Bachmann ‘Glittered’ At Political Event

Click here to see video of Bachmann getting glittered.

Click here to see Rachel Lang’s interview after the incident.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Following a speech in her home state, pro-LGBT activists added Michele Bachmann to the list of Republican presidential candidates who have been “glittered” to draw attention to their anti-gay rhetoric.

The incident happened Saturday at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Minneapolis.

Shortly after a speech at the “Right Online” conference, pro-LGBT activist Rachel E. B. Lang approached Bachmann, threw glitter in the air and said, “You can run, but you cannot hide! Keep your hate out of our Constitution!” It was a reference to the “You Can Run But You Cannot Hide” ministry for which Bachmann has helped raise money, and to a proposed ban on same-sex marriage in Minnesota.

Bachmann never made eye contact with Lang and in fact walked through the crowd to supporting fans without any interruption. Lang was immediately escorted out of the building by security personnel.

The ministry was formed by anti-gay Bradlee Dean, who was invited to give the opening prayer during the recent Minnesota legislative session that considered putting an anti-gay marriage amendment on the 2012 ballot. The prayer angered politicians to the point that it was denounced by both Republicans and Democrats, and the house chaplain was asked to give another prayer after.

“My response to Michele Bachmann’s hateful and anti-gay rhetoric was light-hearted, but these issues are very serious,” said Minnesota resident Rachel E. B. Lang, the woman who glittered Bachmann on Saturday. “Bachmann’s support of groups like You Can Run But You Cannot Hide show exactly how extremist she is — she in no way represents the values of Minnesota and certainly does not represent the values of America.”

Lang is not gay and is a lawyer in Minneapolis, but she has several gay family members, including a 75-year-old uncle who recently married his 75-year-old same-sex partner in Iowa.

“As long as Michele Bachmann and other out-of-touch politicians are attacking my family and limiting my freedom, there will be more and more glitterings across the country,” said Lang. “Today I welcomed Bachmann into the Glitter Hall of Fame and, until these politicians stop their anti-gay attacks on families like mine, people will continue to stand up for equality and the freedom to love whoever they want.”

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    […] been “glittered” to draw attention to their grave and hurtful anti-gay rhetoric. See the story here. Share this article No comments […]

  • Elmer Fudd

    Should have been cow pied.

  • TAG

    “grave and hurtful anti-gay rhetoric” ? based on whose values? As usual, so much for objective reporting!

    • Be Right

      I agree. “Grave and hurtful”? Being continually lambasted by a counter culture is more grave and hurtful. LGBT groups are evil in their tactics, more so than their personal practices. And, for WCCO to report this “news” event in such a way furthers the negative effects of their slanted reporting. Shame on WCCO. Report the news objectively and leave the editorial slants for the editorial pages.

      • v

        Counter Culture?

        • at Ruth

          counter culture puts the freaks right there with the fruitcake so it is perfect fit.

          wish they had used manure though — slippery slimy stuff from pigs. Fit the GLT and BachmannCake even better.

          • Cindy

            Uh, they are quoting Rachel Lang. It’s not the reporter’s “editorial”.

    • Dirk

      @ Tag abd be right
      Richard Lang (whoever he is) said it. Is this censorship of the right. An incident happened to a candidate for president and somebody asked them why. You don’t agree with the reason the perpetrator did the action so therefore it in not objective reporting. You people have a problem.

    • Jerry

      I’m not anti-gay, I’m pro-marriage. Two different things to me.
      But do you remember, your rights stop where my toes begin?
      Elmer Fudd, yeesh, your name reveals your thoughtful ideals.

      • Oops, I'm a Hypocrit

        Pro Marriage? Well then lets put in jail all the divorced people, gay or straight.

        • swede

          Ok. Are you going?

    • Mark From Minnesota Tax Waste

      How about your values? As freaky is you are?

      • Jerry

        Mark, shame on you for the name-calling. But “freaky” means different (and you’re supposed to be the defenders of different, remember?
        Actually TAG’s values are like the majority claim to want so not different at all – believes in fairness and objectivity from the press.

