WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) — Republican Michele Bachmann officially launched her White House bid on Monday, casting herself as hard-charging conservative capable of carrying the party into the 2012 election over a crowded field of GOP rivals so far treading lightly around the tea party favorite.

On a sun-splashed morning in the yard of an historic mansion in Waterloo, the three-term Minnesota congresswoman insisted the nation can’t afford another four years of President Barack Obama and railed against debt, joblessness and the president’s sweeping health care law. She argued that she has the appeal to capture the GOP nod and oust the Democratic president.

“Americans agree that our country is in peril today and we must act with urgency to save it,” Bachmann told the crowd of family, friends and supporters. “And Americans aren’t interested in affiliation; they are interested in solutions, and leadership that will tell the truth. And the truth is that Americans are the solution and not the government.”

The backdrop served as a powerful reminder of Bachmann’s connection to Iowa and its importance in the presidential sweepstakes. Waterloo is Bachmann’s birthplace and the historic Snowden House once was home to the Waterloo Women’s Club. A recent Iowa poll shows Bachmann essentially tied with national front-runner Mitt Romney, signaling she’s a clear caucus favorite.

Bachmann is betting that her standing with the tea party — she created the Tea Party Caucus in Congress — and affinity with evangelical Christians will deliver a win in the first-in-the-nation caucus state.

“I seek the presidency not for vanity, but because America is at a crucial moment and I believe that we must make a bold choice if we are to secure the promise of the future,” she said.

Republican opponents have yet to directly engage Bachmann, but recognize they ignore her at their own peril. Her candidacy presents a particular challenge to fellow Minnesotan Tim Pawlenty, the state’s former governor.

Asked about Bachmann on NBC’s “Today” show on Monday, Pawlenty demurred but did focus on his record. “I’ve actually led in an executive position and moved the needle on conservative results,” said Pawlenty, who is running radio ads in Iowa that end with the slogan: “Results, Not Rhetoric.”

A Des Moines Register poll published Sunday showed Bachmann and Romney far ahead in Iowa of Pawlenty, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, ex-Sen. Rick Santorum, Texas Rep. Ron Paul and businessman Herman Cain.

Possible late entrants include Texas Gov. Rick Perry and 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who was heading to Iowa on Tuesday for a screening of a documentary about her.

In her speech, Bachmann steered clear of specific proposals she’d advance as president, a day after suggesting that the concerns over averting a debt crisis were “scare tactics” that could be solved by paying only the interest on U.S. obligations while lawmakers work on a deal to cut spending as part of a new debt ceiling. The idea has been dismissed as unworkable by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

She reminisced about her childhood in a Democratic household — and her own volunteer work for Democratic President Jimmy Carter’s 1976 campaign. But she made clear her allegiances long ago shifted.

“The liberals, and to be clear I am not one of those, want you to believe the tea party movement is just the right wing of the Republican Party,” she said. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

After the formal Iowa kickoff, she headed on a two-day swing through New Hampshire and South Carolina, other early voting states. She intends to return to Iowa this weekend.

Bachmann, 55, has many wondering if the edgy side that built her into a prominent conservative will be the one she shows on the presidential campaign trail. Her say-anything approach has earned her a loyal following but also plenty of guff from detractors who see her as a fringe politician prone to missteps.

In March, she famously flubbed Revolutionary War geography. She told a group of students and conservative activists in Manchester, N.H. “You’re the state where the shot was heard around the world in Lexington and Concord.” Those first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired in Massachusetts, not New Hampshire. She later admitted she made a mistake.

For this campaign, she has surrounded herself with no-nonsense veterans of national politics, some of whom have deep ties to the political establishment Bachmann typically eschews.

Bachmann’s political climb has been swift, brushing off a school board race defeat just 12 years ago and moving rapidly from Minnesota’s state Senate to Congress, where she’s willingly taken on Democrats and those in GOP leadership. She’s staunchly conservative on social issues, too, calling for more abortion restrictions and constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage.

Bachmann has played up a softer side by highlighting her role in raising five children and 23 foster kids.

Some at Monday’s event said they were giving Bachmann a close look and could see supporting her at February’s caucus.

Marv Dillavou, a firearms salesman, said he’s not ready to commit to a candidate but likes what he’s seen from Bachmann.

