MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A 12-year-old Madison boy is accused of shooting a 10-year-old in the face with a BB gun and trying to shoot another youngster.

Police say the shooting happened Wednesday night on the city’s west side after the older boy had been picking on the two younger boys for several days. Authorities say the 12-year-old walked up to the two, pointed the gun at the 10-year-old’s face and fired. The victim’s teeth were damaged. Police say he then pointed the gun at the face of the 11-year-old and fired, but the gun failed.

WISC-TV says the older boy ran away but was picked up by police a short time later.

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Comments (45)
  1. Wild Bill says:

    Really this makes the news? I shot my brother playing air soft last night and he shot me! I guess we need to go to jail! and later go to court and get life in prison for attempted murder!

    1. Pump BB guns hurt the worst says:

      Bill I agree when I was a kid growing up in WI we played army in the woods all the time with BB guns and M80 fireworks. Hec I still have a BB in my leg. The darn pump BB guns were the worst to be shot with because they could be pumped up 10x. I guess we should have gone to jail when we were kids. Not saying shooting someone in the face was right but don’t these kids know how to play nice.

      1. Pump BB guns hurt the worst says:

        Geeze buddy you need to take a chill pill and learn to have some fun. I think that is a threat being made on WCCO about someone wanting to shoot me. Next time you do comment though can you at least make some sense, “i would love to shoot each of you in the square in the face”. I think we have another liberal here that is making empty threats on WCCO chat.

      2. Oh Ok Hillbill-Y says:

        For some reason….i actually believe you. I’m guessin you top the scales at over 3 bills for sure!!!

        And listen up mouth-breather…you dont even know what it means to be conservative. You are neo-con. There is a big difference. Hows that education going for you smart guy?


        1. Takes a BIG breath though his mouth!! Ahh Fresh air says:

          Actually the education is going quite well; unlike most of your type I do have an MBA. See I actually go out and earn my money instead of wanting everything for free.
          Oh and by the way not quite 3 bills but darn close, you are smart guy you should join the circus and be a weight guesser. Typical liberal though like talking to a brick wall and has no sense of humor.

          1. Beer Guzzling Redneck says:

            What do people do with an MBA these days? I’ve heard mixed things about what that degree can get a person.

            If you’re close to 300 lbs though, you should consider an exercise and diet regiment immediately, for your own health considerations. I mean no offense by that statement.

            But I don’t think circuses have weight guessers. I think they’re at fairs. 🙂

            1. Guzzled a little to much of something!!!! says:

              Actually Beer man I am pretty close to “just right” with the weight. I am 6’4 and a half and I said not too far off of 3 bills never said I weighed that. Yes last I checked weight guessers were at circus’s not a fair. Well I guess if you had an MBA you would know what a person can and can’t do with it. My first guess would be you don’t have one. Just taking a stab in the dark on that one though, I could be wrong.

              1. Beer Guzzling Redneck says:

                You are absolutely correct. I do not possess an MBA.

                And I’ve never seen a weight guesser at a circus, only fairs. 🙂

                I’m over 6 ft too, and if I was close to 300 lbs (or even 260) I’d be quite a bit overweight. Not you though?

  2. Ronald Raygun says:

    Isn’t gun violence a wonderful thing?

    1. Ferris Lind says:

      yes, and your point?

      1. Jim says:

        Not gun violence. BB gun violence.

  3. Common Sense says:

    Where were the parents….

    1. Here ya go says:

      What do you mean where’s the parents? Who do you think bought and allowed the 12 year old to have and use a BB gun unsupervised…nuff said!!

  4. Beer Guzzling Redneck says:

    Kids shouldn’t be allowed access to, or usage of, any weapons of any kind without direct supervision. No exceptions. Knives, BB guns, hunting rifles, shotguns or slingshots.

    1. insignificant says:

      @ beer dude…wrongo there…hunter safety courses and good instruction in safety at home makes it appropriate for my young son to go out back with a bb gun,.22 caliber rifle,or .20 guage shot gun on his own,unsupervised….it’s all in teaching a child responsability at an early age,eh?…

      1. Drunken Dissed Orderly says:

        My son has been through the hunter safety course as well.

        I still don’t let him shoot his bow or any firearm without my direct supervision.