      • Mike

        I am not gay and support marriage for gays and hetero. It’s family values for all.

  • Bob

    Another example of the gay minority stomping their feet and forcing the public to endure their adolescent behavior . . . . I am pro amendment and if I was a politician I would hold a news conference and throw glitter on myself to make a point of it.

    • Mike

      Better than a RNC party stomping on citizens and the press…………

      • swede

        Nice echo. I hear that a lot. No proof mind you.

    • Sara

      um, an example of the gay minority stomping their feet and forcing the public to endure their adolescent behavior?? really? in this country minorities are supposed to be heard just as much as everyone else. I’m sorry but this is almost like when interracial marriage was against the law. It was stupid, bigoted, and will be looked back at by our children the same way we look at interracial marriage. (i am not trying to make what black people went through during the civil rights movement seem unimportant because they suffered a lot more than gays have) but it is a shame that peoples freedom is being restrained because of some peoples “religious beliefs”. If Muslims(or any religious group) said that people had to wear certain things because its against their religion not to, there would be uproar. why should people be restrained by what (mostly Christians) other people believe?

      • Jerry

        Sara, you make some reasonable points, really, but this act is not “being heard” it is an attack. (I keep expecting to hear that eyes are cut by this stuff) The Arizona attack on Mrs. Gifford is much more extreme of course, but why can’t people just speak when they wish to be heard?
        btw the Muslims do force women to wear burkahs (and perform operations on them as children, etc. – read The Last Camel) and their is no real uproar even though we’re aware of it.

        • Sara

          Jerry, Muslims do not force women to wear burkahs or hijabs unless they are in extreme places like Iran. The point i was making is that in the U.S. women that wear the hijab do it of their own free will. If Muslims or any other religion forced people of other religions to wear something because their religion required it, it would not be allowed. That is the equivalent of gays being banned from being married because some people’s “religions” say being gay is wrong.
          PS i have friends who are Muslim and they are not forced to do anything. They choose to wear the hijab. It is a personal choice and they would not face repressions if they did not wear it.

  • Who wrote this objective article?

    Who wrote this article? It’s not news reporting, it’s a political statement and one reason why CCO is awful.

    • Michele

      The credit goes to Emmanuel Dunand. It is news, good news. I bet you hate those dirty playgirl and wrestling magazines you have hidden under your bed too…….

      • Who wrote this?

        I am a female. And I have nothing against gays or gay marriage, but the article was poorly written. I see they’ve changed it now so it’s more objective. Which is good.

        • swede

          I saw the garbage they put on KSTP, it was so bad they removed it. This one is slightly less biased.

    • PMH49

      And yet here you are.

    • swede

      I agree and the same article almost word for word was removed from KSTP.

  • Leann

    Did anyone honestly expect objectivety from WCCO?

    • Elmer Fudd

      Why don’t you FOX people crawl back under your KMSP rock.

      • Jerry

        Still thoughtful, eh, Elmer? You’re a dudd!

        • Mike

          Hey Jerry, isn’t it time to start whipping yourself into a frenzy for tomorrows holy day?

  • megan mccain

    michele bachman is a loser
    no one will vote for her not even her own friends

  • keel

    Bachman is a dunce…but keep the glitter in your panties, please…ridiculous…

    • Karen

      sounds like you got a little thing for Michele. Perhaps a fantasy going.

      • Mike

        Michele is like wax fruit. Looks great, but no substance, character or taste beyond that……….

  • linda

    Why should these people get that close to any of the candidates to even throw glitter on them. Nest time it could be a gun, just like the Senator from Arizona. Who knows what mad man lurks out there for his/her cause.

    • Mike

      Michele taught us with GWB how important touching people of power is……….

  • Joe

    I wish I could be glittered.

  • Minneapolis

    A new low when WCCO gives free advertising to LGBT via the video.

    • Mike

      WCCO towers above fox news, the entertainment program.

      • Stacie

        Hmmm. I did not see where FOX9 posted a link within its news story to an add for this group.