“I’m happy to see a serious female candidate. She’s very accomplished,” Dillavou said. Critics, he added, “make too much of every word, every innuendo gets blown out of proportion. It’s good that she speaks her mind.”

Democrats weren’t as kind.

“Congresswoman Bachmann talks about reclaiming the American Dream but her policies would erode the path to prosperity for middle-class families,” said Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt.

Minnesota Democratic Party Chairman Ken Martin said Bachmann “does not have a single success that she has delivered for Minnesotans — just a long record of divisive rhetoric, extreme policy positions, hypocrisy and shameless self-promotion.”

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Comments (116)
  1. go away says:

    move back to Waterloo please

    1. Go Home Bachmann! says:

      I am a Republican, but I have to say I hate the fact that she is running. Her voice is annoying and she has no skills at public speaking. Also, no way could a woman run our nation. Women are too unstable emotionally! Especially once a month.

      1. Terry says:

        Nothing sexist about your comments. Your no Republican. Just a liberal prick hiding under the comment. She speaks well enough not haveing a tele-promter like your hero in office

        1. Meh says:

          If you kids can’t play nice, get off the field.

        2. Iconoclast says:

          @Terry – It’s YOU’RE not YOUR, first of all. Too (not TO or TWO) many school budget cuts for you maybe? Second, progressives are traditionally known for their (not THERE or THEY”RE) pro feminist stands. It is, in fact, very likely GO Home Bachman! is a Republican. Seriously, if you are the type that believes women need to stay home and have babies, which party are you going to vote for? Not for the Democrats, that’s for sure. Same goes for racists. Sorry, but those people vote and they vote right wing. That’s part of your base. Own it! We progressives can sometimes be pricks though. We often just lose patience with those who are less intelligent. Sorry.

          1. Jake says:

            It’s pretty remarkable that in 40 years of DFL control of the Minnesota Senate no woman ever served as Majority Leader or Senate President (or chaired a couple of the most influential committees? Since the Republicans took over, women have held those two posts as well as chairing finance, taxes, and education. There has not been a lot of hoopla about this occurrence, which calls into question things we have all been taught in public school since age 5. Most significantly, it begs the question of whether it is really gender opportunity that the DFL champions or whether it is the appearance of that championship to hold female voters to achieve other, more parochial interests?

        3. Go back to Iowa says:

          with all of the “accurate” comments and “facts” coming from her mouth a tele-prompter might not be a bad idea!

      2. CACHE says:

        Repub???? I doubt it….you are not even human!

  2. Mark Lavalla says:

    Garbage in, Garbage out!

  3. Shirl Mann says:

    like all the other politicians she doesn’t have a solution either! however she’s not transparent enough, she hedges on every question she’s asked and is VERY selective what she put’s out there. We American’s are smarter than that and we want more transparency for our tax money.

  4. Citizen says:

    “We are people who simply want to get America back on the right track again,” she said. And what track would that be, Bachmann? Which decade do you want to go back to? The 1860’s and the Civil War? Reconstruction during the next couple of decades? The early 1900’s with sweatshop labor by women and children? The roaring Twenties with bathtub gin and gangsters? The dirty Thirties of the Great Depression, the forties of WWII, or the prosperous 1950’s with a 91% tax on the wealthy? How about the counterculture of the ’60’s protesting discrimination against blacks and women? Or the disco ’70’s. Oh, wait, I bet it will be the Reagan 80’s because it couldn’t possibly be the Clinton ’90’s. Or, maybe we’re supposed to go back to 2001 to 2010 under Bush II because that went oh, so well.

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      All of you liberal traitors can just keep on crying. Once President Bachmann takes office in 2013, you’ll all get what you deserve. Michelle Bachmann stands for real patriotic Americans, Liberty and Freedom! We’ll be rid of treasonous socialist DemocRATS once and for all!

      1. Citizen says:

        Yeah, Dale, we’ll be rid of a lot of things like public education–we’ll go back to the churches teaching our children like in the 19th century or the monks before that. We’ll all be forced to go to Bachmann’s church, no doubt–there goes the separation of church and state. Taxes will be so low that we will have trouble funding the military to contain all the homeless and beggars in the streets (once we no longer provide health care or anything else for them), let alone defend the U.S. from its enemies who will be massing at our shores waiting to take over. I can our enemies salivating at the prospects of getting hold of the richest farmland in the world, and an educated (now to be slave) workforce. Just let your imagination run wild using the tea party’s delusional positions. It’s a good thing the Canadian border is close by…

        1. Dale Gribble says:

          You all think you’re so smart. Laugh it up now, while you can. Real Amerians want their country back.

