WASHINGTON (AP) — One hand clutches a crisply folded U.S. flag with a concealed weapons certification protruding; the other slides discreetly into a denim coat pocket. Behind the beaming state lawmaker, a silhouette target with bullet holes square in the chest. Next to her nameplate, a “No New Taxes!” sticker.

The 2005 photo captures Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann’s essence.

In Bachmann’s quick rise from state lawmaker to unofficial tea party ambassador in Washington, her brazen style has kept Republican leaders on edge and appealed to those in the GOP searching for a fresh, unfettered voice. She relishes the spotlight and seldom cedes ground.

Her unpredictable edge was on display during Monday night’s GOP presidential debate in New Hampshire when, out of the blue, she announced that she had filed papers to be an official candidate for the Republican nomination.

“I do what I say and I say what I mean and I don’t change what I do based on a political wind or desire to necessarily move up the next ladder,” Bachmann told The Associated Press this spring in an interview in which she stressed her eagerness to “take on not only the opposing party but my own party as well to do what I think is right.”

Known for piercing and sometimes inaccurate commentary, she regularly aggravates political foes and provides ample fodder to late-night comics. She once falsely claimed taxpayers would be stuck with a $200 million per day tab for Democratic President Barack Obama’s trip to India. She mistakenly identified New Hampshire as the site of the Revolutionary War’s opening shots. (That key American moment occurred in Massachusetts.)

While some see her as a novelty candidate, she’s also regarded as a skilled, resilient politician.

“I know people like to pick at her,” said Dan Nygaard, a local Republican official during Bachmann’s early days in politics. “But you can never underestimate her.”

Her personal evolution is striking.

In college, Bachmann volunteered on Democrat Jimmy Carter’s presidential campaign and took her maiden trip to Washington to revel in his inauguration; now she’s a congressional megaphone for the conservative tea party. As a young government lawyer, Bachmann helped chase tax dodgers for the Internal Revenue Service; now she stokes worry about a swarm of IRS agents enforcing the new health insurance law she’s determined to repeal. In 1999, Bachmann failed to win a local school board seat; now she’s a factor in the race for the nation’s highest office.

Carter’s evangelical Christian beliefs attracted her, she says, while his struggles to rescue the country from a funk turned her away. Bachmann says the tax work gave her a deeper understanding of a tax code she came to regard as flawed.

Bachmann, 55, was born Michele Marie Amble in Waterloo, Iowa. Her father’s engineering job led the family, including Michele and three brothers, to Minnesota when she was in elementary school. By high school, her parents had divorced. She stayed with her mother, who later remarried.

Michele Amble married college boyfriend Marcus Bachmann, a clinical therapist. The youngest of their five children will soon head off to college.

Religion has always factored heavily into Bachmann’s life. She was in the last class to graduate from Oral Roberts University’s now-defunct Coburn School of Law, a school dedicated to educating lawyers with Christian values. (Anita Hill, later involved in the scandal that nearly sank Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court nomination, taught a couple of Bachmann’s classes.)

Until about two years ago, the Bachmanns were members of the Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Stillwater, Minn., part of a conservative denomination that adheres to strict doctrine and excludes women from church leadership roles. The pastor there, the Rev. Marcus Birkholz, told the AP that the family stopped attending regularly when they moved to another Twin Cities suburb.

“Our church body is very pro-life, and that has come out in Michele’s position all the way along,” Birkholz said. “I would say not everybody would be as outspoken as she is.”

A fellow parishioner encouraged the Bachmanns to consider providing foster care. Teenage girls from troubled families — 23 in all — cycled through the Bachmann house, some as briefly as a couple of weeks and others as long as a couple of years.

Former neighbor Joanne Hood recalls Bachmann taking the lead in organizing block picnics, Christmas cookie exchanges and kiddie bike parades. Today, it pains Hood to see Bachmann mocked over verbal gaffes or demonized over her stances.

“When I hear negative things about her, I think, `You don’t know her,”‘ Hood said. Critics “make her out to be a ditz, and she’s not.”

Bachmann needed a couple of tries to make her mark in politics. After the school board loss, she toppled an incumbent Republican on her way to a state Senate win in 2000. She won an open seat in Congress six years later.

Outspoken on fiscal matters, she vaulted to congressional prominence as the tea party did. She co-founded the House Tea Party Caucus.

Some close to Bachmann privately refer to her as a “light switch.” She flips on the charm to dazzle audiences or nail TV interviews, they say, then takes on a drill sergeant persona in private, where questioning her decisions draws suspicion of disloyalty. She’s described as meticulous and worried about the finer details, such as soundtracks played to pump up rally crowds.

Bachmann has experienced frequent top-level staff changes in her congressional office since 2007. She’s had six chiefs of staff in four years, five press secretaries, five legislative directors and three communications directors.

Bachmann discounts the staff churning as “growing pains” in an office that “moves at a fast rate of speed,” and she stresses that many left for more influential jobs elsewhere.

A few prominent ex-staff members publicly support a fellow GOP presidential candidate, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Sean Nienow, who ran Bachmann’s district office for a year before a split he called mutual, is among those reserving judgment.

“There’s no question she’s very conservative ideologically,” said Nienow, now a state senator who mirrors Bachmann from a philosophical standpoint. “Can she win? If she were elected, how would she lead? These are questions that have yet to be answered.”

