By Reg Chapman

ROSEMOUNT, Minn. (WCCO) — Police are asking for the public’s help to identify a group of people who assaulted two women in Rosemount on June 12.

According to Rosemount Police, two women were walking home from a convenience store around 2:02 a.m. at the intersection of Cameo Avenue and Lower 147th Street.

The women told police they passed a loud group of one woman and three men. As they walked by, the women told the group they should quiet down because police were in the area.

The one woman in the group then allegedly jumped on the back of one of the other women and began to assault her, according to police. They eventually were knocked to the ground where two men in the group joined in on the assault. The other woman tried to stop the assault but was also knocked down.

Jacqueline Fritz was one of the women assaulted. She said the experience was a nightmare.

“And they were throwing me down, and then I’d get up and try to help her, and yeah it was just a nightmare,” she said.

The group stopped the assault as a car drove toward them but not before one of the men kicked the woman on the ground in the mouth, breaking her jaw, according to police.

The suspects then walked west on Lower 147th Street and turned north on Canada Avenue.

Rosemount Police Chief Gary Kalstabakken called it a random and brutal incident.

“And to actually come back and kick her in the mouth while she was still on the ground is much more brutal. Crime never makes sense but this certainly is unusual in how it occurred,”  he said.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

The four suspects are described as:

1)            A white woman in her early 20s, around 5-feet, 4-inches tall and weighing between 130-140 pounds. She had sandy blond, shoulder length, slightly curly hair and was wearing khaki-colored shorts with pockets down the side.

2)            A light brown skinned man in his early 20s, around 5-feet, 10-inches to 6-feet tall with a slender build. He had dark hair in a “buzz” cut and was wearing khaki-colored shorts and a T-shirt.

3)            A white man with very pale skin in his early 20s, around 5-feet, 9-inches tall with a very thin build.

4)            A white man, around 6-feet tall, wearing a baseball hat, jeans and T-shirt. 

Anyone with information about the assault or who knows the suspects is asked to contact Officer Beth Richtsmeier with the Rosemount Police Department at 651-423-4491.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Why is it I always miss this stuff? I would have loved to have been passing by. The police would have found all of the suspects in the local hospital………punks…..their families must be so proud of their garbage……..

    1. Jim says:

      Internet tough guy right here, folks. Check it out!

    2. Jean says:

      To Kevin…I’m with you. I think driving by would have been one use for the car. Four speed bumps…

  2. JamieinMN says:

    These poor women 😦 I’m so sorry this had to happen to you. We need to keep these animals off of our streets. If you can’t behave like a normal human-being in society, then you don’t belong in society.

  3. Mel says:

    White trash at it’s finest. I hope they find who did this so they spend some time in jail and get their butts sued. Most people who get their jaw broken have to have it wired shut for 6 weeks. That means six weeks of sipping your food through a straw, not a pleasant experience. Hopefully these people brag about it to the wrong person, cause that’s what trash does…brags; and then they get caught.

    1. jessica kaczynski says:

      yes, they did such a great job with the surgery they did not have 2 wire her jaw, but she still cannot eat any type of solid foods for six weeks… she also, will lose almost all of her bottom teeth and her ins. wont pay for the surgery or teeth that she will have 2 have replaced, because they say its cosmetic! not only that but, she has 2 GREAT children, she is a single mom and her son just graduated the weekend it happened… its really sad…

  4. Richard Paulus says:

    Nothing good happens at 2 AM……..

  5. sad says:

    Guys beating on women… those guys deserve the purple headed warrior on their butt cheeks.

  6. Lee says:

    I’m sure after they’re caught they will receive time served and let out on probation.

