By John Lauritsen

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (WCCO) — The countdown to a government shutdown has one 10-person Minnesota family especially worried, because they could lose thousands of dollars if a deal isn’t reached.

Jason and Jessica Neal have eight children. Six of the children are adopted, and five of them have health issues, like being exposed to alcohol and cocaine before they were born. The family receives assistance from the state to help deal with their children’s health problems.

“Some people ask us if we are insane having such a large family,” Jason Neal said. “We are very blessed and we have a lot of fun as a family.”

The Neal’s can have as many as five doctor’s appointments a day, and they need thousands of dollars in prescription drugs to keep their children healthy. Right now, medical and adoption assistance covers the costs, but if lawmakers can’t agree on a budget, that could change.

“As a parent of eight children, we compromise all day long. I need grown-ups to compromise now. I need them to do this,” Jessica Neal said.

She said with no assistance they will have to come up with $27,000 next month. The Neal’s have a lot of family and a lot of faith. Jason is a Pastor, so they are praying for a compromise and for the future of their children.

If a budget deal isn’t reached, one Neal child, Malachi, many need to have surgery for a tumor in his stomach before the government shuts down.

“It is a scary thing to think about. What would it do to us long-term? How would we recover financially long-term? We just don’t know,” Jason Neal said.

The Neal’s say a shutdown would likely force them to ask family and friends for help in paying for medical bills.

The good news is that adoption assistance is on a list of critical services Gov. Dayton would like to see protected in case of a shutdown.

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  1. Jason says:

    Shut it down! We will all be okay. In fact we will all be better off taking care of ourselves. Government is not the answer.

    1. Corey says:

      You make me sick, these people DESPERATELY need help and here you are saying “SHUT IT DOWN” Just because you may have insurance and would be okay if the “SO CALLED” government shut down doesn’t mean they should take away from Seniors, poor families, and people with physical and mental disabilities, let me ask you a question, would Jesus, Our Lord and Savior take this help away from families in need? I think not. The government needs to buy a heart for each and every one of them working in our state and help the people in need.

      1. Mark from says:

        Feel free to donate your check to help these people

      2. tiredofhandouts says:

        I say shut it down and my daughter is on medical assistance but she needs to learn to provide for her own family as me and her father did and quit getting the hand out. I wish I can go to the Dr. whenever I wanted and not have to pay for it. Shut it down they wanted those kids they can learn to take care of them.

        1. emily0886 says:

          Wow….I am pretty sure you weren’t a single paren though, working and going to school full time and trying to provide for your child!! I can’t believe you would even say that about your own kid.

        2. love thy child says:

          you make me sick life is not like it was back in the day and it never will be so help your daugher you brought her in to this world for god sake

        3. tiredofhandouts says:

          She is 30 years old it is time she starts taking responsibility for her family and she knows how I feel and we do have nice talks and she actually agrees she even told me she is a procrasnator(. <- spelled wrong). So don't go accusing me of my parenting or about being a parent at least I she can come to me and I won't sugar coat things for her I tell it as it is and have since she turned into an adult and started having kids.

          1. tiredofhandouts says:

            Oh as far as helping her she was living with a drug addict (her Dad’s girlfriend) I did take her in for 3 1/2 years her 3 children me and 2 cats and her in a small 2 bedroom home. We made it work it was hard and we did argue about her not getting a full time job or finishing her high school so she can take care of her family and we hugged each other and had many trials. She is working and moving into her new home this month 2 1/2 blocks from me and thanks me everyday for doing what I did for her. I love her with all my heart and she does appreciate it so do I because I got so see my grand kids everyday and we are sad but happy at the same time she is moving out but she is learning to rely on herself slowly but doing it and she made sure she can’t have anymore kids because she is having a hard time with these 3 she does not have 8 or 11. So no one has the right to judge me.

            1. Huh? says:

              Awe, you are such an awesome parent. Since you didn’t even raise your own child, maybe you would like to raise one or two of the children in MN who are waiting to be adopted. With your daughter and her family moving out, you should have plenty of room. You would rather dump your daughter on a drug addict then take a handout so you could raise her yourself?

              1. theyareallfullofit says:

                To HUH? and Disagree.

                Excuse me she was an adult living with her dad and his girlfriend and my three grandchildren the house was condemmed. Before her fathers she had a full time job and lost that and her apartment so she had no choice but to move in with family members I went from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom 8 months before her and the kids moved in with me. So I did raise my daughter and like I told her when she moved in I cannot take care of her or her children she needs to do that she paid me rent from her part time job and pitched in with the food she had to do this because I could not afford it but I can give her a roof over her head. and I did. Now she is able to get her own place and I both of us (dad and me) keep bugging her about going back to get her GED or high school and I will watch the kids.

