6 Planned Parenthood Clinics To Close In Minn.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Due to federal budget cuts, six Planned Parenthood clinics in Minnesota are closing their doors.

Planned Parenthood in Minnesota is bracing for an 11 percent decrease in funding from the Title 10 program.

Clinics in Thief River Falls, Brainerd, Red Wing, Owatonna, Albert Lea and Fairmont will be closed.

Those clinics did not perform abortions, but provided services from birth control to cervical cancer screenings.

Planned Parenthood’s other 18 Minnesota clinics will stay open.

The fight over Title 10 funding drew national attention this spring. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is among the lawmakers who called for entirely de-funding Title 10. Under a compromise to avoid a federal shutdown, both sides agreed to cut some of the funding.

Minnesota usually receives around $3.5 million dollars in Title 10 funds. Most of the money goes to Planned Parenthood.

  • sue


    • Andy

      Awesome! Close them all! Planned parenthood is a fraud!

      • Karen Shirer

        Really! Awesome to not provide reproductive health services to poor women. it’d never happen if it related to men’s reproductive health.

        • Bb

          I totally agree, look at how long it took them to figure out that women have different symptoms for a heart attack. Really womens health in this country and the choices really just plain suck, bunch of religious fanatics should not determine a womens right to health care and choice. One day women might wake up in this country and realize they are second class if not third class when it comes to health care and their rights to choose. Sad, but it will take a major battle now to get all of that back, something my generation worked so hard for. Young women wake up and start fighting for your rights and quality health care.

      • Bb

        I cannot wait until some man has a problem with his mistress or girlfriend having a baby and requiring him to pay child support. Oh, wait most fathers get away with paying nothing. Well, that only means that tax payers will foot the bill for dead beat fathers, while people like you will blame the mother for his lack of responsibility. Really, wake up and face reality. It takes two to tango, it is not the woman in the end that is responsible, it is both. Until men are held accountable on a real level, you better hope Planned Parenthood exists.

        • Bb

          Sorry I am addressing Andy as he just does not get it!!

        • Drunken Dissed Orderly

          “Oh, wait most fathers get away with paying nothing.”

          False. Anybody who files a valid claim with the child support office will receive support.

        • Brett

          I’m glad to see you ended your rant.

    • Stacy

      Good thing they are closing ones that deal in women’s reproductive health. Just glad I can go get a few decent abortions at a good price. I’d be up in arms if they tried to stop my provider, but who cares about out state people anyways they have time to sit around and raise kids. I don’t.

    • Phid

      This is a good start, but all of them need to be closed for good.

  • Rox

    I won’t say that I am unhappy about this.Killing innocent babies, they all should be closed.

    • Phil Mcackin

      OK you can pay for unwanted children, they are not mine I don’t want to pay.

      • Doug T

        No – life will just suck for them. but hey thats life – its not fair…. Ya make your [personal ] choices and live with it. Adults are supposed to take care of themselves – and their offspring.

        Thats how it works in the big bad adult world.

        • Superchik1017

          Only because of people like you who make it that way.

          • Doug T

            Sorry – Polly-Anna perhaps your parents did not teach you this

            But again – Our in the real world life is not always fun, easy or fair. Thats called reality. Its up to you to face your challenges – no one else is here to wipe you nose….

      • The perfect idea

        I have to agree with Phil!!!!

        Or how about for every unwanted baby born..we kick out an immigrant! Somalis 1st!

        I would rather have an unwanted US baby then an unwanted Somali!

    • Reasonable

      From the article:
      “Those clinics did not perform abortions, but provided services from birth control to cervical cancer screenings.”

      So I guess closing them could lead to more cervical cancer which causes death so that’s why it’s a death clinic?

      Look people, it’s a personal choice, one that is emotionally/physically/spiritually traumatizing for those that end up making the choice. However brutal it is, your personal morality has nothing to do with it. If you don’t like abortion, don’t have one.

      • Tom

        @ Reasonable

        These people are the biggest hyprocrits ever. They don’t mind asking for the gov’t and or courts to get involved when it comes too something that they want like sticking their nose into someone elses medical decision. But yet if the gov’t and or court would get involved in their medical decisions then they cry foul and say it’s nobody elses busniess except theirs. Cases in point eveybody remembers that boy from Sleepy Eye who was forced by the courts to get chemo treatment. And that family In Wisc a few years ago who intentionally withheld insulin from their daughter and she died. And they are now in prison. In both cases these same people argued that these decisions were a private family matter.

