ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The budget spat between Minnesota’s Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican state lawmakers moved from the Capitol to a courtroom Thursday, with a judge warning that the stalemate threatens a state constitutional crisis with a government shutdown a week away.

Ramsey County Chief Judge Kathleen Gearin urged the two sides to keep trying to resolve their differences over raising taxes and cutting spending.

“It feels a little bit something almost like a game of chicken,” Gearin said.

The failure to agree on a budget creates “far more sweeping a crisis and more significant an issue than ever before,” Gearin said, calling it “a constitutional disagreement of extreme importance.”

Most of Minnesota’s state government functions would be suspended starting July 1 if the governor and Legislature don’t enact a new two-year budget. It would be the state’s second shutdown in six years, and the closure would be far more extensive than the partial shutdown in 2005.

Budget talks have stagnated for weeks. Dayton wants to raise new taxes while Republicans seek a definite ceiling on state spending. Gearin denied Dayton’s request to order the talks into mediation, and ruled against four GOP senators who argued that court involvement in the budget process would violate the constitutional separation of powers.

Gearin is charged with sorting out conflicting views between Dayton and his fellow Democrat, Attorney General Lori Swanson, over how to determine which state services are critical to preserving public health and safety and should be continued during a shutdown.

Swanson is asking that the court appoint a retired judge as referee empowered with making those decisions. “We ask you and this court to step in and protect the constitutional rights of the people of Minnesota,” Swanson said.

But Dayton’s attorney David Lillehaug said that would be an unconstitutional step for the courts and that only the governor can decide what state funding would continue in a shutdown.

“If July 1 arrives, and there is no state appropriation, the governor will take action,” Lillehaug said. “He will not allow the prisons to be opened. He will not allow sex offenders to be released from supervision. He will not allow the State Patrol to be pulled over to the side of the road. He will not allow veterans homes to close.”

Gearin also heard appeals from a parade of attorneys representing interests ranging from subsidized health care patients to highway contracts to local government officials to keep money flowing to their groups during a shutdown.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman argued that his county, the state’s largest, needs the $1 million a day in federal Medicaid dollars that get passed through the state for hospitals and medical programs.

“We need word from this court that in a shutdown, they will continue,” he said.

Former Attorney General Mike Hatch spoke about a 24-year-old Medicaid patient named Jenny Taylor, who got notice last week with almost 600,000 others that a shutdown could interrupt state-subsidized health care coverage.

“She is the face of what government is about,” Hatch said. “Jenny is what we are talking about here today.”

As the pleas wore on, Gearin showed frustration.

“At some point, people have to realize it’s not the court’s role to make everything better,” she said.

Gearin repeatedly warned of the danger of the court intervening in a budget process the constitution reserves for the executive and legislative branches. The judge said the legal proceedings that would spring forth from a shutdown would present a “complex conundrum” and compared the likely fallout to the Charles Dickens novel “Bleak House,” the dark tale of a lawsuit that lasted for decades.

She implored attorneys for Dayton and the House and Senate to urge their bosses to dedicate themselves anew to settling the budget dispute before July 1.

“The people want them to keep talking,” Gearin said. “Please, keep talking.”

Still, she quickly declined Dayton’s request to appoint a mediator to help him and Republicans reach a budget deal. Gearin said she concluded that the executive and legislative branches have the “institutional competency” to resolve the standoff.

As the court hearing unfolded, however, the two sides still bickered a few blocks away at the Capitol — over whether negotiations tentatively scheduled for Friday and Saturday would include the leaders of Democratic legislative minorities.

Gearin said she probably wouldn’t rule until next week on Swanson’s request for a shutdown referee. “It would be far better if this were resolved by the legislative and executive branches getting together,” she said.

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Comments (123)
  1. Captain America says:

    Giving Dayton the ability to control the process would be putting the fox into the chicken coop. Dayton has rejected all offers, will not complete a partial which would dramaticlly lessen the impact of a shutdown and is only playing partisian politics to improve his political situation. Dayton sign the budget or complete what you can and help the people of MN by reducing the layoffs.

    1. Quit being a Jerk says:

      Dayton – sign the budget passed by the legislature.

      1. Emmers says:

        There is no bill in front of Dayton to be signed, he vetoed the bill weeks ago. A new bill has to be passed.
        Problem is with the greedy GOP goes into a special session they will keep the session open for the rest of the year just to get their tax free Per Diem.

        1. Joe Hanson says:

          There are multiple budget bills.

          Governor Dayton did sign the Agriculture budget bill.

          1. Grover says:

            Again, all of them but the ag bill got a veto. There is nothing for the governor to sign. Are you people who keep requesting the governor sign the budget bills that daft?

