MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Without a budget deal in place, Minnesota is just a few weeks away from a possible government shutdown.

This weekend, some people started getting notices in the mail, letting them know they could be laid off. The shutdown would start on July 1, if there’s no deal.

The agency in charge of “shutdown planning” is asking the courts to keep “critical” state workers on the job, such as prison guards. This would be Minnesota’s second shutdown in six years.

On WCCO Sunday Morning, we had several guests in studio to talk about what could happen if a shutdown occurs. Watch their interviews (in order of appearance) below.

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy Interviews Kristine Sosanie

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy Interviews Prof. David Schultz

WCCO-TV’s Esme Murphy Interviews Sen. David Hann

Comments (34)
  1. Sarah In Outstate MN says:

    I must be the only one in this state that actually thinks an agreement will be reached at the last minute.

    1. King says:

      The republicans don’t know how to run our goverment, all they know how to do is stick their nose into are personal lifes !

  2. Revenue isn't the problem says:

    I agree and hope that Dayton does a 180 and recognizes revenue isn’t the problem.

  3. Joe Hanson says:

    “Governor Mark Dayton, leading Minnesota to a Government shutdown.”

  4. MN Govt Spends Too Much. says:

    Freeze the budget. Period

    Don’t blink, GOP. We want you to stand firm.

  5. Cache says:

    If all of these fools would just freeze the budget to the last one we will have $5 Billion dollar Surplus…which could be returned to the “taxpayers” not the Freebie crowd. Cut all Welfare to “0” and make the slugs work-Workfare. i.e. I just saw an un-married 20 year old North Mpls. welfare Rat resident with 3 kids and one in the oven moaning about no one is helping her fast enough with new freebies. “Get off your dead “robbing us taxpayers” Back & Butt and get to work. Not live off us as a “Career Freebie Robber”! What is wrong with this whole picture?????? Cut the Budget…Cut the Spending!

    1. pug says:

      Cache-I agree with your “cut welfare”! I think the people on welfare needed to be drug tested and need to be a resident to minnesota at least a year before receiving benefits; that way they won’t be running to MN when it’s time to have a child. On the other hand there are people who do need our help, those that have recently lost their employment through no fault of their own. We need to stand by the citizen of MN and send the others back where they came from! Also I believe everyone needs to be equal in paying taxes. The rich have so many tax breaks that the middle class ends up paying a higher precentage of taxes than the very wealthy.

      1. Zeke says:

        too bad the GOP budget plan does none of that

    2. Astonished_by_your_beliefs says:

      Freezing to the last budget will not get a $5 billion dollar surplus. The last budget was paid for with gimmicks and federal stimulus money. And in what world do you live? How do you freeze costs? Gas prices, heating costs, electrical, phone and web services are all rising. Food prices are rising – for schools and nursing homes…. Health care is out of control for private, government and individuals. The population has grown since the last budget – more children in school, more elderly in nursing home. The GOP budget include cuts. They are just playing word games and being dishonest when they pretend they are not. making dramatic cuts to public services. They have a right to propose any budget but they should be honest about what they are proposing.

      The people at the low economic end are not the only ones taking from the taxpayers. Businesses are constantly taking from us – paying low wages and not health or pension benefits so that their workers depend on government help. Middle class home owners who buy houses that are larger than the need and write off big mortgage payments on their tax forms? I am sure we can find bad behavior in every class.

      1. pug says:

        I agree about the businesses–they are downsizing, so they cut their employees, they cut the highest salary and the ones with benefits. Later on they want to hire them back offering a lower wage and NO BENEFITS! Republicians say they want to promote jobs–they are, very low pay and no benefits.

    3. Joe Hanson says:

      @Cache I just met the father of all those children. Seems he is in the top 2% and pays no state tax.

  6. Cat in the Hat says:

    40% of our taxpayers dollars goes towards education yet the the teachers are underpaid and the children are not being educated well enough so they end up unemployed and on welfare which sucks up even more of our taxpayers dollars. Our taxpayers dollars are being spent in vain, that’s the real issue here.

    1. problem says:

      Funding is not the problem with education. the problem is the current funding goes to waste by administration. As far as the ones you say end up unemployed and on welfare, that is family affair. Once on welfare it is what they pass down just like us that work pass down the values of working.

      1. don't be an a-hole says:

        So if somebody actually NEEDS WELFARE you’re gonna blame it on his family?