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  1. Dave cee bee says:

    Do we real want this crazy person to lead our country?

    1. Tom says:

      @ Dave cee bee

      Common sense people say no, but the nuts that follow her will say yes!

      1. Chris says:

        Get a clue allready…

        Even though you don’t like her, that doesn’t mean you can say stuff like that!

        I am not saying that she will win or is the best candidate, but you show no respect for someone who deserves it… so grow up!

        Unless it makes you feel somehow superior to her when you take cheap shots…

        1. Flower child says:

          @Chris. Uh…didn’t you just take a cheap shot at Tom by asking him to “grow up?”

          1. Tom says:

            @ Flower Child

            It doesn’t bother me lol! let him take all the shots he wants lol! Chris obviously thinks alot of Bachmann which does say alot. It takes a nut to love a nut!

            Flower Child maybe we should ask Chris when is his Pride and Joy going too accept that debate challenge by that 16 year old.

        2. Les Johnson says:

          Michelle Bachmann deserves NO respect. I will give her NONE.

          1. Charlie says:

            Her position alone deserves respect…
            How do you epxect it if you won’t give it?
            Kind of short sighted and not very civil!

            1. Hey Charlie says:

              He position alone DESERVES NOTHING. She didn’t earn it. Its not like she passed a test a got one of the high scores and thus got to be congresswoman. Please…she sweet talked a bunch of wanna-be, neo-conservative rednecks into voting for her…thats it!!!

              If you live in her district…what has she actually done for you that would make you support her. Not what she “said” she is going to do or what she “stands for”, but what has she ACTUALLY done. When you can anwers that with an intellegent, substative answers….THEN she gets respect.

              Your viewpoint and your “her position alone deserves repect” comments…lead me to believe you are over the age of 50. So get with the time pops and learn to think for yourself. Your blind allegence to someone becasue of their position…is what kills our country. People like you would wear a bright pink elaphant costume if the Man sufficiently convinced you it was to keep you safe….dont be sheep old tymer.

              1. Chris says:

                Believe it or not, you are wrong on all counts…

                Most important of all, is that she was elected by MN voters…

                and more voted for her than against her, so she does deserve it!

                When you criticize her, you also take a shot at those who support her and probably voted for her – and we are not in the minority – so get over it!

                Your cheap shots at me just further show how blind and wrong you are.

                1. Charlie says:

                  If not her position, then how about her as a person?

                  She is a wife and mother and you should hold your rude comments as they are offensive!

                2. You dont deserve to speak says:

                  You are so stupid, i dont even know where to begin.

                  What country do you live in wehre you “vote against” anyone?

                  Second, our system of representation is NOT based on majority rules. So i dont even know why you bring up that non-sense statement. With more than 2 canidates in an election…it is quite possible and often does happen where more people voted for someelse, than the person actually elected.

                  You have NO idea how this country or our system of representation actual works. You just put on your little hat, and trudge down the voting booth and make a check mark. It is actually sad you get to vote. You should have to pass some sort of civics exam before being allowed to vote. It is morons like you, who have no clue about anything (for christ sakes you thought people were elected by the majority.)

                  Just a friendly reminder to please have yourself spade or neutered. I can not imagine if your genes escaped to reproduce and create even more stupidity on this planet

                3. Les Johnson says:

                  Have you ever personally met Michele Bachmann and spoken to her face-to-face?

                  Do you, or have you lived in Stillwater?

                  Don’t lie.

              2. Hey Charlie says:


                …do you even read what i wrote. Get with the times pops!!!

                Sure i can respect her as a wife and mother…but no one is here to debate your qualification for wife or mother….NO….we are talking about her in her capacity as an elected official.

                Take your meds old man and learn to follow a coherent thought before you get sidetracked and make some stupid, off-the-cuff remark that has nothing to do with anythign we are talking about here.

                I feel bad for you…the world must seem so big and scary. Dont worry Charlie, you just put on your bright little elephant costume and that will protect you!!! You are exactly the type of person i was talking about in my first post!!!

              3. Michelle says:

                I live in her district and she has done NOTHING for this district. It makes me sick that she was elected in the first place and extremely sick that she was elected again.

            2. ed says:

              Really. I recall a certain interview where she suggested members of congress were communist, anti american, etc., she constantly bashes President Obama, and anyone who disagrees with her ideology. Anyway, you were saying…

    2. Tony says:

      We are currently letting a crazy person lead our country how would it be different if we were to be less sexist and elect a woman?

      1. Slim says:

        Now that is a good one!

        Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

        Some of these posters just want to criticize…

        That approach is real lame and does nothing but show lack of understanding and compassion, much less decency.

      2. Les Johnson says:

        If you think Obama is crazy, and Michele Bachmann isn’t…. Well, I don’t hold out much hope for you.

    3. Royce Irvin says:


      1. Chuck says:

        Oh save it already!

        Your weak comments are getting real old.

        1. Shut it Chuck says:

          So what Chuck….you want some “stong” comments?

          How bout this….she is a stone-cold moron, who couldnt pass a high-school civic exam to save her life. Yet you support her…that speaks volumes about you and what type of person you are!

          I would be my life savings at least 75% of people who voted for her, cant read above an 8th grade level.

          So congrats…she rounded up a bunch of vulnerable adults and succesfully tricked them into voting for her. What a great presidental canidate.

          1. common sense says:

            As if you could read above an 8th grade level?