  • Paul

    I guess next up will be Republicans taking away my right to vote completely. Hmmm. Maybe if we relived the 1960s again, Republicans would be putting African American Civil Rights up for a public vote too. Let’s all vote on other minority rights. Funny how taking away gay rights is more of a priority than the budget for Republicans. For years I had believed in their philosophy of government but when they want to take away my rights, I realize this: If I’m not worthy of having rights, the Republicans shouldn’t get my vote because if they had it their way, I wouldn’t have the right to vote either.

    • Jerry

      Paul, you need to examine again who pushes for your constitutional rights and who wants big government. I’m sorry so many people like you are so easily confused. (and pushed around by scare-mongers) Following the constitution is a mandate – if you want something changed in the constitution (amendment) that’s another thing, but politicians stating their beliefs and standing by them has nothing to do with you losing your “rights”, but speaks to their good character. You have your right to vote for someone else anytime you don’t agree.

      Megan McCain, take note – a lot of us would vote for this woman of character – you may be an exception – but that’s your right!

      WCCO is no different than most liberal-leaning media – every once in a while Pat and Amelia actually pretend to be neutral! Wish they’d stick to the news, but that’s not gonna happen!

      • Mike

        Jerry, wish you would pull your head out of your derriere too……

      • v

        And yet here you are, Jerry.
        Did the FOX satellite crash or did you not pay your cable bill?

    • MnMike

      Guess Paul never studied history. It was the Republicans who helped past civil rights back in the 1960’s. Back when Al Gores father was fighting them. We all can remember Robert KKK bird Democrat who was once a KKK member.

      • Mike

        Democrats conquered dinosaurs, and everyone knows that was valiant too.

      • Dirk

        @ MnMike
        Perhaps you ought to read a little history. In the 60’s a southern Democrat was a conservative. Trent Lott and Phil Gramm were Democrats. Nelson Rockefeller, George Romney. Henry Cabbot Lodge, Arlen Spector, Lowell Scweicker, and William Scranton were all liberal Republicans. The department of health and human services was originally the department of health education and welfare was created by President Eisenhower. Earl Warren of Supreme court fame as being a liberal was Thomas Dewey’s running mate in 1948. Simpley put, to link the Republican party of today to the civil rights movement is asinine. Robert Byrd was a conservative, you can check out his voting record. The republican party was the party of the reconstruction in the south. It took years for the south to get over that.

  • whitey

    Michelle no one cares about you because you are a racist

    • A Wienerin Themouth

      geez, that comment took allot of thought.

  • donjuan

    We dont want Michelle Bachman we want Michelle Obama

  • osama bin laden

    hey michelle some where in Pakistana village is missing an idot

    • Michelle Cristy

      how were you able to get out?

  • obama

    some where in minnesota a village is missing two idots

    • Guy

      And one in Kenya is missing an entire family of them.

      • Glen

        Hey Kenya, we found your idiot. His name is Guy.

  • Joe

    It shouldnt matter if you are left or right. This behavior is a form of assault and needs to stop. These people need to be arrested. It may happen soon that it is a acid or something harmful. Whether you agree or disagree with someones view does not justify any form of assault. Your vote is the best way.

    • Jerry

      Linda and Joe, you are absolutely right. Doesn’t matter which side of an issue either. Best way for these bad behaviors to stop would be for media to quit creating such a big deal about them.
      But just more examples about overreactions to other people’s opinions. Glittering and name-calling are more of the same and do nothing to change others opinions, just offend and cause more reaction. We each get one vote (hopefully) and if we feel strongly we vote – that simple. Majority is still supposed to rule in this country.

      • James2

        Actually that’s true unless the majority become a tyranny against a minority in which case it’s the court’s responsibility to temper that. Voting on people to fence them out cannot stand. Romer vs Evans 1996

    • Nathan Kowalik

      What did our local law enforcement and personal security teams learn from Tuscon? Although I’m grateful for the fact that event security staff were on duty that day and that they promptly escorted Miss Lang out of the building, Miss Lang should have NEVER had the opportunity to approach Michelle at such close range. You’re absolutely right, Joe. People like Miss Lang need to be arrested for attempted assualt & battery on the spot and then be led out of the building by local law enforcement personnel.

