FOND DU LAC, Wis. (AP) — A criminal complaint says a 9-year-old girl stabbed a Fond du Lac man in the back as he threatened to kill the girl’s mother.

Twenty-seven-year-old Jason Fields is charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety, strangulation and disorderly conduct. Bail was set at $5,000, and Fields remained in jail Monday.

According to the complaint, police were called to the woman’s home early Sunday after Fields broke her windshield.

The Reporter of Fond du Lac says after police left, Fields held a knife to the woman’s throat and threatened to kill her. The woman heard Fields groan and he dropped the knife. She saw her daughter holding a bloody kitchen knife.

The girl told police she had stabbed Fields in the leg two years earlier when he also was hurting her mother.

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Comments (46)
  1. JackieM says:

    Good for the girl. Sorry that this is the 2nd time it has happened. Mom needs to learn. The girl does not need to go through this again. She should NOT have been placed in that position.

  2. Deanna says:

    What a low life to have the same violent guy around her daughter still. Disgusting situation to put your own daughter in because you’re desperate for a man. Hope her daughter doesn’t get too comfortable stabbing people or start to think that’s the way to end a dispute. Good lessons she’s teaching her daughter.

  3. Guy says:

    Need to teach the kid to go for a more critical area next time – heart, throat; etc. Then there won’t be a “4th” time.

    1. Reasonable says:

      groin is also acceptable

      I mean really, some people just seem to function better in abusive relationships. Happened to a friend of mine, she just wouldn’t leave this guy no matter how awful he was. Finally all of her friends just gave up on her and cut her off.

  4. JKB says:

    Nine years old, and it seems she has more brains than her Mother! ONE time being abused is enough, there wouldnt be another chance to repeat it, he/she would be gone! Mom NEEDS to put her daughters well being ,before her stupidity gets her killed!

  5. Gloria says:

    I know these people..Black Guy/White girl..A life of drama,drink,drugs & thugs..She won’t leave him though.

    1. ToM says:

      If what you say is true report it. The nine year old should not live in those conditions, / Welfare or Child custody

    2. JoJo says:

      REALLY? You’re just as dillusional as she is…

    3. june says:

      Gloria, That could be true, but what also could be true is it could be a white guy. I have seen plenty of white guys that are abusive ass%$#@ in my own life, on TV, in bars, ect.

    4. Marcella Maynard Thomason says:

      Why does your comment mention their race?? The Drama, drink, drugs and thugs are pertinant, their race IS NOT.

      1. Bruce Brinkmann says:

        Maybe two years ago, race wouldn’t have been a factor, but today after two years of Obama’s race card trumpeting, many people that weren’t prejudiced then, are today. And I hold Obama and his administration of racist liberals responsible.

  6. Sally says:

    Good for her! As well anyone should do the same thing when encountering a killer! This is called for, and some will disagree, time to put these predators away and for good. Turkey~!

  7. Paul Solinger says:

    This girl’s a hero.

  8. sad, but not surprising... says:

    Why would this mother put up with this? Oh, because she wanted sex every few days and she is putting herself and daughter in jeopardy for sex. That’s exactly what it is. The mom has low self esteem and needs to feel worthy so she has a man who treats her like $h!t, but hey, at least she has a man.

    When will these losers learn? They won’t

  9. trl the alligator says:

    ……she’s a white piece of trash and the guy is a black POS…..they are the typical when it comes to that loser scene……….both the parents are degenerates and belong in jail.

  10. Jason Kieffer says:

    she should of aimed for the femoral artery, then he would never abuse mom again

  11. tannice says:

    The comments others have mentioned may or may not be true. I don’t know. However, there is another side that has not been mentioned in cases of domestic abuse and that is many women are AFRAID to leave their partners because of what might happen. This is DESPITE the fact that police and social services can and NEED to help, the fear gets in the way. Education on domestic abuse is out there, but some people either aren’t educated or they don’t have the support systems in place to leave the loser abusive partners. I’m not writing this to defend this mother, but simply to note another observation that is common in cases of domestic abuse.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      “many women are AFRAID to leave their partners because of what might happen.”


      They’re not afraid of what will happen if they stay and just keep going through it, eh?