            1. Guy says:

              If he would agree to it; I’m pretty sure SOMEBODY has a copy laying around that could be passed PDQ.

      2. Dale Gribble says:

        Dayton is a socialist traitor who is using activist judges to subvert the will of the people of Minnesota. Dayton, Swanson and any judge who rules in favor of this treasonous plot should be immediately arrested and tried for failing to uphold their oaths. How long will the people of this state accept the dictatorial rule of Socialist DFL traitors?

        1. Tom says:

          @ Dale Gribble

          We are all socialist. And there is no such thing as an “activist” judge. But if you believe that there are then you just called 3 conservative judges on the State Supreme Court “activist” judges because a couple of days ago they refused to hear the GOP case.

          1. Dale Gribble says:

            Speak for yourself “comrade”. I’m not a socialist, I’m a patriotic American. And I don’t care what their party affiliation; anyone who supports or rules in favor of Dayton and his treasonous plot is a traitor and should be treated as such. Come 2013, President Bachmann and the Tea Party will see to it that they get what they deserve.

            1. Jim says:

              “Come 2013, President Bachmann and the Tea Party will see to it that they get what they deserve.”

              LOL. I was going to respond about you not understanding the word “treasonous,” but then I got to your last line and see that you’re just joking around. You almost got me! President Bachmann! That’s rich. You almost made me spit coffee. Good one.

              1. Dale Gribble says:

                Laugh now. When real Americans are back in charge of this country, there will be some changes.

                1. Hank Hill says:

                  Define a “real” American please.

                2. Dale Gribble says:

                  White, Protestant, capitalist native born Americans are the real Americans. The people who built this country and made it strong. Michelle Bachmann stands for real, patriotic Americans, Liberty and Freedom.

            2. Curtis says:

              Dale, I hate to break the news to you but all the white people here are from immigrants at one point. Hate to break it to you further but many of the non white people here are here because there ancestors were forced to come here. It wasn’t their idea. Others were brought to do the dirty labor work and stayed.

              1. Dustie says:

                Such a bunch of nasty, name calling people – real Americans – all U.S. citizens are real Americans for goodness sakes. Like this kind of a discussion is going to solve any problems – NOT :(. Shame be upon you.

            3. llp says:

              Are you kidding with those 9th grade raciest in power America will win the race to the bottom.

  2. Tired of the GOP says:

    Hold the line Governor

    1. tom astrike says:

      Tired of GOP ? Really and what do you do fort a living ? Tell the truth now and then why are you tired of living free.

      1. Jim says:

        tom astrike, can you try that again? I have no idea what you wrote there.

    2. Dustie says:

      Yes, Governor Dayton. We support you all the way.

  3. Doctir says:

    Recall Dayton. He’s got mental issues

    1. Holly says:

      Minnesota does provide for a recall of the governor and I think we should start thinking about a petition drive to get this guy out. If Minnesota has to shut down for any length of time, its time to start the petition drive. Without a third party in the governor race, Dayton would be defeated easily.

      1. Jim says:

        Holly, I’m a registered Democrat who voted third party in the last governor’s election, and I know two others who did the same because we didn’t like Dayton or Emmer. So your theory doesn’t hold water.

        When the Democrats in Wisconsin tried to oust Gov. Walker over the union thing, it sounded to me like sour grapes and an attempted subjugation of our system. After all, Walker won the election fair and square. Dayton won here, and any GOP attempt to drive him out of office should be met with contempt.

      2. Looks Like Denzel says:

        A recall?? You are hilarious. I’ll bet you a million dollars there’s no recall effort that even gets initiated. Get a clue, lady.

        You’re just like the democrats you hate so much.

        All you REALLY want to do is point your finger and make everybody believe what you believe, that the democrats hate America, hate babies, hate married hetero couples, and love communism. Well guess what? You’re an idiot for thinking so.

        And the rest of the ones on the other side of the aisle are idiots for thinking it’s all the Republicans’ fault too.

        Rabbit season!
        No, duck season!
        No, RABBIT season!
        Duck season!
        Rabbit season!
        Rabbit season!
        DUCK SEASON – FIRE!!!

        You’re all the same. Knuckleheads who want to place blame but don’t want to take any. Nice.

        1. Holly says:

          I guess your the only smart one. Right. No solution just name call. Better look in the mirror so we have at least two smart people in the state.

          1. Looks Like Denzel says:

            I’m just happy you realize you aren’t one of them. Ever listen to yourself? Blame, blame, blame. Always the democrats ruining the day. Never the republicans. A bit biased, eh?

            And the word is “you’re.” You see, it’s a contraction of the words you and are. The word “your” implies possession. That makes your sentence totally senseless.