  7. Nicole Ness says:

    I would like to say that I know the people who were assaulted and their rap sheets are about as long as 1000 miles…I have had restraining orders on these girls before and I also would like to say that I was BRUTALLY assaulted by Jackie at a near by bar where they were found and I filed a police report about it but got NO response what so ever!!! I took pics of what she did to me!!! You can look me up!! My background check is spotless!!!! All I have to say is these people were trying to RUIN an event that night ALMOST POSITIVE THATS WHY THEY WERE OUT and therefore I have to say something….it was my wedding reception!!!!! The bar I had it at knew of them cuz of their rap sheet and added 3 extra security people at my reception. I got married 6/11/11 out of town and then had reception in Rsmt. 6/18/11….I know they thought the reception was 6/11/11 too!!! Don’t like to get involved in this crap but I feel I have a right to voice what these “victims” are capable of. I will talk to the news, I will talk to anyone who wants more information on these 2 “victims” that were assaulted because they have tried to RUIN my husband’s and my relationship and lives for YEARS!!! Why didn’t the news interview us with my injuries from this girl Jackie???!!! I am royally pissed off right now!!!

    1. Drew says:

      I have to agree with you Nicole, anyone who has had any exposure to Rosemount knows how these two can be. I would be willing to bet anything that they didn’t simply just warn the group, but rather, was mouthing off to them in typical Fritz fashion. I used to bounce at one of the bars in the area, and escorted them out on a regular basis due to their out of control behavior, this was about 8 years ago and they are still pulling this crap. These women are born and bred bullies, always have been, always will be. Don’t feel sorry for these two morons, I’m really surprised this hasn’t happened MUCH sooner.

    2. Nicol says:

      Also just to let you know that she didnt even find out about the weddig and what not till this last weekend. That and she doesnt even care about the whole you being together and what not. I think the whole thing is a little crazy since she hasnt had any thing to do with either of you or cared about what goes on with you and your husband. She is happy with her life and the family she has now. I think you should get over all of this it has been years.

    3. Nicol says:

      The so called assault happened at least 5 years or so ago. The victim in this case wants nothing to do wiht this lady or her husband and hasnt for years.

    4. JamieinMN says:

      Wow, you need to calm down. Someone sounds VERY insecure.

    5. HOLLIE says:

      I have known the Fritz girls all my life!!! Those girls have lived a hard life and if anyone knew them they would know that. Stop judging them just beacuse of their lastname. They are good people with BIG HEARTS!!!! I have gone out with them MANY of times and there has been NO DRAMA EVER with them. If anything people act them and its all just beacuse of the lastname. Grow up and get over yourself. Yeah there is two sides to every story and obviously your the one making it seem like this happened to Jackie because of you.

    6. Jason Booth says:


  8. captainobvious says:

    Who has their wedding reception at a bar, unless its closed solely for your reception, you’re a dope your husbands probably been pounding them boxes for years, hahahaha

  9. Nicol says:

    I am going out on a limb here and guessing that the people must have been at your reception then. As for they are well known at the bars i rosemount its because there is really only 2 of them that they go to that and they ahve grown up in that town. I dont care what excuse or reason they had for getting in a fight with them. I am sorry but no man should ever literally stomp on a womans face. If you think that it is ok just because you had issues with them at one point or whatever then you are just as messed up. Sorry your reception got ruined or whatever but either way that guy never should have done that. If i seen some guy do that I would either run them over or grab something and beat them down.

  10. Cole says:

    seriously they do even want anything to do with you or your husband or family. It has been several years let it be why keep going on something that you dont even know who she is anymore. Wow i can see how bad you feel for that to happen to someone when you make comments like you have. Why dont you just stop with trying to keep yourslef involved in there lifes. And your husband attcked them also form what i understand that and they dont even wear high heels. They came out of the house bloddy too. LIke you said they are 2 sides to every story. I think you shoudl just stay to yourself as they have been doig for YEARS now.

  11. Toki Windex. says:

    Ah the suburbs.

  12. Juan Choo says:

    They Must ALL Be Illegals!!!!

