ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Police are investigating after a pedestrian was attacked in an apparent road rage incident in St. Paul.

Police said the incident happened at the corner of Selby and Lexington on Thursday evening.

A driver was blocking the crosswalk and a pedestrian knocked on the driver’s window, yelling at him that he was in the way.

Police said the driver then got out of his black Ford Edge vehicle, chased the pedestrian, punched him and knocked him down. Witnesses saw the man punch the pedestrian a few more times before getting back into his vehicle and leaving.

The pedestrian had a swollen lip after the attack. Police did not say if he sustained further injuries.

There were several children in the car at the time of the incident. The vehicle had red dealer plates.

The suspect was described as a man around 40 years old, measuring just under 6 feet with short reddish-blonde hair.

Comments (52)
  1. Rambo says:

    Unfortunately, the best way to deal with people in todays society is leave them alone and be silent.

    1. Anna says:

      true and very unfortunate because what ends up happening in the end is exactly what happened here. people can only take so much and bottle up so much. sounds like both men were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

      1. Don_J says:

        I disagree… said pedestrian DID NOT have to engage this man by knocking on his car window… not that either response to the situation was the correct way to handle things… just a lesson learned.

        1. Steve says:

          LMAO I agree If you don’t want to get your A ss kicked, keep you mouth shut

          1. markH says:

            Then we had better look for an easy way to surrender to stupidity and selfishness, huh? I disagree with your claim that being a coward and simply walking away from the situation is the best way-the best way is to confront stupidity and wrongdoing and take corrective action. Peace.

  2. JamieinMN says:

    Psychoooooooo! I hope they find him.

  3. Don_J says:

    Well there’s also another way to look at this… maybe he should have just walked around the car instead of “…knocking on the driver’s window, yelling at him that he was in the way.” You better be prepared to defend yourself if you’re going to present yourself as “an avenger”. Don’t “tick” someone off then run.

    And before all of you do-gooders start to jump on me for saying that, just think about it… why would you pick a fight if you can’t fight? You loose every time, just walk around the car.

    1. Rob says:

      I’m with Don…all the big mouth got was a fat lip and a little education. It is not about politics…it is more about getting what you give. Walk around next time…and wave to the guy so he knows your there. Quit trying to embarrass him in front of his kids. Run little man run…lol.

  4. xposing the con in conservative says:

    See my post above. You are it.

    1. xposing says:

      See my post below. You are it.

      1. PLEASE knock on my window says:

        LOL…..Xposing……Yup…I AM ANGRY!!! That people like you feel entitled to the WORLD when you contribute nothing!

        Do pedestrians pay for the roads? Do Pedestrians pay gas tax, sales tax, tax on tires, mechanics to repair their car?

        Cars keep the world going…and in my opinion SHOULD be “top of the food chain on the road”….and when some person like this feels they are “above” the person driving….yup…I AM angry!!!!

        Again..I am ALL for SHARING the road……but the second you self-righteous people think you deserve MORE of it because you’re walking……that’s where it stops….

        Please….when your out walking next time….give it a try…..and I promise you I’m NOT alone….

        1. JamieinMN says:

          Some pedestrians DO drive as well…..therefore, they PAY gas tax, they PAY sales tax, they PAY for repairs on their vehicles. My, how ignorant of you to assume ALL pedestrians DON’T drive!

          1. Missed the point... says:

            WOW! You really missed the point here….it’s not a matter of if they do or not….it’s a matter of usage! Where in my post did I say “ALL pedestrians DON’T drive!”

            If I am walking….I would yeald to the cars…I would not walk around thinking “hey I own a car too so I can do what I want”

  5. xposing says:

    Conservatives, by definition, are conservative. How was the actions of this guy “cautious, moderate, tending to preserve the status quo”? (source: Why do asshats like you clowns always have to bring politics into a situation? And yes, you are an asshat… liberals/Democrats have a party symbol of a donkey… aka. an ass.

    1. ? says:

      I don’t think the driver acted cautious, moderate or was tending to preserve the status quo. I think he went berserk and acted violently. What is your point? And, why are conservatives so angry and hateful? It doesn’t fit your definition.

      1. tom says:

        conservatives are not angry and hateful, it is the liberals who lie and spin the truth the get angry when we do not agree with them

        1. TN Jedd says:

          What war’s is it Bush got us in? False logic and hate were his reason.

          1. ohoh says:

            Do you mean the war in lLybia? or the continued war in Afganistan and Iraq

  6. mark says:

    We have to all remember we live in the USA which is a bastion of freedom for some but can become in a moment the dead zone, if someone draws a gun. I don’t know who was more terrified in this incident but I imagine in the background that fear was a factor. I support the second amendment by the way.
    And speaking about that, let me add one more comment: whenever I hear of criticism about police being brutal or bullying, I ask how much someone would pay to not have to walk up to a tinted dark window on a suspicious car at two in the morning to ask for an ID because of an infraction. When someone says anything short of a hundred I know they are lying.

    1. Don_J says:

      Please Mark… your comment has no merit, none…ZERO. First, either or both men could have had guns, then what? Next, “tough guys like you always poop their pants UNTIL the police comes then you try to talk loud and prance like you’ve done something. Third, are you saying or advocating that because a policeman’s job is dangerous he\she has a right or some protected (license) freedom to just beat the living $h&# out of somebody because they may be afraid to walk up to a car at 2AM and do the job they signed up to do… if that is the case then maybe that person should consider a career change, because YOU just may be the next victim abused one fine evening by one of Minneapolis’ Finest.

