after offer and he keeps turning it down because he wants a tax increase and the people of Minnesota clearly voted in the people who were going to keep spending and taxes down. So the blame better go where it belongs and that is on DAYTON!!!!

          3. kell says:

            It’s too much when there’s more going out than coming in. That’s how it works in my house and it’s how it should work in government. It’s common sense.

      2. Tom D says:

        @ mko and tom

        Yes the GOP ran on cutting on spending, but Dayton ran on tax increases on the rich and Dayton won. Now if the people in the state of MN wanted to solve the problem by just cutting alone then Emmers should have won the last election by a land slide, but he didn’t. And the other thing that you need to remember that with T-Paws last budget him and the GOP had to call US Bank to set aside about $500 million just in case we didn’t have enough money to pay the states bills. So I would say that by doing that the conservatives of this state lost the argument that we don’t have a revenue problem. Granted we didn’t that money from US Bank, but even having too ask for it says alot.

        And by the way what would you two cut? School. Health Services, Transportation etc ?

        1. Mark Too says:

          True, Dayton did win the governor position.
          It is also true that many GOP candidates won their respective legislator position and they took control of each house.

          Therefore it would be false to claim that the people of MN wanted the budget problems solved by either cuts alone or increasing taxes alone. If that were the case, either the Democrats or the Republicans would control both the executive and legislative branches of the MN government.

          To answer you last question. I think it is fair to say there are plenty of opportunities to be more prudent on how the tax payer’s money is spent. It is also fair to say there are many who are not contributing to state’s revenue who should be. In short there’s opportunity for both spending cuts and revenue increases.

        2. Sick of liberal talking points says:

          And the GOP got elected on that platform by a very large majority. Bigger than Dayton’s margin.
          Go GOP

  2. StraycatStrut says:

    $34,000,000,000 is not yet enough. Think about that sitting in rush hour and the state gets $.28 per gallon. Problem is if we do raise taxes and balance the budget as Dayton wants to,…. what happens in 4 years when there is yet another deficet from over spending…. raise taxes again? Thats been the pattern…. with really no solution. Gotta be smarter then a 5th grader…. and I doubt we have that for leadership.

  3. Joe says:

    There’s nothing to talk about, Speaker Zellers. MN needs more revenue. Increase taxes on people who can afford to pay them.

    1. Dave says:

      Go ahead and pay them than Joe. Oh wait you probably dont make much money. Its easy to stick the bill to someone else and go on with your life. The wealthy already pay the largest percentage of tax by far. Cut worthless spending and raise EVERYONES taxes. Than libs will finally get on baord that we have a spending problem.

  4. Joe Hanson says:

    Governor Dayton (along with his cohorts at “Alliance for a Better Minnesota”) continues to lead the State to a Government shutdown.

    1. jimmy says:

      The GOP has been bragging for months now that they won’t notice if the state shuts down. The GOP thought it was funny that they would throw thousands of state workers out of work . The GOP played computer games posting on their social network sites during debates on the budget. The GOP had a betting pool on how long they could force state workers to be out of work. The GOP signed pledges before the session that they would shut down the state rather than negotiate in good faith.

      1. Clark says:

        Wow, Jimmy you sure know a lot about what the GOP does on a daily basis. Playing video games and social networking. At least they were not tweeting pictures of their junk like the great DFL’rs out there

        1. Citizen says:

          @Clark. Or seducing little boys like the party of the grand old pedophiles. Get a new spin, Clark. No party has a corner on morality. I think we can all agree on that.

          1. Clark says:

            Oops hit a nerve, sorry!

        2. jimmy says:

          Well I don’t see the DFL defending that clown. I do see you defending the poor behavior of the GOP.

      2. Joe Hanson says:

        Jimmy – the fact remains that the Republican led Legislature delivered to Governor Dayton a balanced budget that provided over $3 billion in additional spending for the next biennium. Governor Dayton vetoed all budget bills except the Agriculture bill.

        If Governor Dayton is unable or unwilling to operate the State with a $3 billion increase, he needs to explain to the taxpayers and those State employees who will be laid off by his decision to veto the budget, WHY.

        Just saying he wants the “wealthy” to pay their fair share, isn’t an explanation.

      3. Sick of liberal talking points says:

        Prove that. Once again I want to see proof. How come every time I ask for proof NO ONE CAN SHOW IT TO ME.
        You libs are such a joke

  5. John says:

    The same people leaving the same posts over and over again. Simplistic answers to complex problems. If there are more posts you will get more of the same.