                1. disagree says:

                  so why didn’t she finish high school, as a parent it is your job to make sure your child gets up and goes to school and does their work to get an education. My 14 yr old once asked why he had to go to school and I told him it is his job right now. Just like his dad and i have jobs to go to everyday school is his job and he is expected to get good grades. I don’t care if I would have to go sit in the classroom with any of my kids to get them to go to school and get good grades I would do it. Maybe you needed to be a little more harsh with her back then instead of now. If you know your daughter is living with a drug addict shame on you for not getting your grandchildren out of that environment. Right there makes me question your parenting/grandparenting skills.

        4. disagree says:

          maybe you should have tought your daughter how to be more responsible and not to depend on someone else to foot the bill for her. This family is why the whole govt needs a make over, these people did a wonderful thing by taking in kids that no one else wanted and this is what medical assistance should be used for, this family is who should be receiving govt help not some one like your child that is capable of working and having to buy her own health insurance just like any other normal person. Obviously when you were raising your daughter she somehow got it in her head that getting a hand out is better than working. My parents worked very hard to raise my sisters and me we never had a lot of money and they never got help from the govt. They taught us that you provide for you family and you take the responsibility of bettering yourself so that your children can have better than you had.

          1. theyareallfullofit says:


            “maybe you should have tought your daughter how to be more responsible and not to depend on someone else to foot the bill for her. z”

            1- She had a full time job and lost it lost her apartment and everything in it.
            2- she moved in with her father and girlfriend because I had only a 1 bedroom.
            3- I took her and the kdis in because the house got condemmed and she did not want her kids around a drug addict.
            4- She started working part time prior to moving in with me. She paid me rent up until June of this year because her and the kids are moving into there own home because her part-time job is now full time.
            5 – I told her if she went to night school I would watch the kdis for her. It is only 3 nights a week.
            6- She did pitch in for half of the food in these 3 1/2 years she stayed with me and helped with the house cleaning..
            7- One year she became my care giver for 2 months because I had a heart attack.
            She she is not perfect but she is becoming more repsonsible for her actions.

          2. Don'tmakechoicesforothers. says:

            We did make sure she got up and went to school but like me once she got there she left (I got my GED a year later after I was suppose to graduate and have been at this job for 10 years, another banking facility for 5 years prior) she was of age when she quit and moved out. She has been working except 2 years out of that time from 18 – 30. it took her that long to get a job but once she hooked on to this one and a couple years later they increased her hours to full time. Benefits I didn’t ask about. My son had no problems he graduated and is doing very well not rich well but very stable and has a good home for his family. Like I said she is not perfect and I would like to see one kid or adult who is. We are all human we all make mistakes but learning from them is what counts. She can’t undo the past but she can change the future.

          3. Don'tmakechoicesforothers. says:

            One more thing Disagree my mom and dad divorced but my mom did not get a hand out from anyone all five of us kids were clothed through goodwill, but we had food on the table even at times we had to have the same thing over and over. She worked thank goodness close to home so we would go up and meet her, she went through her second child having a stroke at 17 even than she did not ask for a hand out even though the medical bills and the hospital to Sister Kinney were overwhelming at times. When I had my kids I took those same values and went to second hand stores, I even sewed made jeans for my kids dad and shirts too. I still sew until this day even though I can afford to buy a new shirt or pants. I love my homemade mac and cheese. Where she got the laziness I don’t know her dad worked 2 jobs I worked one.

      3. Jason says:

        You must be family or a close neighbor to know them so well. What did we all do 100 yrs ago without government interferance into every aspect of our lives? How did our gg parents do it? What are you going to do when those of us that pull this wagon stop?

      4. Drunken Dissed Orderly says:

        “would Jesus, Our Lord and Savior take this help away from families in need?”

        Nope. Nor will he be offering it. Might want to find a stronger crutch. Sounds like you’re falling down with this one.

    2. Dave says:

      27000 a month. Thats obscene. If you couldn’t afford these kids, you shouldn’t have adopted them. You don’t deserve MY money to raise YOUR kids.

      1. Citizen says:

        @Dave. These kids were born and needed care. It is more expensive to house kids in an institution than a private home. And which situation is better? Or is your solution to leave them out in the woods somewhere to die.

    3. emily0886 says:

      Dumbest thing I have ever heard!!

      1. emily0886 says:

        To shut it down..I agree that we should help them, they helped those kids by adopting them and providing them with love! Pretty sure the mom that was on cocaine and alcohol would have been on assistance too but instead trading her food stamps to a drug dealer to get her fix….not to feed her baby. I would rather have them get the help because you know those kids are in a good place. Why is everyone always out for themselves….have a heart and come together as we should!

    4. jason makes me sick says:

      would you feel that way if that were your sister or if you were in their shoes you are pathetic

  2. Marek says:

    Oh please. Stop the posturing. It’s time to act like good citizens, like the best of our religious (or nonreligious) values and compromise to protect families like this and others who are doing their best. I am sick of the political posturing. We can treat each other better while working to reform and create efficiency, but we don’t need to be punitive or impetuous.

    1. Ben says:

      So right. Unfortunately, the comments field is just starting…let the trolling begin! What do you have for us, Victim Du Jour?