  13. Jacqueline says:

    First I would like to start off by saying Nicole Ness you know our issues are so in the past. You sitting around acting like the victim still after all of these years is sad, You and Duane had to change your entire lives cause of My daughter you didn’t want anything to do with her and Duane was a huge part of her life. I haven’t mentioned your names in years I could care less about either one of you. The fights that you and I had you were very much involved. And yes for your info when you and I fought I did get a 5th degree assault you can look that up Princess.. I am sorry that we grew up on the other side of the world and that you were so sheltered. I agree for many of years I only knew one way of dealing with my issues I am not proud of it but it is the truth. In my 32 years of life I have changed. I am not saying I am sorry I am saying I am human and like others I have mistakes I am not able to take back just try to grow and change them which I have. Please just leave me and my family alone we have been very much content without all of the NESS issues. Nicole you commenting on things like this is just opening up sad scares for my daughter and I know you didn’t care in the past but can we please just let it rest…

  14. Jason Booth says:

    hey all who’s knocking jackie..she’s been thru enough so leave her alone..she is a good friend of mine and is a terrific girl so please<no more running of the mouth bout her…

  15. Jillion Fritz says:

    My last name is Fritz so that makes me a ” Fritz Girl” lol.. I guess we have our share of enemies and who doesn’t . This isn’t about who likes who its about finding the guys would attacted my older sister. So if you have nothing good to say or helpful to say about this situation leave or comment to yourself!!
    Please and thank you.

    1. ? says:

      I hang out with the “Fritz Girls” so does that make me a “Fritz Girl”?

    2. greedo says:

      I watched Fritz the cat a few times last week….IM A FRITZ GIRL – -whooohoo

    3. Breezy Hemmah says:

      I am a “Fritz” girl too these girls are my cousins…..there is no excuse for a man to beat on a female like that. No matter what goes on in someone’s past they change life is all about growing and chaging….the fact that NICOLE NESS is saying that, that is a reason for a women to get her ass kicked by a man is low. Who gives a damn about the past the fact is its wrong and NICOLE NESS your worse than the man that did it!!! Your weak and disgusting…wow what has this world come to!

  16. Mindy says:

    Hasnt your mama ever told you to never judge a book by its cover. I guess this just all goes to show you how crule people are. That no one has a freaking heart anymore.

  17. Mindy says:

    Watch the movie The Accused, its based on a true story. Its about a girl named Sarah Tobias who was well known at the local bar and she was drinking and doing drugs when she was attacked by three or four men who raped her on the pin ball machine and no one in the bar helped her when she scream no. Yeah so what if the Fritz Girls have a rap sheet, what happened to Jackie was bruital and uncalled for. Same concept with what happened to Sarah Tobias.

  18. Amber says:

    Hang in there Jackle. Hope for a speedy recovery. Dont listened what heartless people have to say.

  19. Herby says:

    Hmm..seems a big fishy to me. What I don’t understand is how she has no concussion or any concussion symptoms…? I’m no doctor but if you receive that type of blow to your head/jaw you’d think that there would be some sort of concussion symptoms or any case I also find it hard to believe that they only said quiet down, and then have these people “snap” on them..I don’t know it just doesn’t all add up to me. Also..some of these comments seem like they were written by 10 year olds..maybe instea of being out drinking and all that, focus on school and learn how to spell.

    1. ?????? says:

      What are you talking about? Who do you think you are. She can’t eat for 6 weeks.. maybe you should leave your comments to yourself. You seem like a weirdo that has no life. The cops have the x rays and pictures too. Let the cops do their job and stay out of it!!!

      1. Herby says:

        I know exactly who I am and that is none of your business..This is America..and you know I’m no scholar but I believe there is something called the 1st amendment, look it up. Freedom of speech, so I believe that I can voice my opinion where it seems fitting. Thanks for your input though! I understand what she may be going through but I’m just wondering why she doesn’t have any concussion that such a harsh question to ask? I’m well aware that the cops have x-rays, but my question was why she has no concussion symptoms when the person “ran” at her and kicked her in the face. Just asking a simple question..

