CARROLL, Iowa (WCCO/AP) — The state has rested its case against a Minnesota man charged with killing a convenience store clerk in northern Iowa.

Michael Swanson, of St. Louis Park, Minn., was 17 when he was accused of killing Sheila Myers in Humboldt last November.

The state rested its case Wednesday afternoon. Earlier, the prosecution presented a videotaped police interview showing a tired and hungry Swanson puffing away on cigarettes as he admitted shooting Sheila Myers in the face.

Swanson smirked when asked to re-enact what he described as a surprised half-scream, half gasp Myers made when he pulled the trigger. Swanson says he “felt powerful.”

Swanson is also charged with killing another clerk in Algona the same day. His trial in that case is set for July.

Swanson’s mother took the stand Wednesday afternoon. She broked down when talking about the day she woke up and realized Swanson had snuck out of the house.

“I woke up and I went down stairs to wake up Mike, and I went upstairs and my truck was gone,” said Kathleen Swanson.

Kathleen Swanson went on to say that she had never encountered a child like him and she didn’t know what to do to stop his behavior problems.

Michael Swanson showed little to no emotion when interviewed by police just hours after he allegedly killed two Iowa convenience store clerks. A police officer asked Swanson how he felt after shooting the two convenience store clerks.

“Some people just get shot,” Swanson replied. He also said he killed the store clerks because they could’ve identified him as the robber of their gas stations and could testify against him in court.

Michael Swanson’s defense team is trying to argue that he was mentally ill at the time of the shootings and didn’t know right from wrong.

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Comments (19)
  1. What??? says:

    The clerk did everything this POS wanted and he still shot her as he was leaving. This is 1 case where capitol punishment should be used as there was no reason that the clerk should have been shot and the way I look at it, he should have to give up his worthless life by taking hers. This country has lost its backbone, there is no place for people like this even in prison.

  2. sick says:

    If the state voted on the death penalty, you know for a fact it would pass.

    I say leave it up to the people to vote what kind of punishments are allowed.

    1. All for Capital punishment says:

      With all of the high tech devices like Hi def. camera’s, DNA testing there is high validity that they right person will be convicted. This woman didn’t have to die and I agree this young man should pay for it by having his life taken away.

  3. Danny Urban says:

    Amen! I can’t agree more!

  4. me again says:

    I wonder if he knows how many people want to see him fry….

    What a pathetic loser. He doesn’t even realize he will probably be killed in prison.

  5. GOING BLACK says:

    he did this cause he is mad at his own people.hey i be mad too if my woman was going black. white guy fight for your women and air the black are coming for your women your white women has brought shame to you and then you talk black this black that i think its funny that your own kinds turn on you at the end M.L.K. DREAM has come true there will only be black in america. CAN YOU SEE IT MOVE OVER TO THE SIDE A LITTLE BIT CAN U SEE IT. L.O.L.

    1. bubba136 says:

      Get over your biggotry,people like you are a disgrace to your race!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Cassy says:

      You are a racist idiot, people like you are the problem in this country. It’s 2011, get over it you honky redneck, piece of garbage.

    3. Conegro says:

      Even when a white person commits a crime you find it a way to blame black people. I don’t see many post saying redneck, cracka, trailer trash, regurgitated abortion or any thing like that. But you and many people that post on this forum seem to find a way to make every problem the black man’s problem.

  6. we says:

    hanging is to quick he deserves to be put in a mid evil torcher device and make him suffer for days!

  7. bubba136 says:

    His parents were interviewed,and they were scared to death of him,they should consider themselves lucky they are alive. I can think of several hundred ways to get rid of this guy.

  8. zee the reporter says:

    How It Works: The prisoner stands on trapdoor, and a rope descends from a wooden beam overhead. The rope is fastened around the prisoner’s neck in a “Hangman’s noose,” which tightens when pulled upon. The executioner pulls a lever opening the trapdoor and dropping the prisoner, who ideally dies quickly due to a broken neck.

    zee reporting!

  9. gordonsetterman says:

    I’ll feel powerfull too when I pull the switch on the little SOB

  10. TwinsRAwesome says:

    POS doesn’t do justice to this POS! We used to have a term for animals of his kind…STAB (Should have been Thumped At Birth)! Can we bid on EBay to be executioner?

  11. valura says:

    He will deserve what ever they do to his ass. But truth is he will end up in some crazy institute for crazy folk like him, eatin Steak nd potatoes. Watchin ColorTV a good life in the crazy house watch their no Death Penalty in Iowa or MN.

  12. Nancy Aleshire says:

    This kid is a sociopath that belongs in prison for the rest of his life. He thought everything was a big joke and had no remorse for the two lives he snuffed out. He did not suffer from mental illness. He knew he could be sent to prison for stealing those ramen noodles. I think he will be eating those noodles for the rest of his life–BEHIND BARS.

  13. scott a. says:

    he wont be laughing anymore when he gets to prison. he will have to follow not only the prisons rules but he will probably be attacked by prison gangs. oh well too bad for you. you laughing hyena. no more freedom that would suck. getting up and doing the same crappy routine every day. i can get in my car and go to mcdonalds and get what i want to eat and you have to eat the same prison food day after day. man i love freedom and rubbing it in your face!!!!

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