      If they are “too scared to leave” then they are total morons and deserve every beating they get. Talk about stupid.

      1. Kristin says:

        Way to perpetuate ignorance and stereotypes. People like you are the reason that people who need help can’t get it, because you make sure that the thought that there are simple choices that victims of domestic violence should “just do” to get out of their situation is prevalent in as many people’s thoughts as you strive to possibly infect. To say someone deserves a beating is sick beyond belief. The mere fact that many people cannot understand domestic violence is a true testament as to how difficult the situation is. I feel sorry for you Les that you can’t see the world beyond your nose, but if you actually made an attempt to learn more, or heaven forbid you actually help someone out of this type of situation, you might find out a whole lot about yourself too.

      2. Beer Guzzling Redneck says:

        As another commenter stated, some women function better in the chaos of that environment, and they even seek it out and demand it from their partner.

        Not leaving out of fear for what might happen if she does? I don’t think you understand what that sentence is actually stating. You’re saying it’s safer to stay captive and endure the hell than it is to find a way out, because the fear of it all is too paralyzing.

        1. Julie says:

          At least when they are around you one can keep a waeather eye out and know what is around you.

          Once you leave, and if the guy is whacko enough she now has a stalker who will strike when least expected. Sure, she can get a restraining order/Order for Protection but seriously. There are men who will walk right on through those things.

          She would be opening the door for an unexpected midnight visit, tampered brakes, all sorts of things done by a crazy man warped by anger at being removed from what he sees as ‘His’.

          Putting the fear of keeping her child safe in that kind of enviroinment into her scenario, a scared mother will do the oddest things.

      3. june says:

        Why doesn’t the abusive man just leave?

    2. Gardoglee says:

      Yes, I did wonder why it was that the police had left, as mentioned in the story. There is more to this one than the news story tells, stuff at which it only hints. However, one cannot deny that the girl is gutsy.

  12. shannon says:

    Are you wearing your special little white hood as you type? I bet you wouldnt’ have the guts to say that in public.You really should keep your comments to yourself, especially if you can’t stay on topic. No place for your racist biggotry here.

    This is sad, no matter what race(s) are involved. Stick to the point!

    1. clvgb says:

      She DID only use 1 T in bigotry, Rick. Move your white hood out of the way so you can see. And you should have said “supposed to” instead of “suppose to”.

      1. AAron says:

        But she did use two ‘g’s…must be mexican…

  13. clvgb says:

    Well, Rybak, I see you are also a member of the ignorant juvenile club. I’ll bet you beat people because you hate being Rybak, right?

  14. Les Johnson says:

    I once dated a guy that was abusive,I left him after the 1st instance of abuse. My partner now,whom I’ve been with for 11 years, would never think of being cruel. If he did I’d leave him too!

    1. Kristin says:

      Again Les, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Stop applying your life to others, for it is not going to be the same. A few may be similar, but you need to get out of the house more. And stop being so cruel with your words. It is just sick.

  15. Dudetou says:

    You know the saying: Birds of the same feather ,flock together. I want to know why the police left?? Why did they not do something right away?

    1. guest says:

      Most likely because she told them everything was fine after they came for the busted windshield. Though, if she said no he’s pyscho and trying to kill me, they would have promptly removed him, and he wouldn’t have a chance to put the knife to her throat and put her daughter in that situation. Though, if it happend once before, she probably would have went back to him after his jailtime and wound up dead…

  16. Courteney says:

    This mom is obviously a POS. To make her daughter go through this twice is beyond bad parenting. She obviously doesn’t care about what is best for her daughter.

    1. Fanny Banannie says:

      Agreed. I hope this child is not irreparably damaged, though I fear she may be without extensive counseling.

  17. MnGrrl says:

    Maybe I am missing something- but where in this article did it say that this man was in a relationship with the mother? How do we not know that he could of been in the past but has shown up out of the blue? Maybe she did leave him after the last stabbing incident and now he’s back in the area and showed up? I know I know, most of you will believe that they were curently dating, and who knows- they just might be.. but what about thinking outside the box? Who cares about race and social class- did it say in the article they people was trailer trash? I missed that part too I guess.. If this is an abusive relationship, I wish the mom and the daughter the best of luck and hope they find the courage and strength to find a new better life. If we have not been in a situation like this- we cannot pass judgement. Your nextdoor neighbor with the groomed lawn and nice cars could be getting abused and hiding it- does that make them instant “trash”? Or since the have money- they deserve a better level of sympathy??