          1. Citizen says:

            Yes, Dale, REAL AMERICANS–NATIVE Americans would like their country back.

            1. Jack says:

              they lost, spoils to the victors

              1. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

                Why did we enter WWII then? Didn’t want the Germans to get the spoils?

              2. yesssirrrreeeee she's a flake says:

                Exactly Jack – and why the president is a Dem 😉

            2. littletingod says:

              @Dale Gribble: “Back” from what? I’m just curious. Don’t you have the same freedoms that you had under GWB? Aren’t you still able to spout your drivel? Aren’t you paying less taxes than you were under Clinton? Oh wait! Aren’t you in the top 2% of wage earners?

          2. Rusty Shackleford says:

            He thinks because he is 70lbs overweight, reads at an 8th grade level, works construction, been married 3x’s, drinks alot of beer and lives in a trailer park…..that he is a “real American”

            No my friend, you are just a fat, lazy, pathetic, ugly excuse for a citizen. I would rather have 100 naturalized citizens as my neighbor than this guy. They way more “real americans” than this guy.

            So cute, he just draws a line in the sand (ie, liberal vs conservative) and starts to regurgitate the same things he hears on TV….nevermind the fact he has no idea what he is talking about. But damn it, he is mad and he was born here…..so i guess that makes you a “real American” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

          3. Meh says:

            Dale: Why are you incapable of a well written response? I’ve only seen nonsensical outbursts with no real substance.

          4. Iconoclast says:

            Real Americans took back their county in 2008. Suck it!

          5. Brian says:

            Nice retort, Dale. While Citizen’s long-term views may be a bit extreme, they aren’t far off. The GOP would love nothing more than to protect the top 1% of wage earners and make the rest of the population as poor and uneducated as possible. And your only response is “Laugh it up now, while you can.” Good argument.

        2. US Citizen says:

          I will stand in my yard and on American soil and fight before some politician thinks I need to fear some other country that has no hate for me but our Government. I don’t need some Democrat telling me how to be safe or pay a large fine!
          The Truth is not one carrier politician can patch the hole in this sinking ship, because they lack common sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Bill S says:

        Dale, did you finish high school?

        1. Anti-Teabagger says:

          He Prob has his Good Enough Degree and has no clue as to politics and what the Republicans have not only done to this country, but look what ol’ Mr P did to this state!

        2. Rusty Shackleford says:

          Without personally knowing the guy….i’m almost positive the anwers is a resounding, “NOPE”

          Simple little poor folk like Dale are just misunderstood. Its like dealing with a toddler. He is mad and frustrated and does not have the intellectual capacity to express his anger or displeasure in a meaningful constructive way. He probably feels like an animal backed into a corner.

          I feel bad for him and “get it”. His “skills” are no longer valuable in the current job market. His GED has a hard time competing against those who went to community college. His purchasing power is less and less every year, and that doublewide trailer isnt going to fix itself. But when he turns on the TV, he sees blacks, hispanics, jews….all with nice stuff and lots of money. So he does the only thing his chimpanzee brain is programed to do….he gets mad and infers the reason he doesnt have any of those things…is because they do, therefor they must have “taken” what should be rightfully his.

          The good news is: The Dales of the world are becoming extinct…and they know it. Thats why they are so afriad and angry. But dont fret your tiny brain Dale’s of the world…it will all be over before you know it.

      3. Tom L says:


        Now THATS comic relief!!!

      4. Amanda says:

        President Bachmann??? that is the funniest thing I have heard today or perhaps the whole year.. she doesn’t stand a chance to win the primary let along to defeat PRESIDENT OBAMA… but you know what, it will make sense to let her run against OBAMA… then it will be so easy to win again!

  5. winston says:

    Will you please leave her alone? She’s on a mission from God.

    1. Really says:

      ROFL good one

    2. Go back to Iowa says:

      exactly why she shouldn’t be in any form of government.