            How would you prove that?

            Sounds like you are jealous!

      2. Your God or My GOD says:

        This is what I said if Obama won! LOL…..so now what should “GOD” do?

    4. deb says:

      No, she is the typical prom queen — smiles to your face yet not able to be trusted with much more than smiles and hand waving. Like in high school, she slams those who think different and she thinks her way is the only way.She does not show respect for others in the political arena. She was voted in to do a job in Congress– when does she plan to do that ?

    5. the poison says:

      Do we really want an under qualified low level politician from IL ruining…oops running our country…..


      TOO LATE!!!

  2. Citizen says:

    And, surprise! ‘CCO is saying that Bachman “won” the debate last night. We must all be in a bad Twilight Zone episode, or on Candid Camera. FDR, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, JFK, and Walter Cronkite are now spinning in their graves!

    1. Tom says:

      @ Citizen

      Well Pat Kessler said something totally different last night. He said she stole the show, but that Romney won the debate.

      1. Citizen says:

        Thanks, Tom. Here is a quote about Romney from the Dismal Political Economist:

        Mr. Romney is credited with the financial salvation of the Winter Olympic games in his (one of his) home state of Utah. Although the Dismal Political Economist is skeptical as to how successful management of one session of the Winter Olympics qualifies one to be President, if being Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska can qualify a person to be Vice President, then certainly Mr. Romney’s experience with the Olympics is valid.

        However, as a report in the WSJ on Monday shows, the successful turnaround of the Utah Olympics was done with a lot of federal money, you know, the kind of federal money Conservatives want to deny to programs like health care, education and the like.

        The Salt Lake Games got more federal cash than any previous U.S. Olympics. A review of lobbying records shows the Games hired 16 lobbyists from five firms for nearly $4 million. Mr. Romney was at the center of the effort, according to federal, local and Olympics officials.

        1. Tony says:

          I can’t believe you can even make this argument. What qualified BO? Being from illinois?

          1. Citizen says:

            @Tony. We are not talking about qualifications here and the quote is from The Dismal Political Economist. Not my words. Can you read? The quote is referring to the fact that Romney feeds at the trough of taxpayer money like so many of the GOP apologists who rant about big government and take government money as fast as they can grab it. I believe the term that describes that behavior is hypocrite.

          2. Tom says:

            @ Tony

            Even you can run for President if you want!

      2. A Voter says:

        ….and the second woman candidate from Minnesota lost the debate.

      3. Les Johnson says:

        Pat Kessler is a round-headed baboon idiot.

        1. No worries Pat says:

          Hey Pat…..I would take this as a compliment from this guy! Read the rest of his posts…..you will understand why…..

    2. ed says:

      I believe they said Romney won the debate. But really it’s all personal perception so it makes little difference what anyone else thinks if we think for ourselves.

  3. Citizen says:

    Brains R Us is having a big sale. Please go and do some shopping, MB. Here is what one poster said on the CBS national website quoting one of MB’s gaffes. I’m still laughing:

    “I find it interesting that it was back in the 1970s that the swine flu broke out under another, then under another Democrat president, Jimmy Carter. I’m not blaming this on President Obama, I just think it’s an interesting coincidence.”

    -Rep. Michele Bachmann , on the 1976 Swine Flu outbreak that happened when Gerald Ford was president, April 28, 2009

    She and Sarah Palin must be twins separated at birth….if their IQ’s get any lower, they will need watering twice a day.

    1. stubby says:

      hey citizen, answer the phone Dan Quayle want to spell potato for you

      1. Flower child says:

        @stubby. Is that your nickname or a personal description?

  4. Carl says:

    Bachmann quote, “I don’t know… it just felt right to add one more fruit bat crazy candidate to the race.” Later adding, “You know, I’m guided by the Jesus inside of me, can I witness to you?” Thus immediately clearing the building at the end of the evening.

  5. just sayin says:

    Democrats are scared of her. Just plain scared. lol

    1. Ed says:

      I’m not Democrat, but I am embarrassed for her.

  6. Barry from MN says:

    Go Bachman Go!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya here!!!

    1. Tom says:

      @ Barry from MN

      Well then the nuttier / crazier the comments that come from her the more it makes you look the same. So if you want too look nutty and crazy good for you!

    2. Les Johnson says:

      Barry probably thinks Michelle Bachmann is attractive, which means Barry is a virgin.

        1. Birds of a feather says:

          You’re just as much as a 9th grader for laughing at his juvenile comment!

          You lefty’s need to keep this up! It’s really proving the point that you guys are all uneducated, uninformed, clueless people with nothing constructive to say!

          1. Les Johnson says:

            I’m not a lefty.

            And Michele Bachmann is criminally insane.

      1. Barry Bites says:

        Shut up Barry….you couldnt pass a 5th grade math exam…so your opinions and thoughts are a waste of time. Just shut up and go back to letting the politicians and pundits think for you.

        And…..definetly a virgin!!!

        1. just sayin says:

          All three of you probably beat off to kiddie porn.

          1. ed says:

            just saying, I’m just saying it sounds like you have some experience with that.

      2. Chuck says:

        Les, Why do we even pay any attention to your comments?

        What a waste… You are inappropriate and not funny at all…

        But maybe in your own mind, and that is scary!

        1. Les Johnson says:

          Because you can’t help yourself. You don’t have an original or cogent thought in your head, so you read mine to find one.