        But of course these people believe everything they are told anyways and don’t bother to try to find out for themselves if what they were told is true or not.

        • Bb

          I agree!!!

      • Jacob Flaherty

        If you don’t like robbery, don’t rob. If you don’t like murder, don’t murder. Doesn’t make too much sense, eh?

      • Jake

        And if you don’t like killing two-year olds, don’t kill yours. If you don’t like euthanizing the elderly, don’t kill any. If there is a life interest in a fetus, the state’s responsibility is to protect it, just as it would a 5-year-old. It isn’t “morality,” it’s Human Rights.

        We order an unwilling father to spend 40% of his working life (it’s o.k. to put laws on some people’s bodies) to pay court-ordered child support because he “should have thought about that before having sex.” THAT is forcing morality. Yet it’s wrong that a (willing participant) woman would be prevented from killing a developing fetus (which most believe is Human) because she “should have thought about that.”

        The World is not a better place when convenience is aided by the summary killing of developing life that might be Human. A compassionate society would err on the side of extending Human Rights, not contracting them in the interest of those who (in almost all cases) control the circumstances.

      • Doug T

        The personal / biological choice is to have sex [or not ] – after that it academic…..ya make your bed – live in it…

        And if its a personal choice then lets not tax dollar support them either…..

        Unless we are also supporting the therapy needed after the abortion as well

    • Bb

      Women have the right to choose, you have no right to involve yourself in their personal health care. I do not see people like you serious about making men responsible on any real level for their actions or responsibility for the children they do not want. HMMMMMMMMM, bit of a double standard there, women have the right to reproductive health and you need to bud out. Of course unless you are willing to go after the men that have chosen to abandon their responsibility for a child that they chose to produce. I highly doubt you will win that one!! Good luck!!


    Why good??? this is a personal choice…. I am not telling anybody what to do.. so I will like people to stay out of my life… I personally haven’t use this clinics, but it is all about the personal choice… KEEP GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY HOUSE

    • Guy

      But its also personal choice about PAYING for things. KEEP GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY -WALLET-!

    • Andy

      You liberals are all the same, you want to control everybody’s lives except for cases in which a child gets killed…..You still have the choice, I just don’t want to pay for your lousy messed up choice!

      • Don'tmakechoicesforothers.

        I am neither Liberal or in fact anything, I am down right mad at both parties, neither them or anyone else should be forcing their beliefs on anyone but themselves.

    • Sue

      Exactly, republicans are all about less government….you know, when it benefits them. But, as soon as two men want to get married, or a woman wants to have an abortion, then it’s all about government telling us what to do. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!!! It’s all or none.

      • JB


        that is the problem with politics today, you. It is not all or nothing, if you force people to make all or nothing decisions, then the majority is no longer served, only the extremist. If you want us to decide between public safety for all and abortions for a few, well the answer is simple. If you want us to choose between free reproduction health care for a few and feeding the masses, well again it is an easy choice. Again, if you want us to choose between a few (5%) of people being allowed to get married, or take that priviledge away from 95% of the people, again you lose that argument. All or nothing, sure, but in a reasonable society you will lose that bet every time. Are you sure you want to “all or nothing”

      • egg Nig nog

        Sue…..you and I disagree on many issues……except on this one…..

        I agree……I know it’s a terrible thing to say…..but if a mother has an abortion…..I’m SURE she doesn’t want the baby…then we get wonderful people like the nig-nog who threw her baby in the snow bank…or the nig-nog (see a trend here?) who beat their kid at school…..or the nig nog who pushed their kid down the stairs in MPLS….

        I’m NOT saying it’s all about color….there are PLEANTY of white trash families in MN as well…..it’s just what was in the news in the last few months…

    • Darlene

      So why put the keep abortion legal signs in the picture if this has nothing to do with abortion. I’m not sorry to say clearly that all clinics that even consider abortion a contraceptive choice should be made illegal. I have had an abortion in my much younger years because of the lies told at these clinics. Abortion is murder. A child at any stage is fully human and life should be cherished not snuffed out, even if you didn’t plan the pregnancy. That’s my 2 cents.

      • Sue

        You are entitled to your opinion. But, this does not give you the right to attempt to stop this from becoming a choice for other women. You never have to have an abortion again, and you can preach all you want to others. But, making this illegal will open a whole other can of worms…..

        • Elle

          Can of worms? Like what? Less wasted tax payer money? More minorities in the population? This is not a ‘choice for women’ you are not aborting your own life, but that of someone else. It is VERY easy and cheap (if not free) in this society to prevent pregnancy, there is no excuse to push your immoral beliefs on others!