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        I Wonder how much “Adopted Kid Tumor Stomach Surgery money” is the Minnesota Judicial Branch going spend punishing a Catholic Priest for having consensual sex with an “Adult” woman.

        And gays think they are the only ones being persecuted.

    2. Jason says:

      Can you believe you can take care of yourself? I take care of my family can you? Has nothing to do with politics buddy. More self reliance less self loathing.

      1. c1627 says:

        So this family is to let these children die after taking disabled children and children into their home that were in need?~ If you really think we as a community should step up to the plate for children that have nowhere else to be then I think you should be the first, along with the rest of those that have no compassion. As I have stated in all of my other posts… be careful what you wish for, it can happen to anyone and you may just get it!

      2. Reality says:

        You take care of yourself and your family without the help of the government? Do you send your children to public school? Do you drive on the road? Do you go to libraries? Do you get mail? Do you eat in restaurants or ride on public transportation? Do you need me to go on and on or have I already given you more food for thought then you’ll ever be able to digest?

        1. Sam says:

          I’m sure that he does, however, I’m also sure he pays taxes, property taxes, and pays all other associated costs that go with raising a family. I’m in total agreement with Jason, if you can’t cover the costs to raise them then don’t do it.

          1. Reality says:

            Am I missing something? Sam, are you telling me that Pastor’s don’t pay taxes? Where do you get this information?

            1. Dennis says:

              No I’m sure that the good pastor pay’s his taxes, but socialized healthcare isn’t covered in your taxes. Your examples of raods, schools, libraries, mail; he gets all those benefits that he pays his taxes for just like everyone else. I pay my taxes just like he does, but I’ve chosen not to have 8 children because I made the responsible decision not to have kids unless I (yes read that as “I” as in me personally) can support them. No help above and beyond. Simply put, they shouldn’t have legally been permitted to adopt this many kids requring that much support…..plain and simple

              1. Citizen says:

                @Dennis. They chose to adopt 5 special needs children who probably had no place to go except an institution which is more expensive. Guess you and the rest of the conservative posters think people should adopt these kids for free? Or, better yet, leave them in the woods to die.

              2. Drunken Dissed Orderly says:

                “Pay’s” is not a word.

                1. Duh says:

                  Is that the only typo/grammar error you could come up with on this sight? You need some education if that is the only one you caught.

          2. emily0886 says:

            Idiots!! I work…so I obviously pay taxes, but I also go to school full time so I can be self sufficient entirely some day. I still can not afford to raise my son without that help…I can’t even afford to live on my own. I rely on my daycare assistance so I can be a tax payer…some of you people are so ignorant it makes me sick! Not all children are planned but that doesn’t mean you just don’t take care of them..pull your head out!

            1. JMJ says:

              I didn’t get assistance at 19 with my first, went to school and had not 1, not 2; but 3 jobs. And i have never received child support. You spread your legs so get over yourself. Your child should not be the tax payers problem.

        2. tiredofhandouts says:

          I also pay taxes to help with these things to use them, I pay bus fare to ride buses and when the fares go up I pay for that too. So I already am paying and why should I pay for other peoples medical bills when I have to pay my own.

      3. Mike says:

        Please tell us your not part of a socialized insurance pool?
        How do you get to work, because those roads were paid by all of us.
        Ever need the police or fire department in YOUR world?
        Public schools?
        Your in it with all of us, whether you understand that or not, it seems to be your problem.

  3. :) says:

    If your gonna have 8 kids, you should have the means to support 8 kids without the help of tax payers. Enough using the sytem by having or adopting more kids just to receive additional support……

    1. :( says:

      @:) They’re doing a lot more to help by adopting unwanted children than you are by complaining.

      1. cory says:

        but what good does it do to adopt kids if you cant afford them. the problem with america today is everyone exets a handout from the overnment.

        1. Reality says:

          You do not understand the difference between infant adoption and special needs adoption. Most people are blind when it comes to special needs adoptions. Do you know that there are currently over 600 children in this state waiting to be adopted? Do you know that without people like these to step forward these kids will live in foster homes until they turn 18 and then many will end up in jail? Do you know how expensive it is the have a child in a foster home? You would rather these kids sat in fostercare with social workers, guaridan ad litems, judges, therapists, doctors, clothing, food, etc, etc, etc, being paid for with tax dollars? The amount of adoption assistance payments is minimal in comparison to the amount that is spent on a child who lives in foster care and then is let loose at age 18 without the support of a family. These kids come from families where they are physically, emotionally and sexually abused. Some of them have witnessed the death of family members, gone days without eating, been lookouts for deadbeat parents who steal and lived in “homes” where they sleep in their own feces and urine. None of them asked to be born into these families. Most special needs adopted kids come with high medical issues and have been exposed to drugs and alcohol inutero. Best case scenerio is that a family will step forward, except the abuse and misery that these kids will put them through, and the kids will eventually become productive members of our society. Reality is that almost all of these kids will drain the family mentally, emotionally and financially. In a perfect world, I’m sure our government would love to take a family who can support these kids financially without adoption assistance, but that isn’t an option. Spend a little time reading on the internet what it takes to be the parent of a special needs adopted child, and then if you still think you are so tough, go through the process and adopt one or two of them yourself. Adoption assistance payments are available to ANYONE who wants to adopt a MN Waiting Child. We live in a sad, sad world. Our government gives kids away and will even help support their very high medical needs and there is STILL a huge, shortage of parents to step forward.