          Let’s face it: The only way you’ll say something intelligent here is if you steal it from me.

          1. Doles't says:

            Again…..a 9th grader with a calendar on his mommy’s desk with the “word of the day” on it being “cogent”.

            If you can make ONE comment that is void of a cheap insult on someone looks…..or some other non-factor here…..I would be surprised….

            Here is tomorrow’s word….

            Look it up and I’m sure there is a picture of you there!

            1. Les Johnson says:

              Boo hoo.

              Sorry, but you aren’t going to be able to “online bully” me into doing or not doing anything. Find a better target, because you can’t hurt me.

  7. Patrick PatPat Lilja says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she drops out relatively early in the race if things don’t go well since she still has her gimme House seat to go back to if all else fails.

  8. Mel says:

    Of course all the liberals hate her cause she actually calls out all the inconsistentand damaging policies of the left wing party. Well, this might be a shock to all you libs out there, but not everyone thinks like you. All most of you resort to are inflammatory and unintelligent responses, instead of intelligent and thoughtful comments. It’s very difficult to reason with a child when they are having a fit. Although I don’t agree withh 100% of what Michelle says, she, to me, is the best candidate that represents true conservatives:limited government, pro-life, and reforming the programs that are digging our country into a huge financial hole. I can feel some of you bristling, but realize that this country is full of people that think differently than you libs.

    1. Citizen says:

      @Mel. Of course you understand that Bachmann and her family have lived off the taxpayers for almost their entire existence. First, the care for the 23 foster children is reimbursed by the State of Minnesota. Second, her family’s farm is run with plenty of agriculture subsidies also courtesy of Minnesota taxpayers. Third, she is drawing a salary to be a representative for her constituents here in Minnesota–I’m not sure she has been in her district since elected. So, do you still think she really supports limited government? Only for everyone else but her.

      1. Chris says:

        Citizen, What color is the sky in your world?
        Who takes in foster children to make money from it? Your comment is sick!
        Their farm is not a real working farm for profit, with little or no subsidies here!
        And of course she gets a salary for being a Rep, but hardly as much as she would make in another job as an experienced attorney.
        Get your stuff straight or save it, please!
        By saying this junk, you do not make it true!

        1. Citizen says:

          @Chris. I don’t care if she took in 23 kids to make a profit. It is not the point. The point is she takes plenty of taxpayer money for those kids. If she was really altruistic, she would donate her salary as a representative for their care. She could donate her salary to the State of Minnesota to help the deficit. Right? She doesn’t. She has never worked as an attorney. Did she pass the bar? I can say all the “junk” I want to, since you and the GOP feel very free to make up anything and to infer anything from anyone’s post. Sadly, because you and the rest of the GOP apologists can’t seem to read, I have come to the conclusion that public schools are definitely failing in the 3rd grade program…

          1. Mel says:

            @Citizen, how many foster kids have you taken in? So, because Michelle wants less government she should give all her money away? I don’t understand. And how do you know she actually took the money available to her family through the foster care system. I think that if you are going to demonize her for something, being a foster parent should not be that “something”.

            1. Les Johnson says:

              MB’s husband Marcus has a “pray away the gay” clinic where he tells young gay kids that god hates them if they’re gay, but if they pray to god, he will make them straight.

              Then the kids go home and hang themselves.

              Sounds like a heck of a family… I wouldn’t let them watch my grass grow.

              1. Citizen says:

                Absolutely great post, Les.

              2. Mr. M says:

                LMAO (and shuddering) … Yeah I have to agree with Citizen

            2. Citizen says:

              @Mel. I foster animals/dogs. I find their loyalty and honesty refreshing. A dog’s tail does not lie, unlike Michelle Bachmann’s mouth. I am not demonizing MB’s foster care–good for her. From what I have read about her, she did indeed take the money. And she is taking her salary from the taxpayers. And, I would also have no problem with her being paid by the taxpayers if she didn’t preach and prattle about “big” government and criticize people who receive government aid. Hypocrite of the first order.

      2. Captain America says:

        Citizen, some would say Bachmann is a servant of the people, nice spin though.

        1. Les Johnson says:

          No people I know…

          She is a servant of the people with the last name Bachmann and the first name Michele. That is the only constituent in her district she gives a rat’s monkey’s patoot about. Believe it.

    2. Charlie says:

      Mel, Thanks for lending some sanity to these over-the-top comments from all of these nut cases…. Wish they would show a little common sense and respect!

      1. Citizen says:

        Definition of sanity: you agree with my post (insert Liberal, Conservative, tea partier, whatever here). Critical reasoned discussion is not part of the definition.

    3. Royce Irvin says:

      “limited government” Unless you are Gay, need stem cells, pro planed parenthood, non Christian, anti death penalty, Muslim, anti torture, Black, pro climate change, pro big business, pro big oil or a evolutionist. GIVE ME A BREAK.

      1. ed says:

        Royce, good point. I’ve been saying that for a long time. The so called conservatives always proclaim limited government unless it impacts them.

    4. Shut it Mel says:


      You complain about “unintelligent response” yet you go onto say that “true conservative values” include being pro-life. So how in your small, pea-sized mind, do you reconcile the stark contrast between LIMITED government and BIG government stepping to in to create MORE LAWS, MORE RED-TAPE, surronding certain medical procedures? You are the biggest hypocrite ever!!!