          • AMANDA

            And who are you to tell me what I can or can’t do??

            • JMJ

              I love how women want equal right & freedom of choice. But then you want a free hand out too! You want to have an abortion. Go ahead, but I don’t want to pay for it. I made the decision to keep my children. If you don’t want children and can’t afford an abortion on your own dime. THEN DON”T SPREAD YOR LEGS!!

              • AMANDA

                @ JMJ….Nice way to respect woman… and just for your information, this agency doesn’t purely works for abortions… they guide teenagers and other woman so they learn about ways not to get pregnant.. and how about the ones that are abused or raped, and they don’t have the money to pay for an abortion… but they didn’t chose to spread their legs as you nicely put it down….

                • JMJ

                  @AMANDA…Well if you are not intelligant enough to not know how to not get pregnant then you shouldn’t be having sex. As far as teenagers go, my daughter can talk to me her mother. Donate to them if you want but i am tired of free loaders. Too bad if you don’t like the way I put it. Frankly I am tired of whiners like you, truth hurts. Boys keep it zipped and girls keep them closed. Problem solved. Rape stories like what you are talking about are the minority. Go look up the statistics. And quit with the scare tactics, it shows your lack of maturity.

          • http://sdate.wordpress.com sdate

            I wonder if Medicare will cover the cost of coathangers

            • Steve

              I did not make this comment. This is weird that something got posted in my name. Whoever did this, please stop.

          • Ross

            Good point Elle,
            A woman having an abortion is making a selfish choice for herself against another life. At what point does a life become a life? From the moment of conception, “life began!” That point is irrefutable according to spirituality and science. Our struggles lie, not with when life began, but with the point in our desicion making process when she accepts that this small human life is no longer of importance or value and the justiication that proceeds from there. Our struggle is not if cells multiplying is life but if we are alright with ending that life. Planned parenthood has made the majority of its money performing abortions. They are a business, not a humanitarian effort. They do not seek to preserve life on any level nor do they care of your quality of life unless it directly affects there profit margins. If they made profit saving babies from dying you can imagine that is what they would be doing for a living. Every business has a sales function attached to it and that sales function is closely related to its highest grosing service or product. A womans “counseling” she receives at a planned parenthood is ALWAYS a sales pitch toward profitablility. Lets not be ignorant of this. These are the facts. Our problem is wether or not we are ok with it. Our governmental policy right now is to pay planned parenthood as a registered business for these services that they perform. We as tax payers are paying for these decisons to be made and these woman to be sold on an abortion. I however am not an advocate for all of us coming against our government for this policy. We the people are and represent this nation and need to take responsibility for its outcome. Responsibility is an action word! We need to get up and do something about it. Even if we have conflicting beliefs, lets hash it out in a respectful manner. I completely believe that a woman has the power to make the desicion between life and death for an unborn baby and that is the truth whether anyone likes it or not. Even if abortion becomes illegal, a convinced woman will find a way to abort a baby. A battle for life is raging in that woman and both sides are convincing. Right now the side of death is telling these woman a lie that she is believing. She then becomes “convinced” that abortion is not only alright and justified but that it is the best option for everyone involved. Make no mistake, this in not a 1+1=2 battle but a moral and ethical battle! Good luck woman. This is not an esy battle!

            • Don'tmakechoicesforothers.

              Make no mistake, this in not a 1+1=2 battle but a moral and ethical battle! Good luck woman. This is not an esy battle!

              And what makes you think that people like you can shove this at people, like I said I do not believe in abortion but it is not my call to tell others what to do, they have to face that themselves and its not up to me to judge because at the end they will be.

              People talk about being moral and ethical but these are the ones who go to church and than commit the same sins week after week. Hypocrites everyone last one who says anything about God and placing judgement on others because that is exactly what you are doing.

            • sharon

              Dear Ross it is NONE of your business and by the way it is a parasite until it can live on its own

              PS there is no god so give it up

              • me

                Too bad your mom didn’t have an abortion. I wouldn’t have to listen to your drivel. BTW, if it’s only a parasite, why are the penalties for assaulting a pregnant woman more severe?

            • Superchik1017

              Yes, it is selfish, but it should be HER choice.

        • Don'tmakechoicesforothers.

          I agree, I could never have a abortion and my son was born when I was 17 and he is a healthy 34 year old with 3 children of his own. I however I would not make that choice for another women that is up to her and her alone. I hear of people complaining about the government giving out all of these handouts what is going to happen now that women who do choose this as their choice can’t how much will be handing out than? No one has a right to choose things for other deal with your own choices leave me to my life and my choices.