    1. Citizen says:

      @John. Here is a quoted excerpt from a recent article by David Cay Johnston on The website makes for interesting reading. Johnston is a Pultizer-price winning journalist. This article is about Paul Ryan’s tax plan (based on Ayn Rand’s philosophy), but it can certainly be extrapolated to the current problems between the legislature and Governor Dayton.
      “Taxes are how we distribute the burden of civilization. They are rules that define us as a society — if you believe we are a society, which Rand said was a false, collectivist concept. To the Randians there is no society, only the individual. And in Rand’s ideal world, the weak not only are undeserving of love, they are undeserving of existence. Ryan, on his Facebook page video, says we need to learn to share her values.
      The tax wisdom of the ancients that has survived, and thus in the classical sense is profoundly conservative, is that we tax the biggest winners the most and that if we redistribute, it is to those with a reduced or no ability to care for themselves. That is not what the Ryan plan would do, however. It does the opposite, taking from the many to give to the few. Now House Republicans are on record as sharing his vision.
      Whatever you think about how we should distribute the burden of maintaining the civilization that makes our wealth possible, no matter what you think about whether we need more government or less, more competitive markets or more oligopolies, there is plenty to debate and study and disagree about in a civilized way.
      What we should not have to debate any longer is what the Republicans in the House think is our major economic problem. They have laid it out as plainly and unambiguously as possible: The rich do not have nearly enough, and the duty of government is to ensure they get more, because somehow this upward redistribution will make all of us better off in the long run.
      Put that way, Rand would have a word to describe the Ryan plan: socialism.”

      1. Quint says:

        No one, and I mean no one, is saying we don’t need a certain amount of taxation and we all agree it should be a graded scale based on amount of income. Thats what we currently have. What the debate is about is what is ‘fair share’ which changes every time the demacrats spend more money. Its about how much government involvement in your life. The more, the more taxation is required. The more taxation and government involvement, the less freedom and individual responsibility. The fight is what kind of country do you want to live in.

  6. Common Man says:

    @ John, look in the mirror.

    1. John says:

      @common. Never posted before, as I look at your posts I see the same thing over and over again.

  7. Common Man says:

    We have some of the highest total tax rates in the Nation and are ranked 8th. Lets say we raise taxes then in two years we have a deficit again do you want to continue the evil cylce and raise them again. The State needs to live on a percentage of its GDP and when revenues fall they must cut and when they rise they should make wise decisions which I think they are incapable of. 34 Billion will be the highest spending ever and we must cut back. Instead of shutting down Dayton should prioritize his spending and protect what is important to him while keeping the level at 34B. Folks the state should stick to a budget as we all have to do and not spend more than we make.

    1. Frank says:

      That would be very true except that the previous governor did not do that, he shifted 5 bill. to this year and now the piper has to be paid.

      1. JB says:

        Frank, Nice left Lie. Governor Pawlenty tried to address this problem but Marg refused to balance the budget and over rode his veto. The Deomcrats had the votes and they knew it, so they crammed the prior budget down this states throat and left the governor out of the equation with a veto over ride. This deficit sits squarely on the democrats shoulders. I say that only because the governors (republican) input was completely ignored and it was a one sided budget, democrat that is.

        1. Straw says:

          One can only imagine the mess we would be in if not for Pawlenty. He blocked what he could in spending but the demacratic congress still pushed the spending to the limits. Its unfortunate but the governor always gets blamed.

        2. Sue says:

          If you are going to post then you better have your facts right, what the democrats over ride was the gas tax increase it had nothing to do with the budget. Pawlenty is the one who didn’t like it and decided all on his own to balance the budget without anyone inputs and that’s when the courts stepped in and said he over abused his power and couldn’t do that so instead of sitting down with the legislature he decided to ignore it and thought it would go away and he went away traveling around getting a feel for running for president and that is why we have a 5 billion deficit and if you look at history the economy has been the best is when we raise taxes and not cut everything.

          1. Claire says:

            So Pawlenty tried to balance the budget himself but the Democrats screamed and got the courts involved. And we ended up with an unbalanced budget. How is this Pawlenty’s fault? and we have a 5 billion deficit becasue he was traveling around running for president?
            Looks like you are being conflicted by your own facts

            1. Citizen says:

              So, it’s okay then, Claire, to balance the budget ILLEGALLY because that is what T-Paw did and that is what the courts said he did. What part of the ILLEGAL don’t you understand? We are a nation of many laws, and those need to be obeyed to have a civilization. If T-Paw had done this as a Democrat, you would probably be calling for a noose for him. No new news from your end…..