      You are a bigger moron than Bachman…but yet is the “libs” who give “unintelligent responses…..never mind you just gave the biggest, most unitelligent repsonse i’ve hear yet.

      Get steralized immediately…me and the future beg you

  9. Tom says:

    @ Mel

    If you are trying too call Bachmann intelligent you are delusional! But you just made yourself look like a hyprocrit on one hand you just said conservative limited gov’t, then you turn around and say you want gov’t to ban abortion. So either you are for limited gov’t or your not.

    1. Chuck says:

      Tom, Who is calling the kettle black now? Talk about intelligence…
      If you cannot be civil in your blogging, you are showing us a real (bad) example!

      1. Les Johnson says:

        This is not blogging. I thought I’d point that out to the clueless members of the commenting section…

        1. Chuck says:

          And your point is what?!

          And really what difference does it make?

          Are you the internet expert here to correct things for everyone?

          Then, how about working on “citizen”… he needs the help!

          1. Les Johnson says:

            No difference, other than it seems to be a pattern of yours to post things that either aren’t true, or are completely inane.

      2. Tom says:

        @ Chuck

        Name one thing that Bachmann has said that makes any sense? I will give you all day to think up one. I am being civil! not being civil is when you start dropping the “F” bombs, and other slang terms. Calling some delusional is being civill and being nice!

        1. Charlie says:

          Oh go take a nap… your meds appear to be wearing off.

  10. Arthur says:

    just sayin wrote:

    “Democrats are scared of her. Just plain scared. lol”

    I’m not a Democrat but I freely admit I am scared of her in the same way I would have been scared of Hitler and other fanatics. I hope people can see past her one line zingers and really see her for who she is.

  11. lefty says:

    please jump in the deep end with a weight on your ankles like pawlenty and have a rock for every dollar that he left the state in a deficit tied to his feet

  12. Murph says:

    Of the seven dwarfs on display.Bachmann stood out as the least boring is all! None of those untalented people will ever become POTUS! Snow White was too busy spying on Russia from her window and Dopey was dreaming of all the new FEES he could create,if only he had a brain !

    1. Chris says:


      Think about this for just one second…

      If you were to run, what do you think people would say about you?

      So if you cannot turn that mirror on yourself, you should hold your breath.


      1. Hate Chris says:

        Shut up you friggin MORON.

        Who cares what people would say….if you make the CHOICE to run for political office…you better be smart enough to know people are going to talk.

        Just because none of us are running for office, that does not and should not take away our right critize, analize and make statements about those in office.

        Maybe you should run Chris….and you can try to pass a bill where all legislators do is play nice-nice patty-cake all day. Grow up Peter Pan.

        1. Chris says:

          No, but you are the guy with all of the answers…

          We think you should run, but just be ready to take the heat…

          Because what we see here is a short tempered and shallow thinking person.

          Thank God we have others that can do the job better than any of us here!

  13. stubby says:

    I would like all you libs to take a deep breath, put your heads together and without the Bush bla,bla, bla, defend obama’s handling of the country. He knew what shape it was in when he was running around the country in’08 begging for the job. Hope and change remember? Unemployment over 9% gas at $4 a gallon, home prices falling, foreclosers rising, food stamp usage at an all-time high. The list goes on. In over 2 years what has he done. People vote with their wallets…this guy is done after 1. Jimmy Carter just sent him a thank-you note for taking his place as the worst prez.

    1. Shut it Stubs says:

      LOLOL….people like Stubby think you can stear a county with an ecomony as big as ours out of the great recession in two years?!?! LOLOLOL….how old are you kid? Really?

      I’m not a lib either…i just find it funny how ignorant people are when you throw the economy into the mix. Regardless of your political viewpoint…no president, not even McCain would have had this country in any better financial shape than it is today. It just doesnt work like that people. You cannot turn around a TRILLION dollar economy in two years…PERIOD.

      Now, feel free to attack his other policies, obamacare, social reforms, or lack-there-of, but you have to be smarter than that when you try to discuss econmics and role the president plays.

      1. IWonderIF says:

        @ shut it Stubs
        Cheers! There is hope after all!

    2. Les Johnson says:

      People vote with their wallets?

      If that’s true, I currently make 60k more per year than I did 2 1/2 years ago. Doesn’t that mean I’d be foolish to NOT vote for Obama, by your logic?

  14. Carl says:

    “I had high heels on and I just couldn’t stand anymore. I was not in the bushes.”
    –Sen Michele Bachmann, Strib, April 13, 2005 after being photographed squatting in the bushes near a gay rights rally.

  15. Citizen says:

    @stubby. My opinion is that it will take 15 to 20 years to undo the damage done to the economy by Bush II. That said, until U.S. tax policy is straightened out (damage from almost 40 years of tinkering and tweaking by both parties), there will be continued deficits, continued recessions, and general lack of prosperity as the middle class implodes upon itself. Without serious and thoughtful economic planning, the country will become the land of the haves and have nots. Liberals, conservatives, tea parties, blah, blah, blah. They are all responsible for the mess, and I don’t see any of them coming forward with legitimate ideas to fix it. That legitimacy starts with the U.S. Tax Code, what it rewards, what it penalizes, what and who it supports, and so on.