    • Rox

      Exactly Amanda. And who pays for these clinics. THE GOVERNMENT. I don’t want to pay for these people to go in and kill a baby. It is a personal choice. Choose to have sex or not and if you choose use protection. Adoption is another personal choice. All kinds of people who can not have children who would love to have one of them aborted babies to raise.

      • AMANDA

        you sure about that Rox??? and read before you comment… in the article says very clear… this agencies were not performing abortions… they were giving advice to woman for birth control and cervix cancer….. seriously…

        • Allan

          Interesting that when faced with budget cuts PP choses to close down these “clinics” and not one of their abortion mills.

          That alone goes to prove that to PP murdering babies = huge profits. Hard to get around that little disgusting detail

          • Karen

            The Hyde Amendment has prevented government money going to fund abortions since 1976. No government money funds abortions and hasn’t in 35 years.

    • Doug T

      Because they are already in your wallet. You are paying to keep these places open and you have no choice about that.

      This is just one small reason this is a good thing.

  • Kristin Lems

    Foolish in the extreme. A healthy population can plan its parenthood, and that makes better parents!

    • Rico Suave

      Yeah, killing your offspring makes you a top-notch parent. I wasn’t aware that Planned Parenthood had anything to do with planning or parenthood. It does sound less ugly than Murder Mill though.

      • Sharon Hazelton

        And you have made my point! Congrats!

      • Sue

        Actually they do have a lot to do with planning and parenthood. They offer education to young women about contraception, std’s and reproductive health. They also offer birth control pills for less cost for these women who are not as fortunate as some of you to have money and health insurance. Abortion is one small service they provide.

        • Rico Suave

          Not so. Abortion is where they get the lion’s share of their revenue. They provide a small amount by comparison of other services which they only keep around to deflect criticism and keep the federal and state dollars flowing. In fact if they didn’t perform abortions, they’d go broke quickly.

          • p.

            Cite some sources for us?

            • Jake

              It is just silly Planned Parenthood continues to tout itself as being primarily about family planning yet when budget cuts come, they only close facilities that do NOT provide abortions. That pretty clearly shows the priority. Abortion clinics are and always have been the idea behind Planned Parenthood. The focus of the name is the “planned” part, not “parenthood.” Eliminating “unplanned” parenthood (for women only– the men in the equation have no say) is the goal.

              The prevention services are in large part the justification for securing government funding that subsidizes abortions. It’s a lot like “smaller class sizes” is the mantra for securing money that ends up being used to raise teachers’ salaries far above the average taxpayer’s income.

          • Linda

            I am assuming that like John Kyl, you do not mean this to be a factual statement because your ‘facts’ are wrong.

          • Erin

            Abortions are 3% of PP’s services. These places that are closing have nothing to do with abortions- other than to PREVENT pregnancy. To prevent women needing abortions. Hello?!

            Don’t forget, PP also provides pre-natal care if the woman wants to keep the child. They are supportive of whichever CHOICE you make.

            Don’t fool yourselves. This isn’t about preventing abortion, this is about asserting control over women.


            • Jake

              @Erin, can we assume that you support allowing the expectant fathers to “opt out” of having to pay child support if he did not “plan” to have a child, or are you cool with “asserting your control” over men in those cases?

          • Rico Suave

            That’s a tricky one since PP plays a shell game with its revenue figures. It does this by offering other legitimate services to front their murder mill operation. But they butcher one third of a million babies each and every year, and that number gets bigger each year. Hitler used to devote quite a bit of money to legitimate medical research, as it gassed or incinerated innocents by the million. I guess by some people’s standards he’d be a great humanitarian like planned parenthood.

            • karen

              So you are comparing Planned Parenthood to Hitler?? Why would that be even a reasonable analogy? One provides health services to women, the other ordered the genocide of a people and destroyed a good portion of Western Europe. Doesn’t seem like a good analogy to me.

  • pat

    Feel the love from Mark and sue and Rox! Kudos to you for your high moral standards!

    The real deal is that without these clinics many women and girls in this state will be unable to get realist help for their reproductive issues at a local site.

    Calling Planned Paerenthood Clinics death clinics is like calling the Humane Society a slaughter house. You make no sense, and are expressing something about yourseof for which you ought to be ashamed.

