Local Rapper’s Burned Body Discovered In St. Paul Alley

— A 30-year-old Brooklyn Park man found dead and burned in a St. Paul alley has been identified as a popular local rapper.

The family of the victim, identified as Quincy Blue, says he had a longtime fiancé, was a father of two and studied business at DeVry. He was also widely recognized for his music with a local hip hop group, Street Kingz.

“As far as the music career, he pretty much introduced Minnesota to the rap game, in my opinion,” said close family friend Marquis Bolden, who called Blue a local celebrity.

Through his music, Bolden says he influenced many.

“A positive role model at that, not negative into gang activity, he just primarily wanted to see the African American male progress in their life, he set that example for us,” said Bolden.

His family and friends don’t know how he ended up in the St. Paul alley, but they do know he will be mourned by many.

Keisha Parker, the sister of Blue’s longtime fiancé, says he was studying business because he had ambitions of growing in the music industry and opening up his own record label.

“He touched a lot of people out here and by losing him, it hurts so bad,” said Parker.

As police search for leads, his family is baffled, wondering who would end the life of a man who they say inspired many.

“Whoever it is that did this, I expect for you to turn yourself in as soon as possible, because, as a community, we can’t go through this anymore, this will take a toll on the community, not just his family,” said Bolden.

Blue’s family says this is the second homicide to hit their family in two years. Blue’s fiancé’s brother, 19-year-old Kyle Parker, was gunned down in North Minneapolis in April of 2009.

The Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office will determine the cause of death.

No arrests have been made in this incident.

  • :/

    They have video on YouTube of him at a club .

  • bro

    Keep your comments to yourself let me tell you something a person like q has respect for everyone treats everyone the same there are two differences between people a harsh person and a loving man a harsh person has a bad attitude, fight, rob,steal,hurt people’s feelings don’t take care of home etc! A person like q do everything to not do these things what ever a man does as long he isn’t hurting anyone who gives a shish! He was very far from a thug i know people that are bad people including someone in my family that got murdered i can’t say he is this great person but for q he is a wonderful person!

  • bro

    Daytons you don’t even know what is going on out here q dont wear no air jordans and plus he go to school so what are you saying there are people out here that are good people but what does air jordans haave to do with it the big people who murder people and create this type of world for everyone isn’t wearing jordans either!

    • Lashay


    • thatgirl

      How is it people even type in ebonics? If you speak and write properly, you will be taken more seriously.

      • Ben


        If you listened to the content of the message, rather than picked apart people for their grammar, maybe you’d contribute something worth reading. Right now, people take you less seriously than those you cut down.

        Way to contribute.

        • Ben

          Because it is a vernacular -a way of speaking specific to a particular subset of a larger population. Blacks in England speak with a similar vernacular, you don’t notice it because it just sounds British to you (it is parodied by Sasha Baron Cohen through his character Ali G).

        • Jaybar

          Les if you have to qualify your statement with I am not racist for asking this, the coment is most likely racist, or with racist intent.

        • ty

          This is actually not true and you portray your ignorance by making this false claim. Blacks, in every country where we are minorities, speak with accents quite distinct from the mainstream. Blacks in the United States (including educated, cultured ones like Barack Obama) speak with a different accent; Blacks in England also have quite distinct British accents that differ from the mainstream and are NOT like Rickey Gervais; Blacks in Brazil speak Portuguese with a distinct accent that can immediately be detected even over the telephone and the same can be said of Blacks in the Dominican Republic who speak Spanish. I’m guessing you’re white, from a medium-sized town in the United States, speak one language and have never travelled more than 300 km from your hometown

      • More Seriously!?!

        more seriously? people are either going to take you seriously or not! how about you learn how to construct a sentence before criticizing others.

  • Lashay Coleman

    For somebody who will have a CLOSED CASKET and for somebody to LOSE HIS LIFE you guys are only interested if he was a role model or a bubble gum rapper or gangsta rapper…WHY DOES IT FU***ING MATTER?????? HIS WIFE NICOLE WILL HAVE LOST 2 WONDERFUL PEOPLE in 2 YEARS!!!

    • tn

      He ain’t got no wife. He just another irresposible black man, Come on “baby mamas”. Tell it like it is with this peice of poo-poo.

  • Lashay Coleman


    • NC

      Follow MLK’s advice and judge people by the content of their character.