            Yeah. I went to college.

            1. Holly says:

              Of course you did. Thats were you learned that everyone was a poo-poo head and only you were correct. Nice try.

              1. Looks Like Denzel says:

                Wow, Holly. You’re on a roll. You’re like butta!

                I don’t think only I am correct. You see, you just proved my point!

                You think it’s so polar. If I’m right, you’re wrong or if you’re right then I must be wrong.

                That’s why you are so dead convinced it’s ALLLLLL Dayton’s fault, but not AT ALL the Republicans’ fault.

                Right? Come on, do it again! 🙂

      3. Dustie says:

        Let’s start a recall for the Republican obstructionist legislature while you’re at it :).

    2. Nigel says:

      And the rest of the legislature goes undiagnosed

  4. william wallace says:

    There should be a independent body in making vital decisions towards
    service cuts. The problem / whom? appoints an true independent body.

    The nations problems come from two terms of appalling republican govt
    whom brought / death / destruction / a river of tears // illegal invasion of
    nations // they having just abandoned international law as domestic laws
    ending their term in govt by removing banking regulations. / Thus opening
    the bank doors to levels of banking fraud as yet unknown which bringing
    a banking crisis // followed by a western banking collapse . $Billions upon $Billions lost // millions made unemployed // their homes as life savings lost.

    The sad reality the election putting republicans in govt t’was only won via massive voting fraud as aided by the appalling corrupt ruling of a supreme
    court decision in putting republicans into govt // dispite they lost the election.

    Major decisions should be made by responsible independent bodies / whom
    not politically motivated to such extent / they put their political survival before
    making the correct decisions such best in the healing of the nation its people.

    The nation is on its knees // not in prayer // but through shame of their actions
    in illegal wars / a nation now crippled $trillions of debt brought by republicans.

    It must be the decision of the judges that resposibilty of account is given unto
    independent responsible bodies // whom are abled making practical decisions
    upon the reality of circumstances / that the nation not plunged in further debt.
    There must be a time that politicians in taking their heads out of the clouds /as
    put asaide the 24/7 media spin / thus make a start coming to terms with reality.

    1. Looks Like Denzel says:


      Someone call the nice men in the clean white coats.

      It seems this gentleman has just come completely unglued…

  5. kevin says:

    The courts do not belong in this issue. They do not legislate or govern. Dayton, do your job and call a special session and let the house and senate do there jobs.

    1. Owen says:

      So glad you know all. The governor is merely asking the courts to define essential services in a legal context of state services. That is their role. Call your gop legislator and them them to get their act together.

      1. Thomas says:

        No dayton does NOT want the courts to decide. HE WANTS to decide what is essential. And he thinks he has a right to manipulate the budget, he accepts or denies that budget it, no tinkering.

      2. Joe Hanson says:

        From the article –
        “Dayton is asking the court to give him discretion to decide which state services would continue”

  6. Tired of the GOP says:

    So many people commenting on here seem to think theirs is the right answer…why isn’t your name on the ballot?

    1. Edgar says:

      They have answers but not solutions. They have complaints but no ideas how to solve them other than to say if you drop dead it is not my problem.

      1. George says:

        We do have solutions and we sent them when we elected this congress. You have so much money, make it work, no new taxes. Pretty simple.

        1. Edgar says:

          Revenue predictions from fairy land. Needing to ask for a federal waiver that will never be given, chopping at the health care of the elderly and disabled. NOT fixing the cheats and the free loaders who could work. Some solution.In two years they will be fixing a shortfall again. Better to tax the wealthy so maybe they find some smarter bobos.

    2. hmm says:

      You have to be rich to win elections. Most here are middle class at best.

  7. Tired of the GOP says:

    EVERYONE is a monday morning quartback until it comes time for them to make the decisions

  8. Just tired says:

    We vote these people in to mediate for us and now the mediators require mediators.

    1. Tom says:

      @ Just tired

      I am very liberal. That being said some politicians are more concerned about being popular instead of doing what is right. Not every decision they make is going to be popular. But if that is their main goal they should not have run.

  9. mel says:

    Let the shut down begin.

  10. KEVIN says:

    I’m tired of taxes. the following is a reprint from Fidelity investments of the 10 tax- unfriendly states for retirees
    Coming in in the number two spot -you guessed it ,it’s minnesota.
    State income tax:5.35%-7.85%
    State sales tax 6.875%-7.85%
    estatetax/inheritance tax: no/no
    Mn. offers retireescold comforton the tax front.Social security income is taxed to the same extent it is taxed on your fedral return. Income tax rates are high, and sales taxescan reach 9.53% in some cities. Food, clothing, an dprescription drugs and nonprescription drugs are exempt from sales tax. The north star state does offer some residents 65 and older who have income of $60,000 or less the option of deferring a portion of their property tax. But this is a low-interest loan,not a tax-forgiveness program.
    Being number two can someone explain to me why we should be taed more. STOP SPENDING THE DAM MONEY NOW. iF YOU DON’T WE’LL BE BANKRUPT.