      • Mike

        Did you read the article? “Bachmann never made eye contact with Lang and in fact walked through the crowd to supporting fans without any interruption.” It was a non event until the knuckledraggers showed up.

  • Victim Du Jour

    The media is inciting civil unrest by ignoring “Civil Unions”

    Gay BLTers have all the same rights as everyone else in the United States.

    Now they are brownshirting people who don’t support their gay supremacy movement.

    Call it the Gay Klux Klan

    • Mike

      Let’s start calling you what you really are, a mutant strain of venereal disease….

      • Victim Du Jour

        Network TV is so corny dude, like Meredith Baxter victim movies, and perfectly scripted courtroom dramas.

        Gay BLTers are trying too hard to speak victimese.

  • MnMike

    More childish action from a liberal. They claim to be the party of diversity, but in fact are from from it. The real hate comes from the left who can can’t handle someone having a different opinion.
    I see alot of childish name calling from people on the left reguarding Bachman. For example Keel above me called Bachman a dunce. Ever notice when a liberal name calls they can’t back it up with facts why they think she is a dunce in an adult manner

    • Mike

      Hey MmMike, I dare you to google Michele Bachman and look at her top 10 goofy quotes. Than come back and tell us how she doesn’t define the word, dunce……..
      I am imagining you in a clown suit with a down cast smile……..

    • Dirk

      @MnMike. Republicans diverse? Find me 100 gay people who are registered Republicans. Name me one African American currently in the US House or Senate who is a Republican?
      Here is Mike’s link.

  • Need a Crop Duster

    . Since, Ms. Lang doesn’t agree with Ms. Bachman’s values, she feels she has the right to assault her. But then Ms. Lang expects the rest of Minnesota and America to respect her and her values. Seems a little…….hypocritical. I think Ms. Lang would be surprised to find out that Michelle Bachman does indeed represent the values of many Minnesotans and many Americans – maybe even the majority. Better get a crop duster for all that glitter!

    • Mike

      Michele Bachmann represents insanity and the ignorant lemmings who follow her.

    • Chewheads Offowls

      We all know the liberals live for the protest! What else do they have to do? Only so many trees to hug and owls to save, and so little time! Live life to prove the rest of the world is wrong. What a waste of time. Hey, I heard they’re harpooning whales in the Northern Pacific, why don’t you all join the aliens with Greenpeace and get the hell out of here? With a little luck you might drown!

      • Norm

        Do you only see people as one extreme or another? Wishing death to those who do not think like you. I quest that would make you like a terrorist.

  • Lang is wrong and a dolt

    Freedom of speech doesn’t include throwing glitter on another person. That’s just stupid and childish behavior.

    • Nathan Kowalik

      I completely and wholeheartedly agree wit you on both counts.

    • Mike

      It made the news, and that is good enough for me…………

  • MrB

    A total waste of perfectly good glitter…..I mean she wears enough glitter the way it is!

  • Glittermize Me

    I’m thinking wearing glitter might become the new political statement. The flag pin in the lapel is so last year. Glitterize me!

    • Mike

      Just start hanging out with a bigoted Republican. It will happen sooner or later…….

  • Harvey's Milk

    The Glitterati movement reminds me of whiny.bratty,immature,noisy children. They’ve started this way too early & by next week they won’t be allowed close enough to the candidates to glitter them. So this is almost over. Poor planning by the BLTers. BTW,the BLTer seemed as foaming-at-the-mouth rabid as MB does!

  • Chris H

    I support gay marriage but this act was childish, immature and inappropriate. Technically you could say it is assault. It does nothing to further the cause.

    I have two questions that I am hoping someone who opposes gay marriage will answer. Why do you oppose it? Would you be ok with a civil union versus a marriage?

    • truss

      I would support a gay couple having the right to name each other as beneficiary on all aspects. I just don’t support them redefining marriage.

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