        1. Jennifer Schneider says:

          Hey “DOCTOR” Herby that is the most ignorant thing to say. YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!! (just using my freedom of speech) Let me get this straight just because she (thankfully) does not have a concussion there is something fishy about getting beat up so bad you are going to loose your bottom teeth. It’s not a hard question it’s a STUPID question. If you fall and don’t break your arm does that mean you did not really fall or it was a fishy fall…….GET A CLUE!!! Maybe you should keep yourself off the posting and go look up what actually causes concussions…because getting hit in the face does not automatically cause a concussion, oh and neither does falling and hitting your head.

  20. Nicole Ness says:

    I never got notice if you were charged with assaulting me Jackie, that seems fishy to me…I went to the police dept. and they took pics of what you did to me…I was not involved, you came up from behind me when I didn’t even see you…this is all very fishy…I don’t have anything against you Jackie, I never have…but this is all really strange….I refuse to be a door mat and I have a right to speak my opinion…

    1. porkchoplynn says:

      MN Courts anyone can look it up

  21. Nicole Ness says:

    I think you went to the media to get disability and that you maybe even know who did this to you, if they did….

    1. Jillion says:

      Why are you so obsessed with my sister?? Your acting like a child. Let the past go and leave her alone. She is serously go through alot right now and you don’t need to be so rude. I wasn’t with her that night Jenny was and she didn’t go to the bar she was walking to the store. Please just leave her alone. I was there when she had surgury. She is not lying.. She is very honest and caring. She told me she has no problem with you or Duane. She just wants everyone to stop talking about her. Just let it go its been years!! What happpened to my sister is serious and scared the crap out of me. I will press charges on you for harrassment Nicole Ness..

    2. Jillion says:

      Nicole, leave my sister alone!! She isn’t lying!! Stop harassing her. Your acting like a child and its none of your business what happened to her. She wants you to leave her alone. JUST STOP!! Let the cops handle this not you.

  22. Sarah says:

    Am I the only the one that thinks Nicole Ness has over spoken her opinion? I believe you stated “I have nothing against you Jackie”… could have fooled me with your constant comments about what happened between you two in the past and your wedding. I’m sorry did I miss read what this story was about? Was this called Poor Nicole Ness? NO! This is about trying to find leads on a horrible man that’s walking around Rosemount who obviously has no respect for women. Let’s stop the oh poor me and my wedding and me me me.. you have spoken your option now leave it alone. If anyone one has any useful information please comment and help find this man. This could have happened to anyone and I am guessing that this guy will do it again. It could happen to your mom, your sister or your daughter. Let’s stop judging and start trying to actually help.

  23. Becky Fritz says:

    This is wrong.. People putting all of this negative stuff about my Daughter she has been through enough in the last 10 days. Nicole you just got married. Why don’t you just get on with your life and leave my daughter alone. No one was there except for family while Jackie was in surgery for 4 long stressful hours. She is only trying to get help to find this person that hurt her. Please for my daughters health stop harassing her and take some of this energy to make your new husband happy..

  24. Nicole Ness says:

    You are right Sara, and this has happened to many different people from this very person, who is a mom, a daughter, a son, a wife, a husband, and a child….this has happened to WAY more people than just me, I don’t believe anything they’ve said about this whole thing! Be sure you know the whole story and that people are being truthful about it before you judge….

  25. Nicole Ness says:

    I haven’t said one word about poor poor me and my wedding except in my 1st comment, I am talking about the fact that I believe there are a lot of lies in this case, I’ve seen these people in action as Drew and MANY other people have over the years and I know there is more to this story and someone is not telling the truth, quit changing the subject and directing this all back at me….think about it, the cops say, its very unusual that this would happen, there are lies here and that is the truth!!

