MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Republican leaders and the governor will try again Thursday to make progress on a state budget agreement — and avoid a government shutdown.

But still, it’s not looking real promising.

The impact would be widespread — not just for state workers, but  for all of us who rely on services provided by the state.

As the huge business of government slowly begins a wind-down of operations, republicans are preparing another budget offer to bring to Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton.

Schools won’t be funded, parks will be shut down at the height of the busy tourist season, the state lottery won’t sell tickets and nursing home payments will be suspended.

It’s because of this impasse. Republicans want to sharply limit state spending. Gov. Dayton wants a tax increase to maintain current services.

“We just don’t believe that a tax increase or a shutdown is anyway necessary,” said Speaker of the House Rep. Kurt Zellers.

But Dayton said passing this budget would be worse.

“A temporary shutdown — painful as it is — is not equivalent to the kind of catastrophe that would be ongoing that would occur if I acceded to this budget,” he said.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Where did this idea come from that a group of people can band together and decide to redistribute wealth by the ultimate use of force?

    1. Grover says:

      ??? Did you never read a history book? Really. Are you really unaware of anything that goes on when you are not present?

      1. devildog3249 says:

        If your not willing to take a tax increase yourself then you have no right to demand that someone else pay higher taxes. Politicians need to stop treating Americans as a bunch of different sects and start treating Americans as a single unit. We are one people! This BS about rich, poor, white, black, asian, german, spanish, etc. is garbage. We are Americans! If you cannot change the word rich, poor, white, black, etc. with the word americans then you are wrong. Why is it okay to say higher taxes on 2 percent and not higher taxes on Americans. Its not okay to say Americans because then you wont get voted into office! This is crazy!!!!!

        1. Yes Sir!!! says:

          This is politics. It has nothing to do with bettering MN. It has to do with getting re-elected. Plain and simple

        2. Beer Guzzling Redneck says:

          “Why is it okay to say higher taxes on 2 percent and not higher taxes on Americans.”

          Due to a condition called “filthy rich beyond the need to care.”

          1. Yes Sir!!! says:

            And your jealous of there success and think your entitled to their money

            1. Joe says:

              “Your” jealous? Try “You’re” jealous. And no, not really. There’s this thing called the common good. Ever heard of it?

              1. devildog3249 says:

                yes…I have. and common good means for the good of all. How is taxing the top two percent good for them. At least you did well in english class cause you clearly never took a class economics or the constitution.

                1. Beer Guzzling Redneck says:

                  I actually majored in economics, chief…

                2. Mr. J. says:

                  Well, it is good for them, since thy are the group that has seen their incomes go up, with the help of a lot of tax breaks and loopholes for those who can afford them. For example, why do I have to pay 25% on my hard earned money that I make by working, when a so called investor (or speculator) only pays 15% on the money he gains because he has a ton of money to invest? Maybe the people who make our tax laws all have a lot more money to invest than they actually work. If this is about “we are all Americans” how about some fairness?

        3. Grover says:

          @dog If the top 2% pay less as a percent of their total income in taxes in this state how is that fair? The state of Minnesota has the statistics to prove it. There are more to taxes in this state than just income tax.

          1. devildog3249 says:

            Maybe you dont know how to read a chart but according to your study the top 5 percent pay an effective tax rate of over 6 percent to the state and the bottom 30 percent pay a negative income tax. which means they get more back then they pay in. So thank you for defending my point! I appreciate it.

            1. Reasonable says:

              So you’re confused about the concept of income disparity?

              How about this:
              I make $500,000 per year and you make $15,000 per year. My house is paid off and what not. You’re paying rent because you can’t afford to buy a house. My credit cards are paid in full every month. You pay the minimum balance because you have rent and utilities which make up a greater percentage of your income than they would mine if I still had some of those expenses.
              You pay 12.5% of all of your income in OASDI, I pay only up to $113k, giving myself an effective raise on almost 1/5th of my income. Maybe as a 2%er that raise there could be changed to income tax on the state level? Nah, that’s unfair to me because I already pay too much!

              Your straw men burn easily. Then you resort to calling names which isn’t really discussing anymore, it’s just whining and that’s no fun.

