ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A group of nonprofit organizations and some corporations have come up with a plan to fight hunger in Minnesota.

They’ve launched an initiative called Hunger-Free Minnesota, which has a goal of making sure everyone has enough to eat by 2014.

The coalition has $3 million to start and hopes to raise $20 million in the first phase of its effort. General Mills and Cargill have kicked in $1 million each.

The plan involves finding new sources of food, such as grocery stores that otherwise would throw food away. Minnesota Public Radio News says the coalition aims to stock more food at food banks and sign up more people for food stamps. About 25 percent of eligible seniors are currently enrolled in Food Support.

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  1. Citizen says:

    I should think that one of the best plans around to address hunger would be creation of jobs that pay a living wage, forcing corporations to fully fund pension plans, and for corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes. In the wealthiest country in the world, it is unconscionable that there has to be a “hunger” initiative, or a program to make sure kids get a decent meal during the summer. But, at least something is being done; I do applaud an initiative such as this.

    1. lmitche1 says:

      I agree. If wages increased with the cost of living, less families would have to choose between rent and groceries.

  2. Jim says:

    BlueCross Blue Shield of Minnesota says nearly 60% of Minnesotans are Overweight or Obese. According to 10% of minnesotans go hungry. At least one of these numbers is bigger than it should be and if you are reading this you are probably overweight or obese. Give up your extra food to the poor!

  3. Citizen says:

    @Jim. What a simplistic comment to a complex problem. Overweight people tend to eat cheap, high calorie foods that fill them up. Don’t you ever see the articles about how EXPENSIVE it is to eat healthy. I buy organic eggs at $3.86 per dozen because I do not want to eat the unknown in regular factory farm-raised chicken eggs. Organic produce is twice the cost of regular. Fresh vegetables and fruit cost a great deal. Pray tell, where do you get the information you spew that someone reading these posts or the WCCO article is obese. You don’t. You are simply pandering to an audience with spurious comments. Statistics are just a number. There are human stories behind those numbers.

    1. Paul says:

      @ Citizen, how about the organic produce in Germany? Give me a break. I don’t understand your first comments about the wealthy paying their fair share. I have 4 different properties in MN. I pay high taxes on the lake shores, pay lot’s of money to these school districts which I have no kids in, not to mention the money spent to update, etc. I pay a lot more then my fair share. Spend more in a month on taxes then you do in a year. Go eat some more organic food. Try some tree bark also. Fools like you should keep there mouths shut. Instead of writing comments on here maybe you should go volunteer at the local food shelf or school, but you then would have to get off your lazy ass.

      1. MARK says:

        “Fools like you should keep there mouths shut” = irony.

        Paul, you make a lot of assumptions about Citizen in your post considering you couldn’t possibly know the first thing about him or her. Did you acquire 4 different properties in Minnesota by being as angry and judgmental as you seem in your post? Take a deep breath. It’s a beautiful day outside.

        1. Paul says:

          got those properties from hard work and zero handouts.

    2. Jim says:

      Your Organic argument is weak at best. I buy monster cables at best buy for 99.99 even though they do the exact same job as the $3 cable because the salesmen sold me a lie. 60% of Minnesotans are overweight or obese. you can find that anywhere. Search it. Facts are “Hungry” people in MN are just looking for handouts. We have tons of organizations that give out food. People using the food shelf refuse vegetables and other healthy items because they aren’t starving they are looking for free food they like. It’s hard to turn down a handout, but asking for more handouts? Wow.

  4. GSheep says:

    You’ll never end hunger. There will always be people that opt to take advantage of others and will never work or provide for themselves. No, I’m not talking about those that truly can’t work. I’m talking about the lazy who choose not to. You say there are no lazy people? Just people that can’t find jobs. Think again, I know WAY too many people that fall into the lazy category that sit back and demand we support them. Since we do continue to support them, they will NEVER get a job and support themselves. So, it’s an ongoing cycle, we will always have people demanding we support them as long as we continue to provide them.

  5. Showoffs says:

    I have applied for jobs of all types with various companies and corporations here in the metropolitain area and have been rejected because I do not have recent employment. I ws laid off and have been unemployed. I am also over 50. These same who will not hire the unemployed, rather, they recycle the working, they will help those who are unemployed and hungry. I was at a food drive and stood face to face with volunteers of a company who would not hire anyone who did not have work history beyond 3 months. I was hurt that they can look like they want to help, pat them on the back, hey good job, yet they are doing this community no sercice as they pretend that they are if they don’t hire the unemployed. They are show offs, nothing more.

  6. Hire people instead says:

    If these corporations are really as concerned about solving hunger… they can hire people who need help rather than give them a can of food.

    1. Jim says:

      Hire them to do what? The hungry in MN are kids who’s parents are on programs and don’t transfer what they buy with GOVT money to their children. WIC, Food Shelves, Food Banks and people are still starving? Where do they get this info?

      1. You are saying what? says:

        I rely on foodshelf to feed my wife and children. I am NOT on any goverment assitance. I regret those who say such things as if “all” those who are in need are born to be in need and they know how to work the system. With over 9% unemployed and many are long term unemployed, many more working low pay jobs, you are saying what?

        1. Jim says:

          Either your rent is too high, you bought a house you couldn’t afford, or refuse to relocate to get a job that will pay higher, or you have poor work ethic. Either way it’s your choice. What are you saying? It’s my fault? The govt. grant funded nonprofits and food companies should give you food so I need to pay more for mine? Maybe we should ship most of our grain elsewhere to create an artificial shortage to raise prices.

          1. MARK says:

            “Either way it’s your choice.”

            Jim, to say this about people who need assistance, when you couldn’t possibly know their circumstances, is completely ignorant. Nearly 10% of the country is unemployed, many more are underemployed, and you think all of that is by choice? Grow up.

          2. You are saying what? says:

            I have owned my home since 2000 and have paid a low mortgage since. It is a small 2-bedroom in the inner city. Relocating would require that I sell the house and move the wife and kids to somewhere else and frankly relocating is often not done because of the expense and loss of such a move. Also my wife works, relocating would be a loss of income. Not everyone can do that and few do. Refuse to do it? That is a powerful word on your part that is unfair to those who don’t relocate. I will accept any job that pays, I do not expect to get what I once had. Most do not. It is a miss conception today that those who are unemployed are looking only for the wages they once made. Sadly, many believe it. Poor work ethic? I was laid off along with others due to a severe downturn in my previous employer’s line of business. I worked since 1975. I was responsible, I worked hard, I had high ethics. I am one of 9% unemployed and to say we may have poor work ethics is regretful. And is it my choice? I had no say in the loss of my job. And my choices in such high unemployment are not all that good Jim. Yet besides all of this nonsense here, you said that the hunger in MN is kids and implied that it is their parent’s fault that they use the help they get on themselves at the expense of their children. That is what I replied to. And that is what I asked about. That and your next reply shows you are ignorant about what you talk about.

  7. lmitche1 says:

    I am surprised at the heartless responses from our ‘MN NICE’ residence. Yes, Im sure there are lazy people who take advantage of the system BUT there are plenty who legitimatly need help. I am glad to hear that a plan is in place and hope none of the angry people on here who could ‘careless’ but took time to comment and read the article are never in a situation where you need help.

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