ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A union leader says Ford Motor Co. has set a date for closing its St. Paul plant.


Chairman Jim Eagle of United Auto Workers Local 879 says Ford is saying the plant’s last day will be Dec. 22.


Ford spokeswoman Marcey Evans confirms to the St. Paul Pioneer Press that the plant closing would take place by year’s end, although she says the company hasn’t publicly disclosed the date.


The plant makes the Ranger pickup. Ford has confirmed that it will not sell the next generation of the small Ford Ranger pickup truck in North America.


The UAW represents 760 workers at the plant. Last year, state and local officials led a delegation to the automaker’s Dearborn, Mich., headquarters to make a pitch to keep the plant from closing.

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Comments (36)
  1. harleymanmn says:

    Well, there goes some more good paying jobs that a bloated union bureaucracy and their unrelistic work rules killed to the detrirment of the employees!

    1. Chris says:

      We are with you and well said!

      The unions and their Messiah Obama still do not get it!

    2. pat says:

      only 9% of the cost of a auto made here goes to the worker, his benefits, and the cost to keep the benefits of all the retired auto workers. almost half goes to the top dogs and the share holders. Hmmmmmmmm now who is the fat cat?

    3. Mike says:


      And what the outcome? Higher salaries for the the CEO and upper crust. Unsafe working conditions for it’s future workers, a reduced wage and benefits package and the truck will cost more then ever.! That means less taxes for the state and local governments, drops the buying power of 700 people which effects many small businesses. That is what you promote. Moron.

    4. Mike says:


      And what will the outcome be? Higher salaries for the the CEO and upper crust. Unsafe working conditions for it’s future workers along with a reduced wage and benefits package and the truck will cost more then ever.! That means less taxes by the state and local governments and drops the buying power of 700 plus people which effects many small businesses. That is what you promote. Moron.

      1. sisterkit says:

        LOL..Worth posting twice.

  2. sisterkit says:

    @Harleymanmn – The jobs are physically demanding, the pay half of what it once was with numerous give-backs over the years to try to keep some manufacturing jobs in MN and the US. The fallout from continuing to outsorce these jobs overseas will affect us all, not just the employees of the Ford Plant in St. Paul. The work rules have been modified and all to no avail. It is Corporatism not Unionism that is hurting us.

    1. sisterkit says:


    2. Robert Radke says:

      Thanks for setting the record straight!! Amen,sister!!

  3. Robert Radke says:

    And a very Merry Christmas from another fat cat corp.!!!

  4. Arnie says:

    Have some more “hope n’ change” for the holidays

    Any more recovery and the will be zero jobs left

  5. anneotremba says:

    For those of you blaming the unions, this issue is not about the union, its about corporate greed at the top level and the stock holders. I for one will no longer buy vehicles from American companies that outsource American jobs over seas or south of the border. All of you calling for the end of the unions, remember that your jobs are next because you wanted it that way. The only protection that workers have came from the unions that you want to do away with. Remember that when you lose your jobs and believe me it will happen.

    1. Tex Mcgee says:

      I love the anti-neighbor, cut the nose to spit the face mentally that seems to have spread like a virus throughout the United States.

      1. Arnie says:

        That is the 0bama plan

        1. Tn Jedd says:

          You really believe that? What color is the sky in your world?

    2. Brad says:

      On the flip-side, maybe consider that unions are demanding pay and benefits that the corporation views as too greedy and expensive to keep.

      Seems to me that the unions wanted so much that Ford couldn’t continue to give, so the best solution is to build it elsewhere.

      Just remember, it’s not a corporation’s job to provide as many jobs as possible; they are out there to make money, which is exactly what an investor would want.

      1. Chuck says:

        Thanks and we agree…

        My last comment was directed to “anneotremba”….

        Because of the rediculous statements made and buying foreign to boot!

    3. Chuck says:

      That makes a lot of sense … NOT!

      So you buy foreign cars and therefore send even the profits overseas too!

      You are part of the problem, so thanks a lot…

      And you have the nerve to blame someone other than the unions?!

    4. Fed Up says:

      LOL. Then what are you going to buy? Every “American” manufacturer outsources. There are no cars made in the USA that are made of 100% US content. Engines, transmissions, electronics, etc, etc often come from various locations around the world.

      If you just want to talk about “assembled in the USA”, you have a number of options. Ford, GM, & Chrysler still assemble a few cars here but so does Honda, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Kia and more.

    5. miketobias01 says:

      If you ever worked at Ford,I hope to God you were buying stock!

      If you are not going to buy an American car that outsources American jobs! Then I will see you out by the road side thumbing it to the store! What an idiot! They outsource because unions are to costly!

  6. Tn Jedd says:

    Blame the union’s, blame Ford, blame, blame, blame and more blame. Why is immagration considered a problem when we out source all our jobs. What about the Viking stadium? T Paw (give it all away) or Michelle (take it all away) could be our next in charge. So let’s just blame, blame, blame!