    1. Tire of taxes but wary of politicians says:

      Nothing wrong with cutting or stop spending as you put it but taxpayer beware of what those cuts have been . . . may not be so palatable when a pet program or service essential to you is on the chopping block. NONE of the elected officials have done their job. If they had their social agendas would have waited insted of the budget. It was well known upfront what the governor wanted but the legislature ensured they would not deal with it until their personal agendas and political promised had been dealt with. All I can say again is taxpayer beware . . .

  11. hmm says:

    Why would the court give Dayton discretion as to which services remain open? That would be a huge conflict in the budget debate.

    1. Sissy says:

      cause he ALWAYS looks like he’s going to cry

      1. Pete says:

        I wonder what you always look like. Please tell us.

        1. Sissy says:

          human I alway look human non crying adult human and you?

  12. Jeb says:

    The media and dems keep talking about the poor and the children that would be affected by the cuts. What about the conservation dept, money to the arts, money to the wildlife, money to culteral centers, etc…..They need to be told you have so much money, PRIORITIZE…… can’t have everything you want.

  13. KEVIN says:


    1. sw says:

      Why do republicans always use the caps lock key? You are a very angry bunch. It really doesn’t help you look rational or smart.

  14. Mr. Mustache says:

    Governor Goofie is just that. Goofie. Hey Goofie I saw some Canadians sneak across the border this morning, time to go back into your closet again and hide.

    A two time loser, worst Senator from MN and worst Governor from MN.

  15. Ha! says:

    I just read this entire thread. Now I get the “feel” of what’s happening between the repubs and dems. Just a whole lot a whining and nothing getting done. Seems to me, they’re representing us just fine.

    1. Looks Like Denzel says:

      Amen to that. These dipsticks are a microcosm of the legislature and don’t even realize it. How hilarious. No wonder the state of MN is hosed. Look at the residents. MORONS!

      By the way, not ONE of you Minnesotans knows how to drive. Not one.

      1. MN driver says:

        Where are you from? Are things better there? If so, please enlighten us. Thank you.

        1. Looks Like Denzel says:

          Well, you might have a point. Drivers seem to suck everywhere. But MN drivers seem the rudest of any I’ve encountered. Nobody wants to let anybody merge. Nobody understands the rules involved for two cars facing each other at a stopsign and one of them has a left turn signal on. Every female is texting or talking at every second of vehicular operation. It’s chaos.

          1. MN driver says:

            Nobody and every are rather over inclusive, wouldn’t you say?

            1. Looks Like Denzel says:

              Yes, and I have the digital photos and video to prove it.

      2. Brad says:

        I’m guessing you are from WI. Therefore, your definition of driving would be to go 10 mph under the speed limit and sit in the blind spot of a semi blocking the left lane. Then, come time to get in the right lane, you don’t signal and cut someone off.

        My solution to that type of driving is to tailgate, honk and pressure you to move over. I understand that you enjoy your time sitting in a vehicle listening to the radio, but I have work to do and a family to enjoy time with.

        Anyways, how bout that budget?

        1. Looks Like Denzel says:

          “I’m guessing you are from WI. Therefore, your definition of driving would be to go 10 mph under the speed limit and sit in the blind spot of a semi blocking the left lane.”

          I admit that was funny, but I actually see that on Minnesotan highways every day, and you probably do too. I’m still laughing though. I hate those kinds of drivers too. 😀

  16. Mike says:

    I look forward to the shutdown. Working for the government, it’s free vacation for me! I know when I eventually go back to work, I’ll get back pay. Bring it on and take your time!!!

  17. Fred says:

    The Tea Party, my way or the highway, that got us in this mess. Let see if you are in favor of the Tea Party you must be over 60, retire on social security and medicare. Living the good life cause you got yours, you want cuts to government, but not to medicare or social securiity or any other government program you personally benefit from!! You call yourself a patroit or a true American these titles are just for you no one else!! You beleve in the constitution and want it literal enforced except when the constitution disagrees with you personal philosphy. You stand by your principles and your philosphy but no one else is entitled to their beliefs especially if the disagree with yours, These people don’t know the first thing about governing , never learned to compromise!! The Tea Party is completely useless!!!

  18. Dale Gribble says:

    Here’s another socialist advocate for Obama’s UN World Government agenda. Take it where someone wants to buy it, comrad. Like maybe New York or Illinois. Real Americans want nothing to do with this treason.