    • BlessedNow BlessedAlways

      Mr Johnson it seems as if you are here to pick at ppl who are vulnerable with their feelings right now… There is no need to respond if you dont have anything supportive to say. At this point it feels as if you are preying on ppls vulnerability. How you feel about BLACK ppl or rappers or ppl who you dont agree with has no place in a situation like this. You really ought to back off and let ppl vent & feel. We as humans when we dont have a figure to point the finger at will vent and display our emotional state on our sleeve. You really can erupt some negative reactions from ppl at this time, so I am asking respectfully, allow ppl to be who they are. If they dont pay your bills or contribute to who you are as a person, just let it be… It is a time for unity NOT division.. You would want ppl to allow you the right to express yourself just the same #Peacenblessingstopeopleallover

      • Les Johnson

        I’m not picking at anybody, sir.

        I was merely making a clarification on one comment, and questioning the unwarranted and unnecessary anger at the commenters here by another. If you want to vent in such a manner, I highly suggest you not do it on a public forum where your (not you specifically) thinly veiled threats won’t be out there for all to see.

        • YHBT

          Nice trolling technique – agitate, and then write as though you were simply trying to make a “clarification”. Everyone else is just so ill tempered. Who should be angry at Les? He was politely minding his business on the internet. He even called you “sir”. So polite and nice; not inflammatory at all. Les just wanted to find out if Lashay was an African American female, and whether or not she was angry. What’s wrong with that? Les thought that, perhaps, he could help out.

        • Jaybar

          LES STOP TAKING EVERYTHING AS A THREAT, Maybe you should go work in your interpersonal relationships. There is a word for people like you and the word is toxic.

  • reality check

    The ‘Street Kingz’ music was terrible thug-rap that glorified drugs and gangs. Even for the genre it is simply awful. While my sincere thoughts go out to the family, I don’t see how anyone can be surprised. The lyrics consist of spraying people with bullets, making money off the drug trade, and taunting rivals to violence. This needs to send a message to today’s youth that this behavior and lifestyle is unacceptable and will get you know where but killed or in jail. It is quite unfortunate that something like this happens but hopefully those surviving will make some life changes.

    • Timmy

      @reality check


  • brother

    People don’t understand Mr reality check you of all a rap song may be about those things but look at tv same thing it is to get rich who gives a shi whats said in a song look at this metal and alternative music cutting wrists and committing suicide !

    • really

      Who is cutting wrists and committing suicide?
      Most of that hasn’t happened since, well, 94 when Cobain killed himself.

      A few others have passed on due to drug abuse.

      Cutting wrists? That was like, in 96 with Manson.

    • samdunn

      when was the last time you heard of a “metal” or “alternative” rocker causing violence in downtown minneapolis outside of Karma? don’t fool yourself into thinking that they are any way similar to the lifestyle glorified by rap/hip hop.

    • Josh

      I can’t quite read or make sense of what you are trying to say, but I do agree that music is unfairly targeted when it comes to violence. Movies and TV are just as big of a problem, but there is not as big of an independent movement to produce violent movies and tv shows are there are people producing music.

  • bro


  • bro

    reality check you dont have a clue

    • tom

      sounds like he said the truth and it hurts you

      • BlessedNow BlessedAlways

        sounds like you are here to bring racial tension to the table. The pain is not in what you say, the pain is in the way you communicate it… we all are entitled to how we feel. It is with respect that you voice that and NOT in a situation where ppl are looking for comfort, consolidation and support… You are the type of person who is a wolf in sheeps clothing. You wait for ANY opportunity to knock rather than build. My only hope is that when something like this hits close to home for you, that you are allowed to feel and vent and communicate without someone just like you trying to rob you of that opportunity…

        • Timmy

          Sounds like you are the one adding race to this discussion thread. “reality check” did not post anything about race. The topic of their post was about a lifestyle choice. That lifestyle choice may have contributed to the death of this man.

