GOP’s Pawlenty Settles In For Extended NH Swing

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Republican Tim Pawlenty is building in three days of campaigning in New Hampshire ahead of a nationally televised presidential candidate debate in the opening primary state.

The former Minnesota governor was due to arrive Friday for the first of four events between then and Sunday. It comes prior to the debate featuring seven declared or likely presidential candidates, which will be held Monday night.

Pawlenty has made several visits to New Hampshire over the past couple of years. He stresses his fiscal credentials in a state where money matters tend to hold sway.

Fellow Minnesota Republican, Rep. Michele Bachmann, is also scheduled to be in New Hampshire for the debate that will air on CNN.

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  • Mike D

    A very bad person indeed.

  • G Dog

    Sit Timmy. Stay. Good boy.

    – The Koch brothers

  • Reasonable

    18 months of this nonsense and anyone who doesn’t already see it as Romney/Pawlenty is insane.

    • Barbara Daniels

      Well you may call yourself reasonable but you are not to bright. Yes 18 months of this nonsense, it only took bush 8 years to run this country over the cliff and 18 months everything should be back to normal. Give me a break, are peoples minds that shallow in long term thinking capabilities. And as for pawlenty for those of us that had the oppurtunity to experience his drastic ridiculous policies he will not be getting votes on this side of the fence.

  • James2

    Dear WCCO, can you go 48hrs without a T-Paw report, which is really just a promo or advertisement? Thanks. Signed, a person in a T-Paw recovery program.

  • Murph

    A lot of people would like to see Pawlenty swing alright,the whole GOP for that matter.Now they are crying because liberals have a Weiner that just won’t quit! Maybe they should use some of their big buck donation money for Viagra! They were all born a little short on a lot of things!

  • justaxnspend

    TPaw for Pres….I love it !!
    Finally some one to stop the spending madness, should strike
    fear in the hearts of every free spending Liberal.

  • Kailin

    A wonderful job. Super helpful ifnromation.

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