MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A Somali man who lived in Minnesota until a few months ago has been accused of providing money and people to the terror group al-Shabab in Somalia, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday.

Ahmed Hussein Mahamud, 26, was arrested Thursday at his home in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, and made his initial appearance in federal court there. The U.S. attorney’s office says he’ll be brought to Minnesota to face four counts, including providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization and conspiracy to provide such support.

Also Thursday, authorities confirmed that a Minnesota man was one of the suicide bombers in a May 30 attack in Mogadishu. The FBI said it used fingerprints to identify Farah Mohamed Beledi, 27.

Mahamud is now the 18th person charged in Minnesota in connection with the travels of young men who went to Somalia to join al-Shabab.

Authorities said Mahamud, a U.S. citizen of Somali descent, lived in Eden Prairie until February, then moved to Ohio. It was not immediately clear whether he had an attorney. Working phone numbers for possible relatives of Mahamud could not immediately be found.

The indictment, filed two days ago, does not accuse Mahamud of traveling to Somalia, but it suggests he helped others who did. It says that from April 2009 to July 2009, Mahamud provided “money to al-Shabaab and personnel to work under al-Shabaab’s direction and control, knowing that al-Shabaab has been designated as a foreign terrorist organization.”

It also says he conspired with others to provide people and financial resources to al-Shabab, from an unknown date to the present. The U.S. government says al-Shabab has ties to al-Qaida.

More than 20 young men have traveled from Minnesota to Somalia since September 2007 to train with al-Shabab. Authorities said many have gone on to take up arms with the terror group as it has been fighting in Somalia.

Some of those men have died, including Shirwa Ahmed of Minneapolis, the first known American suicide bomber in Somalia. He blew himself up in October 2008, in the northern breakaway republic of Somaliland as part of a series of coordinated explosions that killed 21 people.

Beledi is also now among the dead. Authorities believe he left Minnesota in October 2009 and drove cross-country to the U.S.-Mexico border, then went to Somalia.

Authorities say he was one of two suicide bombers in the May 30 attack at a government checkpoint in Mogadishu that killed two African Union troops and one government soldier. Somalia officials said the attack began with a firefight, in which one suicide bomber was shot before his explosive detonated.

When asked about Beledi this week, officials at the Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center, the largest mosque in Minnesota, said it shared the pain of Beledi’s family members and would help support them.

The mosque said Beledi was never a mosque employee. “Rather, he was one of the youth who wanted to take advantage, participate, and sometimes volunteer in our youth programs,” the mosque said in a statement. Beledi, a gang member who had lost touch with his family and run into trouble with the law, spoke at a public open house at the mosque in February 2009 — months before he left the U.S.

The mosque says it “has not, and will not, recruit for any political cause, nor allow others to do so at the Center.” The FBI has said there has been no evidence mosque leaders were responsible for recruiting.

Dahir Jabreel, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center in Minnesota, said the new charges bring mixed feelings. He said while he is happy law enforcement can find those who intend to do harm, he said it “can create more negative perception in the main-stream Americans.”

“It’s bad news for us in many ways,” he said. “The more you hear that people are involved in bad things like this, the more that people will feel uneasiness about the community.”

“The Somali Americans in the United States are very, very strongly against anybody trying to harm the security of the United States,” he added.

Over the past three years, Minnesota has been the center of a federal investigation into recruiting of people from the U.S. to train or fight with al-Shabab. The Minnesota investigation continues.

In addition, two Minnesota women are also charged with alleged terror financing, and others have been charged in San Diego and St. Louis for allegedly funneling money to al-Shabab.

Somalia has not had a functioning government since 1991, when warlords overthrew a socialist dictator and then turned on each other, causing chaos in the African nation of 7 million.

Minnesota is home to the largest Somali population in the United States.

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Comments (49)
  1. TimP says:

    If it’s worth fighting over, why did you come here?

    1. Jim says:

      Apparently, they can make a lot better money here. But can’t break the attachment to terror groups.

  2. POS Camel Jockey says:

    My taxes help pay his welfare benefits so it looks like I’m funding terrorism as well.

  3. Mike D says:

    The Twins have a great shortstop. I don’t know his name, however, because he is somebody different every day.

    1. IWonderIF says:

      you know, Im starting not to like the stadium as much.. Last year I was like “cool”. This year I just dont care for it.. maybe its because I haven’t been to a game this year so far where the weather was good…

  4. You are all racist! says:

    They have every right to be here! They’re all good people! It’s no different that when your grandparents came over. I bet Sven and Lena were funding terrorist cells when they came over in the 1800’s. So if you aren’t Native American and say you want to stop bringing these people in, you’re racist! The fact that Somali’s come here and commit violent crimes and have no civility has nothing to do with it!