  • Disgraceful

    What is wrong with u ppl disrespecting that man regardless of anything he was still human & it’s not ok for ppl to go around murdering & setting ppl on fire. As far as y he was out at 3 am that shouldn’t matter he’s a grown man & should b able to what he pleases. His wife lost a husband & friend his children lost a father his mother lost a son that’s not far to them & bcuz of this senseless mess they wont be able to say goodbye to open casket. Some of u should b ashamed 4 the things u are saying. I find sad that media brings up ones past after they’ve been found murder when the criminal history or past shouldn’t matter the fact still remains that they were murdered & the killer should be brought to justice. Some of you guys are making it about race BUT whites, blacks, Latinos, Asians etc… kill or get killed everyday have some respect. I dnt know Quincy but I know Nicole & the both of them did VERY positive things for their community ESPECIALLY when the tornado hit. it’s tragic that this has struck their family. Instead bringing them dwn with your hatred why dnt u pray for them & justice. Rest N Love Quincy

    • Les Johnson

      Who you callin “u ppl??”

      Sorry, I had to. LOL

      • Disgraceful

        When I said u ppl I’m talking about all the ones putting him dwn regardless of what he was doing or how he did it he was still a human being & he’s dead now at least show a lil respect

      • Jaybar

        shaking my head in your general direction

  • NC

    R.I.P. Quincy. See you when I get there….

  • NC

    Show some respect.

    • tom

      sounded repectful to me

      • NC

        You and I must have a different definition of respect.

        • Ben

          Tom and Michael are trolls. They write to incite. You’re better than they are NC, and remember… don’t feed the trolls!

          • NC

            Good advice.

  • tom

    agreed, and it isn’t music, just alot of worthless noise

    • just sayin

      I second… anytime I hear BOOM BOOOM BOOOOOOOOOOOOM BOOM BOOOM BOOOOOOOOOM I think, geez that is a lot of booming noise.

      Where is the melody, or better yet, TALENT. Anyone can program a drum machine. Worthless!

      • Support Local Hip Hop

        You actually have to go to college to be a studio engineer and out of all the high tech expensive studio equipment there is out there non of it goes by the name of drum machine.

        • Les Johnson

          Describe for me what an “808” is then, please…

          • okay you got me

            outdated by over a decade and not in a modern day studio.

            • Les Johnson


              808s are used still, and frequently. I don’t think you’ve been in many studios.

              • 808s

                Actual Roland TR-808s are rarely used. ProTools has an 808 program that can be added onto an existing drum track. You can use live drums, or create your own pattern, but it’s done entirely on ProTools now.

        • nope

          You are clueless dude. No you don’t.

    • Osmo

      In your opinion it might be a lot of worthless noise, but to say that it isn’t music is ridiculous. True, it’s rhythmically based rather than melodically based -but that doesn’t mean it’s not music

  • NC


  • fred

    everybody’s a music critic…

  • pay attention to phil!

    Everybody!!! Phil Mcrackin needs needs attention. But he’s too scared to do it in person, so he does it on the internet!!!

    • Phil Mcrackin

      I left a comment therefore I must need attention, btw your nuts.

      • NC

        They may or may not be nuts, but you are definitely a coward for making comments like yours anonymously over the internet when I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t say a thing face to face with Q’s loved ones.

        • just sayin

          Dat caz ya’ll be packin heat caz u need thoz 9s foo

        • just sayin

          Dat caz ya’ll be packin heat caz u need thoz 9s foo

          • just sayin what?

            Unadulterated buffoonery… Those words describe you as best as any.

        • Les Johnson

          “I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t say a thing face to face with Q’s loved ones.”

          That sounds like a thinly veiled threat.

          You should probably be more discerning with your “watch your back” comments in public.

          • Jari Razskazoff

            I did not mean to leave “agreed” in this thread

          • NC

            Not threatening anyone. Just stating the obvious. That is all. If I wanted to hurt someone, which I don’t, I wouldn’t warn them first.

          • NC

            I wasn’t threatening him. Just telling him he’s a coward. It’s my right as an American.

            • NC

              See how that works, Les?

              • Les Johnson

                No. Tell me again.

          • Jaybar

            Les your a tool, nobody is telling you to watch your back in public. They are saying you would not say any of this to the family of Quincy in person so do not say it on the internet.

        • Jari Razskazoff


        • WE LOVE U Q!

          I am w/you NC all these ppl talking bad bout him can go to hell they don’t even know him and for them to be saying things like they are they should feel really bad bout them selfs and have a MORE RESPECT for his family and friends that are dealing w/the lost of a GREAT PERSON….

  • Derh basker

    A tragedy no matter how you look at it,

  • Jeff

    Wcco has pretty much turned into a hate site I see…I wish they would require you to put in more info before commenting maybe that would pipe down some of you! Cowards spreading hate on wcco news what awesome members of society…enjoy your annonymous reteric! As for Q and his family my condolences!

