ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – Hundreds of classic cars will be revving up their engines at the annual 50’s car show this weekend at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

WCCO-TV Photojournalist Joe Berglove was there Friday morning to get a look at some of the hot cars.

It’s the 38th annual event hosted by the Minnesota Street Rod Association, and it brings thousands of motor heads to St. Paul to show off the classic cars they’ve put so much time and effort into building and rebuilding.

“It brings back old memories of good things,” said one car fan at the show. “Hiding in the trunk to get into drive-in, making out in the back seat.”

“Where you were when you had this car, and where you were when you had that car,” said another classic car enthusiast. “Going back in time.”

The gearheads who put their cars on display have to pay for their spots on the fairgrounds and register to participate in the weekend long show.

The car enthusiasts put a lot of pride, sweat and hard work into what is often their biggest hobby, building the best classic car that reminds them of the good old days.

“Just the automobile itself. Like myself, my father, my grandfather. My uncle has all racecars out here on the fairgrounds,” said one participant.

“And if you love a car guy, you’re either love cars or you’re going to get the boot,” said a car fan. “I might not have gotten everything, but I still got this car.”

The Back to the 50’s car show runs from Friday through Sunday at the State Fair Grounds in Falcon Heights.

Comments (7)
  1. Johan Von Der Heidt says:

    Oh no, not again, all these cars and their lowly drivers are a total nuisance to me. Why can’t they do this redneck circus out in the country, so they don’t infringe upon civilized life?

    1. mike says:

      maybe you should go to the show and check it out before judging it… i guess you cant afford 1 …

  2. Bill W says:

    That says SO much about you.

  3. we says:

    All of these gas guzzling high polluting cars should be crushed and recycled in to more eco-friendly cars!!!

    1. o says:

      Amen we have enough pollution with out all of these old junk cars killing us with all the pollution!!!!!!!!!

  4. See more butts says:

    Ban them and burn them!!

  5. mike says:

    how can you say they guzzle gas when most of them have new motors in them and they get better gas milage then most newer cars. the noise who care’s with all the lound motor bike’s and people cranking up there music in there car’s at all hour’s of the day and night…

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