    1. TimP says:

      My grandparents and greatgrandparents came here and believed in the US. They also fought for that believe. I also stayed and fought and didn’t run to Canada or hide in school or behind Daddy. Somali’s have stated in the past that they would be more than happy to return to Somalia when things “get better”. So in the mean time do we sit and watch as they act like animals and try to do us harm? Do you even know what a racist is? It is not a term to be taken lightly.

      1. Jim says:

        You stayed and fought (I assume you mean Vietnam?), but not everyone did. Likewise, what you say about Somalis is true for some but not all. Why do you acknowledge that you and others behaved as individuals in the ’60s, but don’t acknowledge that Somalis also act as individuals? To me a racist is a person who judges an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. I don’t condemn all Americans in the ’60s because some of them fled to Canada, and I’m not going to condemn all Somalis for the actions of some.

      2. You are all racist! says:

        Apparently I didn’t lay the sarcasm on thick enough.

        1. OOPS.... says:

          OH!!!! I see it now….DOH!!!

          No harm…..WCCO took down my comment anyway……

          Seems SOMEONE didn’t like the fact I said MOST…not ALL Somali’s are stinky, arrogant, violent people……

          There was also a funny joke about a cab driver and a parking attendant….

  5. Jim says:

    You’re a racist. I wish you the worst.

    1. Thanks Jim..... says:

      Thanks Jim…..The worst in what? Did you close your little eyes and say “I really wish this guy the ‘WORST’! Why would he say such a thing when he doesn’t know what he’s saying….and I have traveled the world and the Somali people are the best race of people who I have ever met! They had nothing to do with 9/11, they don’t have gangs that roam down town MPLS and have been convicted of murder or even in this case terror!”

      Notice the 1st line in the story:

      MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – ANOTHER Somali man is charged in Minnesota in connection with the travels of young men who are thought to have joined a terror group in their homeland.

      See that word….ANOTHER!!!! Not A….but ANOTHER!!!!!

      1. Jim says:

        The worst in life in general. Like, “I wish you the best.” Except the opposite of that. Pretty simple really.

        Yeah, ANOTHER Somali criminal. I guess we’re lucky that white people don’t commit crimes since there are so many of us around. Oh wait. White people commit crimes too. Bottom line, if we kicked all white people out of the state, all we’d have to worry about is finding a few new lawyers and waitresses…and I would be just fine with that!

        1. Jim says:

          Aw, did my post make you mad? A random, anonymous internet poster wouldn’t care if I jumped off a bridge? LOL.

          Your post is fascinating. You’ve really cut to the heart of the issue here. Try not to choke on your hatred.

        2. Jim is God? says:

          But Jim…who would pay all of the taxes! These people come to MN and are given free education….tax breaks……If all of the “white people” (and who says I’M WHITE…..another assumption on YOUR part…..) left no one would pay taxes!

          I do have to say…so who’s right…..Me who has the right to voice my opinion on these people? Or YOU who has “wished the worst” for another person?

          Hmmm…I guess you’re the one who looks like the pompous donkey here….I just voiced my opinion but since I don’t have a GOD complex, I never even imagined to make the comment about wishing the “worst” for another human….

          But I’m glad you said something….I may be “racist” against a race that has killed THOUSANDS of Americans in the last decade and continues to do what they can to ruin the fabric of what we all have built…..but YOU feel you have the right to wish harm or “the best” on another person.

          You tell me which is worse….

          1. Jim says:

            God complex? I don’t get it. Reread my posts and you’ll see I never made any assumption about your race. I have no idea what you look like.

            Plenty of white people receive assistance and tax breaks too. There are wage earners, taxpayers, cheats, and frauds in every demographic.

            We’re both expressing our opinion here. That’s the beauty of America! You’re really taking this “wish you the worst” thing personally. Really, you don’t even know me. Relax. Do what I do and ignore random insults from anonymous internet posters.

            I dispute the fact that Somalis are trying to destroy the “fabric of what we all have built.” Some Somalis are, yes. But it’s silly to stereotype all Somalis this way. I didn’t condemn all white adults when the Oklahoma City federal building was blown up, I didn’t condemn all white teenagers when the tragedy occurred at Columbine High School, and I’m not going to condemn all Somalis because of the actions of a few.

            1. Joker Jim? says:

              I guess we are both to “blame” then……I work in a highly secured building as my job is one that requires a high level of security, and one of the security guards is Somali, who I happen to think is a GREAT GUY! He is a hard worker, goes to school (and uses his wages from his JOB to pay for it) and has plans to become a “great American” just like our family before us did when they came to America…..

