GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. (WCCO) – The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office has charged a former employee of the City of Golden Valley with three felonies, including theft by swindle, theft of public funds and failure to pay over state funds, according to the city’s web site.

Courtney Allyn Olson was also charged with two gross misdemeanor counts of misconduct of a public officer or employee. She was arrested March 28 and released March 31 pending an investigation. Olson was an employee with the city’s Department of Motor Vehicles division.

The city’s DMV closed on April 1 in response to Olson’s alleged theft and procedural violations. The city also hired an independent auditor to review policies, procedures and internal controls. Changes were recommended to prevent the theft and mishandling of funds and have already been implemented.

The city is currently seeking DVS authorization to reopen its office as soon as possible.

Comments (31)
  1. LuAnn says:


    I wonder if she has a gambling addiction.

  2. Erik says:

    I dated her for 9 months in2009..She totally ripped me off in SO many ways..She’s poison!

  3. Bill says:

    So she’s single now? Got her phone number?

    1. Andre says:

      Sorry Chump, she doesn’t date white guys.

      1. emily0886 says:

        that’s so ignorant…people become criminal based on their own choices..its called free will, hanging out with the wrong crowd of any race can bring people into bad situations and ultimately lead to bad decisions.

  4. Clarence says:

    Does she transfer tittles??

  5. Cheryl says:

    My Dad & I had a 3some with her.

    1. emily0886 says:

      that’s absolutely disgusting!! i hope for your sake you are kidding

  6. Alonzo says:

    She bought the rims for my Escalade and paid for the window tint. A few shopping trips to MOA & then I let her go.

  7. Conegro says:

    Another ignorant cracka. Breaking the law like they all do.

    1. Conegro says:

      I see you have a really compelling argument here.

      I would really like to know where you get your statistics from.

      Could it be some supremacist propaganda center perhaps.

      BTW, my name is Anthony, your hairy back looks more like an ape than I do, I’ve graduated more schools than you’ll ever see and I can probably speak the English language far better than you.

      1. What says:

        So, you’ve “graduated more schools than you’ll ever see”…

        What does that mean? Graduated more schools than you’ll ever see?
        How many times did you graduate? Are you counting the 8th grade?
        Did you graduate from a middle school? What about elementary school?

        Wow, that is so impressive!

    2. Conegro says:

      And this is why I avoid Minneapolis like the plague. Racist, redneck police.

      People like you and your friend above would never confront me in a civil manner. The simple fact is you can’t. Your simple minds and feral attitudes will not allow it.

      So please go on, rant some more completely inane asinine comments to prove my point.

      1. Conegro says:

        Wow!!! I think you actually used a few three syllable words. Although it was the same word multiple times.

        Maybe you should learn to read. I believe that everything I typed was concise and to the point.

        Shall I dumb it down for you 2 digit IQ?

        1. Coonegro says:

          you 2 digit IQ??? you mean “your” 2 digit IQ? should have stayed in school Tyrone.

  8. Conegro says:

    I see that my comments are being censored, while inane things like this are allowed to be published.

    How quaint.

    1. Conegro says:

      Once again, more ignorance. I guess a word like quaint is far removed from the trailer park.

      How about some thing a little more your level. How nice of the media to censor any intelligent rebuttal to your inane and racist comments.

      1. blackie says:

        you are the reason why your women leave your ass for black men today and you guys become gay

        1. Shameeka Perkins says:

          The white women that are attracted to Coons are the Fat,Ugly,Skanky unwashed types that have been rejected by wite guys..You’re picking up our discarded crumbs..I can’t blame you though for not bangin a black chick,they all look like Gorillas!

          1. me says:

            I second this!

            Anybody notice Michelle Obama looks like Chewbacca!?!?!?!?

            1. blackie says:

              and your daugthers too

      2. me again says:

        I believe it’s “something”… not “some thing”….

        Jus sayin dawg.

  9. LaQueesha Perkins says:

    why you aw be axxin fo trouble wif us po black folks??

  10. See BS says:

    She looks like a WCCO reporter (they rip off taxpayers too)

  11. fred says:

    it`s turning in to a daily event. gov. employees stealing thousands…or millions….of dollars from taxpayers, and their not even politicians. if this woman wants to steal from taxpayers, get elected. that way it goes pretty much unnoticed.

  12. emily0886 says:

    what the hell is your problem?? you are absolutely the most ignorant and close minded individual i have ever encountered!!! nobody thinks you are funny, stop wasting your time on here! I am white, single parent, full time student and part time employee, i get welfare as well…doesn’t mean im worthless, just means i need help to get on my feet. i will be a probation officer when I am done and i can guarantee a good amount will be white

    1. Looks Like Denzel says:

      So you’re not planning on making any money after you graduate either?

    2. @ Emily0886 says:

      Single Mom/Wefare Queen….We know your type..Tell me this,does Tyrone pay you Child Support???

    3. to emily says:

      fulltime student? in what g.e.d. school, if you’re going to college to make $12 an hour as a prob officer, i feel bad for you, shouldn’t have had a little brown boy

  13. cola coka says:

    she is a freaking theif
    i hope she gets her due justice

  14. blackie says:

    your wife sneak to the hood for a piece then bring our smell back to you have you smell your wife or daugther lately?

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