            1. Glen says:

              but will the rubes understand? Jason?

          1. Dennis says:

            Hence why there should be social sterilization program, I’d love to pay for that. Enough drug addict/alcoholics being able to have kids when they’re unable to take care of them and then just give them up for adoption!

          2. tiredofhandouts says:

            Were not saying not to adopt but if you can’t afford to help 8 than help 2, they chose 8 and they need to pay for those 8. Do the adoption thing within your means so you can take care of them. Everyone is so dependent on the Government no matter if your Rep or Dem. There was no help until the 1930’s we have gotten soft and too dependent on the Government to solve all our problems.

            1. Citizen says:

              Hey, Dennis & tiredofhandouts. How about the wealthy take on the 600 kids? How about you two take on a couple of special needs kids? Just one apiece. And really Dennis, a social sterilization program. Sounds like China’s one child law, to me. Are you serious?

              1. tiredofhandouts says:

                Sorry Citizen I would adopt one but at this time I can’t afford it. Oh there see some common sense I can’t afford it so I can’t do it. Than wait all of you who think the government should help this family with the hand out maybe I should do it anyway adopt 5 and ask for the handout even though I know I can’t afford it on my own. Sorry I am wiser and smarter than that I will not live passed my means and I will not put innocent children in that type of life style struggling 1 day at a time not knowing if I can afford their medicines and I will not be dependent on the Government they are too much in our lives already.

                1. John says:

                  Ok the kid needs to be somewhere. There are no institutions for these kids. They are placed in foster care. The medical expenses get paid regardless, but now you are also paying a foster parent. Which situation is better for the taxpayer? Or is it as Citizen said, just go throw the kids somewhere out into the woods? Put them in a sack and throw them in the Mississippi?

            2. tired of selfish people says:

              They didn’t choose to adopt 8 they adopted 6 of the 8 four of which were siblings. Two of the siblings twins. So while they could choose to separate children who have already suffered separation and hard ship they choose to love all of them and give all of them a home.

          3. Mae says:

            Well stated. I agree with everything. I am the parent of siblings adopted from MN Waiting Children with one being special needs. Until you have adopted and been in this situation…YOUR OPINION MATTERS NOT!!!!! You don’t know what it’s like emotionally and physically. So for those of you who say raise you own kids…POO POO TO YOU…I’m raising someone else’s kids who was too irresponsible to care for them and believe me they are much better off with me.

    2. c1627 says:

      Ummm, no one else is willing to take in children that are in need of this kind of care. PLEASE STEP UP TO THE PLATE!!! Ans those in nursing homes with no family, PLEASE STEP UP TO THE PLATE! ~ If someone “WITH” money actually stepped up to the plate, like these “GREEDY” corporate companies that we bailed out, yes that was MY MONEY, then they would not have had to do this… I would have rather my money went to this family then the CEO’s that got to keep their luxury homes, vacations, cars, cell phones etc… And after they “SCREWED UP”. No one took care of me when I lost my job!! I cut back all of my bills, got rid of my cell phone etc… And even owed MN state taxes at tax time and I was by no means raking in the dough and I have kids. What a shame. The middle class is being driven into the ground and yes, I believe we who have paid in for years deserve something from this, so if this family needs the help give them my portion.


  4. hes covered says:

    He is a pastor. Guaranteed if he mentions this to his congregation he will receive more than he needs in donations from good christians.

    1. c1627 says:

      The church couldn’t afford it. Start Googling “special needs” children costs and then times that by 8. Do your research before you speak.

  5. john says:

    There must be something important missing from this story. Since the medical needs of the children are covered by insurance which is in force even during a shutdown, I fail to see how the parents are going to need $27,000? Are they actually normally receiving “assistance” of $27,000 a month from the State in addition to the insurance covered medical expenses? If so, how can it cost that much for 6 adopted children per month, where does that money go? That can’t be right.

    1. sam says:

      The money goes into there pocket. I’m sure they also recieve about 1700 a month in food stamps, section 8 housing, probably a rather nice home, and a vehicle or 2 bought and paid for by the state as well. Insurance probably is covered as well.

      1. Reality says:

        Are you kidding me? What state program pays for vehicles? You have yet to have a comment here that could be taken seriously. You have made it quite clear that you know NOTHING about the situation. We’ve all heard your ignorance loud and clear.

        The point of the article was that the state shutdown will seriously hurt some families. I choose not to send my kids to public schools, but I don’t criticize those who use my tax dollars to educate their children. You choose not to adopt special needs children, but you really shouldn’t be bashing those who do.

