WAYZATA, Minn. (WCCO) — U.S. Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota got some first-hand information Saturday on how cuts in Medicaid would affect the disabled.

“This is something that, I think, ah, who we are as a society both Minnesota and this country is how we treat the most vulnerable,” Franken said after touring Hammer Residences in Wayzata.

The facility provides services for adults with disabilities.

“There was a young man, Nathan, who spoke, who lives in his own apartment and he has some services provided to him but he also works and pays taxes,” said Franken.

Earlier this year, the U.S. House passed a 20 percent cut in Medicaid spending.

Medicaid is funded by the federal and state governments to pay for medical care for low income individuals and families. More than half of recipients are children and families and the remaining are people 65 or older and people with disabilities.

Congress continues to debate ways to reduce the federal deficit and Medicaid is one of the programs being examined.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Reports

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  1. Joe Hanson says:

    If Minnesota’s Senators Franken and Klobuchar would urge the United States Senate to produce a budget bill, we could see how the Democrats would propose to fund Medicaid.

  2. Victim Du Jour says:

    I have seen “Disabled People” mow lawns, walk to the bar and get drunk, and go fishing.

    The media has to come up with a word for actual “Real” disabled people who are in wheelchairs, missing limbs or lack the ability to see or hear.

    I have seen people who are able to work become morbidly obese from using “Disability”

    1. Rory says:

      In response to Victim Du Jour, for everyone you “see” getting benefits they shouldn’t, there are 10 who get them and should. There is always going to be a percentage of the population in this country and all countries that can’t completely take care of themselves. I work in a large hospital and if you think everyone who gets aid doesn’t deserve it, talk a walk through a facility such as that. It will humble you to say the least.

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        I think it’s the other way around, I think it’s more like for every disabled person with a spine injury spending a lifetime in a wheelchair. There is 100 lazy democrats smoking weed, eating peanut m&m’s and getting fat from not having a job.

        Democrats just use the people in the wheelchairs to make the false impression it’s not the lazy disabled people ripping off the real disabled people.

        1. Diogenes says:

          And now we see Victim Du Jour’s real angle: he doesn’t really care about the disabled, he just wants to rave about the Democrats and play – you guessed it – the *victim*.

          1. Victim Du Jour says:

            Not at all, I am trying to protect real disabled people from lazy people who are abusing the system.

            I bet everyone knows at least 1 able bodied person drawing disability insurance.

            Funny how you see real disabled people going to college and making an effort.

            1. Bernie says:

              I don’t anybody receiving benefits that should not. Victim may be mentally disabled as evidenced by the delusional posts, but we don’t know if it gets benefits.

    2. E.R. Harrington says:

      How do you know that they have a disability that cannot be seen? Don’t be so quick to judge. I have ptsd but it cannot be seen, and while most days my agoraphobia prevents me from leaving the house, with medication, there are a few days a month when I can settle my nerves enough to do so, and do normal things like shopping, but that doesn’t mean that I am okay all the time. I wish I could work, but I don’t know until I wake up in the morning what kind of day I will have.

  3. Thomas says:

    1st…Joe..the Dem’s do have a budget bill the right has obstructed its coming to the floor…2nd..Victim..you are full of it…next

  4. Al says:

    Thanks for studying it Al – now do something and quit spending money we don’t have. First place I would cut is the health benefits you have as a member of Congress. Next should be term limitiations on you idiots – all of you. Everyone needs something but we can’t continue down this socialist path spending $3 for every $2 we get.

  5. joe a says:

    Thanks, Al. I am a fiscal conservative and do agree with you that we (the U.S.) do need a safety need for the “least fortunate among us” that can’t provide for themselves — there, but the grace of God go I. However, I also find the need to look in the mirror and start cutting all of the fat from the U.S. budget so we can provide for these people. Examples include: ALL aid to foreign governments, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., pensions for U.S. Congress (they can go to a 401k plan), premium medical/dental for U.S. federal government employees, pork projects included in major legislation, bribes by the POTUS to get health care legislation passed, internet access and web cams for NY Congressmen, etc. You get the idea.

    1. Julie says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself, joe a.
      I agree 100%

    2. Alan says:

      @joe. Congress cut pork benefits to themselves and to their states. Fat chance of that happening. You have better odds of scoring a big win on the powerball buying one ticket a year. Not even Paul Ryan would dare pose that legislation. Wellstone would have been the only one with enough guts to propose limiting Congressional benefits.

  6. Julie says:

    It’s scary on what not is stated. Obamacare is going to suck billions from the program. Al and CBS are well aware of this. Your move AL.

  7. Jack Anderson says:

    I am in full agreement that we all need to help provide for those who are truly unable to fully provide for themselves. So, however, do the family members who have the attitude “hey, not my problem, the government needs to do it.” Most upsetting to me, though is our system that dares not confront or pursue the obvious abuses. The abusers are worse than any others who may seem reluctant to provide support. They, the abusers, are outright stealing from the truly needy and there should be zero tolerance for their “crime”!

    1. old nurse says:

      @Jack Company name withheld but in our annual fraud waste and abuse lecture they brought up the fact they got 2.5 billion back in 2009 from companies overcharging medicare. Went and found an article (Got to love a second window)

  8. William says:

    Franken is not worth a post.

    1. Fern says:

      And yet you did so therefor Franken has value to you.

  9. anordinaryloon says:

    i agree with JOE..i don’t know anyone who is not outraged by foreign aid and military spending!
    Thank You Al Franken for explaining the issues in Washington to us so clearly,
    keep that up. At least you are doing no harm as Senators previous have done.
    Keep in touch with the every day Minnesotan and don’t let Washington corrupt you!
    If we took the foreign aid away from the above countries,as JOE suggested, we could easily fund out medicaid and health care programs for our own disabled citizens.? if this is true lets elect JOE to congress!

  10. AML says:

    Good lord. The most pathetic attribute of most the comments in this post is the rarity in which interest for others is expressed in the comments.

    Me me me me me me me me. Then, GO USA!

    Patriots? More like Selfish.

    I’m pretty broke, never been on state or federal programs, and work and am educated. But if I can help pay for something that helps Nathan, I’ll do it without a second thought on my conscious.

  11. Murph says:

    It is somewhat sickening that rich people get all these subsidies for their businesses but those less fortunate get cuts in aid.The towel heads get nearly unlimited funds,funds we don’t even have a vote on.Yet those just starting out,those with limited abilities,mobility or handicaps get all the cuts.Doesn’t it seem exceptionally odd that the GOP politicians act and speak and perform more redneck stupid, than real rednecks? Either they are as dumb as they seem or are putting on an act to get the redneck vote! At least,as twisted as she surely is,Michelle Bachmann is obviously just being herself.But the rest of them? If they really think the way they speak,this country is in real trouble! Please think before you vote in 2012!

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