              1. Claire says:

                My point was the fact that Pawlenty wanted and presented a balanced budget. the 5 billion was forced upon the citiizens of Mn because of the DFL. The DFL could only look at the spending side of the equation. Like Pawlenty or not he knew we did not have the revenue to cover all the spending. How many Lib post have held the 5 Billion over his head?
                We are in the same battle today. We do not have the revenue to cover all the increased spending request. Time to cut spending!

                1. Clyde says:

                  @ Claire. reread Sue’s post.
                  In the end the governor has to sign off on the budget Pawlenty did that by not vetoing it. If he knew there was not the funds there because of a veto on a tax increase then it is Pawlenty for not making sure the books balanced. The shifting of payments to another year was not responsible governing

          2. JB says:

            Sue, did you bother to listen in your government class in High school? The governor can not create a budget. The governor ony has input on what he likes and dislikes and then it is up to the house and senate to send him a balanced budget. In the case two+ years ago, the then speaker (MARG) refused to meet with the then Governor unless it was in her office. The Democrats send a budget early on to the governor that he vetoed. Just like our current congress, they did everything except for deliver a budget, then when the only thing the governor could do was accept or veto a budget, they sent him the exact same budget. He vetoed it and they overrode his veto. Please taek the time to read this site and the Startribune site, it is all in there. One other fact that you appear to have forgotten was that in the final year of Governor Pawlenty’s term, Marg and the Democrats agreed with the unallotments and made them law. So while we all agree the courts slapped the Governors hands, oddly enough the democrats appear to have agreed with them after all, of course by that time they were all fired in the last election.

  8. kevin says:

    Sue, let’s start to re-negotiate the contracts with all the gov. unions. Why as a tax payer do I need to finance all the medical and pension benifits til the death of a public employee. Private business could not afford to do this and stay in business. Also if we need to raise extra money I think the dems. need to negotiate with the tribes -as the dems. are the party that gave them the exclusive rights to the state gambling industry.These to items alone would take care of additional speding you dems seem to want.

    1. Owen says:

      @ kevin. It was called collective bargaining. Less wage increase for better benefits. That would be the governors office negotiating that. The last 20 years have been Tim, Jesse and Arnie. It is not like there has been a left leaner amongst them.
      Yes Perpich gave them a contract for eternity that the native americans don’t have to pay. How are you proposing to reopen negotiations? Gunpoint that the old west days.
      Yet another right proposal that lacks any basis in reality.

  9. Shut it down! says:

    and fire the corrupt state employees …. all of them!

    1. Huh? says:

      if there is any corrupt state workers I agree. Yet if that is a blanket statement about all state workers I think that you have no clue.

      1. Shut it down! says:

        Cut them all!

        Start at the top with Governor Goofy and work your way down until you get to the guy checking firewood at park entrances.

        We can rebuild later if necessary

        1. Stien says:

          Great tax plan! And JOBS….JOBS….Jobs…..plan. Are people really this stupid in MN. And the answer is yes Johnny!

  10. State Worker says:

    First, it is going to cost the State about 500 millions to play off everyone before we start. Comes, Monday July 3rd, about 40,000 people will be line up at the Unemployment office to bring down the computer system with limited staff. The parks are closed, the school are closed, the road are closed, etc.. Is there really what the state of MN want to do?

    WoW, it is 34 billions on this article, now? I hope these people get the number right
    State works, because we do.

    1. Todd says:

      unemployment is cheaper than full salary. Do you understand where the salary comes from?

      1. Stien says:

        Where does yours come from Todd? Careful how you answer this. Wait a minute we already know the answer, the same people who pay State workers! OOOOOOPSSSSSS!!!!!!!

        1. Todd says:

          Not from taxes, and if you don’t understand the differance you should not have passed your GED test.

    2. Joe Hanson says:

      It’s what Governor Dayton (and his cohorts at “Alliance for a Better Minnesota”) want – a State Government shutdown.

      Governor Dayton is either unable or unwilling to operate the State with a budget that is a $3 billion increase over the previous budget.

    3. John says:

      Dont worry, old goggle eyes will fold in the end.

  11. wowreally says:

    why is it the workers fault that politicians cant do their job and compromise. A democrate governor was elected because he had the majority of votes from the people of this state. This means the majorit of Minnesotans believe in him. Otherwise, a GOP would have won the election. So the GOP should have to vote the public will and raise taxes on the top earners. But no, they think they are boss. Gees, do your job… or shut it ALL down and we’ll see the mayhem of grandmas sitting in wheelchairs in state run facilities, roads buckling with no fix, no welfare checks, prisoners free and so on.