  6. mbforprez says:



  7. Really says:

    She is a kook. Bible thumping brainwashed kook. Lets hope she gets the nomination, the GOP will lose for sure unless they can come up with a better candidate.

    1. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

      Please put your crack pipe away

      1. Jeffrey L Colquette says:

        If Bachman is ever nominated I think I will be hitting the crack pipe!

  8. gdhelpus says:

    I think Ms Bachmann needs to move back to Iowa. She betrayed those in the 6th district who voted for her. What a trader.

    1. Chris says:

      @gd… trader, huh??? That is a good one…

      Why not give it up already by acknowledging the numbers and support she has…

      Not saying that she should be #1, but your lame shots say nothing.

      You are definitely in the minority, so stop making it seem like you have a point!

      1. Anti-Teabagger says:

        She doesn’t even know the constitution, why would anyone vote for that moron?

      2. 6th District citizen says:

        The reason she is in Iowa is because she HAS let her district down.
        She may as well be called a lame duck senator as Pawelenty was called lame duck governor neither one is worth the space they take up. All they are is mouth.

      3. Les Johnson says:

        “You are definitely in the minority, so stop making it seem like you have a point!”

        False. More people clearly hate Bachmann than support her for President.

        Make an informed comment once in a while.

    2. v says:

      …. and she wants to cut taxes. Cutting taxes will only allow more people to mistake “trader” for “traitor”.

      Michele Bachmann…. Queen of the Dip$hits.

    3. Wow! says:

      I think you mean “traitor”. But I guess it doesn’t matter, you are all nuts!

      1. gdhelpus says:

        No I meant trader “monger”.

  9. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

    Go Tea Party!!!!

    1. lefty says:

      yes GO go to Iowa and stay there with the moron Bachmann

  10. colleen says:

    so glad to know sh’e really from Iowa..that explains it all !

  11. Jake says:

    So here’s the deal. Look at the negative comments here, and none talk about her positions on issues that will affect the election. One can disagree with her about whether a fetus is entitled to protection as a human being or the proper relationship between religious activity and government such as allowing prayers at commencements, etc., but none of these attacks on her talk about the economy, the growth of federal control, foreign policy and the like. Her opponents just throw out the ol’ snarky “Move back to Iowa” blah, blah, blah.

    If personal vilification and citing her historical reference gaffes is all the left has to say about her, she probably wins this thing. Ad Hominem attacks on Bachmann are like electricity to King Kong – they only seem to make her stronger and her anti-gov supporters more faithful. Didn’t ANY of you read the Rolling Stone article (half-lifted from City Pages, of course.)?

    1. Jason says:

      Yeah I guess those of us in her district have no right to say anything bad about her do we? After all she is supposed to be working for us and yet she has done nothing to help the people in the district she claims to represent.

      Yes, she should move back to Iowa, instead of occupying a seat here that she has abused and used for a springboard into a presidential campaign.

      What has she done for the economy Jake? What has she done regarding government control? I just got off the phone with her office on the 22nd of this month to find out her positions on some key issues affecting people in her district, I brought up key bills that were being proposed, and she and her staff knew NOTHING about the proposed bills.

      I suggest that the next time you spout off at the mouth that you back it up with something of substance, but wait, if you are supporting her then why would I expect you to be any different than her.

      1. Jake says:

        I will type really slowly so you have a fightin’ chance of grasping my resonse, Jason. At no point in my statement above did I say folks have no right to say anything bad about her. My point (horribly, horribly lost on your angry self) is that people love to attack her as a person and cite matters that are irrelevant to people who may support her.

        On another note, your rant DID include a couple comments that I would consider meaningful in the debate. Specifically, if you did, in fact, call her office and they were clueless about upcoming legislation, that is likely relevant to whether she would be a good President.

        It is always better to be civil in discourse, especially with and about those with whom we disagree. Hurling grade-school level insults at Bachmann will a) be expected by her supporters and seen as a validation that she in on their side and, b) make it more likely she is our next President.

        1. Citizen says:

          Jake, it looks like there are plenty of responses to her political positions such as mine on her opinion that the U.S. should not raise the debt ceiling which Bachmann stated when she was being interviewed by Bob Schieffer Sunday morning. At that time it was also stated that not raising the debt ceiling would throw the bond markets into chaos. Is that what the U.S. wants to do to financial markets around the world? Hardly, a good choice financially or politically, but that is what Bachmann is proposing should happen. Other countries will be justifiably upset with us, and who can predict what the financial ramifications will ultimately be. It is irresponsible to promote this.

