Man Pleads Guilty In Smothering Death Of Toddler

ELK RIVER, Minn. (AP) — A 25-year-old man has pleaded guilty in Sherburne County to smothering his girlfriend’s 16-month-old son.

Dennis Angell entered the plea to felony murder in the November death of the toddler at a home in Santiago Township. Angell initially told investigators the toddler started choking while in his care, but later admitted he put a pillow on the boy’s face. A charge of first-degree manslaughter was dismissed as part of an agreement with prosecutors.

The St. Cloud Times says the Ramsey County medical examiner found the probable cause of death was asphyxiation due to smothering. Angell is being held without bail pending sentencing July 14.

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  • Sarah In Outstate MN

    Why? I don’t understand why he did this.

  • jeff

    this man will look forward to a great many tortures in prison. and all of you conservatives say that thugs don’t have a moral code? ha!

    i feel aweful for the family though. what a sad and disgusting story. for godssake, if you can’t handle the screaming and you are by yourself take a fricken walk and relax!!!!!! so many men killing babies cuz they can’t stand the screaming. i don’t get it.

    • Gordon

      “and all of you conservatives say that thugs don’t have a moral code?” Do you think killing babies constitutes as having a moral code Jeff?

      • shannon

        He means the thugs in prison that will have fun with him….Most don’t like child killers very much even if they are criminals themselves

        • jeff

          thanks shannon, that is what i meant. :)

        • Gordon

          Yea I get it but what does political standing have to do with it?

  • Cathy

    How about this, bring these jerks into the morgue when they do the autopsys on these poor innocent little ones and then let the freaks of nature that they are know that their punishment is to die the same way that they killed them….I bet things like this would end soon….

    • Lee Gifford

      I bet things like this still wouldn’t end Cathy but at least we wouldn’t be wasting our money housing and feeding these people.

  • Teri

    The torture will be a cakewalk for this monster….just wait til he comes face to face with his Maker.

    • mom

      This is just horrible, he will probably get a few years in prison, which he will have to be separated from the general prison population so all you people saying he will get his in jail don’t hold your breath and if he does the only statisfaction would be if someone would put a pillow over his face and make him suffer the same way this little baby had to suffer. Nothing this little boy could have done justifies anything this monster did to him, we can only hope he suffers a slow painful death soon

      • jeff

        our justice system does suck. and you are right, he’ll probably end up in pc but that doesn’t mean that inmates can’t find a way to torture him. the prison gaurds hate them just as much as the inmates. where there is a will there is a way.

        • mom

          Jeff thanks for the correct information, I hope you are right and hope someone will make him suffer as much as this little boy had to suffer. I just can’t imagine what that little boy went through, my youngest son is a 6 months older than this little boy and if anyone ever harmed him or any of my children we wouldn’t need to worry about tax payers paying to put that person away because I would kill anyone that would kill my children and going to prison for it would be well worth it.

  • Jim

    hang him now!!

  • Jim

    Baby killer should be hang, and then feed the tigers @ MN Zoo.

  • You Loser

    I would like to pull his eyeballs out with a spoon

    • Jim

      Oh you are to nice. Let use the fork instead.

  • Gloria


  • The Grynch

    Will somebody please shove an umbrella up this mans rear end and then open it.

  • William

    Another illegal mexican….hobble him and send him back

    • shannon

      You’re ignorant. Where does it say that he is an illegal Mexican? You should keep your racist comments to yourself. This is about a child that lost his life…the ethnicity of his killler is irrelavent.

    • The Grynch

      Maby the dead baby was an illegal Mexican as well. BIGOT!

    • ignorant

      Yea an illegal mexican by the name of Dennis. I think they should hobble you and send you back to the klan.

    • JMJ

      Unfortunatly what William said has a ring of truth to it. I listen to rolling online news for all the states every day. And a good portion of them are immigrants. That being said, What can we do about it? Everyday my heart breaks because i hear these stories.

  • A depressing world.

    Drop the stupid comment on his nationality. The world is full of cowardly, selfish, mainly insane men. They enable each other to continue dragging down the Human race.
    It appears unless we bring back some balance in this world, it will continue to spiral downward. Are men ready to stand up to the task? It seems violence is always the answer these days.

    • Women do bad things too

      Drop the stupid comment on men. He may be criticizing a somebody for their race but you’re criticizing an entire gender. You’re no better than the racist.

    • You're a Depressing individual

      I’m willing to bet that you’re living off of alimony from multiple ex husbands.

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    The child probably did not suffer much, it would have only take a couple of minutes..the suffering goes to those left behind. We see these stories all too often where the innocents get murdered by parents or parents’ significant others. It is just such a sad state that our country is in that we see this as often as we do. People are so self centered, anything past their inconvenience cannot be tolerated.

  • Kevin

    Aint diversity grand???

  • JP

    To clarify this person, nor the child were Mexican, nor were they illegal. They were both born in Minnesota. As for those left behind, it hurts for everyone. The victim’s family and this person’s family. Not that any of that matters to many of you. You will pass your narrow minded comments and ideals based on limited and usually biased information that is dependent on someone’s writing and views. What this person did is wrong, but it is important that those involved are still healing, and yes it is a choice to read comments, but unless it is constructive, it’s probably best to keep them to yourself.

  • Dave Seavy

    I couldn’t care less about nationality or resident status; he murdered an innocent baby in cold blood and should pay with his own life. I haven’t been an advocate of the death penalty, but with the flurry of stories about moms and boyfriends killing innocent children, I’m seriously rethinking my position. It isn’t a deterrant though, because states with capital punishment have high murder rates. It is indeed rehabilitation however, as the condemned will never have the opportunity to harm another child.

  • j

    I actually went to the same school in Becker. He isn’t illegal for one. But I do believe what he did is horrible and they should save the state money and let me donate a bullet to put between his eyes.

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