  2. Bill says:

    Don’t cry Dayton…

    Don’t cry… I feel your pain

    1. tears for fears says:

      Is there not a photo of him somewhere that he doesn’t look like he’s about to burst into tears, or do they just keep showing those awful photos to make him look bad??

      1. The Grinch says:

        They don’t need a photo at all to make him look bad. He does that well enough on his own.

  3. X says:

    what about your Mr. Weiner??

    1. turtle says:

      blahhh ya what about him???

  4. Carl says:

    Has the MnGOP paid it’s debt from the last election? If they can’t manage their own money then they can’t manage the state’s. They should grant the Governor his reasonable compromise then go back to their own failed finances.

    Praise Jebus, God hates leading by example, Amen.

  5. turlte says:

    only if top earners get things taken away like the middle class. Fair for all!!

  6. Cache says:

    Your are just nuts….Something is wrong with your little grey cells…the Repubs brought a budget of $34 Billion, 4 billion over the last of one…which was $30 Billion?

    I’m angry at the dopey Repubs for bringing in a $34 Billion bloated Budget…they should have brought budget of $28 Billon with some real cuts to the overspending.

    Dayto is a bully and using the worst manners in legislative blackmail in the history of this state. He is child with a child’s reasoning ability…Throwing tantrums. I don’t think he has permission by who ever is is handlers to make a deal….either way it’s time for him to follow Weiner…RESIGN!

    1. Sam I am says:

      You are exactly right. But the liberal media in Minnesota won’t report the facts. A voted and passed balanced budget was sent to Dayton for signtuare – $4 billion over the previous year and Dayton says more money more money.

    2. Troy says:

      Time for you to resign pal…yahoo has enough fools

    3. Sue says:

      You would rather have your property tax double or triple and pay a bunch of fees rather then having the richest 2% pay a little more in taxes, well I wouldn’t, I’m tired of my property taxes keep going up and my house value going down because the stupid Repubs don’t want to raise taxes, well you don’t see them cutting any of their benefits no they voted to raise their salary automatically each year and they can’t stop it, go figure. If they spent less time listening to that fat rat known as Tony Sutton and worrying about gay marriage and voter’s rights and would bring to the table a balance budget that worked than we wouldn’t be in this situation, so if anybody should resign it should be the majority of the GOP party. YOUR GO DAYTON AND STICK TO YOUR GUNS!

      1. Tony says:

        The grand old party party? Get a grip woman. They have submitted 2 budgets with increases. Does Dayton need tax increases off GP or something? There aren’t any cuts. Just increases. But apparently not enough for the biggest liberals.

      2. No tax on the rich says:

        The tax is going to impact the hard workers, not necessarily the rich. Governor Dayton is RICH but he isn’t going to pay any more tax under his own proposal. However, a husband and wife who both went to college and now have good jobs will pay more even though they have student loans, mortgage payment, car loans and children to raise.

        How much MN income taxes did you pay?

        1. Carl says:

          Whine, whine, whine. Is your illustrative couple not in a position of their own choosing or is that excuse reserved only for the poor and middle class?

          1. No tax on the rich says:

            Kind of a nonsense response. Nearly everyone is in a position of their own choosing. Sure I chose to go to college, own a home and have children. I made those choices because I knew I could support them financially. But the middle class and especially the poor seem to have made these choices knowing that they couldn’t support them financially. Instead the made them EXPECTING the government to support their choices.

      3. Guy says:

        How about simply demanding that your city & county live within their budgets too? Then your taxes won’t go up. If you don’t like the fees; don’t use the service … its THAT simple. Pay for what you use. We have way too much government as it is & would be better off with MUCH less.

        1. Citizen says:

          @Guy. Try telling the counties not to raise property taxes. As soon as LGA is cut, that’s what happens. In 40 years of home ownership, I’ve never seen property taxes go down–EVER!

          1. Guy says:

            Then maybe they shouldn’t have been sucking at the LGA teat quite so hard. Make CHOICES. If you can’t AFFORD a fancy new city HAUL (spelling INTENTIONAL) MAKE them make due with the old one. If you can’t afford a billion dollars for a new sports stadium just say NO. The problem is that cities & counties are ADDICTED to LGA & like every other addict; going “cold turkey” is PAINFUL but it is the only way that works. QUESTION your Mayor & council members. Show up & speak at the meetings. Let them know that you will work to support those who can say no to the “wants” & only say yes to what is absolutely needed.

