12 Zombies Arrested In Wis. Capitol Protest

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Police have arrested a dozen silent protesters who were wearing zombie makeup and refused to leave a Wisconsin lawmaker’s office.

The sit-in demonstration happened Wednesday afternoon in the Capitol offices of Rep. Robin Vos, the Republican co-chair of the Legislature’s budget-writing committee.

Vos’ communications director, Kit Beyer, tells the Wisconsin State Journal that police carried out the demonstrators “one by one” after the group had spent about half an hour in the offices. Beyer says Vos was not in the office at the time of the protest.

Capitol Police say 10 were cited for disorderly conduct, one was booked and released, and one was required to post $263.50 because he was from out of state.

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  • Mr. M

    HILARIOUS! … if it was peaceful, what was the big deal?

    • Citizen of Minnesota

      Mr. M. I do believe the capital building of Wisconsin is a public building, bought and paid for by the taxpayers of Wisconsin. I should think any citizen has a right to sit in a part of the building for a while. And no one was in the office anyway.

      • Mike D

        So I can go stand in a teachers classroom and stare at them and the kids because it’s bought and paid for by the taxpayers? If it’s impeding on a persons right to do their job or a matter of safety, you can sure bet you can be escorted off the premises.

        • Mike D

          I think Alexi Cassilla it a great player. He never makes any mental mistakes, like bunting foul with two strikes. He has had so many chances to prove himself a capable player, and has succeeded each and every time.

          • foul balls

            The Jews!

      • StraycatStrut

        I heard that Gov Dayton was down there getting advise from the Zombies with his concussion helmet on.

        • Huxley

          I’d advise you to proof read your posts. I’m giving you good advice. Take it.

          • too funny...

            LOL Stray….funny…

      • Mr. Walleye

        To Carify Citizen of Minnesota

        True, it is a public building. However, there are rules and LAWS that EVERYONE must follow, even the elected officials. No one is above the law or any rules!

    • So Funny

      Yes, it would have been even funnier if a 4×4 was used!

      • Mike

        Yes, to teach them a lesson about breaking and entering!

        • Dale Gribble

          breaking and entering????? there was no mention of that….where do these ideas come from???

  • G Dog

    Zombies, Republicans – what’s the difference?

    • Pink Slips for Protesters

      Zombies, protesters – what’s the difference? Zombies aren’t alive and protesters have no life so there really isn’t much of a difference there at all.

      • Huxley

        Lots of hate for your fellow citizens. Interesting. Life has really given you a raw deal huh? I’m sorry you are full of anger. I don’t think poor college kids deserve much of the blame for your situation nor that of our country but if it helps you deal with life, we understand.

        • Simmer down

          Huxley, I think you’re overreacting a bit here. Neither of those comments seemed angry or placed any blame on anyone. I don’t think making off-topic comments on other comments is time well-spent, but if it helps you deal with life, we understand.

          • Huxley

            How original. You took my clever, original, post and managed to insert a few different words and called it your own. Do I need to start copyrighting my comments? Get your own schtick. I’m sick of people like you riding my coattails.
            Now. Please explain to me what the OP meant by “protesters have no life” and what emotion he was conveying. Let me know if you have trouble understanding my post, you little parrot.

        • Lori

          I could not agree with you more. There is just way too much hatred for education and university students.

          • Lori

            Im agreeing with Huxley, not simmer down.

    • Elmo

      Is that like Mr. Weiner, and Democrates – whats the difference?

  • KL

    Really 50 cents?? they couldn’t wave the 50 cents. WI must be really hard up!

  • Victim Du Jour

    People enjoy seeing free loader zombies upset.

    • Huxley

      What’s a loader zombie and who is it that is giving them away? I might be interested in getting myself one.

      • yelxuh

        A loader zombie is someone who gets on websites just to bash other people’s comments instead of making comments of his own because it makes him feel smart.

        • idiocracy

          Sounds exactly like a recent conversation on here that ‘Good Ol Boy’ was a part of.

          • Les Johnson

            If there’s a dumb comment, I’ll find it. But bash it? I might try to point out the inaccuracies, but usually people are too dense to acknowledge their own short-sightedness anyway, so they just respond with threats, cloning usernames, and insults about mom’s basement, acne, lack of social life, obesity, and the like. Typical schoolyard bully stuff.

  • great

    this is great.

  • Ferris Lind

    I’m sure all 12 are on Welfare cause they have the time to sit there. all day

    • obi wan

      probably not welfare, but summer break.

    • Sarah

      Typical overpaid union protestor.