        1. Jim says:

          You don’t know what program pays for vehicles? Cash assistance? When they literally mail you a check that you can go spend on cigarettes or a car?

  6. Spectre says:

    Teapublican’s…I never really got the joke…till now…they are the devil’s minion

    1. tiredofhandouts says:

      I am neither Rep. or Dem. I wish they both would go away and we start over with all of them too because both sides are acting like children. The point is if you can’t take care of your family than you should not have so many children. Even in the 70’s early 80’s we could not afford more than 2 and so my husband and I stopped and had no more because reality we could not afford anymore. People need to learn to live within their means and if 5 special children are too much for them to help on their own than they should not have adopted so many.

  7. sam says:

    Either get a job that provides insurance for your family and take care of your family or place them in an state run orphanage. Nobody can tell me that it costs 27,000 in medical alone to raise those kids…..hell, I know family’s twice as large that are making do with have that a year!
    Either stand on your own and quit trying to make a living off the state or forget it. I know it wouldn’t cost 350,000 a year in a state run orphanage…….

    1. c1627 says:

      Stare researching Sam! I am a type 1 diabetic and one bottle of insulin costs between 400 and 600.00 and type 1 diabetics are on two different types of insulin. This also does not include the syringes, test meter, test strips along with having a low immune system and getting sick all of the time and then there are the complications from it. HMMMM, aren’t you the lucky one to be so healthy. Type 1 diabetics DO NOT get diabetes from being overweight and not eating healthy. It is a heredtary disease that most get when they are children. And Sam, both of my boys are type 1 diabetics. UNLESS YOU RESEARCH PLEASE DON’T POST.~ I know firsthand what it costs for medical and even with insurance it is unbelievable!!

    2. Wow! says:

      Oh, that’s a grand idea! Then when these kids grow up they can be disfunctional and go on to have more disfunctional children!

      Do I have this straight? You know a family that has 20 people and they live on $13,500 a year? I am DYING to learn their secrets. Can WCCO do a segment with them? Do they have 18 children? How many of their kids have high medical bills from being exposed to drugs and alcohol and severe abuse? 18 children still living at home must mean they have an average of one child each year. I’m guessing with such a tight budget they don’t use formula for their infants so that is one heck of a staggering fertility rate. Either WCCO is missing an amazing opportunity for a news article or you are a little confused in your stats.

    3. Nelson says:

      Your compassion as a human being is overwhelming. There is no state run orphanage. It is called foster care. Medical costs are medical costs regardless of where the kids live. It would be better if you learned to read as the story clearly stated that the money is for medical costs. One HIV+ kid and there goes the budget.

  8. sick kid says:

    Wow. I spent a lot of time writing down my thoughts on this, and my post wasn’t even posted. What’s going on here?

    1. sick kid says:

      I’m really curious. How were my comments offensive or objectionable to the extent that they couldn’t be posted? The answer: they weren’t. Maybe it was a long post, but I see posts longer than mine that weren’t withheld from being posted. Maybe it’s a website glitch, but if not, it’s not fair to not post a person’s comments when there is no reason to withhold them, especially when a person has put a lot of thought into the words they’ve written down.

  9. sick kid says:

    To those of you who are insulting this family: You have NO IDEA what it’s like to be a sick kid or the parent of a sick kid. Let me tell you what it’s like to be a sick kid. We spend a huge portion of our lives in hospitals and clinics by no fault of our own. Don’t you dare push your extreme views on us and tell us that it’s somehow our fault that we’re in this predicament. You have NO IDEA how much an office visit to a SPECIALIST costs. Hundreds of dollars. That’s right, we don’t really end up seeing our primary care doctors a whole lot because we oftentimes need specialty care. Add tests into the already insane costs of specialist office visits, and you have a very expensive bill to pay. Now, add up the amount of doctors’ appointments we have every month, and you’re talking hundreds and thousands of dollars. So yeah, this family is absolutely right when they say the shutdown is going to affect them greatly in terms of finances. They have done a great thing by adopting kids who they knew had problems, and yet they accepted them as their own children. How any of you can find it in your hearts to belittle them for that is beyond reproach. You have NO IDEA how heart wrenching it is for a parent to see their kids endure serious illnesses and associated treatments. These parents are doing their very best to support their kids, but they see the lawmakers acting like 3 year olds. Instead of taking care of their constituents, these politicians are screwing over people in the name of political gain. As a sick kid (technically adult now) with a serious and debilitating disease, I can tell you that it’s nothing less than TERRIFYING to be in a situation like this where you don’t know how you’re going to get the money to pay off your medical bills and pay for the medications that are keeping you alive and/or allowing you to function. So to all whom it may concern, don’t insult this family and blame their kids’ medical situation(s) on them. Have a heart, and act like a CIVIL HUMAN BEING. When peoples’ lives are on the line, POLITICAL GAMES have to stop.