      4. Somebody's crabby says:

        My god, you are one crabby girl. My property taxes never go up.

    4. Michael says:

      Last years budget included a lot of federal money. This year it doesnt.

  7. Brian says:

    Ever read this line from the Declaration of Independence? “…we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

    Why is it that, back then, we were willing to pledge everything we had and share our wealth to help each other out to build a strong country? It’s amazing that, even though the country was founded upon the idea that we will band together to help each other out, the Republicans find a way to spin it so that the rich get to keep all their money and the poor continue to suffer… more that 200 years after this Declaration was signed.

    It truly is sad. The elimination of the middle class by giving all the tax breaks to the rich and making the middle class foot the bill will be the downfall of our great nation, if we don’t do something soon!

    1. wtd says:

      well said. they are as far from being good americans as one can get.

    2. IWonderIF says:

      Very well said sir. Unfortunately for us, this has been replaced by greed and all the lies that surrounds greed

    3. The Cat in the Hat says:

      Too much sharing, giving, and spending made us broke. Now we have to budget our money so we can actually have lives, fortunes, and honor to mutually pledge to each other.

    4. Tea for lunch says:

      @ Brian……doesn’t it make you ANGRY that you have to drive on the SAME roads as the “common” folk of MN do? I mean come on right?

      As an income earner in the top 2% ($300k/year) our taxes are already at a higher tax bracket…..and what do we get for that? The same bad roads…the same car load of immigrants flocking to MN to take advantage of our liberal welfare system…the same welfare and unemployment cheats…all while the “lower class” pay LESS money!

      OH……wait…..I’m guessing you said this as you are NOT in the top 2%…..

      WELL EITHER AM I!!!!!

      My point? As a higher income earner you are ALREDY giving up “more of your fortune” than the rest of us…..

      Why would anyone want to succeed in this state when all it leads to is MORE taxes!

      The harder you work…the more you stay the same….

      Sorry…..interpret the Declaration of Independence like you want….but I PROMISE you the intent was NOT to distribute wealth!

      1. Beer Guzzling Redneck says:

        “Why would anyone want to succeed in this state when all it leads to is MORE taxes! ”

        So you define success as a 300k income?

        1. Beer Guzzling not so redneck says:

          From a financial stand point, yes, I would difine success as a 300k income. How about yourself?

        2. TEA and beer for lunch says:

          No I don’t see sucess as “$300k a year”….I see sucess as the ability to support the lifestyle I am comfortable with….and if I work hard…and I end up EARNING $300K a year….then yes..but for now…..I will continue to work my tail off to do my best…

          STILL…..the more I make…the more I pay in….so $100K or $300K…it’s still a higher tax rate!

          You don’t agree?

          1. Beer Guzzling Redneck says:

            I make more than a third of that number, and I can still barely make ends meet and buy the toys I want.

  8. Steve says:

    We will not balance the budget on the backs of the poorest Minnesotan’s…got that TGOP??? Its time for the top 2% to pay their fair share…this is ridiculas

    1. Why not tax everyone? says:

      What not the top 20%? How about someone making $40K? Surely they can contributed another few hundred dollars. It’s so easy to tax the other guy.

      While you’re at it tell me why a 43% increase in the Human Services budget is justified.

    2. Sam I Am says:

      I’ll bet the top 2% pays way more taxes than you do Steve. When will you people realize that we have a SPENDING issue at hand NOT a TAXING issue!

      1. Michael says:

        Yes, Im SURE that the top 2% pay more taxes than I do. The real question is whether they still make enough money to live in vast empires of riches with the minor tax increase or if they will have some kind of economic hardship.

        Seeing as all you have to do is go back in history to see that they will still live with vast riches…then I would have to say that they will be ok with this small tax increase.

        When will people like you, Sam I Am, realize that we dont want to live in third world status with poor roads, poor education, not enough police, teachers, firemen, etc. and would rather that state revenue be high enough to do those things.