    1. Calling your bluff says:

      Sounds good to me

      last one out of the capitol, hit the lights

    2. Sick of liberal talking points says:

      Ummm wowreally the GOP won by a bigger margin than Dayton did. Let’s get it straight. I the GOP is working under the will of their people who voted them in. If it wouldn’t have been for a 3rd party candidate I think there would have been a whole different outcome.

    3. Mark Too says:

      True, Dayton did win the governor position.
      It is also true that many GOP candidates won their respective legislator position and they took control of each house.

      Therefore it would be false to claim that the people of MN wanted the budget problems solved by either cuts alone or increasing taxes alone. If that were the case, either the Democrats or the Republicans would control both the executive and legislative branches of the MN government.

  12. kevin says:

    Owen, that’s my point. Give away,give away,give away with no out in a contract if things change. Let’s just through in the towel and spend till we are broke. Then maybe we can get some funny money from O dumbo.

  13. Common Man says:


    your favorite Govenor would have lost it there was not a third party candidate taking votes from Emmer. Most of the votes for the indepent candidate came from the GOP.

  14. Out of here... says:

    I am in the top 2% of incomes. If this state taxes me more I will move to a different state and take my business and the 250 good paying jobs with me.
    I am not alone. Many others will leave too. Now do youe see how this tax increase would back fire!

    1. SO SAD says:

      Is all your money in your name or do you hide it in your childrens’/grandchildrens’ names; and pay the lower tax? And with the business, do you buy assets or do you lease to have a liability? There are many loop holes businesses are finding to use in order not to pay the appropriate tax?

      So, do you actually pay your “fair share” or hide it in the many loop holes attorneys/accountants are finding in the system?

      1. Clark says:

        Oh do you mean like the Dayton family??

      2. safe in SD says:

        Talk to governor goofy (aka trust fund brat) about hiding money from taxes.

        1. John says:

          He coulndnt make it as a teacher. He was graded an “F” in Washington and he will prove to be a dismal failure as a Govenor, he has to have something to fall back on!

          1. Mary says:

            Does anyone know if this guy ever held a prvate sector job? I read he was a teacher for a year and a half.

        2. SO SAD says:

          @ Clark and Safe in SD — How many corporations in MN are actually MN corporations? I know of at least four large corporations I have worked for in the past have been incorporated in other states. And I bet there are many more. Check with the company you work for? Are they MN corporations? If they are a large company, I doubt they are.

          1. Clark says:

            So Sad,

            Whats your point? I own a branch of a larger corporation based in WI. I pay a lot of taxes to the State of MN. Property Taxes, Unemployment, Income and yes I pay on my profit distribution at the end of the year.

          2. Claire says:

            The fact that the Daytons have corporations set up in the Caribbean means they are tax dodging cheats also?

      3. Claire says:

        If Libs are so upset over the tax loop holes why doenst a single one of them propose a bill to close the holes? I dont think you would have anyone complaining from any of the citizens of MN. Typical Lib to raise taxes rather than fix the obvious problem. Hello, does anyone see the elephant in the middle of the room?

        1. Harvey says:

          Typical of a partisan. Tax loopholes in Minnesota taxes, please explain. Fixing obvious problems? What did Paewlenty fix? Nothing. A GOP legislature passes a budget that depends on a federal waiver that is a hope at best. The GOP did nothing about the people who can work collecting state money and went after the disabled and elderly. The elephant is your, never mind.

        2. SO SAD says:

          Actually, Claire, I’m an independent. I can see things right/wrong on both sides of the fence. I agree we need to reduce spending but that also includes the legislature doing their share; such as contributing something towards their benefits (I do), and not giving themselves raises while the rest of the workers get a raise freeze.

          We, also, need to increase revenue. Price of goods have gone up, if you haven’t noticed. Heck, a pencil costs more today than a year ago, let alone the price of paper, ink, etc., to run a business.

          There has to be give and take from both sides of the aisle, not one sided.