  10. sick kid says:

    To those of you who are insulting this family: You have NO IDEA what it’s like to be a sick kid or the parent of a sick kid. Let me tell you what it’s like to be a sick kid. We spend a huge portion of our lives in hospitals and clinics by no fault of our own. Don’t tell us that it’s somehow our fault that we’re in this predicament. You have NO IDEA how much an office visit to a SPECIALIST costs. Hundreds of dollars. That’s right, we don’t really end up seeing our primary care doctors a whole lot because we oftentimes need specialty care. Add tests into the already insane costs of specialist office visits, and you have a very expensive bill to pay. Now, add up the amount of doctors’ appointments we have every month, and you’re talking hundreds and thousands of dollars. So yeah, this family is absolutely right when they say the shutdown is going to affect them greatly in terms of finances. They have done a great thing by adopting kids who they knew had problems, and yet they accepted them as their own children. How any of you can find it in your hearts to belittle them for that is beyond reproach. You have NO IDEA how heart wrenching it is for a parent to see their kids go serious illnesses and associated treatments. They are doing their very best to support their kids, but they see the lawmakers acting like 3 year olds. Instead of taking care of their constituents, these politicians hurting people in the name of political gain. As a sick kid with a serious and debilitating disease, I can tell you that it’s nothing less than TERRIFYING to be in a situation like this where you don’t know how you’re going to get the money to pay off your medical bills and pay for the medications that are keeping you alive and/or allowing you to function. So to all whom it may concern, don’t insult this family and blame their kids’ medical situation(s) on them. Have a heart, and act like a CIVIL HUMAN BEING. When peoples’ lives are on the line, POLITICAL GAMES have to stop.

    1. sick kid says:

      I guess it was a website glitch. It worked the 4th time I tried to post it. 🙂

    2. Anna says:

      Maybe it is time to pass a bill, that states if an elected leader misses work they are not paid it is “personal time off”, and if they do not meet deadlines they lose their medical benefits, and salary. If this would happen they would make sure to have a balanced budget! They would also be present more than 50% of the time they are in session. Hmmmmm just like we do at our jobs!!

      1. Mike says:

        Maybe you should run for office instead of complaining here all the time.

    3. Mark from says:

      Hey Sicko Kid, Please explain to me why these people are raising kids if they cant afford them. You play the victim well, but we all see through you

      1. old nurse says:

        There is something that you haters out there just don’t get. It is called compassion. The family is not taking money for anything but medical. These kids would have medical needs regardless of where they lived, So expand that pea brain of yours a little bit to think. These kids we wards of the state. In foster care the caretakers make money, when they adopt them, the care takers don’t.. So figure out from your taxes standpoint that less money is being spent. Stupidity and hatred from people today

        1. tiredofhandouts says:

          OLD Nurse you must of have been the evil one my sister got when she had her stroke. Were not saying not to adopt special needs kids, duh look at the posts were saying if you can’t stay within your means and have to have handouts to do it than don’t adopt so many.

          1. old nurse says:

            And you still could not answer the question of costs. Somebody pointed out there were 600 kids waiting to be adopted. In foster care their medical needs are still being paid for as well as paying for the foster care and the agencies that support foster care. If you adopt them out and continue to pay for the costs then it is cheaper. I don’t think many of the posters have figured out how much work and medical issues a special needs kid is.Without the medical support no family is going to adopt them. Tag that onto some company’s insurance plan and watch the rates soar. Again, as Citizen stated, are you going to throw them out in the woods?

        2. Jason says:

          Giving ends when taking begins. We have a finite amount of resources in my family. Who here says your son is more important than mine? If I have to work for that gallon of milk on my table would you take my sons glass and take for yourself. But maybe its okay to do if someone else does the taking. {GOVERNMENT}

    4. tiredofhandouts says:

      And what makes and adult less than a child? I know adults who have Dibetes, MS, and cancer all whom I work with and they are not getting handouts and our insurance does not cover one medicine that the woman needs for MS. These three people do not run to the government to get a hand out. So why should we use our money to help those who choose to have 8 sick kids.

  11. Anna says:

    Okay, it is time to grow up and balance the budget, not everyone will get their way. For the greater good of those people ( children and mentally handicap) whom are innocent in all this mess, come to work everyday and do your job that you have been elected to do!

  12. Robert Brunner says:

    Oh god I just love this liberal comment “We are very blessed and we have a lot of fun as a family.” ….? well liberal don’t you think it’s high time you paid your own way through life? Humm maybe that’s why MN is broke.

    1. Huh? says:

      The family was trying to be positive. The reality of special needs adoption is that much of life still sucks for these kids because even though they are now living in a good home they still have high special needs and multiple scars that their biological families left them with. I don’t know what liberal is, and I doubt that these kids do either. I do know tthat without their meds life is going to be a lot less fun for them. Do non-liberals not believe in having fun? That’s sad. 😦

      1. Mark from says:

        @HUH Define special needs for us.

        1. Huh? says:

          Save me the time and do a google search to educate yourself.

    2. MIke says:

      Robert Brunner
      The state is not broke, it is suffering from tax cuts and underfunding expenditures.
      If the Republicans actually had a system of governing that worked, we would have no unemployment as a result of cutting taxes since Ronald Reagan was in office.
      Where are those jobs?