    1. stubby says:

      right on the money citizen. What I have a problem with is with the left who will bash ANY repub. and yet defend obama to the end. All are to blame and what it comes down to is who will lead the charge to fix it. I don’ think Obama’s the one.

  16. Citizen says:

    @stubby. If you think ANY candidate in 2012 is going to REALLY address the economic issues, I will buy you lunch. The GOP is presently entertaining us with the Roman equivalent of the Coliseum games while the barbarians are at the gate. Distract ’em with a circus! Don’t let them focus on the REAL issues, because they might get a clue what’s really going on. The GOP is also putting up its “B” team because they don’t think they have anyone who can beat Obama–and they are probably right. They are saving the heavy hitters for when Obama is a lame duck. Then look out. Hold on to your b-tt cheeks and your hand on your wallet…..

    1. stubby says:

      I am really concerned about who the repubs are running. Right now I don’t think any of them will beat Obama. Palin, Bachmann have no chance at all. Mitt, maybe. He’ll have to defend his heathcare in Mass. to the tea party and the strong right. I really don’t know. Chris Chritie might do it, but who knows. If the economy turns around between now and 2012, Obama’s back in it.

      1. Dave says:

        The only ones who have a good chance to beat Obama (although almost anyone might if the economy continues to tank and the debt continues to go through the roof) are Romney, and (if he runs) Rick Perry.

        1. Tom says:

          @ Dave

          Romney won’t get the nod as the Religious Right do not like him and they are already going after him. Rick Perry would get the nod from the Religious Right, But you have to remember that you need more than your base to win.

  17. Dave says:

    I am generally a conservative (well, I hate both big business and big government, but I hate big government more. I also hate both abortion and war, but abortion kills far more people) and I have to say that Bachmann running for President is pretty much a joke. She may be a pretty face, but she’s not much more than a demagogue. I think she takes herself way too seriously if she thinks that she is a serious candidate for President, even in a field which is extremely weak at the moment.

    She is even less qualified to be President than Obama was 3 years ago, and that’s saying a lot.

  18. red says:

    so now what does mean if she is not seeking re-election to congress? I don’t know which is worse Bachman or Pawlenty. Bachman the ditz or Pawlenty that got MN into all of its trouble Lord help us all

  19. Revert says:

    Would we really want someone trying to run the country who is on record as being the biggest spreader of false statements?

  20. Les Johnson says:

    Michelle Bachmann is NOT a milf. Not by any stretch of a heteros3ksual imagination. Truly a disgusting woman.

    1. Chuck says:

      That is your opinion… we like her!

      By the way, what does your wife look like? If you had a pic, could we throw stones too?

      I guess that would have no bearing on the election either…

      1. Les Johnson says:

        My wife looks like an attractive woman. Michele Bachmann wouldn’t be an attractive anything, under any conditions.

        MB looks like Skeletor had forced intercourse with Maria Shriver and the baby didn’t survive.

        1. Drag racer or Drag Queen says:

          Huh? “My wife looks like an attractive woman.” So she’s NOT? She just “looks like one?”

          So by that response…she could be a man in drag…LOOKING like an attrative woman….Not BEIING an attractive woman?

          1. Yukon Cornelius says:

            You are incredibly witty, aren’t you? In your own mind, that is…

            So what’s your college degree in again?

    2. Big Johnson says:

      I am guessing they call you “Les Johnson” for a reason? (read….tiny johnson since I’m sure youcan’t figure it out)

      1. Les Johnson says:

        Are you serious? Grow up.

        1. Les is LESS says:

          Excuse me? You are telling someone to “grow up”? Look at your high school level comments above!

          Your “wit” and “humor” is something a 9th grader would text to his illiterate friend.

          As soon as you have an intelligent comment to leave….please do so…and then you can make “adult comments” like you tried to do above…..

          1. Les Johnson says:

            Nice name. You spend more time trying to discredit me than you do trying to make yourself not look like an idiot.

            Hilarious! Please, do continue. I can’t stop laughing.

  21. Carl says:

    “No one that I know disagrees with natural selection — that you can take various breeds of dogs … breed them, you get different kinds of dogs,” she said. “It’s just a fact of life. … Where there’s controversy is (at the question) ‘Where do we say that a cell became a blade of grass, which became a starfish, which became a cat, which became a donkey, which became a human being?’ There’s a real lack of evidence from change from actual species to a different type of species. That’s where it’s difficult to prove.” – Michele Bachmann quoted in the Stillwater Gazette, September 29, 2003.

    And she wants to abolish the Department of Education and defund science research. Great

    1. Mr. M says:

      can’t……. stop …… laughing…… Carl, thanks for that. Oh the media will have a field day ripping MB apart. The SNL episodes alone will be drop dead hilarious. Palin move over.

  22. Janice says:

    I think Michele Bachmann is sly and cunning. She has a master plan to enhance herself. She has to know she has no chance at POTUS, but she is raking in the money and lots of free publicity. Palin saw her opportunity to make the big bucks and she took it. MB probably has a big fat gig lined up after she has generated all the publicity this latest stunt will give her.

    She has done nothing while in Congress. I read an article recently that said she has had no bills passed (and very few proposed). She has insulted huge portions of the population (example Native Americans are Pagan as if this is something bad because it is not her ridge belief system ?), but this doesn’t seem stop her or the fringe element that follows her. Will be interested to see where she ends up after this dog and pony show is over.

