ROCHESTER, Minn. (WCCO) – Two people were killed and two were critically injured after a head-on car crash near Rochester early Friday morning, according to the Minnesota State Patrol.

The incident happened at about 2:38 a.m. Friday on Highway 14, four miles west of Rochester in Olmsted County.

Authorities said a 2000 Mercury Cougar was traveling eastbound in the westbound lane of Highway 14 when it struck a 1993 Mazda Protégé head-on in the westbound lane.

According to the State Patrol, 22-year-old Emery Van Hook of Kasson, Minn. and 18-year-old Tyler Hoff of Mazeppa, Minn. were killed in the crash. Van Hook was the driver of the Mazda while Hoff was the passenger. Another passenger, 18-year-old Alexander Korbi of Mesa, Ariz., is in critical condition.

The driver of the wrong-way car has been identified as 23-year-old Sondra Dewerd of Rochester. She is in critical condition.

The incident remains under investigation by the Minnesota State Patrol and the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office.

Comments (33)
  1. Rebecca. Kunesh says:

    Check for spelling errors prior to running this story. Getting the information out as quickly as possible is fine, but failing to edit before hand is not very professional.

    1. MN Fan says:

      Is that all you’re worried about is the spelling. Geesh!!

    2. Ferris Lind says:

      You have no Soul if that’s all you care about

    3. mom says:

      you are pathetic i pray for the all the people affected by this tragedy may God be with them..

    4. concerned says:

      spelling errors, drugs alcohol seatbelts or what ever, it is horrible and no matter what the situation 4 families will never be the same. Have compassion people, just feel bad and stop making everyone look bad. My deepest sympathy to all the families involved, may you find peace in the days ahead as you deal with this terrible tragedy

  2. Brian says:

    Eastbound in the westbound lanes, huh? Hmmmm…..drink much??

  3. Darren says:

    maybe thats the name of the new street or something-westbound Land. At least thats more information then KSTP has on their website. They said 2 young people died. What are young people? Kids? Teenagers? Young adults?

    1. Chase Stramel says:

      22, 23, 18, 18

  4. Patrick Shull says:

    For all of the idiots who love to drive while intoxicated, please do the rest of us a favor, before you start drinking find a very strong sturdy brick wall and so when you get done drinking and your drunk and want to drive please hop into your car slam your foot to the floor and head straight into the brick wall. If you kill yourself oh well at least it was yourself and not anyone else. Geez I am getting so sick and tired of idiots out there, I use to be a hardcore drinker back in the day, but I always made sure that I lost my keys to my car before I started to drink. Yes I woke up the next morning trying to figure out where I was and where my car was and yeah sometimes my car was in my driveway and the keys were in bed next to me and I would freak out and call my friends and they would tell me that they drove me home and dragged me into my room and left. But I had friends who cared about me and everyone else when they were getting drunk. But like I said people are getting dumber by the day and this accident proves it with that actor or what ever he was the other day who drove drunk and blew his car up. Pure STUPIDITY!!!!! I feel sorry for the innocent people who died and or were injured in this accident and any other accident that involves alcohol or drugs and I really don’t feel sorry if the people who caused the accident die even if they are family or friends of mine they were stupid enough to do it well guess what this is what happens to you death with no sympathy.

    1. Darren says:

      To bad only 30% of accidents are now caused by Drunk Drivers, the other 70% are by inattentive drivers, car issues, etc. Don’t matter, we can’t keep stupid drivers off the road, drunk or sober.

  5. michelle says:

    Hopefully, the person who was driving the wrong way will be charged with and convicted of vehicular homicide. He should be put away for life as he took the lives of others. No mercy.

    1. Chase Stramel says:

      he cant if there was no alcohol or any drugs invovled. all we know is it was a tragic accident.

  6. tom says:

    The latest rochester post bulletin says she was the driver of the wrong way car and she was alone

    1. Chase Stramel says:

      i know. none of this makes sense

    2. Wake up people says:

      she had a passenger…both in critical condition. She was in wrong lane so partially correct.
      One would think that 15-16 hours after the accident the press could get things right but ….. who is kidding whom 😉

      1. ssss says:

        noo.? she was alone. the 3 boys were in the car together.

