By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Songs of hope, healing and inspiration filled Minneapolis for the survivors of last month’s deadly tornado. Twin Cities musicians came together tonight to help raise money for the city’s north side.

“For a long time when I was looking at the images I felt like I was watching something else somewhere else,” said vocalist Robert Robinson.

The twister hit with little warning, leaving behind destruction to property and lives.

The entertainment community, artists, musicians and technicians invaded the State Theatre to do what it is they do best — perform in hopes of raising money to help people in need.

“One of our communities goes down, it’s important that we all get together and try and build it back up again,” said Brian Leighton of GB Leighton.

Brian Leighton knows the hearts of those who perform for a living.

Just like his peers came together and raised money for him after he was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, those same musicians are now hoping to raise $100,000 to help north Minneapolis residents.

“There was a lot of people displaced from their homes over 2,000. Five thousand houses were either damaged or destroyed. We got to come together and make some money and try and get that community back together again,” Leighton said.

WCCO’s Angela Davis was one of the emcees who introduced legendary Twin Cities music groups like Billy McLaughlin and The Entire Band and the TC Jammers.

All wanted to make sure those in the midst of the storm realize they are not alone.

“We hope tonight that people will receive blessings of hope that will strengthen them, that will life them. We hope people will be inspired to give not just tonight but continue to realize that it takes time to heal the lives of people who have been affected and devastated in such a way,” Robinson said.

The theatre was not as packed as organizers wanted. The official tally is not in yet but they may not have reached the $100,000 goal.

They are hoping people continue to give as they expect the need to continue to be great for some time.

Comments (8)
  1. just sayin says:

    “The theatre was not as packed as organizers wanted. The official tally is not in yet but they may not have reached the $100,000 goal.”

    Of course it wasn’t… because all of these performers are washed up, and NOBODY will support N Mpls. I knew it!

    What did they raise, like maybe $3k?

  2. Jeff says:

    I cannot believe the audasity of these people. Most of the individuals are/where renters to the properties that were damaged. The home owner is the one who is out. Most of what I saw on the news showed structural damage to the roofs and siding with the interirors intact. Most of these peoples charished belongings were also intact but somehow… they lost it all and are now standing with their hands out. Total BS I see on the news there clergy and council members telling these people “tell them (fema) you lost everything and feel helpless” REALLY??? And as far as “NOBODY will support N Mpls”… you mean like the people who live there and waited all of 5 seconds to loot the stores and homes of their own dear brethren? No support here! Put your guns down, reach down and pull up your boot lacies and get to work!

  3. Missy says:

    I am with Jeff!!! 2000 people displaced? Then why when giving out nonperisiables there were 3600 people with their hand out? Seems like some people were just there to get a hand out and were not even in the twister…. I’m done I don’t need to go there.

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