    1. Boomhauer says:

      What is your definition of a real American?

      1. Dale Gribble says:

        As I wrote before, White, Protestant, capitalist native born Americans are the real Americans. The people who built this country and made it strong. Michelle Bachmann stands for real, patriotic Americans, Liberty and Freedom.

        1. Dale is a racist SOB says:

          Dale, You are a very racist and dangerous SOB. Who are you to say who is a true american. For your information the so called white race are now the minority. The majority race will be the Hispanic,Americans. Michelle Bachman represents a very dangerous group of racist people. I am white, but the father of two Hispanic American children. I hope you get some sensitivity training. Dale.

          1. Dale Gribble says:

            And I hope you learn to read the Constitution, “comrade”. The government has no business telling me what to believe. You can take your sensitivity training and translate it into Spanish so that your children can understand it when you inflict it on them.

          2. BT says:

            Alien Bachman is not an american shes a freak and result from a failed abortion

          3. Looks Like Denzel says:

            “For your information the so called white race are now the minority.”

            LOL. That simply is not true. Non-Hispanic Whites are still over 75% of the population of the U.S. according to the 2010 census. This is public information, sir.

            1. Dale Gribble says:

              No way, he’s right!!! The writing is on the wall!!! The white race is in trouble in the US. Look what happened in Rhodesia. Obama is no different than Mugabe.

              1. Death To Nazis says:

                You’re a psycho.

                1. Tell the truth Rusty says:

                  Nah, probably Rusty/Tax Waste Mark with a new name.

  19. sw says:

    Minnesotans are confusing to me. You vote for a Democratic governor, and a Republican legislature. What did you all think was going to happen? On the other hand, you are all probably much smarter than us Wisconsinites who put the Tea Party in power in every branch of our gov’t, and look where it’s gotten us. We are in much worse shape than Minnesota. Things could be worse than a showdown over a budget bill.

  20. baja says:

    Maybe Gov.Dayton should spend more time on the budget than trying to find ways around doing the work needed. There was a balanced budget him vetoed. He also is rejecting the plan to keep the state running in the short term. All he want is a tax increase so he can spend more of our money. Grow up Dayton.

  21. mark says:

    GOP – Don’t talk to Dayton. Walk out. No new spending. Period.

    1. Ronald Raygun says:

      Walk out on what? Thay haven’t been involved in anything yet.

  22. KEVIN says:

    boomhauer, My definition of a real Amercan is one who takes care of himself and family and not waiting for a free hand out. Remember freedom isn’t free it’s earned through sacrifice.And here’s my message to all the freeloaders. MOVE. WE ONLY HAVE ENOUGH TO TAKE CARE OF THE PEOPLE THAT TRULY NEED OUR HELP.

    1. Help me says:

      Please define “people who truly need our help”. Thank you.

  23. kevin says:

    SW, Wisconsin libs are confusing to me . You damage your capitol building and grounds to the tune of almost 300,000 dollars and you wait for all your tax payers to pay for the damage repair. Haven’t your labor unions taken up a collection to pay for the repairs?

  24. Wyn says:

    After reading all 57 comments, I’m honestly ashamed to be a Minnesotan if this is the way you all think. Michelle Bachman also makes me ashamed to be a Minnesotan.

    The legislature and governor were elected as independent contractors to do a job within a given amount of time as per our constitution. If they don’t complete that job in the next 8 days, then they have failed to do their job, and therefore should not continue to get paid for it. I wonder how many of them are going to like working without their secretaries and aides and other state staff who will be laid off come July first… I hope they all know how to unjam the photocopier.

    I wish you’d all get your heads out of your asses and see what’s really in front of your face… we had 8 years of “no new taxes” and now have a state government unable to meet the basic needs of the people it’s suppose to serve…oh, and let’s not forget how our last governor dealt with the budget with his line item vetoes that ended up in the courts, and for the most part invalidated… but let’s make sure these politicians still get paid…. The economic melt down that has occurred in this country after 8 years of a Republican president who got us into 2 wars that cost untold billions of dollars, while at the same time destabilizing our entire financial market and selling our debt to the still Communist Chinese has put hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans out of work, out of their homes, left them with little hope of a better future for their children, but let’s make sure they don’t get the help they so clearly need…. and you guys are all just playing the blame game.

    I was truly appalled with the results of the last election, I can’t believe how quickly “stupid” has taken over our state. I for one applaud Mark Dayton for holding to his line, and would suggest the rest of you GOP AND Tea Party idiots find a clue somewhere under there under the rock you are living under.