    1. Tom says:

      @ Janice

      You are correct! But the sad thing is that in last few election cycles the people in 6th district have had their chances to vote her out and vote for someone with common sense and they decided each time they don’t want someone with common sense. They love their nut job.

      If you would ask people in her district what she has done for them they will probably tell you nothing. If you ask them why they vote for her they will say she speaks our language which isn’t saying much. And they will also tell you that they will keep voting for her until the rest of us come around too their way thinking, but not everybody wants too be that nuts.

    2. Mr. M says:

      I think the key word for this lost effort for MB is “STUNT” … just a media circus for her to bank on. Her and Timmy are throw aways. Good point Janice, what has she done that is SO AMAZING for MN that could prove she is the “IT” person to be president, the most powerful person in the world. (I shudder at the thought)

      1. Les Johnson says:

        “I think the key word for this lost effort for MB is “STUNT”

        I think it’s something that rhymes with that….

  23. nmp says:

    Bachmann is just plain delusional. She actually thinks that a majority of people in this country will vote for her for president???????????? I can’t believe a majority from the Republican right will support her let alone anyone from the middle or left (or is there any left in the Republican party?).

    I recommend that she gives up her House seat while she runs for President. That would be a win-win for the Minnesota.

  24. just sayin says:

    ANYBODY could do better than Obama.

    Now however, if Bachmann wins the nomination- You know very well that:

    She WILL win.
    She WILL do better than obama.

    Remember that, “yes we can” bs from Obama’s campaign?
    Well Bachmann’s will be “YES SHE CAN!” HA HA

    Democrats are soooooo scared of her it’s so funny!

    Oh and if you are gonna just respond that I am “crazy and nuts” or throw out your “insults” from the claiming to be “peaceful loving” left wingers…
    Well you call can just swallow it.

    1. Carl says:

      Michele Bachmann believes the world was created 6,000 years ago. She believes the Noah’s Ark and Jonah and the fish tales. She thinks Moses parted the Red Sea and Christ walked on water. She thinks these fables are fact and yet wants to abolish the Department of Education.

      She denies anthropogenic contributions to global warming and believes God won’t let us destroy our environment but she wants to abolish the EPA. The woman’s beliefs are archaic, medieval voodoo. Why call her nuts or crazy when the best description is an American Taliban? She should scare anyone that values our nation’s future.

      Praise Jebus, God hates the enlightenment, Amen.

      1. Les Johnson says:

        So so true. Why do people not see this stuff? I mean, honestly.

        Nobody minds that she thinks gays can be cured by her husband and god and a prayer?

        Nobody minds that she thinks Noah made an ark and sailed around with unicorns and 40 million varieties of insect?

        Is that because YOU believe it too??

        1. Mr. M says:

          OMG … LMAO!!! Les and Carl, you guys rock. PLEASE KEEP COMMENTING

  25. Shaker says:

    Be proud Minnesota children. Michelle is the real deal. I know some of you are uncomfortable around an intelligent, aggressive, well spoken women but you will get over it. Leave the name calling at the door and comment on the issues, you will find that most Americans agree with her. Your condition may be related to a mother thing, maybe not enough attension as a child.

    1. tmm says:

      Maybe in the world you live in people agree with her. You are also wrong if you think that you are in the majority or you don’t ever speak or listen to anyone who is different than you are. How have you managed to be in touch with “most” Americans? The 6th district of Minnesota is not a true representative sample of America. I know, I live there.

    2. Citizen of Minnesota says:

      I will give you aggressive–that word is not really a compliment, you know.

    3. Les Johnson says:

      “I know some of you are uncomfortable around an intelligent, aggressive, well spoken women but you will get over it.”

      Not true. What I can’t stand is the liar Michele Bachmann who has YOU fooled completely, you blind leming.

      1. WOW! Les proves it again says:

        LOL!!! You are talking about intelligence when you can’t even spell LEMMING!

        Let alone this brilliant sentence……

        “Not true. What I can’t stand is the liar Michele Bachmann who has YOU fooled completely, you blind leming.”

        Just like I said below…..an illiterate 9th grader….

        keep it up….it’s just proving to the world how stupid the typical MB basher is!!


        Little Johnson…

        1. Les Johnson says:

          Seriously? You think you can tell me I have a small Anthony Wiener and that is supposed to somehow hurt my feelings?? But I’m the 9th grader, right? LOL

          So how old are YOU, tough guy?

          1. L-Left E- Equal's S-Stupid says:

            Well by the responses from a number of other posters here….looks like our comments ARE bothering you….

            I’m 41 if that helps you decide anything……

            1. Yukon Cornelius says:

              Actually I was mocking the people who think that a good insult is to say I’m in my “mommy’s basement” and I’m “overweight” and I “have no job” and a small male reproductive organ.

              I mean dang, who thinks that stuff is good material?

              I would think for 41, you’d either give up the weak and juvenile insult tactics, or come up with something original and harder hitting than “Little Johnson.”

              Know what I mean?

  26. markH says:

    I would encourage Ms. Bachmann to spend some time (prior to future debates) and actually learn and understand what evolutionary theory explains and predicts. In order for me to cast my ballot for a candidate I must have some assurances that my choice has at least a modicum of respect for scientific inquiry and demonstrable scientific theory. I also want some assurance that said candidate won’t look to the skies and unseen forces on which to base policy decisions that affect me and my family. Peace.

