Trump Is Back

Donald Trump must be bored or losing money. He did an interview with Sean Hannity and made more references to maybe running for President. Here it is.

  • Swamp Rat

    How sweet it is! The Big-D is coming back to harass the T-Party and GOP.!!! Can’t wait to see who truly are the political apprentices. Don’t you love Presidential electoral politics? This beats the ersatz reality shows on the TV!

    I hope the Donald shakes up the GOP and the system for intelligent discourse on the issues. I can’t wait for the Mighty-B and T-Pawl to get their comeuppance by the Donald. Wouldn’t that be fun?

  • Swamp Rat

    If the Donald runs for President I hope it’s for the GOP and T-Party! Now that wouldn’t that make things interesting. Michelle Bachmann [Mighty-B] and Tim Pawlenty [T-Pawl] would have someone to politically cat-fight with! At least doesn’t mince words or take political crap when he is in good form.

    I will reserve my voting true comments until I hear what the “Big-D” has to say. Don’t you love this political soap opera unveiling before us?

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