NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Police are questioning how a strange object got on a Delta Airlines flight that arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport from Minnesota.

Delta Flight 1972 had landed around 11 p.m. Monday and a cleaning crew reported the incident as the plane sat at Terminal B’s Gate 53 early Tuesday.

Authorities told The Star-Ledger of Newark the object was wedged between seats 21B and 21C. No one had been assigned the seats.

The object had the body of a clear pen, with an electrical button trigger and a nail and alligator clip protruding from it. A battery was held by electrical tape, and next to it was a flashlight top.

FBI Special Agent Bryan Tavers told the newspaper there was no imminent threat at the time the object was discovered.

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Comments (8)
  1. Sam I am says:

    Seems odd they would dowplay this. Sounds like a homemade bomb fromt he description.

  2. DL Diamond Elite says:

    Delta hires cleaning crews? This is news to me!!

    1. NorthWorstSux says:

      Nice! I was shocked too

  3. MNMomma says:

    Sounds like the things my kids made at camp to learn the basics of electricity–you connect the nail and alligator clip with a paperclip–it completes the circuit and turns the light on.

  4. BigJokeTSA says:

    Someone was just testing the system… seeing what common objects they can get past the stupid TSA agents. Fact: TSA agents have stopped ZERO people from getting on a jet with something intended to harm the jet or others. Yep total number of stops = ZERO.

    1. peecee/emcee says:

      or it’s a part of a bigger something left there to be added to something else that someone brings to complete a bomb device.

  5. Ali says:

    Oh but we can not profile the people who were on the flight as that would be wrong. They need to search grandma and little Suzzie harder…

    1. tsa says:

      Ah – but giving lil Suzy that body cavity surch is so much fun … makes me all tingy

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