    I will admit I have no answers, that’s why I have never run for office. But I know that with an IQ quotient such as being displayed here, none of you qualify either.

    1. Fed Up says:

      So….you are upset by the blame game and than you blame everything on Republicans in the same rant. Great work.

    2. Kenny P says:

      Excuse me? Our last president didn’t get us into war, Osama Bin Ladin got us into war. I am so sick and tired of idiots like you who conveniently forget the reason WHY Bush went to war. THEY attacked US. What was he supposed to do? Say, “Oh, that’s okay…let’s turn the other cheek.” Maybe he should have waited until they managed to actually fly a plane into the White House, or maybe a stadium during the Super Bowl, or the Sears Tower, or any one of their other targets.

      No, let’s be real. If Bush hadn’t gone to war, people like you would be whining about his NOT going to war, about how he just let Bin Ladin get away with killing all those people. I don’t see anyone complaining about the money that was spent to collect the intel to finally bring Bin Ladin down, most of which was gained under the Bush administration.

      You may think “Stupid” has taken over the state, well, I believe that unbelievable MORON has taken over people like you. The people who have forgotten 9/11 and the horrors of that day. You might as well go and spit on Ground Zero. You make me sick.

      Personally, I thank GOD that will never run for office. I feel much safer knowing that.

    3. Doreen says:

      I voted for Dayton because he was going to raise the taxes. I am one Minnesotan that belongs to no party. An increase is needed to help pay for the needs of the people. Remember the 35W bridge?? Look at the shape our roads are in!!! Our Infrastructure is falling apart! We ALL use one form or another of state run programs!! Do you have a Drivers license?? Do you go to the State Parks??? I could go on and on on items every Minnesotan uses at one time or another! The NO NEW TAXES Of Governor Pawlenty left this Proud State of Minnesota in one heck of a mess!! Raise my Taxes I am all for it! I think I can afford to help my STATE get back on track to where it can Take care of the many residents who live here.

  25. kevin says:

    1.Children who are born with various heath issues that will affect there whole life.
    2.Elderly that have worked there whole lives at low paying jobs but withpride never asked for hand outs.
    3.Working people that cannot afford health care.
    Here’s a list that can kiss my ass.
    1.People that have chosen to quit school at sixteen.
    2. the same people that have made a choice to have kids with no visible means of support.
    3.There parents that have shown them this life style.
    4. The teenage fathers of these children that walk away from there responsibility of caring for these kids.
    Help Me, do you see where I’m going with this. It is becoming a systemic problem with our society. If we don’t start condeming this type of behavior and we continue to support it there will be a breaking point to which there will be no financial return. The state will go bankrupt.You can be as liberal as you want but you will be a broke liberal just the same.

    1. Help me says:

      All I asked for was your definition. There was nothing political in my request. I wanted some clarification of your post.

    2. agree with Kevin says:

      My daughter makes the KMA list. Hey all you fools out there. She is working on her tan while you aree working your butts off. How stupid are you people to think we need more welfare programs. You are right on Kevin.

    3. SnowFire says:

      Kevin – your first list #2, but what if they chose to quit school at 16? #3 = ObamaCare. Your second list #1 might be doing those “jobs Americans won’t do”. #2 your religion and conservatives love this plan or they would support Planned Parenthood! #3 = Conservatives! #4 show us how a father can walk away from the financial support, is this possible? SOLUTION – tax the biggest supporter of these failed systems you list here – religion! Stop the freeloaders – your religious institutions!

  26. kevin says:

    Help please read your own post.You stated”please define people who truly need our help” I defined.Now reread my post then move to California.

    1. GOPSUX says:

      What is wrong, Kevin. Are you so angry that one simple request to clarify yourself sends you over the deep end into crazy rightwing spew?

      1. DFL is DUMB says:

        You know “GOPSUX” ….your handle just shows how juvenile you are. To have a handle like that just proves you are a closed minded individual who even if proved wrong would not admit it and continue to cry about how they feel the “GOPSUX”

        Good luck with ever being taken seriously.

  27. Don says:

    We need salt and tar,and the people to shovel it and spread it. Go ahead shutdown and do us all a favor. Don’t make this the state of buearacracy because noone can afford it,look at our federal goverment. Maybe u should sell the capitol and legislative meetings can be held in the new !@#$ vikings stadium..Oh my bad there wouldn’t be enough seating in the stadium for all our politicians.

  28. KEVIN says:


  29. Tea's Take says:

    What I think we ALL want cut….

