Crane Crashes On House In Shoreview

Here is the complete video of the crane crashing

SHOREVIEW, Minn. (WCCO) — A Shoreview homeowner was in disbelief Friday afternoon while trying to install a hot tub at his house.

Workers were using a crane to lift the hot tub over the house and into the backyard, but the crane crashed onto the roof of the home, causing signifcant damage to the garage.

Nobody was hurt during the crash.

Watch a video here that was recorded during the incident. It’s from onsite electrician who was there to hook up the hot tub. We have to warn you that there is some vulgar language at the end of the video right after the crane crashes.

  • GreenHen

    It is a bummer that this happened but I am glad I don’t have to look at the ring lady pop up anymore.

  • JKB

    Thank god no one was hurt. Im surprised a few other choice words werent used. Was the hot tub damaged? Wonder if this accident will affect other installation porspects . Maybe a weight restriction will go into effect.

  • gtV

    I guess the crane users should go back to basic crane operations 101 classes and take some basic physical engineering math. First time I saw the video of this hot-tub movement I cringed for I saw what was going to transpire. Glad there was any consequential wind speeds otherwise this incident would have been worse.

    It’s easy to find fault here by saying poor lift/movement planning, poor operation execution, and poor safety measures played a part in the failure of this lift. Even a basic crane operator, like me, would have been more prepared for a mishap waiting to happen! Too bad for the home owner’s garage; this is one expensive hot-tub!.

  • Jim Bendtsen

    Every crane is sold with a manual with a set of tables that specify how long a boom can be extended, at what angle and how much weight can lifted. Obviously, this operator decided not to follow the safe operating limits.

    • TB

      A crane that new was likely equipped with a computerized load limiter also.
      Which was obviously overridden.

    • nimd4

      Right & how about those weight-distribution plates that are supposed to be fitted under the legs’ pads.. also apparently missing in the photo. xD

  • Otis

    That was funny. Glad no one got hurt but that was funny. Where is the like button.

  • Crane Crashes On House In Shoreview « CBS Minnesota

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  • okiedokie

    Holy Bleep! Other than everyone being unhurt, that’s a definite worst case scenario.

  • Nelson Muntz


  • O

    I think that operator is looking for a new job. I think he overrode the computer in the rig.

  • AJ

    You can clearly hear a snap when the incident starts. Two things come to mind. One is that an outrigger was not seated correctly and gave way (snap). Or the concrete driveway failed (snap) and that was enough to overload the boom at it’s extended length.

  • chinwhiskers

    For sale cheap, one hot tub, never used, slightly cracked… I hope somebody has enough insurance to cover the rest of the damages.

  • Human Bean

    We will see this on World’s Dumbest…Yikes!

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