    1. MnGrrl says:

      And yes, I do realized that I have a few typo’s and I worded a few things improperly- but if that is all your going to insult me with- don’t bother.. I am too busy w putting myself through college and working two jobs. I think the main point of my comment is- try not jumping to conclusions and further insulting the situation- because your just joining in on the mental abuse aspect..

  18. Corey Borden says:

    The thing about domestic violence is that we are not how to deal with this. i work with victims and I can say that on average a woman leaves 7 times before she gets out for good. Those are the ones that are lucky enough to survive. The batterer is a charming and manipulative person. Otherwise they would never get dates. Leaving is the most dangerous time for a person to leave these relationships. There is a woman from my area who left her abusive boyfriend and he shot her in the head and then killed himself. She was LUCKY to survive. Don’ judge a victim. The batterer is the person who needs to be held accountable for their actions. You have NO idea what she or her daughter are going through. Please feel free to comment.

    1. Julie says:

      Very well said.

  19. Just my opinion.. says:

    I don’t think people understand that it’s more the mental abuse that keeps them from leaving than the physical abuse. When beaten and abused for so long, and then told repeatedly “if you leave me i’ll find you and kill you,” it becomes terrifyingly real to the victim. Most want to leave and know they shouldn’t stay, but after years of abuse, they have usually been alienated from friends and family, and don’t know where to turn at the point. This goes to all the naysayers that say she is trash for not leaving, and putting her daughter through this. Understand the mind works in mysterious ways, and it’s been proven that the subconcious brings up memories, feelings, and actual pain to things you may not even realize or isn’t really happening due to trauma recieved beforehand. I’ve seen it with a family member after a rape, she is still battling with the mental damages stemmed from the attack while trying to get back to a normal life. Before you pass judgement, remember it’s not always open and shut, or black and white. Who are you to say how easy it should be for someone to do something, when you have no idea of all the circumstances involved in the situation?? you don’t. the world would be so much better off, if people stopped treating others negatively…

    1. Kimberly Murray says:

      Very well said. I was abused as a child and experienced a lot of trauma. People need support in these type of situations. I pray for her and her child and that she does finally have the strength to end her relationship, hopefully she will get the much needed counselling for both her and her daughter. Her daughter is a hero but also will need counselling.

  20. Peg says:

    Sure is time to take the daughter and place her with a family or relative that cares what happens to her. She is only 9 yrs old and this is the second time, that was reported, that she had to defend her mother. Already the damage is being done to this poor child. The mother is endangering the child each time she brings that garbage into the home or even near the child. If mom, and I use that term loosley, chooses to be in this relationship or situation, then the abuse to the daughter is evident. The next time maybe this man will hurt the child first to see that she is out of the way. Why are the authorities waiting for this to happen? That’s what doesn’t make any sense.

  21. Kate says:

    Women are scared to leave? Really?!
    So women in abuse relationships knew NOTHING about the person they started dating, they just fell out of the sky and no one knew anything about the abusers past.
    Well lets suppose that’s true, then WHY don’t they leave when the first abuse starts? The first hit the first anything.

    1. Marcella Maynard Thomason says:

      are you under 12 yrs old or have you lived under a rock your whole judgemental life?? I have volunteered with abuse victims and I have never heard of an abuser who abused on the first date! Rarely does an abuser physically strike early in the relationship, so EVERYTHING that was known about the abusers past does not apply. I pray that you never know any fear like these women do. I also pray that you recieve more understanding and compassion than you are capable of giving.

      1. Fanny Banannie says:

        Who are YOU to be so judgmental? Remember, this is America, where we are free to voice our views, whether they are popular or not.

  22. Ingy says:

    If I was this girl, I would have her watch a couple of those Middle Eastern beheading videos (like Nick Berg) and instruct her on how to do that. Stab the guy once in the leg or back, and then just cut his head off. He doesn’t deserve to live at all.

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