          1. Jake says:

            @ Citizen, I agree. You raise pertinent points, and so have others since I drafted the above post. I am pleased to see that, although there is still a lot of low-level shot taking by both sides, which is a shame.

            Running for office is difficult. Candidates soon learn the remarkable need half the population has to tell you how much contempt they have for you. You’re better off joining a cover band and playing in local bars. Even if you’re marginally talented, the drunk folks all love you at 1 AM, and they all want you to know it.

        2. Quick Question Jake? says:

          Jake…i like you, you are an informed cat.

          Just one question about your point “A”: What does that say about the maturity and intellectual level of her supportors who see attacks against her, as personal validation that she is on “their side”?

          Wouldnt you agree that is a relatively childish mentality to take toward the subject? So no matter her platform, positions, or record….”if dem liberals hate er, den she muust be the rite one fer me?” I honestly do not get it, and it makes me sad these are the type of people who get the right to vote (on both sides of the isle)

          1. Jake says:

            I will leave that assessment to those wiser than me. (There is the old “enemy of my enemy” proverb . . . .) I will say, however, that the people for whom you provide the above caricature are likely to cancel out those on the left who some would characterize as coddled intellectual elite. At least that’s the theory of balance for our democracy as imparted by Thomas Jefferson (if one can get past his penchant for very young, involuntary servants).

            Regardless of one’s political persuasion, it would be very interesting if the DFL were critical of the lack of couth of the people who support Bachmann. The DFL has loudly protested that “Voter ID” would disenfranchise citizens who may not have the sophistication to secure a state ID or meet one of the other fairly straightforward criteria. (Maybe voters are like Walleye: we only want the ones that fit into or outside a certain “slot” as far as intelligence.)

        3. Jason says:

          Oh how I love the attempt at being condescending, I hues I should have used the word negative instead of bad in my post.

          My points that I made had EVERYTHING to do with her as a politician, if you can say that not representing the people in her district is a personal attack on her then you really need to decipher fact from fiction

          1. Jason says:

            Oh no there was a typo in my previous comment “hues” should have been “guess”…..thought I better clarify that or the all knowing “Jake” might try to exploit the chance to criticize other things about a person.

      2. Anti-Teabagger says:

        If she is out campaigning, who is actually doing the REAL work she is supposed to be doing for her state and district? HMMMM. She is like a dumber version of Palin, dumb as a rock, Oh look, I can see Iowa from my back yard” LOL!!

    2. Citizen of Minnesota says:

      Bachmann’s position is that the U.S. debt ceiling should not be raised. It has to raised because the U.S. cannot afford to default on its bonds. That default will cause a financial meltdown in the world markets and create chaos. If you think world leaders and other countries will forgive that type of irresponsible behavior on the part of the U.S. government, think again. There will be retribution and there will be an incredible blow to the U.S.’s reputation in the eyes of the world. Anyone who promotes that type of irresponsibility on the part of the U.S. government should seriously be questioned about their motives.

      1. Citizen says:

        Posters, please note. My comment above is awaiting moderation. Why, I ask? I am stating what Bachmann’s position is on the debt ceiling as she stated to Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation. Also, stated was the chaos that not raising the debt ceiling would create in the bond markets. So, apparently, there is some buzzword in this post that makes ‘CCO intercept it. My guess is that it is “retr-bution.” Perhaps I should have said payback.

    3. lefty says:

      that is because she has no position other then maybe on her back she has no clue about the way this government was formed and who help form it or how they did it. She can not even read correctly like the rest of the idiot repubs who wanted to read the constitution and screwed that up just like everything else they screw up

  12. v says:

    Can someone buy stock in political blunders, misinformation, false statements of fact and downright moronic blabbering? If so….. I want a million shares in Michele Bachmann.

    Oh… and Colleen? Staying where you were hatched isn’t a badge of honor. I’m from Iowa and trust me… Minnesota is more Iowa than it wants to admit. Every time I go north of 694. Hicks would even call those people Hicks. There are enough pick-em-up trucks and snowmobile jackets in Anoka County alone to make rural Iowa look cosmopolitan.

