DES MOINES, Iowa (AP)–Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty plans to run the first television advertisement of the 2012 campaign by a GOP candidate.

His introductory spot is scheduled to begin Wednesday in several markets across Iowa.

The former Minnesota governor is using the commercial to build support for Iowa’s leadoff caucuses next winter as well as the Iowa Republican Party’s August straw poll in Ames, an early test of caucus support.

The ads are to run in six media markets that touch most Republican areas of the state, including Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. The cost of the ads are about $50,000, constituting a relatively small purchase and not a guarantee that many caucus-goers will see them. In 2008, roughly 120,000 Iowans attended the Republican caucuses, although state GOP officials estimate a higher turnout in 2012.

Pawlenty is less well-known than some of his rivals for the GOP nomination. He plans to spend roughly half of July in Iowa campaigning ahead of the Aug. 13 straw poll in Ames.

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Comments (8)
  1. Steve says:

    Timmy…the rest of the nation has already figured out what we in MN have known for a long time…YOU ARE NO LEADER!!! no thank you Timmy…we’ve had Pawlenty!!!

  2. Don_J says:

    I think it’s funny how he hasn’t muttered a single word here in Minnesota… hell, he literally moved to Iowa once his “job” here ended.

    1. Reasonable says:

      Well, when you govern that poorly you probably don’t want to live under your own rules…

      But really folks, November 2012 is 17 1/2 months from now. Have the issues really become so confusing that we need a year and a half devoted to television ads suggesting which candidate knows how to do things best? Or can we finally all just agree that politics is the biggest money grab ever and that no one is actually in it to do anything other than get their welfare check from the public?

      Maybe that’s my new slogan; “End Political Welfare”.

      1. Don_J says:

        No… I think people are finally starting to wake up and see these crooks for what they really are.

  3. Debbie N says:

    I hope that the Iowans don’t fall for his lies! All they need to do is talk to most Minnesotans and see how successful his concepts were. Cut taxes and raise fees! Our state is falling apart because of his “tax cuts”.

    1. Don_J says:

      …yeah, but he’s promised to let them grow more corn…

  4. whitey says:

    go away tpawn nobody cares about you because you are a racist

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