Man Lying In Road Killed By Semi Truck

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police in Wabasha County are investigating why a man was lying in the road when he was hit by a semi truck early Monday morning.

The accident happened on Wabasha County Road 2, located a mile north of Elgin, Minn. around 12:10 a.m.

The man, identified as 20-year-old Ross Grobe, was dead at the scene.

Officers continue to investigate why Grobe, who is from rural Elgin, was lying in the middle of the road.

Wabasha County Sheriff Rodney Bartsh said an autopsy is being performed to determine if drugs or alcohol were a factor.

“We know that he was out with his friends all day,” Bartsh said.

An investigator with the case said suicide and foul play is not suspected.

Grobe was a graduate of Plainview-Elgin-Millville High School where he was a stand-out athlete. He recently became the coach of the middle school’s seventh grade boy’s basketball team.

“It’s really very hard to believe because I just saw him last night. He was a great, great guy,” said friend Mary Claire Wingert who had seen Grobe at a restaurant hours before his death.

“He was always very happy. He always had time to say hi to everyone no matter what was going on,” she said. “He was a really great friend.”

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  • Coolbreeze

    OK, so there ARE people who lay in the road at night. News to me I must add. Having experience in laying in the freaking road…is there a rule or a suggestion about getting up when a car comes by? (I feel like my parents robbed me of a fun childhood…making me play in the yard and lay down out back if I wanted to look at the stars).

    • Julie

      You used the word ‘lay’ and no one jumped all over you for it lol

      Don’t you know, only us uneducated people use the word lay?
      I would LAY (lying or laying doesn’t fit contextually) in the road at like 2 and 3 am because the front yard was full of trees, and I didn’t have a good clear view. Plus, alot of bugs were in the grass and the view was spectacular.

      I was 27 at the time so I did not need the permission of my parents.

      • John Frykman

        Only uneducated people use the word, “lay?” Are you serious??? One does not “lay” in the road. One “lies” in the road. One doesn’t “lay” down to sleep–he “lies” down.

        Lay is transitive, lie is intransitive. Go back to school and become educated.

    • John Frykman

      You don’t “lay” in the road, you “lie” in the road.

      Why try to elicit humor from a very tragic occurrence? It is NOT funny. It is possible that he was beaten up, thrown out of a car, shot, or perhaps even passed out from liquor or drugs. He also could have had a stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, ruptured aorta, etc.

      He may have already been dead when he was struck. That’s why they do autopsies!

    • Friend

      He was laying in the road because another car had hit him before the semi ran him over. He was not just laying there because he wanted to, he was smarter then that.

  • Man Killed After Being Run Over By Semi « CBS Minnesota

    […] Police said they do not believe that foul play or suicide is suspected. Read more here. […]

  • coolbreeze

    Lying…thank you.

  • Julie

    Where in my post did I say at all anything close to LAYING or LYING?
    Take your Holier-Than-Thou spellcheckers and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.

    If I lay down, and state it as thus, I am contextually correct.
    I used PRESENT TENSE in a past application:

    “I used to live in a rural area, and I would lay on the road and look up at the stars at night.”

    Had I used your versions it would look like this garbage:
    “I used to live in a rural area, and I would laying on the road and look up at the stars at night.”

    or “I used to live in a rural area, and I would lying on the road and look up at the stars at night.”

    Nope. Your versions of the word do not match how I built it up the context I used.. Your versions make NO SENSE.

    So your corrections are invalid.
    Also, when and if I heard a car coming,
    I did move but that was maybe twice in 7 years.

    • John Frykman

      You are once again incorrect in your English usage. You are NOT contextually correct. You used the wrong verb, not the wrong tense. One does not “lay” down–one “lies” down. Lay is transitive, lie is intransitive. Go back to school.

      You would have been correct had you said, “I need to lay myself down” but you are incorrect from a usage standpoint if you said, “I need to lay down.”

      “Lay” must have an object, as in “I am laying tile in the bathroom.” Lie must NOT have an object. You cannot say, “I need to lie some tile in the bathroom.”

      People who don’t have the basics of syntax and grammar shouldn’t lecture others on English usage.

  • Uptowner

    Brent that is a rediculous senerio, but may be plausible.

  • SMART One

    Everone, I have something to say, Ross Grobe did not commit suicide. Thats a fact. And who cares if u spell stuff wrong. Ross was a good guy and he will be missed by the people who love him!!!! This is all a FACT!

    • mom

      Obviously you know him or his family isn’t it funny that people who post on here live in a perfect world and never have done or have had anything bad happen to anyone in their families. My sympathies go out to this young man’s family and friends, Before you make stupid butt comments about this story put yourself in his family and friends shoes and think how you would feel if it was your brother or son or nephew or grandson. Show some respect and didnt any of your parents ever tell you if you don’t have anything nice to say say nothing at all

  • William

    Say what you want you snob, I “lay” myself all the time…….and my next pay check says “drunk and stupid”…….

  • Veronica

    You people have too much time on your hands. Really. Someone is dead here you’re talking about spelling errors. Get real.

    • Coolbreeze

      Well said Veronica…well said.
      Now…can anyone explain WHY this happened? Why do I think alcohol was involved? Is it just me?