          1. Claire says:

            If you simply propose a bill to close the loop holes you would have all the revenue needed. Why increase taxes when you have a hole in the bottom of the ship?
            The arguement of just a 2% raise on the wealthy will cover everything is a fairy tale as next year you will want another increase over this year. Where will that come from.
            Fix the spending problems and if that is not enough to cover the deficit then look to revenue sources. We already live in the 8th highest taxed state. Do you think the 42 states with lower tax burden are all running deficits? I dont think so

            1. Harvey says:

              @ Claire. What loopholes? . Please explain. Or is it more vodoo solutionscoming from the right

  15. SO SAD says:

    Actually, I don’t think raising taxes on the upper 2% is the answer. But something needs to be done. They value and are taxing my property at slightly over $200,000. Do you really think a 900 sf home is worth $200,000? And if you do, I’ll be happy to sell and leave by tomorrow?

    I’m just saying something has to be done — give and take on both sides.

    1. Claire says:

      I agree, something has to be done. All I can compare it to is my family budget. If we are going to come up short next month we first look to cut spending before looking for a second job.
      If all public employees act like Citizen above and request budgets based on last year becasue its easy or I better ask for more before the naysayers take it away, we are in trouble. This needs to change asap. If its a shut down to wake them up then so be it.

      Your property value is based on sales from Sept 2009 to Oct of 2010, so if you feel you are over valued its time to have a conversation with your local assessor.

    2. Kate says:

      I agree both sides should give, but not in taxes. In cuts to programs they are both supporting.

      1. SO SAD says:

        Instead of cutting programs, why don’t they look into the abuse of the programs: such as not letting the welfare recipients file tax returns and receiving refunds on money that isn’t their’s in the first place, or finding out why a recipient is collecting for over the alotted time they should be receiving them. Benefits need to be in place for when the unfortunate happens, but the government needs to do their job too. And, before you say it, there are too many government workers pushing paper around. You can see for yourself if you walk into a government office. They move slow. I went into the office to pay my property tax one time a coule of years ago, and I could not believe what I saw — many workers standing around talking to each other and nothing getting done. It took almost thirty minutes to process my check once I got up to the cashier. Slow moving people. I’m not saying all government workers are like this but many are.

        1. tom says:

          lets just cut welfare out except for the disabled and make them get a job, bet that will cover a few bills

  16. kevin says:

    so sad, have checked with several realitors to see if your house is valued correctly or are you going with what your local govenment is telling you. You have a right to contest your valuation like the rest of us do.

    1. SO SAD says:

      @ Kevin — I’m in the process of doing that. In the past, I have fought to get a refund because they were charging taxes to me on their abandoned property next to mine. They also tried to charge me with an alley, which I do not have. People need to look very closely at their property tax bill when they receive it or you might be paying for something you shouldn’t be paying.

  17. yuk says:

    Same old arguments and same old posts here. You say we need to go that a way or else and I say we need to go this a way or else.

  18. Minnesota Tax Waste says:

    Minnesota Tax Waste
    Spend what you take in Minnesota, we do.

  19. tom says:

    Just wasting time unlesss Dayton wants to bow his head and tell the GOP they are right, otherwise he will do to MN want the Messiah has done to this country. Bankrupt it.

    1. Minnesota Tax says:

      Well said

  20. another opinion says:

    All the apparent GOP comments in here seem…well… so… RIGHT ON.

    Go GOP! Kick Dayton in the fuzzy yarbles.

  21. molly dvorak says:

    All I know is that if I went to work and DIDN’T do the job I was hired for, I wouldn’t get paid. This should be the same for the legislature, both sides. If everyone spent as much time trying to compromise as they do whining, name calling and pointing blame, the budget would of been settled weeks ago.

  22. Carl says:

    The GOP is sacrificing the middle class to protect the top 2% from a moderate marginal tax increase. They could easily cede this issue to the Governor but prefer to protect a small number of very powerful people.

    In fact the MN GOP can’t even manage their own finances.

    Tony Sutton, how about calling on GOP supporters to help the state before bailing out your delinquent debt.

    1. Bonnie says:

      How is cutting entitlements, waste, fraud, and tat instead of raising taxes sacrificing the middle class?

  23. Carl says:

    The GOP still owes $500,000 from the last election. But their wealthiest supporters are waiting to see if their campaign contributions pay off before chipping in more.

    We know the middle class and poor are going to lose out under the GOP budget. Do they have to shield those who least need protection too?

    1. Hugh says:

      They owe that to the counties not the state. That has nothing to do with this article or post. I repeat Bonnie’s question though how is the GOP budget hurting the middle class?