      • Les Johnson

        I don’t know anybody in a union who’s overpaid. I was in the IBEW for 4 years, and I know I was never overpaid.

    • IWonderIF

      So because they have “Time to sit there. all day” they are all on welfare.. Really?… Wow with great “thinkers” such as your self we wonder why this country is in so much trouble.

      Stay angry simpletons!

      • G Dog

        Actually I think the board meeting of their corporation adjourned early so the zombies pulled the sit in while watching their stock options on their Blackberrys.

    • Brian

      These aren’t Welfare recipients, they are college kids on summer break — most of whom probably work nights and weekends because the “adults” generally get the M-F, 9-5 retail shifts and they take what is left.

      I’m glad they did it, though. Someone has to go protest, otherwise we are all just following blindly whatever those in power tell us to do. Why is it that so-called “conservatives” that “love America” are always the first ones to bash people for protesting? The founding of our country was ONE BIG PROTEST! It is practically in our DNA. Just because you don’t agree with their message doesn’t give you the right to say derogatory things about them…

      • Motownbassman

        You mean the way so “liberals” bash the Tea Party?

        Funny how the term “liberal” would lead one to believe that these close minded censor-ists would actually be open to debate and yet it is these “educated” people who are the first sling insults and try to shut down debate.

        I agree that “Just because you don’t agree with their message doesn’t give you the right to say derogatory things about them…” You talk to your guys, I’ll talk to mine. Lets have a debate on the issues.

  • Coolbreeze

    Did I miss something here? Like…why were the zombies protesting? It seems like a waste of time to do the whole zombie-thing, get your zombie-ass arrested and not make your original point. Was there a zombie-spokesman? Will he or she be making a statement?

    • Dave

      Supposedly the zombies were protesting cuts to student aid and a voter ID law…

  • Coolbreeze

    I talked this over with my buddy Will, and we are not impressed. Wisconsin zombies suck…flat out brah. First, they don’t even LOOK like zombies. You wanna see a good looking zombie? Watch “Thiller”. Now THOSE are zombies! And to not even mention what you lame-ass zombies were protesting, I mean, come on ladies, why bother? You’re just pissing off the lawmakers staff.

  • Victim Du Jour

    I bet they looked like a bunch of Meth Addicts waiting in an Obama-care dentist office.

    • G Dog

      I kinda thought they looked like Tea Party folks – the light’s on but nobody’s home.

      • Mr. Walleye

        Speaking of lights on, but no one is home, we could have Weiner whip out his junk.

    • giggles

      on…. floor …. laughing !!!

  • Ana M.

    I understand this story was written by “The Associated Press” and not by WCCO4, however I was expecting to see a little more content in this story. Fortunately we have a commenter above (thanks) that knew what they were protesting for or I would of have to go and do my own research in other media outlets to find out about what this was about. In my opinion with this weak content…this “News” shouldn’t be in the “News” section. Perhaps WCCO4 should had chosen better writing pieces from other media outlets or complement with the news portions that matters and quote the parts taken from the original story. “Obviously” I am in a technical field and not into journalism however I shouldn’t have to go researching the content in other places.. Sadly it is just happening too often here :(

  • Zom-tea

    Still waht a bunch of freaks!

    if the GOP did this IMAGINE the outlash from the Dem’s!

    Bottom line…..it’s one more reason that proves the Dem’s are just a bunch of stoners grasping @ straws!

    I agree they have every right to “protest” the way they want…as long as it’s NOT in someone’s office…..BUT……get ready to take the hear for being such a bunch of loser butplugs!

    • giggles

      You sure sound highly edgimacated. Uh huh, gee, golly.

      • I got's an F

        OOPs…..If I knew I was going to be graded by a self-righteous left winger….I would have included my diploma from dog training school….and a doobie for you


        • HAHA

          I got’s an F
          Well, your intelligence as well as any statements you have made do come into question when you state something like this. From a comment that was made about your grammar as well as the childish phrases you use you automatically know that the person is “a self-righteous left winger”? Not…to…mention…your…use of periods when not needed does show a lack of intelligence. No matter how many times you want to come back with a rude or infantile comment, you did just shoot yourself in the foot. No matter how intelligent the argument, you lose power when your words are mixed with stupidity that much. I await your backlash because I do know it is easier to take it out on someone else when the truth hurts you.

  • Mr. M

    I still find it rather HILARIOUS. I would take photos.


    I wanna see it on video… and then have them break out dancing to Michael Jackson’s THRILLER.

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    Doesn’t anyone get it…it was a protest at a rally for the leaning disabled, with a large crowd of them there. Was this the right forum/location/ time for such a protest?

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