    #1- People who CHEAT unemployment but working for CASH while collecting unemployment.
    #2- Welfare cheats…..Let’s limit the time people can be on welfare….use it as a crutch NOT a way of life
    #3- Welfare cheats…..who use drugs while we pay them
    #4- overpaid Govt workers, where pay is more in line to the private sector, including benefits
    #5- Cuts to “bridges to nowhere” that we all KNOW exist
    #6- the break the Indian casino’s get….time to tax them OR open a State Run Casino!!!
    #7- ANY type of tax breaks or subsidy given to immigrants. If you can’t afford to move here….DON’T!

    What we don’t want cut:

    #1- Welfare to the elderly and physically handicapped
    #2- Any type of benefits cut to Police, Fireman and vets
    #3- Road construction

    Work on the 1st 7 and if we still have a budget issue…we can talk…but until then……don’t you DARE ask the hard working people of MN to pay for what I’m guessing NO ONE except the politicians of this state want. I don’t pay taxes to make sure YOU can all sleep at night!

    1. Paulie says:

      Perfect! This i what about 75% of how Minnesotans think and feel.

    2. Hub says:

      Maybe would could even temporarily freeze funding to things like NPR, all the arts, community centers, multi-linqual teachers, squirrel paths, deer licks, bike paths, etc etc etc. Of course the media wants to show granny going over the cliff or starving babys.

    3. tea time says:

      And I’m sorry…..I am a GOP supporter…..but this whole thing is just getting crazy! I am 100% to “blame” in the “blame game”! I have written many posts about who’s fault it is…and I am just SICK of it! I am sorry for pointing blame because finding fault is NEVER a way to fix an issue…
      So you know what……no more “GOP did that or Dayton did this” it’s let’s find ways to fix it….and blame BOTH sides!

      GOP or DFL….we are all from a state we LOVE..if we didn’t we would leave! Right now it’s the citizens of MN vs. the people WE voted into office and the people WE PAY for results…which they are NOT providing.

      Time to cut wood.

    4. Vern says:

      @ Tea take
      The GOP budget did not deal with your 1-7. Perhaps all the GOPers out there should go talk to their GOP legislator. They did whack at 1 and 2

    5. CJ says:

      I know this is probably going to tick some people off, but we need to STOP giving welfare benefits to illegal’s. They come here and get medical care, food assistance, section 8 housing, and financial assistance-while I have my teeth rotting out of my head because no dentist will see me because their patient load is overrun with illegals on UCare. My ex mother-in-law is a receptionist at a dental clinic and she told me that that is the exact reason why most dentists wont accept govmt medical assistance patients anymore. Because they are overrun with illegal’s with Ucare, which only pays a fraction of what they get from normal insurance companies. .

      1. Good info says:

        Why should they qualiify for any benefits? I can barely make it and am stuck supporting them also? A few years ago Pawlenty tried to slow the growth of welfare, but was shot down.

        1. correct says:

          Good is right! Remeber the $50 co-pay idea?

          SHOT DOWN!!!!

          1. CJ says:

            For some people though, 50 dollars is a lot of money. I couldn’t afford it. I only get a little over 600 a month, and no food assistance. I do pay a co pay on medications and that stretches me enough.

  30. KEVIN says:


  31. Americus says:

    Send money to DNC and cross your fingers that voters grow a brain between now and november.

  32. Common Man says:

    If no budget is reached, all are fired and we have new elections. I’ll bet something would get done…

  33. Mr. Mustache says:

    Governor Goofie is still Goofie. What a loser, why do you suppose they call liberals, liberturds. Just keep shoveling the money into the black holes the liberals created. Shut the state down and besides that have someone send Governor Goofie a pink slip too. We need him about as much as Al ” my ass is fat ” Gore.

  34. CJ says:

    This is a horrible situation and I think that all parties involved need to stop and remember what is at stake if no resolution is reached in time. I am one of the people who will seriously suffer if there is a shut down, I am disabled and have very high monthly medical costs. Transportation to appointments, doctors visits and prescription costs that run into triple digits (should I lose my coverage.) These are not luxury items, I CAN NOT SURVIVE without this care.

    Fortunately, my disability payments are federal and won’t be affected, but think about the children who will go without food if the food assistance programs are suspended. People who may lose their homes if financial assistance is suspended. It’s easy to say-well, no one will be hurt if no road construction happens for awhile, but what about the workers? What about their families, what about their children?

    Everybody will be effected by this on some level. These people who are in office-need to think and remember just who put them there and for once, PUT THEM FIRST.

  35. Republicans - Don't Back Down says:

    We elected The Republicans to cut spending. Listen to the voters. Don’t give in to Dayton.