  7. big problem says:

    “current funding goes to waste by administration” vs “taxpayers dollars being spent in vain”. It all sounds the same to me.

  8. This GOP isn't Republican says:

    This shutdown brought to you by the Republican Party.

    Republicans – we’ll protect those who don’t need protection ‘cuz we don’t care about average Minnesotans unless we can distract you with BS items like gay marriage, IDs for voting, English as the official language and Preparation H as the state suppository after taking it from the Tea Party.

    1. Dr. Seuss says:

      So the GOP only protects average Minnesotans when they’re being distracted? BS items like gay marriage, ID’s for voting, English as the official language and Preperation H are used as the state suppository and was taken from the Tea Party (I sure hope the Tea Party gets those items back because stealing is wrong). I’m not understanding where you’re coming from, please elaborate.

  9. HERB says:

    To Joe Hanson

    In a functional society, the financial load of running the society should be spread out over all those who profit from the society. Republicans believe that the load should be carried by someone other than those taking the most money out. The money that is necessary to provide a “social safety net” for the entire society and indeed basic necessary services for that society has grown as has the society. The difference is “fair share” is any thing but fair when those taking the most from the society contribute a drastically smaller percentage of their “income” than do the people taking the least from the society. This is not right or just, it is just the Republican way. Civilized societies support themselves by using the whole tax base, This is a clear indicator that Republican obstructionists want to keep the status quo and damn the society, as long as they get to keep more of the money they took from the society.

    Social responsibility benefits everyone, something that most Republicans choose to ignore in their quest for greed. No, Minnesota has no budget problems, the problem arises when ALL TAXPAYERS are not required to pay their fare share (%). especially those in the top 2% of income earners.

    Everyone in the state knows the answer, Republicans are just to afraid to offend their major campaign contributors, instead they want to place the the burden on 75% of the population and if that taxation is not enough, then start cutting services and programs for the most vulnerable least powerful members of the society.

    The whole issue comes down to the greed of those who take the most from the society.

    Stick to your guns Governor Dayton. These leaches have been draining the coffers of the Minnesota and National Treasury for at least a decade. Make them pay!

    1. Enough social responsibility says:


      Please explain why the Department of Human Services deserves a 43% increase in the their budget? This is the current proposal.

      Also, if you check the Department of Education you’ll see that teachers and administrators have had significant salary increases in the past 10 years. Yet they continually ask for more money.

      I could support a raising of taxes only if the Human Services and Education budgets are held tight.

      BTW, how about increasing taxes on EVERYONE that makes at least $60K? I’m sure you can afford it.

  10. jan says:

    The right wing republicans don’t believe in birth control or family planning. Then they complain about young women with children on welfare. Give the women who can’t afford children birth control pills and tell them to have children only when they are iin a position to take proper care of them.

    1. Dan says:

      What does planned parenting have to do with welfare? You’re not making any sense Jan.

  11. Young Repub says:

    To Herb,

    I guarantee that an individual in the top 2% pays way more taxes than you do. Why should somebody be penalized for being more successful than the other? The problem is not how much we are being taxed, the problem is where the money is going. You people love these Democrats in office because they give and give and give but when we’re broke you blame it on republicans? Where’s the logic in that?

    1. Fern says:

      What allows them to be successful but the rest of society? There are two sets of statistics out there thrown about. top X percent pays 90 % of the income taxes and anther set that says of the income the top X % pay less % of their income in total taxes than the middle class. Both set of statistics are valid. So if the top 2 percent get more income tax it is probably not going to change the latter the latter statistics. Therefore you are not penalizing success but rather leveling it much yo their chagrin

      1. Young Repub says:

        English please?

  12. jan says:

    If you have no job and no money and keep having kids, you’re going to be on welfare unless your daddy’s rich. Birth control pills cost much less than the government footing the bill to raise a child.

    1. Jan is very closed minded says:

      So if I’m a parent and my significant other isn’t rich that means I’m gonna be on welfare? Still not making sense Jan.

  13. BB says:

    Shut er down until the Repubs get the message that the poor, working poor and middle class are tired of sharing the pain while the rich and elite continue to share none of the pain. If the repubs cannot compromise and expect the top 2 to 5 percent of the wage earners to pay their fair share of the pain, shut er down and I will support you all the way Governor Dayton.

    1. Bobbi says:

      Here we go again with the ‘fair share’ comment. Please define fair share. Is it a certain amount you want, is it a certain percentage of income you want, please explain.

