ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota State Patrol is increasing drunken driving patrols this weekend in the 13 counties that have had the highest alcohol-related deaths and serious injuries.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says there will be more DWI enforcement in those counties on Friday and Saturday. The stepped up enforcement kick off a summer of added patrols to combat impaired driving.

Of the 435 alcohol-related traffic deaths from 2008 through 2010, 142 of them happened during the months of June through August. That’s 33 percent.

State Patrol Lt. Eric Roeske says impaired driving is a threat all year, but especially in the summer.

The extra patrols this weekend are being added in Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Itasca, Olmsted, Ramsey, Rice, St. Louis, Scott, Stearns, Washington, and Wright counties.

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Comments (27)
  1. MKIA says:

    Might be time for the state to stop selling alcohol

    1. tipsy says:

      Ok then we can be another billion short for the budget, I plan to drink and drive this weekend so look out for me, but i usually do it during the day, less chance of being caught. also i only have a few drinks when i drive

      1. Drunken Dissed Orderly says:

        I keep a cold case behind the front seat. I find them too hard to reach when they’re in the trunk.

        1. Reasonable says:

          That’s always bugged me. If open container is meant to prevent DUI, what’s the point of having a second law? If you’re hammered, so be it. But if you’re just having a beer on the way home from work, it’s not like you’re gonna get sloshed and be dangerous to anyone (yourself included) by the time you get home.

          1. Drunken Dissed Orderly says:

            Agreed. I’d rather see a person drinking A beer while driving than watch him suck down 9 of them at Gabe’s by the Park, and drive through rush hour traffic afterwards.

          2. Otis says:

            But what if I like drinking Vodka straight from the bottle right after work when I drive home. I prefer 1.75 liters and can drink half the bottle before I get home from my 20 mile drive from work. Point is everyone assumes that a person will only be drinking beer if there driving. The DWI are a joke but you shouldn’t be drinking a cold one while driving. Raise the legal limit back to .10

            1. Drunken Dissed Orderly says:

              As with anything, moderation is key. I mentioned having A beer, not necessarily getting as wasted as possible before getting home.

              If you guzzled straight vodka from the bottle while driving for 20 miles, I don’t think you’d even MAKE it home. 😉

  2. SOBER says:

    be cool tipsy as I got the big ticket and is not fun

  3. fred says:

    time once again for the minnesota money grab

    1. Thug Starr 420 says:

      Heck, in rural Wisconsin they give you a ticket if you DON’T have a beer in the cup holder while you’re driving. 😉

      1. hate the system says:

        hahahahahaha, classy

    2. It is good says:

      I like to see the state patrol out and about narrowing in on those who drink and drive. They prevent untold personal injuries and death by those who are selfish enough to drive drunk endangering others. Anyone who wishes to have safe roads free from drunks should read this story and say “Yeah, it’s good.” To add your sideliners about other nonsense here is juvenile at best.

  4. Ronald Raygun says:

    Drunks are typically conservatives who think dui laws are an intrusion into their lives.

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      Is that why alcohol problems are more likely to happen in Districts who vote strongly in favor of Democrats?

      1. Guy says:

        No No – DON’T fee the TROLL.

        1. Ronald Raygun says:

          You keep taking the bait. Sucker.

          1. victim Du Jour says:

            Democrats with “Will work for food” signs really means “I like using my government assistance on chemicals and alcohol”

      2. What??? says:

        Proof and or the place you got the stats from?

    2. Whitey Fjord says:

      Yup, and Libs are the direct result of fetal alcohol syndrome. Who else would be that stupid to vote for them?

  5. Thug Starr 420 says:

    My county in Wisconsin wasn’t listed.

    As the commercial says “Heeeeeeere weeee gooo!”

  6. Victim Du Jour says:

    Why do the buses stop running on Friday and Saturday night?

    24 hour mass transit is better equipped for stopping drunk driving.

    I have been to places in the country with free local shuttle and taxi services for people out on the town.

    Minnesota just wants everyone to be in court ordered treatment so they can use “Group hug meetings” for money laundering.

  7. DEE says:

    I agree that some people cannot drive after 1 drink, but the majority of adults can drink with no effects with 3 and that would put them over the .08 limit. You can get that limit sucking on cough drops all day long. So, with that said.. Saturation is a state money grabbing pit… Although, it also
    is a way spend money by giving officers overtime pay… So, one way to grab money from the citizens of this state and give to others and keep state employee pasified before contract talks… etc…They are also doing a speeding crackdown for the month of July so beware… they are going to get you, one way or the other…

  8. Keeping it real in Minnesota says:

    ***Ummmmm Beeeeeerr*** Yeah, and on July 4th, “who’s gonna come for you”…….state shut down, and no troopers, local cops guarding their “energy rings”…….hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    1. Ez says:

      Actually the Troopers are not going to shut down, granted they will be busy with going other things besides just DWIs, what with closing all the rest stops and what not, but they will be out. So watch out, and to all those who drink and drive, I hope they get you and ruin your driving records, cost you tons of money in insurance and take your cars.

  9. CCO used childrens blocks? says:

    Who in the hell decided to use childrens blocks to write DWI in the CCO stock photo? God CCO is awful these days.

    1. Ez says:

      Agreed, they are getting pretty bad. I hate this new website setup as well.

  10. MR C says:

    Do you really think the state cares about you?It is about Money they are desperate to get in your wallet anyway they can.
    The insurance companies do a great deal of lobbying as well.
    Lastly they want to control you.

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