MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Conservative and liberal political activists are ramping up for the 2012 presidential campaign and their boot camps are right next to each other in downtown Minneapolis.

Raven Brooks, the executive director of Netroots Nation, a progressive, Internet-focused conference, says he’s happy to have conservative bloggers and activists about.

“It’s almost like your little brother, you know, tagging at your shirt to let em’ play with a toy for a while,” he said.

The liberal conference kicked off at the convention center Friday morning with a member of President Obama’s inner circle, Dan Pfeiffer.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar was also part of Friday morning’s event while Sen. Al Franken and Congressman Keith Ellison will take the stage Saturday.

The four day event is expected to draw 2,400 people.

Two blocks away at the Hilton, Right Online has set up its camp.

Erik Telford, of Americans for Prosperity, is the executive director.

“I think it inspires some friendly competition and makes each side want to be more effective and beat the other side certainly, so certainly for our activists it’s a rallying point to get more involved,” he said.

Some of their big headliners include two Minnesotans who have spent a lot of time in the news lately: presidential candidates former Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

The Right Online conference has 1,300 people registered.

Friday night the conference will host the first official screening of the Sarah Palin documentary “Undefeated” for a crowd of 1,500.

As for speculation that the documentary might reveal Palin’s future plans, Telford’s not sure.

“You’ll hear about it as soon as I do,” he said.

One common thread between both conferences is the focus on social media.

Both groups are offering training on various social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook, to help activists better use these sites.

Comments (10)
  1. GOPSUX says:

    Right is wrong.

    1. Brett says:

      Haha!…perhaps, but anymore elaboration?

  2. smoke some tea says:

    @Brett…that is a typical “GOPSUX” post!

    He offers no REAL argument and just spouts off junk, like a typical Liberal with no clue….

    HEY Minneapolis Police Department!!!! PLEASE frisk ALL of the people attending the event and see how many Lib’s you bust with POT and other drugs over the GOP side! With the amount of money you make in FINES, we could reopen the shutdown govt and be just fine!

    Problem solved!

    1. Jim says:

      “He offers no REAL argument and just spouts off junk, like a typical Liberal with no clue….” = IRONY. Did you do that on purpose?

      1. Jim Knows says:

        Yes Jim….thank you….by the posts below…you were the only one who caught that…..

  3. Tom says:

    @ smoke some tea

    I would look at your own GOP / Tea Party candidates like Bachmann, Gingrich, Cain, Santorum, and maybe Palin, and maybe Perry, and our very own T-Paw before you start throwing around the words “NO CLUE” around.

    And as far as the POt and other drugs are concerned at least the Libs love to have fun. What do the Conservatives love to do for FUN besides listen to non-sense coming from the above names?

    1. Ronald Raygun says:

      For fun they engage in hateful activities, discrimination, theft, lying, and anything else that can cause harm to others. That is what they do for fun.

      1. Ronald Raygun says:

        I am g a y and I like to do my siblings.

        1. Ronald Raygun says:

          I like incest. It’s the best. I also am really heavy and smell bad. I am also really poor and drive a 10 year old Kia because I can’t afford anything nice. I am really jealous of people and I like to blame my problems on others.

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