  24. brian lindquist says:

    Not all GOP want to cut and not all DFL want to tax…simplistic argument. As a DFLer I want to cut some services, cut some administrative costs especially in education. The waste of administration is great from one who worke din higher education. There are things to be cut…however, if cutting enough to balance the budget-I do not know but it would b nice if the people knew what the cuts they are talking about as we already know that the governor wants to increase on top 2%….I am not necessarily in favor of that either but I do not know what are essentials in the budget no one on this forum does. If some of the cuts mean transferring costs to localities and thus increase in property taxes, well I think I would rather increase income taxes a bit on top 2% than have it all put on property taxes as local governments try and balance their budgets.

    1. Vincent says:

      If cities have to increase property taxes because they are no longer getting funds from the state to pay for their over expenditures shouldn’t we be talking to our city leaders and maybe looking at what they are spending the money on.

  25. Dee says:

    Does anbody realize how much a state shutdown will cost? State workers will get paid all of their vacation leave. Some of them have saved quite a lot of time . This will cost the state millions of dollars. There really is not a quote “severance package” as people seem to think. Then they will be eligible for unemployment. It will cost the state more to shut down, then to keep running. Will the unemployment office be issuing checks? Will they be considered essental? Will the unemployed get their checks? Do any of the repubicans care? They will care only if it the shutdown becomes an inconvenience to them. A lot more people will become eligible for public assistance. When you take into consideration of all taxes paid by Minnesotans, not just state taxes, the very rich pay less percentage than the middle class. I doubt if the richest Minnesotans are taxed an extra 2% that they will end up on public assistance. The US is supposet to be a democracy where there is compromise, not a dictatorship. Dayton has compromised enough!!!!!!

    1. Frank says:

      Dayton is the one shutting the state down not the republicans. Talk to him.
      NO MORE TAXES, a tax to one group is a tax to all.

  26. Citizen says:

    Stand firm, Governor Dayton!!! So, for all you right-wing conservative posters here’s a quote from a poster on the national CBS news website. The situation in a nutshell:
    “Ronnie Ray Gun, who was President of the Screen Actors Guild, before he was against unions, ran up $5 Trillion in deficits while cutting taxes for the rich, deregulating the financial system and then bailing out the S&L’s and Chrysler with taxpayer money causing the Wall Street crash of 1987 and 10% unemployment.
    Clinton campaign signs “It’s the economy stupid”.
    Clinton got the revenue and spending side sorted out in 8 years and left Dumya budget surpluses and no additional deficit.
    Dumya decides Ronnie Ray Gun didn’t do enough to destroy America so he cuts taxes for the rich, runs up another $6 Trillion in deficits and deregulates the thieves causing the $850 Billion TARP and stock market crash of 2008 leading to 10% unemployment.
    Currently, the USA has the lowest effective tax rates since the 1950’s but we are spending Trillions on taxpayer subsidies for global corporations that are making record profits and tax cuts for the rich while contemplating cutting Medicare and Social Security according to the GOP mantra of restoring feudalism and serfdom .
    Now, we are paying almost $1 Trillion a year in interest on deficits run up by anti American GOP economic terrorists and that will be so every year going forward no matter who is President.
    But, the Baggers, Birthers and Buffoons have suddenly found fiscal discipline since a black man was elected President and they are willing to destroy America rather than support a recovery while he is in office.”

    1. Vincent says:

      We are in a financial crisis due to demacrat spending in a nutshell. Thats it, plain and simple. Cut the fat, the earmarks, the payoffs, the inflated pension plans,the golden healthcare benifits, and put our financial house back on track. No new taxes. This president has wrecked this economy with Obamacare, Cap and Tax, union payoffs, debt, unemployment, anti business policys, on and on and on.

  27. State Worker says:

    @vincent , I disagreed. I blamed the financial issue to the Bush administration for the 8 years that we are at war. The $$$ would have paid for every american children to college. rather wasted in the East. No Smart.

    1. Private Worker says:

      What country are you from?? Your English is pretty broken so I don’t know if you are qualified to talk on such issues. Plus your title says state worker so that may explain a lot. No smart are you!

  28. Citizen of Minnesota says:

    1945-1980 were 35 years of Equality of Income and Wealth and expansion of the middle class
    1980-2009 the income and wealth were flushed to the top 5% and the middle class started to shrink
    Now 120 million workers own only 7% of Financial Wealth of the U.S.
    1000 wealthy people now control the finances and most of the wealth of America.
    How is all this the fault of public employees and teachers, pray tell?

  29. Carl says:

    The GOP fiddles while the middle class burns and .8% of the population writes the tune. What they won’t pay the middle class and poor will cover with increased property taxes decreased eldercare and poorer schools. Pretty soon there will be no middle class.

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