      1. Citizen says:

        @Bobbi. In the first days of taxation of wages, the U.S. tax code exempted the amount of money the government believed it required for food, clothing, and shelter. Only the amount above this was taxed. After the expenses of fighting WWII, the government started tax all income with no exemption for basic living expenses. The tax percentage on the wealthiest people was 91% during the Eisenhower years and America saw expansion of the middle class and prosperity. In succeeding administrations as this 91% fell to 70% (Reagan lowered it further) to now a $150,000 a year wage earner is at the top percentage of income taxed the same as someone making $5 million a year. How is that fair? People on the lowest income levels have the least ability to pay because most of their income is required for basic necessities. They don’t need to buy another fur coat for a 5th wife or a new lamborghini. They need to pay for food and clothing and shelter. You tell us what is fair here.

        1. Mr. M says:

          I fully agree with Citizen. Well said.

  14. Jim says:

    80% of the budget goes to Education and Health and Human Services. Yet Dayton won’t agree to a 4% increase in education because it isn’t enough. Reaffirms my beliefs that politicians are just in office to pay off who paid for them to get in.

  15. Tracy says:

    I am just wondering if the understand that those people on disability are going to struggle. And if loss of benefits they may end up in the Psych ward or in jails, maybe even dead. Because they won’t have the access to medical help. also those government employees are going to be at a loss also. Why can’t they figure out a budget before they shut it down. Do we not pay them for this? Why should the people of Minnesota have to pay because the government won’t compromise on the budget. From where i STAND they only want what they want and are not listening to the people of Minnesota. Why should those on Minnesota care have to continue to pay a high spend down when they won’t be able to be covered medically? Does the government of Minnesota uderstand what they are doing? I am a person who has been in the system for a very long time and i AM TRYING TO BETTER MYSELF. I have recently attended College and am working to get off the system. Why can’t they see people who are disabled (some) are doing everything to be a productive member in society and when you take medical, grants or financial aides away from us, it is hard to survive and stay optimistic about our future.

  16. savetherich says:

    So are all the top 2% income earners in the state of MN job creaters? Next question…How many jobs were created by these top 2% income earners this past year and how many people did they layoff this past year? Of the jobs they did create this past year, how many of those jobs pay well enough for the employee to own a home? I maybe wrong, but I thought the top 2% income earners already pay a smaller percentage rate compared to middle income earners. I owned a business and employed up to 6 people and was far from being in the top 2% income earners. But thanks to volume discounts, my pockets weren’t big enough to compete against Walmart who could buy in bulk and sell products for less than I could buy them from the manufacturer. That’s what the top 2% income earners seem to call fair business competition and good for all. The consumer does get lower prices, but the employees also get lower wages. The ones who seems to NEVER suffer under Democratic or Republican governors (or presidents), during good or bad economic times are those top 2% income earners. Is there any wonder why legistation was pushed to allow home owners to shot and defend their homes. To you top 2% income earners and so called job creators and to you politicians and government leaders, you better create more middle income jobs soon or the U.S. will soon be like Greece. The show “Undercover Boss” shows bosses to be phony and looking for that pat on the back…”see how I am a caring boss and that this is a great company to work for.” The people the boss worked under while undercover are the only employees that get some money tossed their way. Guess the bosses forget the numerous other employees that make up their company. Funny that most bosses can’t even do even the lowlyest job in their own company. We may believe that we’re all created equal, but value is a different story. Don’t get me wrong, value differences are needed, but the distorted range of value that exits today may soon strike fear in those who are seen to have the highest value.

  17. notruthrequired says:

    Nice bias there Esme putting an employee (Kristin Kirchoff) who got a layoff notice in the mail in the video clip with Sen David Hann so republicans can be blamed for a government shutdown. Also, isn’t it Local Governments (cities) that raise property taxes? Kristine Sosanie blames republicans for raising property taxes and you let her get away with lying. If there are cuts in the Federal Government, they are made up in taxes at the State Governement level, and if there are cuts in the State Government, they are made up in taxes at the Local Governement level. So much for reducing the size of GOVERNMENT! The only thing that changes is the sizes of the three different Government hands in your pocketbook. Congratulations for being a lazy reporter Esme and asking easy open ended questions that allow democrats and republicans to simply cast blame on the other party and spit out their party rhetoric.

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