    1. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

      Snowmobile company clothing is NOT – repeat – NOT a fashion, people!

      If you have a jacket that says “Articat” or anything similar, chances are you are a hick…

    2. MIKE says:

      Political blunders, misinformation, false statements and moronic blabbering – perfect description of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

      Antone would srve better than that idiot.

      1. V says:

        Woooooo….. Mike dropped the Hussein Bomb. Whoooooooo!
        Learn how to spell, Mike. You can take a 1st grade book along to the laundry mat when washing (in the gentle cycle, of course) your new neon green Polaris bomber. YEEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAW!

  13. Common Man says:

    Thank God for people like Michele Bachmann who will stop George Soros’s from destroying the United State with his puppets like Obamma
    and all the “I want the government to control my life” followers.

  14. Incredulous1 says:

    This is truly bizarre – the national media seems to have no idea that Bachmann is, as Chris Wallace on FOX news inferred, a complete flake.

    And there’s another laugh, “Take back our country”! For who? Rich, white, corporate fat cats? What BS!

  15. Julie says:

    Just think, she never had the guts to take the challenge from the 14 year old who called her on all of her so called historical references.


    Because she knew the 14 year old would wipe the floor with her.
    Instead, she condoned all her followers to make nasty comments and threats to this 14 year old girl.

    I don’t want a president like Bachmann.
    She is a farce, and is the best puppet canidate the GOP can get.

  16. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    I see fear of a smart woman who actually has worked in the private sector, knows something about finance debate the know nothing, community organizer in chief now.

    1. Lars in Stillwater says:

      yeah – she’s been on her knees slurping under the desks for years now.
      To bad the old man never had the noodles to say enough but that’s another story. lol

    2. Lori says:

      You have got to be kidding. Really? Come on. This woman is not smart.
      She may be driven by the “lime lights”, but she is in no way smart.
      There are so many other qualified and truly “smart” women in this country. And not a one of them are you going to see standing near this kook.

  17. Citizen says:

    I see that ‘CCO has already gotten rid of my comment “awaiting moderation.” So, here is a revised version cleansed of the offending word or words.
    Bachmann’s position is that the U.S. debt ceiling should not be raised. It must be raised because the U.S. cannot afford to default on its bonds. That will cause a financial meltdown in the world markets and create chaos. If you think world leaders and other countries will forgive that type of irresponsible behavior on the part of the U.S. government, think again. Other governments and countries will be justifiably upset with the GOP in the U.S. and it will be an incredible blow to the U.S.’s reputation in the eyes of the world. Anyone who promotes that type of irresponsibility on the part of the U.S. government should have their loyalty questioned, much as MB questioned President Obama’s loyalty in the past.

  18. Tom L says:

    Just what the country doesnt need – Sarah Palin, JR.

    GOP’s are obviously having a real difficult time getting a bona fide contender for the presidency. Heres a helpful hint – stop being such a republican!

    Never has a second term for a sittng president been so assured.

  19. Go Bachmann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    After reading all the liberal attacks on her…I just decided to vote for her…….although you all missed the whole “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen line……

    1. Rusty Shackleford says:

      Congrats you are a moron who is obviously proud of her intellectual shortcomings.

      I’d try to convience you that you are being ignorant by voting for anyone because other people dislike them. It is honestly a 3rd grade mentality: its like, “oh yeah, well, if you hate her then i AM going to vote for her..how do you like THAT!!” So you are basically voting for revenge?? LOLOLOLOL

      Its like they say…..you cant change stupid. Good luck in your group home!!!

  20. red says:

    How mnay people are actually going to vote for this wacko?

  21. Julie says:

    Rep Bachman has been married 33 years, is a lawyer, has a post-doctorate degree in federal tax law, worked in the U.S. federal tax court, has five children, raised 23 foster children, and opened a charter school for at-risk youth. She also been a state senator and a member of U.S. Congress for five years. She is active in private business, been a job creator, and understands job creation. She is an outspoken Tea-Party member. Which 41% of Tea-Party membership voted for B.O. She is ready to compare her college records and writings. People are getting informed. Bring on the debates. The far left are afraid and full of hate.