  26. family sticks together says:

    All I have to say about Jackie is what goes around comes around…Remember what the bible says do unto others as you want them to do unto you…So yes it may have been years since you beat up my cousin, but it now looks like it has come full circle….you beat her a** and now you got your a** beat

  27. Nicole Ness says:

    I will have a few words for the cops Jill, don’t worry and I will stop…but just know that they are reading all of this and that is good…why do you guys want me to stop so bad if you have nothing to hide? I’m not hurting anyone the way she was hurt or the way she hurt me… I’m just expressing my opinion on an article and I have every right to do that…I will be renewing my restraining orders against you girls and I will try to get Duane to do the same….don’t trust you and never will….I know all the things you’ve done and you better stay AWAY from my friends and family and me…..I have nothing to hide and do not regret one single thing I have written on here…

    1. Jillion says:

      Go right ahead speak your mind about us. I really don’t care what you think about us. Just so you know we do have RIGHTS just like everyone else. I was just trying to help you not look so crazy, thats all. But go right ahead and keep talking about 8 years ago. My sister could have died and you have nothing good to say. That is what makes me upset. Trust me I want nothing to do with you or you family. Sorry the spot light couldn’t be on you like you want it to be..

  28. fratz says:

    I bet this professional drunk and her sister we’re walking home, and she fell flat on her face, and made the whole story up, once a mess always a mess, Grow up why are you at 32 still walking home trashed from the bar at 2am, go home and take care of your kids.

  29. Doug Deering says:

    Whats this world coming to when people are ok with 2 women getting jumped by 3 men just because 7 years ago they got into a cat fight at a bar! This is about getting justice and getting these guys the punishment they deserve so they dont do it again. Jackie wasn’t at the bar that night she was walking back to the her friends house I was there and I wish I would have went with then this would have never happened Jenny was sober and Jackie had a few but does it really matter lets get over the past and find these guys!!!!

  30. C Steel says:

    Life is too short the way it is, Get over it! I am 59 and had worse than that. Help find the guys that did this! Grow up. Forgive and forget, get along little doggy

  31. Nicole Ness says:

    Funny the lock on our door was just picked when we got home……I wonder if it was these MEAN guys that did this!!! Let’s get real!! Stay away from this house!!! FYI Doug….I don’t get into cat fights….your girlfriend and her sisters do!!!

  32. Nicole Ness says:

    Also Doug! Please don’t ever think its OK to bring her over here EVER AGAIN!

  33. jermo says:

    The history of the Fritz girls speaks for itself. For anyone to think that their victims should forgive and forget is not rational. It’s hard for anyone to get over such situations as these. So to tell someone to just “get over it” is not fair at all. Everyone handles things differently. C Steel, I’m glad you were able to get over your situations, whatever they were. But let’s not minimize the level of hurt, whether emotional or physical, that anyone else may have gone through.

    These girls, although the victims now, have a lot of their own victims. They have proven themselves dangerous to a number of people who have become afraid to walk around their own community. Considering all of that, the validity of this story’s details is questionable. What really happened?

  34. dont know me from adam says:

    I just have to say that ive seen these “ladies” beat other women,men and bystanders with beer bottles,boards and whatever else from a distance for twenty years. These two may be “innocent” in this one case, but these two have been the gross part of several crimes. I wish the people they have attacked would call the news.

  35. Nicol says:

    OK i dot uderstand what is wrong with all of you people. Ok yes thigs have happened but seriously you didnt see her in the hospital bloody to all hell. You werent there to see ther reactios of her children adn family when they foud out how badly she was hurt. Let them be. She was severly injured. Tell me this have you ever looked at someone and wtched the bottom row front teeth sperate form the rest so there is a gap in the gums and teeth. I was there at the hospital and see with my own 2 eyes onn how badly she was injured. i seen the cat scan of her jaw and believe me you should all hold your tongues. This isnt about anything that as happened in the past. All this is about is what happened that night. The police wet to the news they have the xrays ad cat scans. So stop bashing a woman who is already physically and emotionally drainded and abused right now. She admits she made mistakes she is human. Im sorry but to kick someone in the face the way this guy had is overly extreme. I think everyone and anyone that doesnt have anything good to say right now or know anything about the situation that happened that night then just let it be please. Its pretty sad to see so many people so heartless.
    To think that people can be so cruel in a time like this and just jump on someone when they are in this state right now.