  7. tom says:

    all four were reported wearing seat belts

    1. Chase Stramel says:

      and no alcohol was detected.

      1. junior fretting says:

        I heard the opposite on 5 news…..ones got to be right don’t ya thnk? ;(

    2. Patrick Shull says:

      Go figure more deaths by the use of seat belts. I have lost more friends and family members because they were wearing their seat belts, and the troopers/cops/paramedics said that if they weren’t wearing them that yes they would be injured but they would still be alive. The whole law on seat belts is pathetic and a way for this government to get extra money when you are actually safer in a car with out wearing your seat belts and what is funny is that nobody has to wear a helmet while driving or riding on a motorcycle and those are a lot deadlier than any car. Makes a lot of sense don’t it people??? Seat belt use should go back to optional to the person who is in the vehicle and oh yeah I don’t see anyone wearing seat belts on buses and the buses that do have them its optional to the user.

      1. fccfdfd says:

        it had nothing to do with the seatbelt.? no one was injured frm that. emery died on impact.

      2. emily0886 says:

        anyone that remotely thinks not wearing a seat belt is safer is out of their mind. I don’t understand the law about optional helmets for motorcycles either. i had a friend killed in an accident recently…guess what?? she wasn’t wearing her seat belt!!

  8. who cares says:

    there was no alcohol or drugs involved. the woman was driving alone and crashed into the car with the 3 boys. they all had seatbelts on. west bound, east bound lanes. as in opposite directions. then woman was driving the wrong direction.

    1. I CARE says:

      wow really she was twice the legal limit and had 6 count them charges of man slater hmmm who cares? maybe the families of the 3 boys that were victims of this STUPID GIRL

  9. Jim in Minneapolis says:

    Most people wearing seatbelts in car crashes or rollovers do survive, obviously, because MV accident injuries outnumber fatalities by several times. But if you aren’t wearing a belt and get thrown out of your vehicle your chance of survival is less than 50%. We don’t know yet if alcohol was involved in this crash or not because blood tests on drivers killed aren’t released for 30 days. My sympathy to the families of the four young people.

  10. do not assume says:

    For all of those that are making comments about alcohol being involved. DO NOT ASSUME this, not once in the article did it state that, infact in several of the articles if you do a search on this states that there was no trace of alcohol on the scene. I wish I did not have to state this but the girl was on her way home from collage to visit her parents and fell asleep.

    1. liz says:

      The girl was on her way home from Kathy’s Pub on broadway after drinking all night.

      1. Bob says:

        liz….please call me about this. (309) 732-0192.

  11. liz says:

    Sondra was the driving alone in the wrong lane. I saw her throwing back shots just before the accident at Kathy’s pub in Rochester. I don’t know her, just of her (this town is small). Alcohol was definitely involved in the accident. Why can’t people just hail a freaking cab?

    My thoughts and prayers are with the victims families.

  12. Van Hook says:

    The truth will come out, but in the meanwhile my little brother is gone. I am praying for his friend as well as the girl in the other car. Life is too short to point fingers, I know I have made my own mistakes that could have turned out in tragedy. Thanks to the Lord that never happened. I am older and wiser now, and justice will be served. God bless and hug your loved ones!

  13. Van Hook says:

    My little brother was killed in this accident, nothing is for sure until the investigation is done. I too have made wrong decisions in life, so in short, please don’t throw the first stone. Time will tell and justice will be served. Just remember that not everything can be 100% truth until all is said and done. God Bless!!!!!!!

  14. anonymous says:

    I personally know the girl that was driving this car she was a all around bad person the 10 years I knew her and spent her life making others feel less about them selves. I am horrified by the fact that she took two boys from this world that deserved the life they were given. She was posting pictures of herself at the bar on the night of the accident and my friends family saw her at the bar a month or so after the accident. talk about a selfish person that cant understand a reality check it makes me sick just thinking about it.

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