    • PEM Bulldog Fam

      I agree totally…..there is a family mourning an outstanding young man today. This is damn ridiculous….maybe instead of bickering you could use your energy to send a prayer to heaven for his family and friends.

  • TW

    SFB people on here yapping about grammar and someone is having to plan a funeral for a much loved son. Shame on you.

  • Grow a heart

    Les Johnson and Julie,
    You guys are pathetic. If you want to rant on “word usage” and the english lanuage go do it on a blog intended for those reasons. Not on an article about a young man’s death and the unknown details. His family and friends will likely read this article and I would be extremely embarrassed if I were you. Imagine if this was your son or family member, your actions are disgusting.

    Here I will help you out. Simply copy and paste the following:

    This is a very sad and unfortunate story. I his family will be in my thoughts and I wish them the best.

    Grow a heart, put yourself in other people’s shoes and stop being so hard on other people when there are true issues behind it.

    • Pete

      I agree… Nicely put, sir. (Grow a heart)

  • Sue

    So, why is suicide not suspected?

    • *yawn*


      Please reach out to your esteemed physician of a sister and ask her what her medical prognosis is for someone who is a single white (albeit sexually frustrated) male who likes to play on a computer all day and play forum police on the highly regarded WCCO message board instead of being a productive member of society and actually accomplishing something during the day. Please also tell her that the side effect of this disorder is commonly known as ‘douche-baggery’. Then follow her advice. Afterward, you may want to punch your mom in the head for naming you Lester.. On second thought, that explains a lot.

      As far as implied ‘income’ arguements, If you make more than I do, I applaud you. I, however, think that possibility is about as real as Trump’s hairline.

  • jamie

    Okay seriously peopLE!! I am absolutely disgusted with some of the comments you have made.! I dont know the whole story niether do any of you! why dont you take a step back and realize that people love and care about this person! I may not know him but I Have friends that do and that have seen some of these comments. Really take a step back that could have been somebody you know a friend family or even your child. I dont know any of you but If this happened to somebody in my life I would not want to read any of your comments. Its super disrespectful and I cannot believe how selfish and pathetic some of you are. Why dont you put yourself in somebody elses shoes and Grow up! Think about some of the things you said and what if it was your friend your family or your child and you read comments liek that how would you feel!

    • Grow up!!!

      Actually Sir, first of all you are very disrespectful in your comments. Second, I have known Ross since he was in preschool and am pretty close with the family. Ross was a VERY good friend of my brothers and my family. I am here to tell you that I am reading these comments because I was interested as to what kind of silly assumptions people would make about this horrible accident. From your comments it is obvious that you have no sympathy for others and should keep your snide remarks to yourself.

  • coolbreeze

    Smartypants. But now you have me wondering…

  • Z

    How do we know the truck driver is telling the truth? Maybe the guy was walking and the driver wasn’t paying attention and hit him. Maybe the penalty is less if he makes up a story??

    • jamie

      Thats exactly what my friend and I were saying! The truck driver is the only witness there is nobody else that can tell the story..

    • Sanity

      It would be quite easy for a meical examiner to determine if he was tanding at the time of impact. What would the point be to make up a story about it? The penalties in almost all pedestrian deaths are pathetic. Sometimes the driver isn’t even charged with a crime.

      • Becky

        I have to drive right by where this accident took place every day, and I can tell you that where this accident happened, the truck driver came to the top of a knoll and there was no way she could have seen him before it was too late, even if he had been standing.

        • becky

          And also where this accident happened is kinda out of town about a quarter of a mile with no street lights……so pair that with coming to the top of that knoll, the hour of the accident, and the lighting (really pitch dark) and you really have to realize that the driver was not at fault.

  • Meh

    It’s appropriate when it’s a title for a story.

  • pandoramn

    My son drives a semi. He is a very careful driver whose life and livelihood have been put in jeopardy many times because of stupid pedestrians who dash in front of, or sometimes casually walk in front of his truck. Have you ever tried to stop a vehicle doing 30 mph, loaded with 40,000 pounds of lumber? Doesn’t stop on a dime, people.

    Whether this guy was intoxicated (which seems most likely) or looking at the stars (?!), he was horizontal in the road after dark. The driver is not at fault!

    I feel bad for this poor guy who will likely be traumatized for the rest of his life by the actions of this foolish, careless person. And I do feel sympathy for his family and friends – but that doesn’t change his responsibility for his own death.

    • kim

      I agree with you, a semi cannot stop fast at all. Some people even when driving and go around the semi and cut right in front of them , witch is not good I see this alot and I know someone that drives a semi and he tells me things like that what goes on out on the road. People do not relize it until it’s to late. Not a good idea for people to cut in front of them and mostly you will be the ones to get hurt not the person in the semi. Again they can not stop fast.

  • whirly

    I’m guessing he was drunk and copying the scene from the movie The Program. They laid in the middle of a busy road at night in a competition to see who would last the longest. Of course it was fiction and they all lived. This guy obviously lost. My condolences to the family.
    And to Les and Julie, GET A LIFE, your both immature childish morons, though I’m gonna say Les is a bigger one, Julie is just defending herself.