        When my boys and I are practicing archery, I don’t let them even nock an arrow until it’s their turn, they’re on the shooter’s line, and they’ve verified everybody else is behind them.

        It’s just my preference.

  5. Mary Rogers says:

    BGR – I agree. If the parents are going to teach their children respectful use of these things, they should all start with safety – parents should be locking their own weapons up when not in use so this BB gun should have also been secured – but in this case, this 12 year old seems to have had open access to grabbing the gun and going. Unbelievable irrisponsibility on the part of the parents for leaving it unsecured and not insisting that the youth secure iit (supervised and/or confirmed) after EVERY single use.

  6. Mary Rogers says:

    by the way – from the description of this incident, this was not “play” people.
    This was a deliberate act, point blank, aimed at another human being…BB gun or not. It also states this 12 year old had been bullying the two younger individuals for several days. Operative word: BULLYing. This screams of “intent to harm” and for whatever reason, the 12 year took bullying to the next level and didn’t have the emotional filter to stop himself from doing so.

  7. Reasonable says:

    You’ll put an eye out kid!

    1. Ralphie says:

      “You’ll Shoot your eye out! You’ll Shoot your eye out!” Best movie ever!!

  8. Fed Up says:

    The only waste here is yourself. What are you even referring to? I don’t know of ANY conservatives that take gun safety less than very seriously. You’re probably the slimy liberal type who uses fear-mongering as reasons to not support the 2nd amendment.

    1. Enough said says:

      Fed Up you hit the nail on the head. I don’t condone anything this kid did at all but taking the guns away is not the answer. To all those liberals out there, do you really think the “bad guys” are going to give up their guns? I don’t think so, but hey what a great idea let’s take them away from the good guys so that anyone can walk right in my house and shoot me and all I have to defend myself is saying “hey you aren’t supposed to have that gun, it’s illegal”. Come on wake up liberals, if you don’t want guns then move to a nice little island somewhere.

      1. Peter Gunn says:

        Hey Raygun…… Is your real name Weiner because you sure are acting like one now….

      2. Waste of Breath says:

        Dont waste your breath…its like talking to a lawn ornimate.

        This guy got so fired up at the thought of anyone taking away his gun, he couldnt even manage to read 4 complete sentence. But that is the type of intellegence you deal with when talking to these people. Its frustrating, because they almost take pride and joy in being as dumb as trees.

  9. Gloria says:

    I cannot believe some of the posts I’m reading here…My God, how can this boy’s behavior be justified on any level? He is a bully, pure and simple! This was not done in play, and even if it had been, shooting someone in the face is very serious.

    I hope the little guy with the damaged teeth is okay, and that he and his friend won’t have to worry about this other individual again.

    Take responsibility for your children, parents. Even a BB gun can be dangerous!!

    1. Beer Guzzling Redneck says:

      I fear the psychological damage of looking down the barrel of a gun pointed in your face and seeing the trigger get pulled may be greater than the required reparatory dental work might indicate.

      1. Beer Guzzling Redneck says:

        And for a bit of over-clarification, I am speaking of the boy’s experience when I say “…pointed in your face.”

        I, in no way, would use that terminology towards or about someone here if anybody may have misinterpreted my possibly poor way of expressing my thoughts.

  10. mom says:

    I am very much a conservative and was not laughing at this story nor do I think that this was a case of kids being kids and playing together. I think this was a case of parents lacking their responsiblities and letting their child do whatever he wants as long as he stays out of their hair. I think this is a story about a bully who thought it would be fun to hurt another child and he was probably thinking he wouldn’t be in trouble because he has never been held accountable for his actions before this. I do not like guns unless you are using them to hunt and I honestly don’t think a kid should be using a gun no matter what kind it is or what the situation is. With that said I realize there are responsible parents out there who teach their kids how to handle a gun and only allow them to use a gun for hunting purposes. I don’t think you should be blaming conservatives or liberals for what this child did, put the blame where it belongs with him and his parents. Not everything that happens is because of politics so don’t try to make this about left or right

    1. Michelle says:

      Well said, Mom!

