After-Hours Club Raided, Drugs Seized

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis man claimed his all-night parties with drugs and alcohol were raising money for north side tornado victims, but Minneapolis police said those parties were actually a haven for illegal activity.

Police officers raided the place near Hiawatha Avenue and Lake Street at about 3:15 a.m. Thursday.

In all, more than 70 people were cited and 12 were arrested and jailed for weapons, narcotics or outstanding warrants.

Police and neighbors said the illegal activity going on at the club got out of hand on a nightly basis.

“Some people sitting outside over there in the chairs and people going in and out,” said Ruhel Islam, who owns a restaurant on the same block just a few doors down.

Other neighbors complained for a few months till Minneapolis police busted the place.

“Unfortunately I thought the best of these people, and they took advantage,” said the building’s owner, who didn’t want to be identified.

He said Harrison, who was arrested in the raid, leased space for the non-profit he ran, called Zodiac MC. Harrison showed the building owner pictures of his group, and he also presented an official state certificate claiming his group was a non-profit. Non-profits don’t have to reveal to the state what they do, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

Harrison was booked into the Hennepin County Jail. Police officers who busted the place said he told them his parties raised money for north Minneapolis tornado victims, and the building’s owner said Harrison told him he needed a place to live after the tornado destroyed his home a few weeks ago.

When a WCCO-TV crew went to Harrison’s home, they found it still standing.

“They told us they were a charitable organization that did stuff around the holiday time, collecting toys for Toys for Tots,” said the building’s owner about a previous conversation he had with Harrison. He estimated a $2,000 to $3,000 bill to get the mess cleaned up.

Police recovered all sorts of drugs including heroin, cocaine and marijuana, along with two weapons.

Ruhel said he just hopes for better neighbors who are peaceful, not partiers.

“It’s a peaceful neighborhood,” he said.  “We don’t want something bad to happen here.”

  • Huh

    You make no sense.

  • ITsOKJusttakeAToke

    Trolling the wcco web board must be entertaining and life enhancing….BTW Montana and Utah have a high percentage native americans…sorry guys your becoming the minority.

  • Moe

    I hate racist idiots..

    • Jim

      This story is about drugs, not politics. Try reading the article next time before responding, MOEron. (Very appropriate name by the way.)

      • max

        When the story was first posted, it was immediately trolled by several commenters saying very racist things. We’re all adults here; no need to make lame insults.

  • readforgodssake

    “An after-hours club in south Minneapolis…”

    • .

      @ me and @ JamieinMN — Wow, you are tools. Of course you’re one of the fools that would blame this one on the people in North Minneapolis above all else…these South Minneapolis fools were using the tornado in North as an excuse. Get a clue and think about the words you are reading before you make a jerk of yourselves. You have proven yourselves to be classless fools with your statements. I’m glad I don’t know you.

      • JamieinMN

        Wait, what?!?!?!?! Where was I blaming anyone on here?!?!?!!? I know EXACTLY what they were doing, was I not clear or are you incompetent?

    • Jamiesalwayscorrect

      yeah, your posts always make me want to return here to read the madness you all spew

    • JamieinMN

      Isn’t that what I said????

      • Guy

        But you forgot the REASON for all the drugs they had …. they were just trying to replace some of the stuff the tornado destroyed over north – see

  • JamieinMN


    • me again

      Sorry, someones comment was removed that caused my initial comment. lol

  • Balls

    I think China and Europe provide the intellectual leadershp & industry in this country. Look up the numbers dude, This country will be brown by 2030. Get your passport ready or something.

    • See BS

      They keep moving that urban myth “white people minority” date farther into the future.

      I know white people in Europe who keep getting rejected for work visas for the USA.

      Are you saying our immigration system is racist against educated European white people?

      • Todd W. Olson

        Come on, VD. We all know its you. Posting under more than one name to create the appearance that someone “agrees” with you? Please.

        • See BS

          Where in this thread am I agreeing with myself? Sounds like you are trying to “avoid” my question.

    • Me

      Nonsense.As interracial and intercultural marriage becomes more common, all sides will be winnowed down. Mom of three. all white, half Hispanic.

      I almost hope aliens come to Earth just so people will band together and show some Earthling solidarity.

      • Charlies Angel

        not me

  • patrinka

    this was directed at “me” the real idiot!

  • See BS

    Look up the Janice Hahn “Give us your cash” attack ad in the LA

  • Phil Mcackin

    Sounds like a party to me.

  • sam

    I hope they nail their a$$es for conducting illegal activity under the guise of being a non-profit do-good club. what a crock….

  • Me

    Ah, shoot. There go my plans for the weekend.

  • Kevin The Racist

    I just watched news coverage from the raid……all I saw were members of the “Black Community” there……..I must be a racist……….

  • ole mae simpson

    what a bunch of losers
    glad theyve been arrested

  • mike

    A would-be non-profit group raising money for tornado victims, I wonder how much a portion of the profits would actually go to the victims for every illegal drug sold at this weird club?

  • trl the alligator

    ….these degenerates are fund raising for themselves and themselves only…..every single one of them is a criminal and a big part of what is wrong with free society, i hope they all see meaningful jail time and are exposed for what they really are—nothing but a bunch of criminaly minded lowlife degenerates who dont deserve to walk freely among society……they only give creedence to the existing negative black stereotypes, its THESE people in this article who embody ALL the negative preconcieved notions about black people that are held by society in general.

  • ttt

    Furthermore, there were 2-3 informants in the crowd most of the time often providing specific info over a long period of time that warranted the action taken. Aside from the fact that they were operating it illegaly and that most of the people in attendance have serious criminal records it was the inside people who deserve most of the credit.

  • me

    MOEron is right.
    I hate liberals…

  • Troy

    Can you atleast save the weed…its getting dry again???

    • yo johnnnnnny boy

      sorry – I tossed agent orange on it before it got delivered to the bang bro’s

      what color is filthy dirty water?????

  • Lacking a brain some are

    No need to get all funky worked up folks. They got the pukes

    My observations of the last year in the TC’s are somewhat interesting though.
    In better than 90% of the beatings and gun related crimes the perps are NOT white.
    Not sure of the percents of various races in TC’s but there is no way one can say that blacks don’t commit the buld of all creimes, especially the violent ones. So that is indefensible. Racism in general on these boards also is …. just saying.

  • Bill

    Are there ACORN links?

  • nate

    i’m not really sure why it is non-profits are exempt from disclosing their goings-on…but this should be a little slap to the back of the head that just maybe things need to be watched a little more closely…

    also not to rag on the guy who stated this but what does, “Some people sitting outside over there in the chairs and people going in and out” have anything to do with “…the illegal activity going on at the club got out of hand on a nightly basis.”?

  • Jeff "Gangsta" J

    No, they are preparing for the Gob’Ment Shutdown…….without their welfare checks, how else are they suppose to buy drugs and weapons and liquor.


    They are just planning ahead…

    • Jake

      I concur….

  • Mr. Mustache

    The gangsters at this place were all YARD APES folks. Nothing racist about that. If the kettle is black its still black. Stop trying to change the facts jack.

    • Jake

      That’s the FACT, JACK!!

  • Jake

    Could be an event designed to compliment the ‘gay pride’ stuff that’s going on this weekend. Maybe it was a warmup party. I mean, c’mon, let”s let bygones beygones, and just let everybody live free…..

  • Jake

    No wonder I have a CCW permit….

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