        1. Sam I Am says:

          I don’t want to live in third world status just as much as you don’t Michael but the government is responsible for preventing that from happening, not just wealthy people who make good money. My point is that taxing is not the issue, I am not implying that more taxing on the rich wouldn’t allow them to still live as rich people, you are going off on a whole other tangent.

        2. Why not tax everyone? says:

          @Michael, the tax increase requested by Governor Dayton isn’t going towards roads, education, police or firemen. It’s going to pay for welfare. Roads are paid for from the gas tax and license fees (both recently raised under Governor Pawlenty). Police and firemen are paid from city and county taxes. The Human Services budget increased a whopping 43%! Yet Governor Dayton doesn’t feel this is enough. Any remember Governor Dayton isn’t affected by his proposed tax on the top 2% of income earners.

  9. Jimmy says:

    hold the line Dayton. The public favors the additional tax on the top wage earners. Give the public what they want and what you ran on.

    1. Johns says:

      How is giving the wealthy an additional tax fair? They deserve the money they work for just as much as you do. Envious are we? Maybe Dem’s should stop giving away and spending all of your money then you wouldn’t have to be angry at wealthy people and the state that we live in wouldn’t be broke.

      1. Michael says:

        Oh please. Fair taxation is simply that…fair. Get off of your “if you tax then its socalism” bs.

        If someone makes 100K and pays 10K taxes then the guy that makes 1,000K and pays 20K is not paying their fair share. Simple as that.

        1. Johns says:

          The only fair taxation is a flat percentage for everybody, not an additional taxation on somebody just because they make more money than the other man (this coming from somebody who is not all that wealthy).

          Like Tea for Lunch said “Why would anyone want to succeed in this state when all it leads to is MORE taxes! The harder you work… the more you stay the same…”

          When did I mention anything about taxing being the equivalent of socialism???

    2. anno says:

      Hey Jimmy, you might ask Dayton why he only paid 14% in federal taxes and only about 8% in state taxes…At 672K, he falls in that “top wage earner” category…Just saying.

  10. joe says:

    Seems like the only “redistribution of wealth” that’s occurring continues to flow upwards to the very wealthy. The rich can afford a tax hike. Why are they so selfish and self-centered? Guess that’s how they became rich.

    1. Ah Hah! says:

      If the only redistribution of wealth that’s occurring continues to flow upwards to the very wealthy then we have a SPENDING and MONEY ALLOCATING issue, NOT a TAXING issue so why would we need a tax hike for wealthy people? You’ve contradicted yourself.

  11. Just Tired of the B.S. says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the reason the republicans don’t want to tax the richest 2% is because THEY would have to pay more taxes themselves. And if not THEM, it would be those that contribute to their election funds during the campaign.

    Get with the program boys and girls……..get this figured out, instead of using the middle and/or lower class as bargaining chips!!! If you don’t get it done and there’s a shutdown, you can bet who WON’T make it into office in the next election.

  12. bruce says:

    $34 billion works for me

  13. Tony says:

    Somebody really needs to look into all these bad pictures and videos they post of Dayton. They always post photos and videos that make him look incompetent and he is about in tears. Budget #2 waiting for approval.

    1. Dayton the tax raiser says:

      The incompetent and in tears pictures and videos are all they could get of him because that’s just what kind of guy he is.

  14. Carl says:

    Maybe the MnGOP can pay it’s own bills hawking Rush Limbaugh’s ice tea. They certainly can’t do it themselves.

    1. Very poor person says:

      I’d buy some but I’m on food stamps and mark dayton is about to take them away from me

      mark dayton hates poor people

      1. Dirk says:

        LIAR, food stamps is federal

        1. tiredofbs says:

          The feds may pay for the food stamps. But the state processes and distributes them. So Although it is not Dayton who is “taking them away” , it could be an issue.

  15. Jason says:

    DAYTON SIGN THE BUDGET. ITS YOUR JOB. Raise taxes on the wealthy, but cut spending as well. When you raise taxes without cutting spending thats a 0 sum game. If the government taxes the farmer 10% more for a gallon of milk, whats to stop him from charging my family 10% more for the same gallon of milk. Oh thats what food stamps are for.