  13. abc says:

    Adoption assistance is a federal program. I don’t understand why MN not being able to settle on a budget should stop payments from this program.

    1. adoption worker says:

      Adoption assistance is a federal program but each state ends up pays a lot as they administrate all of it and the state has to kick in cost also. I agree that each family should have the means to pay for the children they adopt, they are their children at that point and they have agreed to care for them. If the parent is working the law states they will be covered on their insurance. So instead of adopting children as a business and getting the income, just like foster care, they should be required to be able to support them by Working outside the home and not using the kids as income behind the face of a family.

  14. Desert Rose says:

    We need to stop electing millionaires/billionaires

  15. April says:

    I have no problem with families such as this one receiving state/government assistance to provide a healthy, stable home for children who, through no fault of their own, were born with severe health issues and disabilities. There are very few families who are willing to take on the responsibility of these very medically fragile children. It isn’t just a matter of a couple medications a day for some of them. I would be willing to bet that some of them require 24 hour nursing care which is quite costly. It’s easy to say “if you can’t afford to care for them then you should have them/adopt them”. But what is the alternative? These kids are often abandoned or given up by their biological parents who don’t want to deal with what they have created (drug addicted and fetal alcohol syndrome children). They would then become a ward of the state and end up in foster care, which is just as, if not more, costly.

  16. Rico Suave says:

    Go ahead, be a ward of the state. Arrange your entire existence around food, housing, medical care, clothing and whatever else you can get from government. Let the government become the source for everything you can’t live without. Depend upon government so much that you might actually die if they didn’t keep helping you. Then you will be beholden to no one but your blessed state. There are many in government who love the idea of you needing them for every last detail of your life. Just don’t be so foolish and naive to think your government won’t fail you. As sure as night follows day it will.

    1. April says:

      I can’t believe I am even wasting my time replying to someone like you but here it goes anyway….

      We are talking about children here!! Children who, even if they weren’t severely mentally or physically handicapped, would not be capable of taking care of themselves. They are not now nor will the ever be self-sufficient members of society, through no fault of their own. They are not to blame!! And these children will one day, if the don’t succumb to their illnesses, become adults who are physically incapable of caring for themselves. So if a family wants to bring them into their home and provide a safe, loving environment for them to live and grow, I have no problem with the government providing them with financial assistance.

  17. Mark from says:

    Why are these clowns adopting when they cant afford to raise them?

  18. Mark from says:

    Cut the entitlement programs

  19. Pat says:

    After reading these comments I feel like I’m trapped in a Dickens novel. You do realize that Any Rand was a fiction writer, don’t you?

    Not every one in our society wants to be the biggest, baddest, most money grubbing capaitalist in the jungle. Some of us want to do good works, lead quite lives and help others around us serve their term. Government is a social agreement to try and mitigate the two ends of that economic problem, and put some humanity into the economic mix so that all of us can survive.

    Self reliance is a great thing as long as you are on top of the heap. If you are located at the bottom of the economic pile and lack either the strength, or health, or brains to climb up, you are screwed for life, UNLESS government steps in to give you a hand. That is what good government does for people. Get used to it!

  20. StraycatStrut says:

    All this commentator BS……. is caused from Govenor DemaDumb that has no clue whats he’s doing (hiding under his desk still?). The legislature passed the budget with an increase. Sign the budget and get MN back at it and everyone will be happy. Then fix some problems internally over the next few years for the future. Current MN AMT tax will take care of $$ for the high incomers already thru Sch M1 (its called State income tax). Lets get going and make this goof on Summit Ave work for his money.

  21. Angus says:

    The ignorance shown by people who have never faced true hardship is truly amazing! Everything is fine in their own little world and they can never understand what is happening to families like these mentioned in the article. However, I am certain many of these ignorant people will go to church on Sunday, piously pray, and proclaim themselves good Christians. Somewhere the message of how to be a good Christian is lost. I wish no harm to anyone but if someone has to be hit with hardship it would be fitting it hit one of these sanctimonious persons who might then realize they need help.

    1. tiredofhandouts says:

      It is not fine in my little world I am dealing with my own medical issues besides the 3 women I work with I used in another post. I have 7 medicines I have to take a day and a couple are very expensive but do you see me running to get a hand out I take care of myself and learned how. I can post my medicines if you don’t believe me.

      1. Reality says:

        When your medications become more than you can afford, you will turn to the government for help, or you will die. Either way, it will be a good lesson for you.

  22. Jake says:

    I just knew that WDFL would come up with another ‘crocodile tear’s’ story related to dayton’s government shutdown. Last week, it was the African American family from N. Mpls with 11 kids that got hit by the tornado, well at least they are showing some diversity by presenting a caucasian family this time, maybe they think if they show a white family in distress, most Minnesotans will call their Republican legislators and plead for them to cave in. Won’t be me. WTH are you doing adopting SO MANY ‘special needs’ children if you depend on the GOVERNMENT SO MUCH for assistance?? Don’t you get TONS of TAX DEDUCTIONS for doing this?? Something REALLY STINKS about this story, there is a lot that is MISSING HERE, folks. Don’t get sucked into this ‘potential disaster’ so easily.

