After her speech at the Republican Leadership Conference, I asked GOP presidential candidate and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann about her repeated claims that she has “raised” 23 foster children, a comment she reiterated in an interview with CNN following her speech. See the story here.
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  1. Slease says:

    Bachmann definition of lying: Misspeak

    1. Taxpayer says:

      Obama’s big lie:
      “As Americans, we all need to work together… blah… blah… blah…”

  2. mnmom2 says:

    Excuse me, how is it “attacking” Bachmann by taking a closer look at these foster children she claims to have raised? Where are they, by the way? Where are her natural-born children? If she’s the “earth mother” she claims to be (and SHE’s the one who has made it a significant part of her platform) then let’s see these kids. Let’s find out what kind of adults they have grown up to be and what they say about Michelle’s character. I don’t think this is out of line at all. In fact, the children have been conspicuously absent so far. That speaks volumes to me!

    1. Amanda H says:

      You people are like vultures! The kids are not running for president, she is. I’m sure they are leading their own lives, with kids, jobs, etc. So they should drop everything, go flying across the country and give interviews just so you can see what they’re up to? You have got to be kidding me.

  3. Joseph Rodela says:

    It’s not that there is fear of this treacherous harpy, it’s of those people who are so obviously easy to fool. With this ugly excuse for a human being spewing filth from her mouth, they can’t wait to line up, throw money at her and lap up her putrescence.

    1. Revdude1 says:

      I wilol give her money. Anything to T-OFF a lib. Since the money is going to a republican – that should give most of the libs a brain freeze trying to figure out why I am not giving it to some that moved to this state for the beni’s that liberals hand out lick they are piching it from a GLBT (Ithink thats right) Float on Hennepin Ave.

  4. flakecatcher says:

    Michele Bachmann will you tell me the story about how the pilgems landed on earth from outer space, you tell it so well lol when you put all of Michele Bachmann flubs miss information all togather in a clip you would have the real Michele Bachmann a bunch of flaky flubs now is this some one you would let hold the button that would or could end man kind or talk nucular affairs with other countries ha ha lol she would say{ thats not what i meant} when its about to end lol she raied 25 kids for the state and got paid from the tax payes to raise these kids now is this a hero or some one using the system to make a buck like she does now running for election make a buck keep her job if she loved children so much why is she not raising another 25 kids and why have not these children say what a great mom she was lol

    1. Holy crimmoli says:

      Good gawd….
      learn English

    2. GailMarie says:

      Okay (deep breath):
      It’s pilgrims, not pilgrems.
      It’s misinformation, not miss information.
      It’s someone, not some one.
      It’s nuclear, not nucular.
      It’s raised, not raied.
      It’s taxpayers, not tax payes.
      Please, if you want to sound like something other than a fool, learn how to spell. And even if you’re too lazy to do that, there’s a thing called “spellcheck,” you know.

  5. Larry Sr in Stillwater says:

    The problem I have with MB is I truly do not trust a single thing she has EVER said to be fact since so much is “mis-speak” or total BS we find out in time.
    I voted once for her – then the things started to surface or some ‘distortions” began anyway.
    She actually scares me in ways – like having a stick of unstable TNT in the trunk. It might be safe and do the job,, or it may blow me up along the way.
    The WH is to important to trust to a flake … it is that simple.

    1. Peace says:

      Thank you Larry! Very well put!

    2. goodguy says:

      so true. Keep voting democrat and we will keep flakes out of the WH. Also, I will alert the media that a politician has distorted the truth. The thing is, there is no negative story here. The woman took in foster keeps and gave them a stable place to live. That is pretty selfless. How many foster kids currently live in your residence?

  6. Boozers and Losers and Bachmann says:

    as Bachmann always says. Follow the money. lol

    How much did she scam the gubbermint outta anyway doing this? I thought she was a practicing attorney? I smell a rat in Bachmann clothing. lol
    I want to see her resume. Tax returns. Statements from the kids involved as she lies all the time. Lordy – I want to see her birth certificate too!

  7. Susan Dupree Keller says:

    You guys are hilarious. You elected basket cases like Jesse Ventura and that vile Al Franken to represent you and you are worried about Michele Bachmanns foster kids?

    1. Peace says:

      We aren’t worried about her foster kids, we’re examining a very misleading statement she made. That’s what you should expect when you’re running for the presidency. Everything you say will be scrutinized. If she is worthy and found to be credible in the eyes of the majority, she will win. I’m just enjoying the show, it gets more entertaining with each passing day!!

  8. goodguy says:

    For the love of god. This woman took 23 vulnerable kids into her house to help them out in a time of need. How many people can say that they have done the same? So some were a week, and some were a few years? How long do they have to stay with her, for it to be a selfless act? Find something better to attack her over.

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