  16. Carl says:

    So the MnGOP will now raise middle class taxes but not those of the wealthiest 2%. Apparently, CEOs need Mercedes’ more than the middle class needs lower health insurance premiums and college tuition.

    1. Who's side are you really on? says:

      Didn’t you read the section of the article that stated “It’s because of this impasse. Republicans want to sharply limit state spending. Gov. Dayton wants a tax increase to maintain current services.”?

      So tell me now who wants to raise taxes Carl… Gov. Dayton, or the MN GOP?

  17. K-Rod says:

    If $34,000,000,000 isn’t enough then Dayton won’t be satisfied until he makes the Great Depression look like a picnik.

    Governor Dayton, have a drink or two and re-think what your handlers are making you do.

  18. Some Rich Guy says:

    I can’t afford a tax increase of even 1%, because if that happens, I will have to lay off my cufflink polisher. Now, on the other hand, if my taxes are cut (yet again), then I can create a job for someone to wash my speed boat. (Of course, he’ll have to get his own health insurance, cause if life, there are no free lunches. But that’s another issue.)

    1. Very Poor Person says:

      I deserve your money even though you’re the one that earned it and I should be able too freeload off of you whenever I want. I shouldn’t have to work hard if I want more money because I can just get some from you. Oh by the way, thanks for offering me a Job at that company that you run so successfully but I’ll pass, I prefer welfare.

  19. scott says:

    Revert back to 1998 taxes, raise the alcohol and cigarette tax, pass racino, make some cuts. Work it out

  20. Grover says:

    To all of the uninformed posters. The GOP did not send a balanced budget, Their tax revenue predictions were way higher than anyone including the state budget office predicted. Two, the budget is depending on a federal waiver. That waiver has never been approved for any state requesting it. Why would it happen now? So quit deluding yourselves in thinking that the GOP sent a balanced budget.

  21. Todd Gabrielson says:

    With wealth comes the responsibility to take care of those who are less off. The wealthy even tithe a much lower percentage of their income in their Sunday offerings than those who have less money. This is pure greed on the part of being filthy rich. The middle class has seen their wages stagnate and their property foreclosed on at a far more alarming rate than those who earn a lot of money. Taxing the rich 2% will do far less damage their them than adding a tax to the middle class wage earners. How about passing a sundown tax on the wealth? IN other words as soon as the state returns to budget surpluses the tax is retired.!

    1. Guy says:

      Why is it the responsibility of ANYONE to take care of another adult? By what right to they make a claim on someone else’s time, effort or pocketbook? Being an adult means that YOU are responsible for YOURSELF (AND any kids YOU produce). If not; then you need to give up any voting rights since you ADMIT you are incompetant to manage your own affairs.

  22. Matt Gassler says:

    if they would get the 2% to pay their share this SHUTDOWN will be diverted. we will see where the rich stand. I PERSONALLY BELIEVE THE TOP 2% WILL STAND BY AND WATCH THE POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS SUFFER. THEY DONT GIVE A DARN WHO GOES DOWN OR OUT !

  23. kevin says:

    Hey Carl,, when are the unions going to pay for all the damage they did to the Wisconsin state capitol building and grounds when they staged there peasefull protests this spring? I believe it’s was estimated at 270 K. You union libs. are all talk with everyone elses money.

  24. kevin says:

    Taxing the upper 2% is the same as the way the state treats the the tribes vs. all the other citizens of this state. When someone breaks a game law they are ticketed on the spot. When a tribe member violates a game law the DNR takes it under advisement until we foget about it. Then they also forget about it. Tax all and treat all citizens alike. Tax everyone equally or not at all.

  25. kevin says:

    Can someone explain to me why I have to pay the welfare cost for a person to have multiple children with no visible means of support and the father(s) of these children are not held responsible.How about child support for the first child,50% child support for the second,25% for the third and zero for any after that . That would stop people using our welfare system as there means of using everyone else to support there lazy ass.Anyone have some other good ideas to stop our run away welfare system

  26. kevin says:

    Wcco why are you burying new comments in the middle of old comments where they will not be read?

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