  23. don't worry, be happy says:

    Welfare mothers,
    Make better lovers,
    Out on the street with the whole family now.
    Neil Young

  24. kevin says:

    You people are missing the real problem here. It’s the people that procreated these children. They need to have there asses handed to them. And I’ll bet the state is suppling them with monthly welfare checks. Enough is enough with these welfare rats ,If the state does not start weeding these people out and stop supporting them they will distroy this state.When the state budgets are finally passed the needs to be a fraud unit started and review all social service recipients for there eligibility.

  25. Citizen of Minnesota says:

    Easier to teach accounting to a Democrat than compassion to a Rethuglican.

  26. Joe says:

    My wife and I adopted a child 10 years ago. We didn’t recieve any goverment help, didn’t expect to. This ONE familly will need —$ 27000.00 — next month to pay for the needs of these children. They need up to –5– hosptal visits, at times, in one day. This is what just one familly is costing us. Granted this is an extreme case, but how many others are getting goverment support because they can’t take care of themself or there own.
    So I am going to chip in to help these people out, and there neighbor just up the rode. They have a parent that needs to be in a nursing home that they can’t pay for. Then there is there neighbor just down the rode from them that needs a new roof on there house. And we don’t have to go far from there to find more people that expects me and you to help them out. Now with helping all these people out I need help because I have no money to pay my own bills.
    I hope that when I can no longer take care of myself that I’ll be treated like a beloved pet and be put to rest.

    1. abc says:

      Let me guess…you adopted an infant or a child from another country. Why? There are plenty of homes for infants, and why would you bring another child into this country when we already can’t provide for our own? Be a real man and adopt a child who has a need. This “ONE family” is not using $27,000. The children they adopted are using that in medical bills. If you or someone else had adopted them would their medical bills have been cheaper? I feel sorry for your child being raised in home filled with such ignorance and hatred for life.

  27. Where's the congregation? says:

    Before there was government, there was the benevolence and compassion of your neighbor and your church community. We need to return to taking care of each other and leave the government to the task of taking care of the greater whole (security, education, infrastructure, etc.). Don’t tell me the church can’t afford to help. We had a fund raiser in my small town of 7,000 for a family dealing with cancer and we raised $108,000. It took a lot of organizing and work, but no one sat on their hands and asked for a hand out.

    1. abc says:

      There were no handouts given at the fund raiser? Where did the money come from? Did the $108,000 pay for the entire cancer treatment? Must have been a pretty mild case of cancer. Do you hold fundraisers like that for everyone in town who has medical needs? What is this town? Maybe this family could move there and you could organize a fundraiser to cover their medical bills. Could you include your contact info so we can get this ball rolling?

  28. Sounds a bit like the Octomom situation to me. says:

    Holy moly rocky, this situation covers the extremes from good to bad and everywhere in between. It’s wonderful to take in special needs children and care for them yet it’s incredible that the taxpayers are forking over $27,000 a month for this! That makes this situation sound more like the Octomom story.

    I’m inclined to side with those who feel people need to limit the size of the family to what they can take care of without government support. If there are going to be 8 children, 5 of whom have special needs, maybe this should be a church sponsored act of charity rather than a government dole out.

  29. says:

    I don’t understand why these people are relying on government aid to keep the children healthy. If they couldn’t afford it on their own, they shouldn’t have gotten the kids…stop relying on government aid!

  30. Kelly says:

    If there is a government shut down, the only services that should be critical is the State Patrol. Everything else should NOT be considered critical. That means, no welfare, food stamps (EBT Card) Minnesota Care, MA and adoption assistance. Maybe if those checked weren’t sent out more people would be complaining to the elected officals. This type of shut down is really only hurting the working middle class. If half of the state is still working why should the legislator be in a hurry to fix the problem.

  31. Hey There! says:

    HEY THERE, I didn’t ASK for my child to be born with a diability.I can afford to pay for her medical bills. HEY, I have an idea, lets just throw them all in a old building with nobody to care for them !! After all it’s survival of the fittest and wealthy!

  32. kevin says:

    Mike, I will use a line from Obama. He blamed all our country’s problems on Bush. Will I do not think it was Bush piloting and of the planes on 9-11. As far as jobs are concerned in this state why are you blaming the repub’s? The dem.s were holding legislative power in this state for 38 years. We should be importing laborers to fill all the jobs the dems. have created during this time. By the way -go get a job.

    1. Gordon says:

      @kevin. For the last 20 years there was a Republican or a Ventura for a governor. Legislators can pass all the bills they want, the governor can veto what they don’t like. The gas tax was one of the few overides to make it through. The governor’s office is the one that has the departments for economic development, not the legislature. Very forgetful of you that the economy went sour under Bush,

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