    • Sharon Hazelton


      • Sandy

        “Pat and Sharon”, iI am THRILLED that less of MY tax $$$$$ is being used to support abortion mills. How dare Pro-abortionists think that they are entitled to taxpayer $$ to provide abortions ! ! THANK YOU MICHELE BACHMANN ! ! : )

        • AMANDA

          Michelle Bachmann???? WOW if you follow her, no wonder you make no sense…

        • Reasonable

          Hi Sandy. I’d like for you to prove (you know, with fact, not opinion) that federal funding is used for abortions. Provide a balance sheet, a cited statement by a PP representative, or really anything that can be proven. While PP may receive some federal funding, it is federally mandated that any money for an abortion either be from the person receiving the procedure or private donation.

          Feel free to lie to me because I can figure out the truth. But please, don’t lie to yourself. It’s just sad.

        • Pat


          I am glad that you are trhilled.

          The problem is that hundreds of young women will be forced into situations and lives that you likely would not wish upon your worst enemy. I think that if you are having trouble paying your taxes you should take it out on some other group like the military, or those darned old senior citizens who are sucking up all of our money these days.

          Planned Parenthood is a vital service for many young women. It allows them to have birth control and cancer screenings with low or no cost. it saves lives. To equate it to some sort of abortion mill is stupid, short sighted, and fiscally foolish.

          Finally, I would like you to note that a “fetus” is not a “baby”, any more that a pollywog is a frog. A woman has the right to make her own decisions about her own body, and until the fetus is viable, that decision may include abortion. That is her business, not mine; not yours; not your god’s.

          Planned Parenthood does not pomote abortion. It does provide information concerning that option. That is all.

          But, as I said, I am thrilled for you and yours. Good luck with that!

          • Jacob Flaherty

            A fetus is not a baby? Interesting! So what is the unborn then? Remember, the unborn has to be something, not just a potential something…

            • Pat

              Well, Jake, you really hit the nail on the head with that one. Not!

              I repeat, until a fetus is viable, it is not a baby. It is a fetus. It is unable to survive outside of the placenta. It is a part of the mother. As such, the mother has the right to choose her fate. You radical Christians have the right to believe any darned thing you want, but that does not make it so, and you have no right to impose your belief on the rest of society.

              As far as your spurious “I don’t want to pay for this moral outrage” argument, heck, I haven’t believed in one war that this Nation has fought in the past 50 years, but I pay half my federal taxes to fight them.

              My point? I am a citizen of a country that I support, even though some of what the government does and allows is morally repugnant to me.

              That is what good citizens do, Jake. The law of the country allows for women to end their pregnancy. It is their right. That is all.

        • KL


    • Rox

      Not ashamed in the least. Because I don’t agree with your morals I should be ashamed. Never. A baby is more important to me than what you think. All of these things were taught in school if kids were listening and also taught in the home if parents were being parents. Should not have to go to a clinic to learn right from wrong. You should be ashamed that you think it is alright to kill a baby.

    • Jake

      @ Pat, you are totally on to something here. Without these government funded facilities, how can we ever expect women and girls (is there a “no men allowed” sign on the door, by the way?) to know how sex works? I mean, they can’t expect to learn it in the hours and hours of mandatory instruction in school. The internet is probably confusing to them, so there would certainly be no way to get information there.

      We probably just ought to round up all the girls and women and keep them in a big auditorium (with lots of pamphlets available, of course) to ensure the government or your favorite non-profit organization keeps them from going outside where they might get knocked up. Without government funding, how could they be expected to get by?

  • Sharon Hazelton

    So a clinic that provides cervical cancer screenings is a death clinic??? How ignorant some people are.

    • Kim

      Planned Parenthood does NOT care about preventing death. Let’s get real here.

      • Michael B

        Do you actually know what planned parenthood does? What kind of services they provide? Have you ever visited one, spoken with somebody who has visited one, met someone who works there. Their whole purpose is public health. Kim, Kim, Kim. Only believes what bible banging conservative talk show hosts tell her. If anyone wants to sell a used car…talk to Kim. She’ll believe anything!

  • Sue

    Wow, first of all this article clearly stated these clinics did NOT perform abortions. Second of all, planned parenthood does way more than do abortions. They help woman get the healthcare they need who can’t otherwise afford it. I received all my cervical cancer screenings/birth control here when I had no insurance until I was 24. I, now have a job which I can get insurance and no long use them. But, I was and still am very grateful for the care I was able to get there, especially since I did have some abnormal pap smears. Also, I am not for abortion, but, I am pro choice. A woman should decide what happens with her own body. We’ve all made mistakes, and having these options should always be available. If you don’t agree with it, well then you don’t ever have to get one. People need to stop worrying about what others do. If you believe these women will burn for all eternity, why does this matter to you? I will never understand that. If you disagree with it, then don’t try to stop it for the rest of us who feel this should be left an option….