  7. Mike Merker says:

    Demand for the Ranger has been down. What sense does it make to keep making a vehicle the people no longer want? Chrysler and Gm made vehicles no one wanted for years and looked what happened, the federal government took them over with taxpayers money of which we will never see the loans fully repaid. Sorry to see them go but we have been warned about this for years~

  8. Darren says:

    This also effects the railroad and its workers, as they will no longer have to serve the Ford Plant and send those Rangers all over the country.

    I feel bad for those who lose jobs, I just dont’ know who to blame anymore.

  9. Kit Kennedy says:

    Here’s a link

  10. Kim Sandoz says:

    Corporate greed, so called Americans buying Asian built vehicles, this will come back to bite You in the ass, so enjoy it while You can, this kind of”Reaganomic” Bull will bring America to it’s knees.

    1. Yeoman says:

      Reagon was a strong supporter of non-corrupt unions. He was a member of the AFL/CIO while he was president and was the head of the actors guild union for a while. His attitude was america can build a better car not raise the tarrifs on foriegn built. They did and the Auto Industry rebounded during his administration.

  11. Bill says:

    I owned a Ranger. It sucked. Worst vehicle I ever had.

    1. whatever says:

      That’s because your a moron…..

  12. harleymanmn says:

    Well it demostrates the IQ level of those of you who rather than make an intelligent argument resort to name calling. Wages will be driven by the exclusivity of the skill. It only stands to reason that you cannot support a bunch of business agents driving around in new pickups and hanging out in Taj MaUnion Halls without placing a large additional hourly burden on each hour worked by the employee. The health, pension and other benefits can be delivered with equal or better benefits at a lesser cost per hour than any union plan in a merit shop. These are the facts that have driven union membership to an all time low except for artificial environments such as government. Union environments kill the initiative and drive of the good employee and shelter the mediocre employee from reality.

  13. Greed, Greed & more Greed says:

    I like how people are blaming the union. Was it the unions fault that year after year Ford refused to improve the Ranger? That is a decision that comes from the top, if unions are greedy then corporate managers are thieves

  14. Tea liks his F250 says:

    Hmmm….we talk about the tax rate being raised in MN and businesses leaving…and hmmm….here we go……
    Now I do know T-Paw (and I even think Dayton) did what they could to keep them here…this plant closing has been scheduled for years….
    But…it MAY be an indication of things to come!
    Bottom line….it’s sad to see them go! The Ford plant MADE that part of St Paul!
    Sure the Rangers were no F150…..but that plant employed PEOPLE and paid them a GOOD wage! Anyone who says “good riddance” to them is truly an idiot and has NO clue how important the Ford plant and businesses like it are to this area!

    Still….get used to it people……the top 2% make decisions like “shall we keep this plant open or close it” and when you keep taxing them…….

    So…who’s next?

    1. Insanity everywhere and no meds. says:

      Tea liks his F250
      Point out 1 piece of evidence that supports your story there. When did Ford have its taxes increased as you have said? This is more lies being spewed from a group of people that have never had proof but keep playing the same fiddle as I guess they just like the sound. I would love for you to link 1 site real or not that claims that Ford had their taxes increased. I will wait as you learn how to make a web site.

  15. OOPS says:

    Yes..and I “lik” my F250….I “like” it too…


  16. Citizen says:

    One of my family members worked at this Ford Plant his entire life on the assembly line. I’m glad he did not live to see this closing. He was a staunch union man and refused a promotion to management because he knew the union would protect him and the company wouldn’t. He had good retirement benefits and pay–way better than what is offered today. No matter what management did, though, he supported the Ford brand and always bought Ford cars–even restoring old ones. He was a loyal, dedicated employee. He also told me that unions were only strong when companies were strong and that is why unions were losing in the workplace–companies were no longer strong, either. You can make of his words what you will….

  17. Norge says:

    Union-goons are union-goons are union-goons, that will never change. The ding-a-lings spouting off so-called ‘facts’ about the workers ‘share’ and the ‘fat-cats share’ are either making it up as they type or desperately need to change their bong-water. Notice none of them want to mention how many billions are added to the costs to simply fund the over-bloated pension-plans that union-goons are dependent on consumers to finance, and for the record the third generation Ford who is CEO has been working for one dollar a year for how long now?? Who are the fat cats? Wel…let see…sho had tens of millions to contibute to Obamamama and the union-goons to stage the fake protests at Bachmann and Palin events…who had the bucks to HIRE protesters at the Repub convention and Pawlenty appearences?? Their are some paid union-goons and their shysters posting here…beware…they make up 95% of the facts as they type…and just wish they were true.

  18. Vito says:

    Bottom Line: There is very limited demand for small pick up trucks domestically. Sales of the Ford Ranger have been steadily declining. Not a UAW or Ford issue, simply a market issue.

    Surprising, however, that Ford or another manufacturing company does not find a use for the site, given the fact that the power for the facility is generated by its own hydro plant on the river.

    Productivity has been notoriously as issue at the St. Paul Plant, however, I don’t blame only the union for this. Management’s job is to get productivity and hold employees accountable, if they can’t do that or don’t try it is clearly a management issue. Union leaders also must demand qualified, skilled and knowledeable workers. If employees can’t cut it, union leadership needs to step up to the plate and support getting rid of problem employees/union members.

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