  27. End of Discussion says:

    OK..Here are the facts…(According to me….so let’s call them opinions..)

    #1- Bachman is a pleasant looking woman! For a politician she is HOT! Have you not heard of the saying politics is show business for UGLY people!

    #2- Bachman is an intelligent person. Disagree or not….she is a smart person…

    #3- Bachman does have SOME GOOD ideas! Overall….compared to a number of other people she serves with, she has ideas that will IMPROVE this nation over hurt it like the rest…..

    #4- She has a snowballs chance in HECK of winning! WHY are you people arguing about her WINNING! She has NO Chance! I am more right than left…..but Michelle just rubs people the wrong way! She comes across as too intense and a little confused in the spotlight.

    So PLEASE stop the high school insults and just let this play out.

    We all know a Republican WILL take over in office…..I am willing to bet ANYTHING Bachman will NOT get the nomination!

    1. Les Johnson says:

      “#1- Bachman is a pleasant looking woman! For a politician she is HOT!”


      You are as gay as the day is long if you think that. Either that or you’re blind as a friggin bat.

      1. Little Johnson says:

        Wait….a “gay basher” who doesn’t like Bachman? Boy little Johnson….you’re confused aren’t you….

        Your arguments are childish and have no REAL bearing on the subject at hand…just like the rest of you crazy left wingers!

        Its people like you leaving comments like this that PROVE you lefty’s need to step aside and let intelligent people run this country for a change.

        1. Les Johnson says:

          1) I am not a Democrat or a Liberal.

          2) Telling me I have a small male reproductive organ is not a good insult. It’s lame.

          3) I’m not a gay basher.

          4) You are an idiot.

          1. Pudding? Proof's in it says:

            Ok “Leming”

            I’m a #4…..

            So to insult Michelle is FINE but the second YOU receive one it’s cry cry cry….

            I love it..the more you respond the deeper your hole gets…..

            1. Yukon Cornelius says:

              If you have any insults that are actually accurate, that would be another story. You think calling me “Little Johnson” and copying my usernames is hard-hitting stuff, eh? For real?

              I’ll insult Michele Bachmann until I’m blue in the face. She’s a public figure and I have seen her gaffes first hand and on TV, radio and everywhere else. She’s a mindless buffoon.

              You love it, eh? So, you are admitting to being a wannabe cyber bully who has no good material. I have to tell you that you suck at it. No offense.

  28. Tom says:

    To all the conservatives on this page who think that Bachmann is smart, bright, intelligent, uses common sense, and can speak in complete sentences, but won’t accept a challenge from a 16 year old high school student on the United States Constitution and you don’t want too believe from the rest of us your not nuts, delusional, then maybe you should go to a specialist and spend alot of money and have them tell you that you are nuts, delusional.

    1. All the single ladies says:

      Tom….hmmmm…..isn’t that in so many words what they said about your man Obama?

      He’s too inexperienced
      He’s has too many “questions” in his past!

      Yet you people (Yes I said YOU PEOPLE) voted him into office….and look at the mistake that was!

  29. Otto says:

    Well, they finally have found something that will continue to haunt Minnesota beyond what the movie ‘Fargo’ did. It will be called the Tpaw Bachmann escapades.

    1. Mr. M says:

      OMG … LOL … agreed, fully.

    2. Otto Sven and the rest of em says:

      OH! Otto…..a guy named Otto making fun of the movie Fargo……I think there is a pot and kettle joke in there somewhere…..but I digress…..

      You betcha!

  30. Mr. M says:

    Bachmann, the same woman who said America should appologize for the BP oil spill. What a wackjob.

  31. SnowFire says:

    Based on this statement: “(I) take on not only the opposing party but my own party as well to do what I think is right.” MB should never have received enough votes to win any election or its just more MB BS. And this one has to be more BS also “I do what I say and I say what I mean and I don’t change what I do based on a political wind or desire to necessarily move up the next ladder,” or she would be at the bottom of the ladder still.

  32. Steve Cook says:

    This will be a very interesting race. I am sure Romney will be a better challenger than McCain. Much better! Well, we will see what happens in 2012. I guess anything can happen. My name is Steve Cook. I am a hair loss expert. If you have hair transplant scars, concerned about hair transplant costs, or are just starting to look into this, you may want to start at http://www.GreatHairTransplants.com. Dr Density, aka Dr Brett Bolton is a superstar with more than 14 years experience repairing hair plugs and scars. Good luck to the 2012 candidates! I hope you have a great hair day!

  33. Robert says:

    So a bunch of right wing fanatics like listening to a bunch of right wing fanatics. There’s a surprise. Whoever gets the nomination is going to have hard time in the general lying about all the lies they had to tell in the primary.

  34. markH says:

    It’s hard to imagine that the typical GOP voter could be any more anti-intellectual than to vote for a candidate that has imaginary friends in other dimensions whom they admittedly consult to make policy decisions for others or who give this entity credit for creating the cosmos in 6 days (and want this scientific fact taught to our children in public schools), but Bachmann just may be their candidate. Speaking for myself, I prefer facts to comforting ideas, and insist my candidate is “cooking on all 4 burners.” Peace.

  35. Rena Graham says:

    i think in politics you need good PR and PR people, without this you will have nothing. further, this people who are getting bald on their race to white house should start visiting at http://www.aihr.com.au/, to make good impression.

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