    2. MrMark says:

      well put, great points all around

  11. TW says:

    The bully would have hurt the 10 year old with another tool if the BB gun was not available. Look around your house and garage and tell me if there are unsecured baseball bats, kitchen knives, recently sharpened #2 pencils, loose bricks or stones in your landscaping…the will to harm is what is at issue here and a violent child. The fact that he crossed the line with a BB gun is proof that he and his parent or parents need some correction and redirection. Anyone want to take a guess as to this kids relationship to a dad? Or what that person is like if he is there at all?

  12. Sad but common says:

    Antisocial personality disorder. Good thing they cought it now. It would have been a real gun in 3 years or so. My guess is the defendant has a trail of similar actions following him. Juvenile detention is called for.

  13. Peter Gunn says:

    Can I ask a question? Why would you show, as the lead picture of the story, a standard medium caliber handgun instead of a BB gun? I didn’t know they made centerfire BB guns…

    1. Beer Guzzling Redneck says:

      I wondered the same thing. Could it be sensationalistic journalism, to do a “bait and switch” on the gun depicted in the picture compared to what was actually used?

      1. Peter Gunn says:

        I’m thinking it’s poor reporting skills. Usually before you print or broadcast a story you check all of the facts so as not to show your own ignorance. I really would like to see someone on a newspaper or in a news room who really knew something about firearms othe than what they read on the Huffington Post….

        1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

          I think it’s nothing more than a case of using a stock photo that was readily available.

  14. Gloria says:

    Beer Guzzling Redneck,

    I didn’t misinterpret anything you wrote, and hopefully, no one else did either. Anyway, yes, I am sure both victims will have some emotional and psychological issues which may or may not surface. I hope that their parents, teachers, clergy, or someone will assure them this wasn’t their fault in any way, and listen to them if they choose to talk about this incident. I also agree that the bully could have chosen any weapon, but the fact that he pointed this BB gun directly at two people, and would have injured two if the gun had continued to fire, brings such individuals as Jarrod Laughler to mind.

  15. Gloria says:

    I meant to write “Laughner”. I believe that’s how the “alleged” shooter from AZ spells his name.

  16. KR says:

    Coming from you, that’s a compliment.

    Thank you 🙂

  17. very interesting says:

    I Agree, BB Gun ≠ Firearm

  18. jan says:

    I’m a conservative and I am against conceal and carry, assault rifles and guns in general. I also think it’s just terrible to kill animals for sport and that kid is on his way to some really bad experiences unless he gets help.

  19. Mary Rogers says:

    Back on track people. This is not about liberals OR conservatives…MBAs or GEDS. It’s NOT even about taking guns away from people.
    If you are going to have guns in your household…use them yourself and/or teach your kids to shoot, hunt, target practice, whatever…it’s callled using these instruments responsiblity and whomever (Isay the parents) in this situation failed to ensure safety first. This child clearly took a deliberate destructive action towards 2 other human beings with an intent to harm or worse. Back to topic plz – this article is not about you.

  20. Mary Rogers says:

    Back on track people. This is not about liberals OR conservatives…MBAs or GEDS. It’s NOT even about taking guns away from people.
    If you are going to have guns in your household…use them yourself and/or teach your kids to shoot, hunt, target practice, whatever…it’s callled using these instruments responsiblity and whomever (Isay the parents) in this situation failed to ensure safety first. This child clearly took a deliberate destructive action towards 2 other human beings with an intent to harm or worse. Back to topic plz – this article is not about you and your politics or your education levels. This is a sad state of how our kids are not getting the discipline or societal rearing that once existed. Sad sad sad…these are our future adults…the ones who will/will not care for you when you are strapped into your chair at the long term care center.

  21. MattGMD says:

    People like to chuckle because it was a BB gun. However, the little thug could have just as easily had access to a standard firearm. At close range and far less likely to misfire, a shot to each of the other boys’ faces would have resulted in likely two funerals to plan.

  22. That other kid says:

    I just have to say this. I’m 12 years old and my grammar is better than half of the people that commented. I have unlimited access to bb guns and I own 4 sharp utility knifes. Also, I have my own real 9mm pistol that I keep in a safe in my room. (I wanted a .22 scoped rifle but the pistol was a gift.) It was the twisted mind of the child from playing Call of Duty for 10 hours a day that caused this incident. Safe use of firearms is worse then violent video games with murders and interrogations?

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