Video: Juneteenth Celebrated, Remembered

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On Saturday, many in Minneapolis celebrated Juneteenth, the day on which the slaves were set free.

Despite the rain, the celebration included live music and a cook out. It was a chance for the Minneapolis community, which is still surrounded by signs of the tornado that caused so much destruction in the city, to celebrate their culture and respect those who suffered under slavery.

For more on the celebration, see Dave Wertheimer’s excellent video above.

  • Big Mistake

    Did we make a big mistake that day!

  • Mark Lavalla

    I wish the only option for comments was with only your Facebook profile and not anonymous that would stop most trolls

  • Jeff "Gangsta" J

    I didn’t realize Juneteenth was a day of the week.

    Oh well. As they were celebrating, I was working another 10 hour shift. I guess I’m the slave now.


  • Mark

    All of that food that they were grilling must have been donated. Its getting towards the end of the month, and most of those people’s welfare checks and food stamps have already been spent.

  • Tina

    ” It was a chance for the Minneapolis community……… to celebrate their culture and respect those who suffered under slavery”

    Sorry, but this is a culture that should not be celebrated.

  • Kevin The Troll

    Umm…not many people from the “White Community” were there……doesnt the “White Community” celebrate Juneteenth Day? Or do they celebrate Julyteenth Day, the day which Minnesota forced “Diversity” down their throats….

  • keel

    Personally, I look forward to Octoberteenth…my favorite!

  • Black Power

    And on Monday, many in Minneapolis celebrated Julyteenth Day. The day thousands of gang members shot and killed each other while celebrating Juneteenth Day, the day slaves were freed…..

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