MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Three people are recovering in the hospital after a violent crash in Minneapolis overnight.

Police said the accident happened around midnight on Upton Avenue North.

Police said the car hit a tree head-on and two of the people inside the car were ejected.

The impact was so severe, the car’s engine block ended up about five homes away and also sheared off the front of the car.

The three people in the car — 22-year-old Deandre Jordan, of Hopkins;  19-year-old Semone Harris, of Minneapolis; and 21-year-old Italea House, of Plymouth — were taken to North Memorial Medical Center and Hennepin County Medical Center.

Police Sgt. Stephen McCarty said the two men are in serious condition.

Officers think speed could have been a factor in the crash.

Comments (21)
  1. CallMeABiotch says:

    Holy sh*******************t! I hope everyone makes it ok :-/ And I really really hope the driver wasn’t under the influence of anything.

    1. markH says:

      He was under the influence of youthful stupidity mixed with about a buck and a half worth of driving experience-we should all be careful around the kiddy drivers and remember that while speed kills, so does inexperience and a lack of maturity. Peace.

  2. Steve says:

    the engine block ends up five houses away, and the cops say “speed may have been a factor.”

    heh. a tree may also have been a factor. And, a car.

  3. fred says:

    stupidity may have been a factor.

  4. NoMi Resident says:

    Aryan Bob- Not everyone living in North is black. Your ignorance and bigotry is not welcomed nor appreciated. Next time keep your comments to yourself.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      Who is Aryan Bob???? Who mentioned that everybody in North side is black??

      1. CAPITALIST says:

        More Star Tribune Censorship. Minneapolis Pravda is alive and well. “DON’T LET THE PEOPLE SPEAK!!!!!!!!!

        1. kim says:

          What? This is WCCO. And you can speak, you just can’t make racist hate comments.
          Try staying on topic.

      2. Kim says:

        A comment was deleted because of the hate content. NoMi was replying to it before it was removed.

        1. Les Johnson says:


          Thanks for the clarification, Kim…

  5. SG says:

    ON the radio this morning they said the car was doing about 90 when it struck the tree.

  6. opp says:

    With names like those, you’d wish they were all seriously hurt… like, they should have died for being so stupid.

    Uh, car vs tree.. lets see who wins!?

    1. SG says:

      You really need to get a life. How does what their namaed at birth by their parents or perhaps their ethinic backgound signify in any way their intelligence? I’m sure you’d probably say the same of my real name since is unusal and from my enthnic heritage even though it is from european descent. Comments like yours are more a reflcetion on your own intelligence or lack their of.

      1. Les Johnson says:

        It’s just more of the same. Black folks in Minneapolis with dreadfully horrid names acting irresponsibly. It isn’t racism to say so. It’s a pattern. Big difference. If you don’t see the pattern, then it’s you who has the problem.

        1. factdealer says:

          I only wish they would have picked you up Les J. right before the accident.

          1. Les Johnson says:

            Oh do you? That’s nice.

      2. tuna-free dolphin says:

        Speaking of lack of intelligence. How many misspelled words could you possibly cram into your post? Too funny.

  7. markH says:

    I don’t know the answer to this problem, but one solution may be require raising the driving age to 25 or 26. Young people are just not emotionally mature enough to handle the responsibility of operating a motor vehicle. The parents know this, the insurance industry knows this. I know of no 25 year old who thinks speeding and reckless driving are “cool” or “exciting”, but I can think of many teenagers and young drivers who think it is. Peace.

    1. @MarkH says:

      Perhaps one of the least intelligent posts in american history. So you want people to start working at 25-26? Most people don’t ride the bus or train to work, Which model breathing machine are you currently being kept alive with at this moment?

  8. MC Hammer says:

    I guess the tree just hopped out and hit that car.

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