              But want to hear something funny? HE WOULD agree with what I have to say! MOST of his “countrymen” are freeloaders, who came to America (or MN to be exact) as it’s easier to “skate by” here!

              So do I “hate” the WHOLE race? NO……most of them?…..if I use my personal experience here….YES!

              As far as your “Relax. Do what I do and ignore random insults from anonymous internet posters.” Wait a sec…even if we are just “bustin’ nuts” you replied to my post..and the one after that…..so medicine works both ways…

              1. Jim says:

                I don’t get how a person who claims to work with and respect a person from Somali can post the things you’ve posted about his fellow countrymen. If it were up to you, you’d deport this man and his family, despite him being “a GREAT GUY! He is a hard worker, goes to school (and uses his wages from his JOB to pay for it) and has plans to become a “great American” just like our family before us did when they came to America…..”

                I’m all for getting rid of criminals and lowlifes. But how could you deport a person you describe like this?

              2. Adopt an Immigrant says:

                Jim….I bet you are I may have some shared opinions…..(I hope that’s not an insult to you…)

                I admit…..the “blanket” statement I made above is not how I feel about EVERY Somali…..but my “joke” of cab drivers and parking attendants would not have worked if I said kick “most” out….

                I admit..I’m trying to “stir the pot” a little…..(slow day at work today…) but I still defend my comments…

                Maybe we can figure out a plan where an existing MN resident “sponsors” an immigrant….and if a “sponsored” immigrant if found to be a terrorist….you BOTH get deported!

                Let’s see how many people would be willing to do that!!!

          2. Jim says:

            The real Jim can actually spell. FAIL.

      2. Jack says:

        Yes they are. They make great pirates and they know how to drag our servicemen around the streets perhaps just to show them a good time. I bet that couple on a boat that got executed probably asked for it.

  6. MARK says:

    I rode the bus the other day and there was only one person I would consider to be not “white.” That ride was the smelliest 20 minutes I might have ever endured.

    You’re right that Somalis claim to be religious people. Some of them, anyway. Too bad they aren’t Christians, because we know from centuries of experience that Christians would never rob, kill, assault…..

    “Not afraid to say,” your post is an epic failure.

    1. Mark + Jim = safer America says:

      Sorry Mark…but I have to say you’re WRONG!

      I didn’t say anything about any other race or color of people…….trust me there are plenty of “White” people who may fit the same mold!

      As I said to Jim…..this is my opinion and my experience with a certain race of people…..Not your experience or anyone else’s!

      That’s the problem with people like you! You hold YOUR opinion in such high regard that you can’t IMAGINE WHY anyone would disagree with you! Let me guess……you were a Paul Wellstone fan as well…..

      I can only assume as you:
      #1- Are egotistical
      #2- Close Minded
      #3- Take the bus with a bunch of stinky “white” people

      Why don’t you and Jim get together and see if you can come up with a way to stop terrorism in the US…I’m SURE you have some GREAT ideas!

      1. Jim says:

        Paul Wellstone? What the heck…?

        Your opinion is that a particular group of people smells, they’re rude and arrogant, and they rob, kill, assault, and if it were up to you you’d kick them all out. I’m sorry, but that’s racist and wrong, and I’m not going to read it without posting my opinion, and it has nothing to do with arrogance. There is right and wrong in this world, and your racist attitude is wrong, period.

        I do have some good ideas for stopping terrorism. One is to arrest terrorists, not innocent people who come from the same country as terrorists. Two is to not arrest or deport or discriminate against a group of people simply because of how they look and where they come from, so that those people don’t learn to hate us and our country and become terrorists down the road. Your solution is to kick out all Somalis, as you wrote above. That would do nothing but breed a whole new generation of people who hate us.

        1. Jim and Jim or Jim and Jim says:

          Again…you read into things so much….

          I said “if we kicked them ALL out of MN the only issue would be to fill a few cab driver positions….” and I continued to say “I would be fine with that”

          And you said “and if it were up to you you’d kick them all out.”

          BIG difference….

          I PRAY you assemble things for a living and don’t have a job that requires you to remember things like Laws, or financial equations. Your adaptation of these things may cause HUGE issues….

          The other thing I HAVE to ask…..If I’m such a racist…..where did this come from…

          I’m just messing with you. I don’t care much for somalian’s. They are free loaders, bad drivers, and they stink.”

          Or was that post by a different “Jim”

      2. MARK says:

        I was a high school student in Wisconsin when Paul Wellstone died. What was your point? I post my opinion, you post yours, and you call me egotistical and close minded. How does that work?

        1. my inner Mexican says:

          Mark..you claimed my Post was an “Epic Fail”…….

          I am defending that comment……Your opinion of calling it an “Epic” fail proves you hold your opinion in high regard over someone elses….making you….wait for it….