  • Rico Suave

    “Reproductive issues”? Is that what they’re calling abortion these days? Sounds almost wholesome.

    • zac

      this has NOTHING to do with abortion NOTHING!!!!!

    • Sharon Hazelton

      Ta da!

    • Sue

      Yes, abortions are the only kind of reproductive issues, you are so brilliant, you must teach sex ed. Jesus christ. You don’t even know what planned parenthood is, apparently. They provide reproductive healthcare at a fraction of the cost. They do pap smears there, just like at your regular clinic. They also prescribe birth control pills as to prevent women from needing abortions!!!

    • Pat

      Rico, you may think you know something, but you don’t. The fact is, Planned Parenthood provides a great service to the people of Minnesota by supporting good health and good choices for women (and men sometimes).

      If a women wants to abort her fetus, then that is her choice. Not the choice of the State. Not your choice. It is her choice becasue it is her body and her life. When a fetus becomes viable, then it should only be aborted if continuing the pregnance would threaten the life of the mother. That is pretty much current law as far as I understand it.

      Planned Parenthood gives a woman the right to choose. It does not provide the choice like you seem to want to do.

      • Rico Suave

        You’re right. It’s perfectly legal to kill off your kid in the womb. But I shouldn’t have to fund your abortion. Kill your kid with your own cash and keep your hands out of my pants.

  • James2

    Pro-Life and Pro-Choice are both CHOICE. And as I understand it, most of their services have to do with pregnancy prevention and STD care. The Party of NO has once again risen to the level of tolerance we expect. So let’s spread disease and provide no help because heteros always make the correct CHOICES. Right?

    • Sandy

      Funnnny ! Leftists say NO to anyone who disagrees with them. And yes, I am proudly INTOLERANT OF KILLING UNBORN CHILDREN ! ! ! ! Shame on you for your ANTI-HETERO BIAS ! ! Why are you allowed to be an anti-hetero bigot : )

      • AMANDA

        And who are you to tell me what I am allow to do and what not… who makes you the GOD in here… if you don’t wanna kill unborn children… then don’t… but the same way people don’t wanna give their tax $$$ for this… I do not want my tax $$$ to support them, when they go on welfare…

  • Marlis

    Great news!!!! at least there will be a few less baby killing….i say, close’m all.

    • AMANDA

      Great news… now they will be more people on welfare…

      • Tou

        I say let vote and have all the PRO-CHOICERS fund all the cost related to welfare, SSI, and prison.

        • Huh?!?!?

          Why? It is the ANTI-choice people that would demand every fertilized egg be developed into an unwanted child, even to a person that cannot give it proper care and may live on welfare for its entire life or turn to crime and end up in prison. The ANTI-choice people that don’t give a hoot for care after a baby is born should be required to cover cost of ALL child care until it is guarenteed that the child has grown to a successful and fully self-sufficient adult.

    • Drunken Dissed Orderly

      “Great news!!!! at least there will be a few less baby killing”

      Where did you read that information?

    • Huh?!?!?

      From the article: “Those clinics did not perform abortions”

      So how is it you are able to write when you can’t read?

      This clinics provide birth control which is what prevents abortions, so no doubt there will be some more in the future without these clinics.

  • stace34

    This is rediculous. If you want to minimize abortions you should want more Planned Parenthoods not less. The provide a lot of service including family planning. You want to have less abortions provide people with afforable and easy access to ways to prevent the unwanted pregnancy. You want to provide them with mroe access to these services not less.

    • Char

      Seriously, I got my birth control for 2 years from Planned Parenthood and I didn’t get pregnant. I don’t think you have your facts straight. Maybe the person(s) your talking about did not take the pills consistently. Planned Parenthood is a great program to those of us who can’t afford the health insurance to pay for birth control, but would like to do the right thing.

      • Randy

        Poor people need to quit copulating! I don’t want to pay for it either way. Go get a box of rubbers like everyone else! No health insurance needed. They have them at your local store.

    • missy

      you are so very wrong here
      It is better to keep ones thoughts to yourself and thought a dope than to speak up and remove all doubt

    • emily

      FINALLY a sensible comment. The best way to reduce abortions is to comprehsensive sex education and make birth control easily available. You won’t convice any of these idiots having a knee-jerk reaction, though.