  36. dont know me from adam says:

    I am in no way minimizing that this level of hateful crime is disgusting, I am saying that NOBODY deserves this treatment. Not the women that it happened to nor the people they have inflicted it upon. Point blank.

  37. NIcol says:

    Well thats good. I ws just saying that right now isnt the time for all of this stuff to be going on. I was just saying that She did not notify the news the Rosemount police did so that maybe then someone might know something pertaining to the case. That is all i was saying and a few people thought hey instead of letting them try to figure out who had done this crime lets all just brig up about fritzs did this and that. . I was just saying that right now isnt the time or place to bring this stuff up. Right now the only thing that matters is finding the a holes that did it.

  38. Nicole Ness says:

    You know Jackie attempted to kick me in the face/head….she would have killed me if the bouncer wasn’t holding her back….I had never inflicted violence on her at all, nor would I still….

    1. Jacqueline says:

      It was ganesa Paris or how ever you spell it. That was the one that almost kicked me in my head off if it was not for Brian Melchior it would have happened. what are u living vircuriously threw my life or have your meds been adjusted wrong? women please stop!!

      1. Jul says:

        what a shame this Ganesa Paris is weard, she likes to fight and start conflicts with people she does not even know. She once left me voice messeges threateninge she w me simply because her then boyfriend called me. I hear she hired that boyfriend where she works even thoe the guy was/is an illegal immigrant!

    2. Eric says:

      Women please get over it arent you supposed to be on your honeymoon or something?? Get a life and stay they heck out of Jacks.

  39. Nicol says:

    Wow Nicole all i have to say is go on with your life everyone else has except you. Obviously you feel the need to try to stay involved in the Fritzs life when all you can do is sit on here and continue to talk about things that happened so may years ago. I am not saying that anyone was right or wrong for what happened years ago. I wasnt there. All i am trying to say is it DOES NOT i repeat DOES NOT have anything to do with this case. Unless it was someone you know that did it. If not than it does not pertain to you.

  40. from RSMT says:

    People living in Rosemount know the Fritz’s and the white trash stench that follows them. They are trouble makers. They can dish it out, but they can’t take it. I don’t like to hear of anyone getting hurt, but I have to admit, I get a bit of satisfaction knowing that what goes around comes around.

    1. none urs says:

      Sad you are a very mean person.. I could never amaigine saying our even thinking that.

  41. Nicole Ness says:

    Boy, you must really be paying attention to my comments…you should just be ignoring these if you are so interested in healing and have nothing to hide…I happen to know that Ganesa was the only reason along with the bouncer that you didn’t kill me or nearly kill me Jackie. She knew that I was no match for you in a physical fight and how dangerous you were…she really had my back that night.. I have never had enemies once in my whole entire life until I met you…I actually told Duane I thought you were nice in the beginning when I met him….boy was I mistaken there….the rage you had for me that night you attacked me and constantly over the years with you and your sisters harassing me whenever I went out was nothing like I had ever experienced ever before. I will admit it made my whole family afraid for my safety and Duane was outraged…he tried and tried and tried to give you chance after chance after chance to be civil…I actually told him to do what he had to do and that I had to move on…then you have the gull to blame me and say it was my fault about the whole situation that happened…I adore your daughter and have from day one…that has never changed…I just hope that she knows how much she was is and always will be loved by Duane…I just wish that you could have excepted that he had a life too and wasn’t going to be your puppet…..but your right, the past is the past…..the last thing I care about is what you are doing….unless it is the same stuff you’ve always done which is get into fights on purpose and manipulate everyone around you into thinking you are the poor victim….as a victim of yours, I refuse to let you make people believe that you have it so hard…you have chosen the paths that you have taken…there is nobody who gives people the benefit of the doubt more than me and anyone who knows me will tell you that…but all I see here is you trying to get people to feel sorry for you for something you dished out yourself time after time after time…hopefully someday you will see this is not the way to earn respect from people….so what I’ve said here basically is history repeats itself and therefore this case is very fishy to me and I hope the police take a good hard look at this….a lot of people won’t be surprised if the story these girls told is not valid.

