Paul McCartney To Play At Target Field

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Legendary rocker Paul McCartney is reportedly coming to Target Field — but not to watch the Twins.

According to, the Beatles frontman will headline a concert at the ballpark on Sept. 1. However, Minnesota Twins spokesman Kevin Smith said they have no confirmation that McCartney will be playing at Target Field.

He said they “entertained the notion of having him there” but have not heard anything definitive.

McCartney is also reportedly playing at several other major ballparks, including Yankee Stadium and Wrigley Field.

Ticket information has not been released, as of yet.

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  • Tom Willard

    Reviews of his most recent show were phenomenal. Getting better with age to say the least. IMHO the most talented Beatle. Lennon’s songs told us to be happy, love one another…McCartney’s songs just made us happy in spite of everything. He never had to tell us to feel good. The songs just did that.

    Yoko criticized his ‘silly’ songs and simplistic lyrics. The world disagrees.

  • Mary

    Very well said, Tom

  • Bill

    All four were great writers, musicians and people. I think George might have been the most talented, however. Just my opinion.

    • Tom Willard

      Textbook example of the whole being greater than the sum of it’s parts. Frank Sinatra called ‘Something’ the greatest love song ever written. High praise indeed for George. He certainly had to live in a shadow.

  • Mike D

    cool! I hope I am lucky enough to get tickets, if they do not cost $100 plus that is!

    • Tom Willard

      The good seats will be A LOT!

  • Tom Willard

    All I can say is ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’!!!

  • Alex V

    Floor level seats 30 rows back were $250 face when he played the Xcel a few years ago.

  • Michelle Larson Mundell

    saw him in 93 at the metrodome for $36 bucks and for $150 in 2002. will pay to see him again. best show ever. t hree hours and not a break for macca.

  • Tiesha Amejorado

    far east plaza hotel taipei…

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