      • Doug T

        How about training the animals to control themselves? Most humans seem able to grasp and apply this concept…

        You don’t get pregnant unless your having sex – And this is best done in a legally binding relationship – which is there if not for any other reason that to take care of the offspring that might result from such activities…

        Really people – get over it – its just sex – there are a lot more important things that need to be addressed in todays world….

        • Drunken Dissed Orderly

          “You don’t get pregnant unless your having sex – And this is best done in a legally binding relationship – which is there if not for any other reason that to take care of the offspring that might result from such activities…”

          False. My legally binding relationship did not result in any offspring.

          • Doug T

            Your manliness is not in question here….

            “might result” was the verbiage. You need to be involved with the proper activities, at the proper time and have some luck for success.

            • Drunken Dissed Orderly

              I have 5 already. The last thing I need is more luck. ;)

    • max

      This is a lie, but I’m not surprised. All a pro-lifer has to say to justify their views is that they believe life starts at conception. And yet, we are bombarded by lies from the pro-life movement (such as links to breast cancer and infertility, “post abortion syndrome,” and so-called black genocide, to name a few). When you need to lie in order to justify your stance, that says it all. I’m sad for the women who will lose access to Planned Parenthood’s vital services.

      • Doug T

        well it is a sort of black genocide – check the stats…..

        Vital Services? Wow – how about food and shelter?

        Having Sex Is The Choice……Its not like they woke up one day and said ..”Hey Im pregnant..” There are activities and choices involved. But they time you are pregnant – you have already made a bunch of choices….And in the adult world you then live with them…


        • max

          No, it is not sort of a black genocide. That’s insulting to anyone who has ever died as a result of actual genocide. Black women do have over a third of abortions, but we must also consider that they have disproportionately low access to family planning services. But why even think about ghastly when we could just lay all the guilt and condescension on black women, amirite?

          Reproductive healthcare is a vital service. Access to it is literally a matter of life and death. Affordable cervical cancer screenings at PP is just one example of that. And if anyone is concerned about food and shelter, they can walk into a Planned Parenthood and get a referral to an agency that can help.

          As for personal responsibility, we live in a society where many people don’t receive the info needed to make smart choices about sex. Planned Parenthood actually does a lot to help fix that. And finally, sometimes abortion is the responsible choice. I for one am so glad that we have that choice.

      • ee

        I’m not.

  • Jenny B

    I am truly astonished at the amount of ignorance being shown here. Perhaps some of you can’t read or simply see the words ‘Planned Parenthood’ and say ‘Yay! Cutting abortion funding!’. These clinics did NOT provide abortions. They simply offered reproductive healthcare, STD testing/treatment, and birth control. Unfortunately, closing these clinics will lead to more unwanted pregnancies. Let’s think people.

    • IWonderIF

      no sense in trying to talk sense to the ignorant. Cheers!

      I remember when I was younger(18), my girlfriend and I visited one of these clinics because we wanted to get the rel scoop about birth control. The majority of people in there were just like us.. Confused kids.. Hmm some thing must have worked because we never had a kid… oh yeah She is no longer my GF..

      • Rox

        Maybe you should have listened more in school and at home to your parents. Then you wouldn’t have been so confused.

  • Jenny B

    Anti-hetero?!? Honestly? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read!

  • Pat

    Let’s pull all unnecessary handouts/funding.
    Pay $200/year for renter’s insurance then you won’t have to “live in a dog house”.
    Also, flip burgers or something…AND you need to test for nicotine/alcohol & drugs before you get WIC-Food Stamps-Welfare…actually better yet, you go clean ditches and have the state provide daycare for you so you EARN THE MONEY YOU’RE ripping the system off for!!!!!!!! Grrrrrr :-(

    • AMANDA

      Nicotine??? really?? since when Nicotine is an Illegal substance?

    • Linda

      My bad self kind of wishes that you would lose your job and all of your money so that you could test out the life that you are wishing on others. People all over this country are hurting because they lost so much in the economic crash and to think that they are “ripping the system off” by choice or for fun is ludicrous.


    Some people say that they don’t want their tax $$ to fund this.. well I DO NOT WANT MY TAX $$$$ TO FUND WELFARE, AND SUPPORT ALL OF THIS UNWANTED CHILDREN THAT THEY HAVE, JUST SO THEY CAN COLLECT MORE WELFARE..

    • Tou

      Not only that but most of these children will become future criminals and murderers as well. This is well explained in Freakonomics. I would rather paid for abortions than for cost of imprisoning a future inmate or paying for more welfare recipients. Please let nature take it courses.