      1. mark says:

        I realize police have criticism directed at them that is meritorious.
        However, you have to remember police are called again and again to solve problems for people, such as in domestic abuse, that can and do turn fatal for the police officer. I cannot think of any other job in the USA where when you are called to assist in a explosive emotional situation one of the job requirements is that you are okay with getting killed.
        I can understand your anger with the occasional brutal police officer but think about how many rights you have as a result of a functioning criminal justice system as it exist today. If you are concerned about erosion of rights better direct your anxieties at huge government programs like TSA, and hope and pray posse comitatus stays in effect.

        1. Don_J says:

          You know Mark… I feel for you… but I just can’t reach you. Whatever a policeman’s job requires him to do, it DOES NOT give them the right to abuse anyone or violate the civil rights of anyone. You can justify it anyway you like but it’s still wrong.

        2. What??? says:

          There are other jobs then, and the excuse you use is 1s again pointless. I thank police for doing their jobs but if they cannot take the pressure without cracking then they should not be in that line of work. Firefighters are almost in the same line, risking their lives to save someone they have never met before and probably never will again. How about the search and rescue teams that do the same, coast guard, the list goes on. You do not become a cook thinking that everyone is going to like your food just as you should not become a cop and think that everyone is going to like or respect you and in the most part this is because of the fellow police that are involved in the cases that were mentioned of police brutality.
          This is besides the point though, the story has nothing to do with this so why are you trying your hardest to change the direction of this blog when it is clearly about 2 people who got in a fight?

  7. McBride says:

    If your going to approach my car and my kids are in it and I don’t know what your clear intentions are, I’d beat his a55 too.

    1. SGTJohn says:

      Absolutely. Not to mention nobody knows what the pedestrian yelled at the driver. He probably threatened to kick his a$$, not thinking the guy would actually get out of the car.

  8. tom says:

    actually the pedestrian had no business touching that mans car.

    1. Bill says:

      Agreed. However does that excuse the drivers behavior?

  9. tom says:

    @I love it. I agree with you

    1. BKKbadboy says:

      Great Reply….LOL

  10. Tired of people attacking people over petty things says:

    If you have kids in the car and you leave them to attack another person who knocked on your window, what the heck are you teaching your kids? it is okay to be violent and assault a person for knocking on your window? That’s just crazy! The man in the vehicle response was totally inappropriate. Yes, cars shouldn’t be in crosswalks for pedistrians and peds shouldn’t knock on windows ( however I have had homeless people knock and ask if they can clean my window for some change). but to get out an attack should not be awarded or praised. Violence should never be awarded or praised.

    1. black or white says:

      Really? “petty”? The guy had KIDS in his car! Maybe the person who knocked on the window said something offencsive!

      I know this should NOT be a color thing…..but I would like to know what the races of each person were…..I HOPE it’s NOT the way I think it is…

      I would HATE to be correct….though I bet I am….

  11. very interesting says:

    I would have felt threatened as the driver and defended myself the same way.

  12. hmm says:

    I would love to see a picture of the pedestrian….

    1. Don_J says:

      You can find his photo under the phrase… “Non-Habit Forming”

  13. Smart Alec says:

    As a frequent pedestrian, I have to wonder, was he in crosswalk and the driver just pulled all the way across it, not looking to see if anyone was crossing? Even though the pedestrian was out of line to touch the vehicle (dude, just yel at him next time) the driver committed assault.

  14. I love it, too says:

    @I love it

    I agree with you. The pedestrian should have just walked around the car. By knocking on the window and yelling, they were asking for a confrontation.

  15. Ronald Raygun says:

    It was me, and I got my rear beat down badly… I guess thats what I get for being a liberal moron!

    1. Don_J says:

      …or a tough “talking” wanna-be Sony Playstation Navy-SEAL Commando who got his card plucked by a man who didn’t play games.

    2. oh so funny says:

      Finally something I agree with this MORON said!

      Thanks Raygun….

      Did I “take the bait”?

  16. Drunken Dissed Orderly says:

    Wow, that’s on a road I drive almost every day. Too bad I missed it today because I got off early. Bummer.

  17. Hugh Jorgan says:

    Why take sides, when both of ’em are a$$ clowns?! First, the knocker – obviously a under weight pud-knocker who needed a beat-down. The driver – a numb-nut that didn’t think, twice.

    Personally, I would have knocked on the window hard enough to shatter it, waited for numb-nut to emerge and connect a fist, then the fun would have begun, right in front of his children, because they need to learn a lesson too…

    1. Don_J says:

      … and we’d be commenting on you getting your ass kicked.

  18. OOICU812 says:

    Thing about this story, IMO they were BOTH looking to start something. I would have either went behind or waited until the next light.

  19. LESSON LEARNED says:

    Despite what all you “civilized” people think, that ped. will never knock on someone’s window again.

  20. GREAT says:

    This pedestrian sounds to be as smart as people who drive around with “Obama 08” bumper stickers. Dumb.

    1. 2 or less cents says:

      You forgot the REAL losers with the “Wellstone” bumper stickers!

      I’m sorry the guy died…..he would have been the Michelle Bachman of the left!

      I like Michelle….but she’s is a little “too right” for me….

      my 2cents….if it’s even worth that

  21. blakie says:

    must be white people no pic

  22. M R says:

    You all missed the point. The car was PARKED in the crosswalk – another entitled person that gets mad when you tell them they are NOT entitled to do whatever they want. Dealer plates are gone buddy – you were WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Parking in a crosswalk, what a moron.

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