          See how that works?

          I know I’m a jerk who feels superior to MOST Somali people…..read my 1st post….

          1. Mike D says:

            I wonder if there are any jerks who feel superior to you?

          2. Dave says:

            Anyway, the comments about being a drain on society – they’re not being racist. Mostly just statements that can be backed up with facts.

            If I said “Somalians -who are lumped with Blacks – are a huge drain on society”, is that “racist” or a fact? Why pull the race card all the time? Well the fact is that Blacks make up 5.2% of Minnesota’s population and 40% of Minnesota’s public assistance recipients. That actually is a fact, its not being racist.

            White’s make up another 40% of the recipients, but they are 85% of the population, so blacks are on public assistance 17X more than whites. Sorry, but its a fact. And hey they get to stay on it for 60 months too, so why not right? That would be the State’s fault – hate the state for enabling such laziness, not the race.

            Yes, there are blacks that are productive, that are great people, but as a blanket statement you could say, yes, black people are a huge drain on the state. If the same proportion of blacks were on public assistance as whites, the state wouldn’t be in debt.

            1. Dave's got it says:

              @Dave….as much as I hate to say it…..YOUR RIGHT!

              Let’s not even bring up CRIME, domestic violence and murder!

              I wonder why the population of blaks is crazy high in stillwater? (Hint….prison?)

  7. Jeff says:

    I want to move to Somalia and become a cab driver.

  8. tuna-free dolphin says:

    I’m chartering a bus. Free rides to the airport for all Somalis leaving the country. Because we care. Yes we can!

  9. Jeff says:

    Oh, lets all just admit that Somalis stink.

    And let’s end it at that.

  10. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    Hurrah, Hurrah, for Somali rights, Hurrah!
    Hurrah for the bonny blue flag that wears a single star.

  11. mmm says:

    ….and yes, if you don’t have the money for the airplane tickets back to Somalia….call me and I’ll take a very good care of it for you…..call me @S.O.M A.L.I.S…S.U.C.K ….without the S and the end…..

  12. Mr Somali-Abdi says:

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your are all racists….the United States government has a right and responsibilities to arrest any and all criminals whether he is from Somalia or Saudi or the Minnesota. and appreciated the convictions of those who supported the war in somalia and brainwashing our somali kids…thy are criminals and should be in a jail.
    I am somali and I am sure somalians are lawless but not all of us…so as Minnesotans??????/ there bads and goods… if you know what I mean… Dont be RACIST …..you are uneducated…. if you accuse the entire somalians of what only few of us did……come on guys….you should go back to school or should nt be reading the news…..

    1. Kevin says:

      Excuse me while I reload…….

    2. Mr Red White and BOO says:


      “you are uneducated” vs. “your are all racists”


      “there bads and goods” vs “your are all racists”

      Trust me…If I moved to your country……I would be KILLED…..you…we give you free schooling….tax breaks and a job driving cabs…..

    3. Candy says:

      Deport all of them.

  13. Mike D says:

    Alexi Casilla is a great ballplayer who rarely makes a mental mistake.

  14. Jeff says:


    Because people like Jim don’t want to see those numbers. People like Jim HATE to face reality. People like Jim bury their heads in the sand. People like Jim vote Democrat.

  15. Johnson says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the next largest population of African immigrants come from Ethiopia and yet we don’t have any reports like this where they are concerned. It does give pause to reflect. As for stink, people from India smell like bad curry, and when combined with cologne, it’s repugnant. And when hetero men put on deodorant (all races) without washing the pits, omg, please stay away from me. And then there are smokers… Enough said as I’m getting off track.

  16. wiseone says:

    the public libraries that we fund with our taxes are filled with Somalians using the computers free while walking past I noticed they are logged on to terrorist web sites! right out in the open they are planning bombs and other terror activities!

  17. Jim2Jim says:

    Not to be against anyone’s religion but I am pretty sure the Lutherans are the ones that keep importing all these people into Minnesota. I don’t have a problem if they want to come here for a life changing event, because we aren’t anything like anyone’s home country. I only have a problem with people that find they need to bring their old countries problems back here. Have we had any Irish arrested for helping the IRA? 20 or 30 of them?

  18. I love USA says:

    why are they using the public libraries to go to their terrorist web sites in the open ? they are lined up at the one near me every day viewing all kinds of foreign teror sites…as i think about all the tax payers who fund this. I am outraged.

  19. They have an image problem says:

    As much as many people don’t want to admit, many Somali’s and Muslims have an image problem in this country and state. Arrests like this don’t help matters. I think the Somali community really needs to be more vocal in discouraging terror activities among it’s own people and this man having a connection to a Mosque REALLY doesn’t help the Muslim image either.

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