  • mary

    Killing baby girls and boys in the womb is wrong.

    • Drunken Dissed Orderly

      What should be done to people who have abortions? Should we build a million more prisons to house them? Would you feel safer driving to work in the morning knowing somewhere a woman who had an abortion is in a jail cell?

  • Bill


  • Marlis

    give me a break!!! stop fooling yourself people….Planned Parenthood for the MOST part is about abortion, and you can dress it up all you want,rationalize to the moon and back but the bottom line is: abortion is ending a life within the womb, its called murder!!! what a barbaric country that we allow and legalized the slaughter of the weakest amoung us,,,the unborn. God help us!! Open our eyes to the unborn,,,not just a fetus or tissue…a baby,a human being deserving to live. instead of killing why not give the baby up for adoption, so many couples would love to adopt.

    • Huh?!?!?

      No Marlis. Please as you go to sleep tonight, think about this: You are wrong.
      I know it is hard to accept, but you are. You really really are.
      I’ve known many people that have gone to Planned Parenthood in my life, mostly at two of the clinics listed to close, so of course they were not having abortions because no abortions are performed there. If you are truly are against abortion, that is fine, but ranting does nothing to stop it. Making it illegal does not stop it as there were plenty before it was legal and women also died in the process. Why is that good? Your precious fetus is still gone and a woman is dead too. What have you gained from that?
      Really Marlis, think of this before you go to sleep. How do you stop abortions? Really, how do you? The ONLY true way is to stop unplanned pregnancies. Honestly, God gave us the intelligence to go to the moon and accomplish amazing things here on earth. Why oh why can’t we say there is no reason in this day and age to not have any unplanned pregnancies?!?!? Why indeed,,, one of the reasons is all you people that can’t understand the idea of preventing a problem, instead of focusing on not liking one of the solutions.
      And there are thousands of children waiting to be adopted. Babies of drug addicts and fetal alchohol syndrome and disabilites are hard to place.
      The world is not as simple as it is in your mind.

  • Max

    The ignorance of some of the comments here is appalling. WCCO should have a requirement that you get your facts straight before you post. Clearly, Minnesota needs to spend more money on education, not less. Maybe then more of our citizens would know what they are talking about!

  • Stanley Steamer

    Anyone up for a good protest in front of the dairy queen in highland park? We should wait for a warm day.

  • kevin

    As soon as tax dollars pay for someting it’s then becomes everyone’s bisiness,and everyone has a say.

  • Superchik1017

    This is a big mistake. These clinics PREVENTED unwanted preganancies – they did NOT perform abortion services as it says in the article.

  • Mary L.

    All Christians should pray for the Pro-choice Evildoers so that their murderous hearts of stone can be converted into Pro-Life hearts of love and respect for fellow Citizens. We must pray that these wicked Pro-choice Advocates of Satan’s culture of death renounce their sin against Almighty God our eternal Father, their denial of another Citizen’s right to life, and Crime against Humanity that they be redeemed from the everlasting fire that surely awaits all unrepentant Pro-choice Murderers.

    • Jenny B

      Frankly, you frighten me.

    • Drunken Dissed Orderly

      Hilarious comment.

      That WAS sarcasm, right??

    • Mary L's Guardian Devil

      Damn you and the petty god you created.

    • Don'tmakechoicesforothers.

      Than they chose that fate for themselves I don’t need someone like you telling me how to be godly and what is good or not for me. We have too much government involvement we don’t need your kind preaching to us. Remember I don’t believe in abortion but I do believe in education to prevent pregnancy.

    • Martha

      What can be asserted without proof can be dissmissed without proof.
      Christens my A#* what a bunch of “hope theres heven group” out there. Mind your own business, go away this has nothing to do with you. you are part of the problem not part of the solution. 215,000 babies added to this earth everyday and yes that counts those who die. how are we to feed 12 billon people in a world in 2050 that can hold 1.5 billion reasonabily and by the way there are 7 billion of us now, so you think more babies please bring um on… we will watch the world explode!

  • stupidusername

    No one sees that the unwanted birth rate of places like Brainerd is going to go sky high? Places like this provide an essential service that community needs. Reread the article. They didn’t perform abortions here, they provided birth control and counselling to those who need it. Another sad part is most of you screaming the loudest probably used or needed this service at some point in your life.

  • Katie

    Doctor offices do abortions too so should those be closed? I am pro life but some of these comments make no sense. Why is it that insurance will pay for Viagra so men can have sex but insurance does not pay for birth control for women to protect themselves? This is why there is Planned Parenthood.

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