  36. its go time says:

    To me it doesn’t matter who you voted for or what side of the fence you are on. What matters is everyone else is expected to get there job done in time and if they don’t, not many keep their jobs. And never once have I seen someone get paid per diem to come back and finish up the work they couldnt get done. So why is it different for elected officials. If they cant get it together they will spend the first 4 days of July on holiday while my family (and thousands of others) will spend it figuring out how to make ends meet because their job, aid, insurance etc. is gone. Bet they wont loose too much sleep over it.

  37. Heidi Comfort says:

    If Minnesota quite paying ALL of the living expenses for the illegal aliens living here, we would not have a shortfall! When are we going to be free of this burden!

    1. Mike says:

      They sneak across the border pregnant and give birth in US hospitals so they have children who are US citizens-which gives them the right to stay in the country. Then,they continue to have children here. They flock to Minnesota because Minnesota is one of the more generous states with welfare and is one the best states for medical care. Personally, I am sick and tired of digging in the bottom of my purse for pennys to pay for ramen noodles while they are whipping out their EBT cards to pay for shrimp and steak and case after case of soda and other junk. They don’t even bother to learn our language so even more money has to go out for translators. These parent do nothing to even become citizens themselves. Either change the law or give the kid benefits, but no one else.

      1. Laura Orzabal says:

        I agree wholeheartedly! I work two low paying jobs just to survive, but couldn’t do it without the assistance I get for housing and medical. I think people like me who work their butts off everyday should take precedence over all these illegals who do nothing but increase the crime rate in our cities!

  38. Doreen says:

    Stick to your Guns Governor Dayton!!!
    Raise my Taxes I am willing to pay !!!
    NO NEW TAXES Governor Pawlenty left Minnesota in one heck of a mess !! I belong to no party I vote for who I feel will get the Job done!! That is why I VOTED For DAYTON!!! He was left with a mess and I wish him luck getting it straightened out!!
    Just a thought Make all Welfare recipients take monthly drug tests ( Florida implemented this effective 7-1-2011), Have the people start paying for their Food Stamps like they had to in the 70’s. And Limit them to 1 yr on AFDC ( instead of 5 yrs). Make them Prove legal citizenship or NO Benefits. Oh and make sure those Social Security cards they give you are REAL!!

    1. Tea's 7 deadly sins says:

      Doreen……If they did what you said in the 2nd part of your post….they may NOT need to raise taxes….


      Dayton does NOT want to refine the program because it too much work! I am NOT happy with the GOP either right now as it seems we the public who voted for these people have not been asked what WE want to see done…but I at least see SOME bending by them…

      See my “7 points” above. If they did these 7 things…we would be BACK to a surplus!

    2. CJ says:

      There is a reason for the five years vs 1 year. Unfortunately, most people abuse this. It is meant basically to give people with small children a chance to get them old enough to be in school to prevent the high cost of daycare. However, these people are having more children to increase the size of the check. It would make more sense to only pay for so many children, give all people a set amount a month instead of raising it per child to stop giving people the incentive to be baby vending machines. I don’t agree with making people pay for food benefits, they are meant to help people get by-if they had to pay for them, it pretty much defeats the purpose. But considering how stingy they have become with them, food benefits are the least of the problem. BUT they do need to limit the kind of thing that is allowable to be bought with them. Stop allowing soda and junk food. Oh, and totally agree with drug testing too.

      Couldn’t agree more on the legal citizen ship. They need to change the law that allows them to come across the border and give-birth their way into citizenship.

      They also need to do more to get dead beat parents off their A**es and start paying child support. This isn’t just fathers, there are plenty of dead beat mothers out there too, but they don’t go after them half as hard as they do fathers because of the whole idea that men should be the bread winner. Thus, a single male parent should be able to make it on his own.

      1. Laura Orzabal says:

        amen to drug testing! And to forbidding junk food. Unfortunaterly the good real food is so expensive. Fruits, vegetables and good healthy lean meats are constantly going up. If they were to do this they might have to increase peoples food benefits.

  39. You Guys Are Sick says:

    Raise my Taxes I am willing to pay !!!


  40. kevin says:

    Doreen, and You guys are sick
    You keep blaming Pawlenty. How is that the dems. controled the house and senate for 38 years and spent and taxed at will.How abour gov Prepich giving the tribes sole rights to mn. gambling so the state can’t not use gambling as a source of income with out raising taxes. Also by doing this he stopped a new industry and job creation.

  41. JMJ says:

    Most of you along with Dayton need to read the state constitution. He is trying to go above the powers that are given to him by the constitution. Google it, it is not that hard.

  42. Laura Orzabal says:

    I could never afford a 50 dollar copay. I am diabetic and have 8 different prescriptions. I work 2 low paying jobs and that would be almost half my income. Thank God for my Minnesotascare. If I lose that I will probably just be dead! The Republicans wouldn’t care.

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