Weather Blog: Weekend Outlook

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We will have thunderstorms rolling across the state during the overnight hours. The main severe ingredients will include heavy rain, strong winds and possibly some hail.

Expect the shower activity to linger over the eastern half of the state and western Wisconsin for the start of our Saturday. We are looking at the chance of showers…not thunderstorms.

The sun will take over from west to east warming us to around 80 by afternoon in the Twin Cities.

Father’s Day looks even sweeter with a mix of sun and clouds and a high near 81.

Expect heavy rain and more storms by late Monday especially across southern Minnesota.

  • Darren

    Its a miracle, the sun is going to come from the west to the east. Science 101

    • Took science 101

      “sun will take over from west to east”, not “the sun is going to come from the west to the east.” The jet stream controls our weather, blowing west to east. Therefore, clouds clear from west to east, allowing sun to “take over from west to east”. That’s why we only need to look to the west to know what our weather will be. Science 101.

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