  • Brittany Alexander

    Que is loved and will be missed by many ppl. No matter what anybody says or think, you were a man of god, respect and family! And you will always be remembered for your charm and dedication to positive role-modeling in the african-american community. Outsiders looking in will always think and beleive what they want to beleive, but they have NO IDEA on how deep of a wound your loss has left on the hearts of many ppl. Anybody who can even have the heart or mind to write anything negative this morning should really wake up and realize that this could of been them. My heart and prayers go out to everybody affected by this horrible act, and I will continue to keep a positive mind about this tragedy. We love you Que! This still seems unreal, but know that time heals everything, and we know that you got our backs from heaven!

    • Les Johnson

      “we know that you got our backs from heaven!”

      No offense, but what does this even MEAN??

      • Twinkledawn

        It means she believes he’s looking out for them from heaven. Are you a moron? And why does it matter?

      • Jaybar

        Seriously Les, let it go. Just because you have no compassion for the human experience and are bashing people for commenting here, doesn’t mean other people don’t have the right to post how they feel.

        • Les Johnson

          I didn’t “bash” anybody. I asked what the comment was supposed to mean. Back off.

  • Mpls21

    Hmmm… retraction/correction coming? Quinn, or someone with access to Quinn’s Facebook page just wrote:
    Please note: Reports of my demise have been greatly exagerrated!! Quinn Blue

  • ShakingMYhead

    Its quite baffling how twisted minded and heartless many of you people that left comments are. My heart is in grievence for this man and his family PERIOD! It doesn’t matter how you look at it, someone lost their life in an inappropiate way and all people can talk about is his music, or he must have been a gangster, or a drug dealer or etc, and that’s pathetic and sad. How dare you talk so low about someone, what if that was his dream to be an artist/rapper, or say he should have been working a legit job and this would have never happend to him!!!!!!!!!??? You act as though your life has been squeeky clean and never made a mistake! What if that was your family memeber that was found beyond recognition, or your love one, or your friend???? And lastly, ALL black men aren’t out here selling drugs, or gang bangin! I come from a family where BOTH my parents have their masters AND BOTH my brothers and sister have their bachelors and I am a business owner and were all BLACK! And there are MANY MANY MANY MANY black men and woman in MINNEAPOLIS, who are persuing the same thing and are successsful, and there are some that aren’t unfortunately! But that’s in EVERY culture, in every city, in this nation! As I close, I want to pray for the family, Lord in the name of Jesus, I am asking you to send your healing powers to the family of the victim. Lord I ask that you bring them peace during the time of tragedy. Lord you said where we are weak you will be stong. I pray for the fiance and his children in the name of Jesus, that you bring them comfort oh God. You said you will be a father to the fatherless oh God. I plea the BLOOD of Jesus over their minds right now that they will keep their mind stayed on you! Bring them comfort in the mighty name of Jesus!!!! No child deserves to grow up without their father in their life! And Lord I ask that you give NO REST AND NO PEACE to the person(s) who committed this act until they turn themselves in a orderly fashion. Lord Jesus have MERCY on their souls Lord, Mercy in the Mighty name of Jesus! And I pray for the heartless individuals who posted those comments! Lord I ask that you give them a heart of flesh so they can feel compassion and grievence towards other people they don’t even know. Lord and I ask that if that don’t have a personal relationship with you that they seek to find you while you can be found! Because NO ONE knows the day NOR the hour that you are come back! I thank you Lord for using me, and that someone will be touched and moved by my words in the mighty name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

    • NC

      Les, who are you to tell when and where people should comment or pray?

      • Rakelita

        U know Les U have alotta nerve, Im embarrassed for u

        • me

          lol! right on

        • Womanofchange

          It’s 2011, and you should be embarassed by your rasict mindframe. This is coming from a white woman who celebrates diveristy and loves making friends with those out side of my COLOR. If it’s your intention to upset anyone on here or to down anybody about the ALWAYS displayed negativity surrounding the african-american community, you need to get preapred to meet satan himself, cause god don’t LIKE ugly and he defintley don’t approve of anyone downing the creation of ppl. Your sitting on WCCO, acting as if you won’t be the next vicitim tomorrow. I extend my prayers, stregnth and courage to everyone affected. Not all white ppl are the same. There is a BIG diffrence between a Caucasion person and a cracker/redneck. You have my full support to recover and I hope that everyone can come together and support this family in this time of need. My deepest love to all of you :]

          • scaredofthecity

            Hey @womenofchange,

            Relationship-forging is far more effective than running to the protection of the suburbs, because it works to treat the cause, and not the symptom. You want less of your money going to entitlements? Than do something to stop the cycle of poverty. Minneapolis is a wonderful city with an incredible arts culture and thriving local businesses. I guess you’re too scared to know what you’re missing.