  • Guy

    Another possibility is that he got hit by ANOTHER car – it would be really hard to tell one set of impacts from another.

  • Mom2three

    The rude and immature comments I find very appaling. You should be ashamed of yourselves. We should have nothing but sympathy for what his parents and siblings are going through. No parent should ever have to bury their child. A young life was taken and it should not have happened. This is not a place to make jokes about playing out films, or spell check. You people need to grow up!

  • cousin angie

    To all of you who enjoy taking time out of your life to make a loss harder on our family,

    You don’t know Ross, and if you did you would know that he is one of the greatest guys you could have grace your life. He’s gone but never forgotten. He was that guy everyone looked up to, he’s the guy that everyone came to watch at ball games. He’s that smile you found yourself looking at whenever you came across him. He is not some suicidal drunk all of you who don’t even know him make him out to be.

    R.I.P. Ross Grobe.

  • a friend of many

    Poor family and friends of a well beloved person. He was a great person. He was very much loved. Liked sports. Had a great life ahead of him. Everyone knew him. I wouldn’t doubt alcohol could be a factor though. Even the best people make mistakes. I don’t think he was suicidal, but drunk could definitely have been a possibility. I wasn’t there to help him or be there for him, so I can’t say the exact cause… but what I can say is that he will be missed. Ross Grobe, thank you for being in our lives and being the best you could while you were here.

  • Adelle

    I’m not saying anyone is wrong or right because i use both laying and lying but after reading this both of those words have lost all meaning. After reading them so many times they don’t even sound like words to me. However in any case of why he was in the street it is still a very sad thing to hear.

  • um

    And you have “me”, not “be”, so whot’s your point?

  • Patrick Grobe

    i think it is ridiculous that all of you people are sitting here making jokes about him laying in the street and being run over, when my family has to deal with the death of a very loved family member.. all of you should be embarrassed!
    Ross Lee Grobe we love you and will never forget you
    – Patrick Grobe

    • Nate Grobe

      Thank you Patrick!!! From one cousin to another, Ross is the nicest person ever! People need to find a new way to waste their time on the internet!

      We Love you Ross!

      Nate Grobe…(PROUD cousin of Ross Grobe)

      • Kelly (Grobe) Gomez

        Kelly (Grobe) Gomez

        The absolute reality of this situation is, there isn’t one person on this posting that would want their lives ‘judged’ by a possible err in judgment OR speculation. Our lives should be reflected on how we lived them and the good people we are.

        It makes me sick to my stomach that some of you value a life LESS than a stupid cell phone. My nephew is gone and he is irreplaceable … leaving a huge void in this family.

        None of us know the facts of this story! There are many, many things that may have happened. The ONLY fact is that Ross was a fantastic kid and will be missed dearly by everyone lucky enough to know and love him.

        For the positive support on this posts, thank you dearly from a deeply hurting family.

        To the truck driver … my heavy heart and sympathy embrace you.

        To you dim wits with dark hearts and big empty heads… what will be said about you and how will you be judged when it’s YOUR time and how will it all affect your own families left behind to make sense of it all? Take a lgood ook into a mirror and see if perfection faces you back. Highly unlikely.

        Say what you want, but there’s only one judge, and he’s watching us all.

        I will miss you, and love you, Ross.

        Kelly (Grobe) Gomez

        • Heidi

          Grobe Family – We are from Plainview, and were so saddened to hear of Ross’s passing. You will be hard-pressed to find anyone with a negative thing to say about Ross, and you should be proud of the wonderful person and role model that he was. As for people like Les, don’t let his ridiculous, uninformed comments about a man he knew nothing about get to you. People like that have nothing better to do than make up for their own shortcomings by making ill-informed judgments about others. Please know that you and your family have all the love and support of our little PEM community.

          • Heidi

            Goodbye Les…….I refuse to disrespect this family any more by continuing in this ridiculous discussion with you. May God bless you ….and I’ll pray for you.

          • R.I.P.Ross

            Hi Les,

            Pretty sure you’re not going to want to come down here to Plainview and talk smart face to face with anyone in town right now. Maybe the best thing to do at the moment would simply to say I’m sorry and just leave it at that.

            • 3 Rivers Conf. Stands Together

              We’ll help you out when he comes through WK district on his way to Plainview. May not be good at football, but we’re still good at other stuff!

        • Brittany Smith

          Ross will never be forgotten, all these people who dont know him would not being saying this stuff if they did. He was known by everyone, and LOVED by everyone!! Rest in Peace Ross, we will miss you

  • lisa

    My condolences to this young man’s family & friends. What a terrible, and preventable, loss. My ex-husband was a wonderful athlete, friend & good guy. It’s just when he drank, he did stupid things & after 200 of them, I couldn’t take it anymore. He, too, met his maker much too soon after a day of “hanging out with his friends”. When are people going to acknowledge the ridiculous over-consumption of alcohol & its deadly affects on our friends & family? I, of course, can’t speak to the specifics of this case YET, but common sense would indicate he was intoxicated and either made a bad decision or was in a black out.

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