MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some of the top sleep experts in the country are in the Twin Cities this week to share studies and advice.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is holding its annual conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

At the conference Monday, some interesting findings were announced.

First, a study out of Harvard University found that sleepy people are more likely to give into the temptation of eating high-calorie food.

When it comes to ice cream, hamburgers and other fatty foods, the brain’s “braking system” starts shutting down when people are sleep deprived.

A study from the University of Michigan shows that college students who get less sleep have lower grade point averages.

And another study found professional baseball players’ games suffer from sleep deprivation.

A scientist in Virginia studied 16 pro-baseball players and found those who were early to bed, early to rise had a higher batting average in games that started before 2 p.m. But, those same players had progressively worse averages as the day went on.

The scientists and researchers at the conference are expected to share more than 1,000 studies on sleep.

The conference goes through Wednesday.

Comments (3)
  1. Dan says:

    Too tired to comment…

  2. Geezer says:

    college students who get less sleep have lower grade point averages. wow …really? brilliant ……………..duh!!!! what a waste of money yawn….ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. very interesting says:

    So you suffer mentally and physically if sleep deprived. Wow, I never knew that. Thanks for doing this study. I didn’t think there was a reason to sleep other than laziness.

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