    1. Jacqueline says:

      This will be my very last comment!!! Nicole Ness I have changed. I could care less what your opinion of me is then or now!! I have like 12 people reading this so it’s a tad bit hard to ignore. What happened between Savanna, me and Duane well was never your business that is the reason it went sour. I told Duane when were split for good that if he was not going to be around for the long run to get out. His words “No Savanna is my best friend the love of my life I would never leave her” I really wish that people would try to put their feet in my shoes instead of bashing me for all of this. Yeah I had been in a couple fights before this happened. My point is Nicole the rage I had for Duane well that showed itself. It was never about you! You just couldn’t keep your nose out of it. I don’t know but if and when you have a child and you watch their heart brake at the age of 7 then you can tell me how it is. Savanna was 6 months old and the only person she knew as a father was Duane and the last words Duane her father said to her was “Find me when your 18” Well call me crazy for wanted to hurt him then the way he hurt her. I have changed a lot before this I never even thought of you two. My family and I are in a great place I have nothing to complain about my son just graduated and Savanna well she is as great as ever!! I went on the News because in all honesty I am scared of this happening to someone else. Daniel when he might be out hanging with friends or something I would just die and I hope they find him and he gets the punishment he deserves period!!!

    2. uptown girl!! says:

      Thats funny Nicole you have never had enemies!!! hahaha everyone that talks about you and duanes realationship talks about how big of a you know what you are and that Duane is now wearing the skirt and you wear the jeans hahaha and how much of a stuck up pearson you are I would know any of this unless people talked about you so go lie somewhere else!!

  42. Nicol says:

    Also Nicole if you read the very first sentence in this report it says the police are asking for the publics help the police went to the news. So i think all this crap should just end now and just let the POLICE do the job that they are trying to do instead of just filling this thing up with drama from over 5 years ago.

  43. Nicole Ness says:

    Duane was being mentally abused (and physically) for years Jackie!!! Just because he chose to put his foot down does not mean that he was hurting your daughter!!! The hateful abusive messages you would leave were sick!! Duane would still be in her life if it weren’t for you!!! You just can’t treat people the way you do period! Also if it had nothing to do with me then why would you attack me from behind and try to kick my head in??!! Don’t answer that cuz I don’t even want to know! I hope this never happens to your kids either! The truth is you DO need to do some changing (and its been said you have not) so this never does happen to your kids!! Look at these other comments Jackie, people know the history and each time you’ve acted this way you say you’ve changed…hell you tried to tell me you were sorry and you’ve changed the same night you attacked me!! Something weird there…..the whole thing with you and Duane and your daughter your right was none of my business!! But I’ll tell you what is!! Smashing in Duane’s windows, leaving abusive messages on his phone, beating me up/trying to kill me, your sisters attacking me/trying to run me over with their vehicle, and Duane is my business!! I love your daughter, Duane told you that night at the bar…its you!!! If you would be civil and trustworthy and not freakish, this would have NEVER happened!

    1. Savanna says:


  44. Nicole Ness says:

    Why is it ok for you to do violence? I should have talked to the news the way you did….

    1. Nicol says:

      Wow Nicole that right there shows how low you really are even after a 12 year old peas with you to stop and let her mom be you still go at it. Wow really what is wrong with you . I do know jackie and i have for over 10 years. She has done alot of changing. Also maybe you shoudl tell the whole story from the night instead of bits to make you look innocent. When you were at bogarts you attacked her sister after she came over and got her other sister that was just talking to you. After they started walking away you shoved her and slapped her. SO please stop trying to play the victim here. Its saddening to see a supposed adult go on and on after that inccident happened over 5 years ago. Also no one tried to run you over it was a joke so maybe you should get off your high horse and get your facts straight. Also it was not even one of the sisters driving. Again just stay out of jackies life and get on with your own. AGAIN SHE DID NOT GO TO THE NEWS. hold on let me repeat that for you a few more times Nicole. SHE DID NOT GO TO THE NEWS THE ROSEMOUNT POLICE DID> SHE DID NOT GO TO THE NEWS THE ROSEMOUNT POLICE DID> now do you understand read the very first sentence in the story it say the ROSEMOUNT POLICE DEPARTMENT is asking for help from the public. Seriously just leave her alone why are you obsessed with her. You must be since you cant handle not being involved in her life still. Stay out of hers and live your own……

