Bike Lane Protestor

Casey Neistat got a ticket for not riding in the bike lane. He is also a filmmaker. So he set out to prove a point.

  • Swamp Fox

    You made your point! I do hope however you get another ticket for reckless vehicle operation by the way you ride your bike! Riding wantonly into the rear of a vehicle is not only dangerous &/or life threatening but against the law! Would you operate/drive a car in this manner to make a point? I hope not!

  • SnowFire

    What is your point? We all know the ticketing process is not fair and never has been and never will be – except that you got the ticket and I didn’t :) this time. On the other hand, I get a ticket once every several years after serveral years of daily violations – as we all do. The laws are not here to server the people; the people are here to serve the laws, this needs to be reversed.

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