            • @scaredofthecity

              What do you suggest i do to end poverty? Why is it my job to do that, many choose poverty because they can’t stop having children they can’t afford. I’m so tired of people like you, I help support them every month, perhaps if they stopped breeding for 5 seconds they could go look for a job and try to better themselves, its unreal how many people say i should do something about it, try getting a damn job, and stop acting like stray cats and dogs. I have no fear of the city theres just nothing that matters there to me.

            • mpls sux


              No, just disgusted with mpls… too high of taxes, way over rated, and a cesspool.

              • NC

                I’ve lived in MPLS my entire life and it’s a beautiful city. There is crime everywhere…..yes even in the suburbs.

            • Twinkledawn

              You’re right about that!

          • 10toesdown

            RIP QUINN!!! Hold up!!! I live on the Northside & there are too many white people whom live there for it to be considered dangerous(ie really really hood). Institutional racism is the reason for the disproportional number of men of color that are imprisoned(ie Section 8). Stay in the suburbs!!! I swear, crackers!!!

  • Les Johnson

    Yes, it appears to be tragic, but to say he was a “soon to be husband” is pure speculation on your part. The article says he has a “long time fiance.” That doesn’t mean there was a wedding planned “soon.”

    • Les Johnson

      You tell me. I certainly don’t. I was merely correcting the commenter who posted “soon to be husband” which technically was never demonstrated to be true.
      There is no reason for you to freak out at me. I was just making a correction. Please calm down.

      And what is “SMDH?”

      • BlessedNow BlessedAlways

        Shakin my damn head

    • Jaybar

      Les you are a terrible person

  • Kevin

    Umm I dont think someone just randomly torched this fine young man. So many violent black murders this month! What is going on??????

  • Les Johnson

    This is not the appropriate place to say “IM sorry for your loss”

    If you’re actually sorry, go visit personally, don’t post it on a WCCO newspaper article.

    • NC

      Leaving a comment like “I’m sorry for your loss” is better than most comments left here. Just sayin’….

      • Les Johnson

        I can’t argue with that, but why would you direct a message of sympathy to someone you aren’t even sure will read these and pick through the garbage to find it?

        If you really had sympathies, you’d express them directly to the family, not to strangers on the Internet in an attempt to feel better about yourselves.

        • NC

          Maybe for the same reason you’re on here correcting people….because I want to.

          • Les Johnson

            Do you ask questions of Keith Marler’s weather report on here too, where they aren’t seen by Keith Marler?

            • NC

              Quincy’s friends and/or family have read this article and commented. They see it whether you want to believe it or not.

              • Les Johnson

                Then they also subject themselves to seeing what the morons on here will post. They’d be better off not…

            • Jaybar

              I agree you are one of the morons posting on here Les.

    • JKB

      IF you find it hard to express sympathy to a family , then the best advice is to SAY NOTHING! Many of us have trouble expressing words at a time of loss. Growing up in a home where manners, and right and wrong were taught, at least some of us know how to handle tragedy without having to defile the memory of the deceased person. If its your intention to post venomous writings to hurt the deceased, forget it, he isnt around to defend himself.. The family left behind are those that suffer from your attacks. . IF you dont think family and friends take the time to read these comments, think again. Many of them suffer many a sleepless night and hope to read comments from those that knew the deceased, and possibly have great memories they want to share., or expressions of sympathy.

  • Jari Razskazoff

    Why would anyone with any integrity, or respect use this forum as a place to slander a dead man. It shows how disgustingly rude people are. Have your opinions as to how, or why this happened, but keep respect for the dead, and their family. The golden rule, do on to others, as you would have them do to you. I would never use this as the place to slander a recently passed human being. Thank goodness that its the act of only one troll. Bless the passed, for we are all passing, and may the good memories make an impact on our soul

    • Jaybar

      Well said Jari

    • Jaybar

      Jari Well said much nicer then on facebook lol

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