  45. ? says:

    Ok the real point is about this hole thing is about Jackie! Not Nicole Ness or any one else how keeps ganging up on her just evey one just try to get along and help find this person! Just everyone stop!

  46. ........... says:

    Ok, how would u guys like it if this happened to u hmmmm. I am pretty sure you wouldnt like all these ppl doggin on you. Plus its just wrong to just dog on someoe that i bet none of u know besides seeing jackie on the tv. Plus you ppl dont even know all the sides to the story only the tv part ok if that was you i bet u wouldnt be laughing or doggin.

  47. sister says:

    First of all I know my sister more than any of you and now I’m mad! She has been traumatized by you people in every way! And that is so not cool of you to even let your daughter read this or get into it at her age!! She was 7 when she knew her and little kids don’t judge, they are TAUGHT to judge and have hate!! I will never forgive you for doing what you have done to my sister and YOU people need to stop!! She has every right to voice her opinion on this article, I think she should write more but she is done looking at this, she won’t listen to me when I try to tell her what you wrote…how sick to get your daughter on here, that is very sad! The truth of the matter is you people need help and Nicole has never attacked anyone in her whole entire life! The lies you have told are unbelievable!! She doesn’t want this to be about her, she wants people to know that you are full of sh**!!! She is the best sister that anyone could ever ask for she is FAR from obsessed with Jackie!! She tried to get rid of her for years and she shouldn’t have to run away from Duane because you people are psychos!! Duane loves her more than life itself and he always has! He says she is the most stable person he’s ever had in his life and that should tell you something!! You guys have always started fights from what I’ve heard from MANY different people all over!!! You need to grow up and tell the truth about how this fight started, it just don’t add up…and leave my sister alone!! HATE HATE HATE is all you people know and that is too bad you even teach it to your kids!!

    1. Nicol says:

      Ok i dont know you just like you dont know me hun. All everyoe is saying why verbally attack someone who is already in so much pain and trama right now. Seriously what i have bee trying to say this whole time is the incident has nothing to do with your sister yet she feels the need to jump on here and bash someone who is obviously already sufferig. Jackie has been done with anything and everythig that has to do with your sister and duane. Also how are you gonna start telling her to not let her daughter read this and what not. You do realize that vanna is very well old enough to read ad she does know how to use the internet.. Seriously even my daughter has already looked it up and came to me crying because of the thigs being said on here. Use common sense what you think posting something on the iternet means a 12 year old wont see it. Come on get real. All anyone wants rigth now is for instead of this stuff going on is for all of it to stop and just let everything be. I mean that is the best thing here. Just please let all this be you guys dont know jackie anymore it has been years ad she has changed alot. She barely even goes to the bars aymore. So i ask again please just everyone stop and let this be about what it is. About the police askig the news people to show this so that hopefully they can get a lead on who did this. That is all i am asking of everone.

  48. random says:

    Just so you folks all know the people who have been defending these “poor girls” who got beat up, there is one of them that forgot to mention that they themselves admitted that these two were out that night with intent to mess with someones wedding and that is this girl Nicole that you all hate for telling the truth! Funny I had heard about all this and I just couldn’t help but to add this tid bit of information in. You people don’t even realize that it is out there that you really were trying to start something in that wedding reception and the very people that you think are defending you are the people who spilled the beans about it!!! Wow, you could just make it easier on yourself and admit you are liars and have not changed a bit.

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