    1. MIKE says:

      GREAT JOB Julie

      Because . . .

      “For the first time in my adult life, I’m really ASHAMED of my President.”

    2. Citizen says:

      Carl, I hope you don’t mind if I quote you here. Bachmann also believes in Adam & Eve, that the earth was created 6,000 years ago, that Noah’s ark existed in the Great Flood. She also believes being gay is a sin and that praying can remove that sin. She also said she prayed to her invisible friend for guidance in filing her papers to run for President. All that said, with all those credentials you mentioned, surely she remembers the separation of church and state in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Yeah, bring on the debates because summer TV is really boring, and I need some laughs because I’m entertaining myself with the posts on this website WAY too much.

      1. Dale Gribble says:

        Nowhere do the words “seperation of church and state” appear in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers were Christians and they expected to be ruled by Christians, not illegal alien Muslims. God belongs in Washington and in the schools.

        1. Citizen says:

          From the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment:
          “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…”
          The phrase “separation of church and state” does not appear anywhere in the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson wrote that the 1st Amendment erected a “wall of separation” between the church and the state (James Madison said it “drew a line,” but it is Jefferson’s term that sticks with us today). The phrase is commonly thought to mean that the government should not establish, support, or otherwise involve itself in any religion.
          The Founding Fathers were deists.

          1. Dale Gribble says:

            No one is establishing a religion. Christianity has been around for 2000 years and it is the religion practiced by patriotic Americans. The “deism” claim is a revisionist lie invented by liberals to justify their secular agenda. The Founding Fathers were Christians who intended the United States to be a Christian nation.

            1. Citizen says:

              Didn’t you just state that the Founding Fathers were Christians who intended the U.S. to be a Christian Nation? Yet I just quoted the First Amendment to you about making no law respecting an establishment of religion. Amazing!

              1. Dale Gribble says:

                What don’t you get? Christianity was established a LONG time before the US Government. Christianity established the US, not the other way around. Typical liberal, always twisting the Constitution to suit their traitorous agenda.

                1. v says:

                  You’re right, Dale… The (Bush) Republicans have (Weapons of Mass Destruction) never bent the (Oil) truth or twisted facts (Mission Accomplished) to suit their (Tens of thousands dead) agenda. I couldn’t (Iran Contra) agree (No new taxes) more! Where do all these liberals come from? We should just round up all the gays and people with dark skin tone and ship ’em off to Alaska to drill-baby-drill! Right? C’mon… give me an A’men! Jesus was the one who taught us about capitalism and wealth and prosperity and to each his own… right? Let me hear ya out there! I’m surprised he isn’t descending down here right now to hoist Michele on his shoulder and carry her right off to Jerusalem for her NEXT official announcement!

              2. Jake says:

                @Citizen, it is perfectly plausible that the “founders” did anticipate a Christian nation, as they were not clairvoyant. The Left is quick to argue that the “Right to Bear Arms” was meant to protect arms that existed at that time. The same argument could be made that the drafters were contemplating a nation that looked like the U.S. did at the time – primarily Christian (mostly Protestant) with tolerance for Jewish and other minor religions. It’s pretty difficult to believe the “wall” was intended to sanitize public discourse from any reference to religion with so many references to God and the Creator. (If the mere mention of God is equivalent to “establishing a religion,” I routinely establish religions every time I try to use power tools.)

            2. Reasonable says:


              I like you. You’re clearly insane and therefore a lot of fun at dinner parties.

              Your versino of revisionist history is also pretty clever. The one where we are a christian nation and should therefore have christian rule is fairly absurd. The US wasn’t founded on freedom FOR religion, it was founded on the notion of freedom FROM religious rule.

              1. Dale Gribble says:

                Only a secular humanist proponent of UN authority would make these claims. Michelle Bachmann supports God, Freedom, Liberty, pure drinking water and US sovereignty.

                1. Reasonable says:

                  Pure Comedy Gold!

                  Really, can I book you for events?

            3. Les Johnson says:

              “Christianity has been around for 2000 years”

              False. It was invented by the Romans hundreds of years after your Jesus friend was killed. Do some research as to why they invented it. You may be surprised.

              It was invented as a means for something… Hmmm…. Go look it up if you really want to know. Hint: It wasn’t invented to worship Jesus.

        2. MIKE says:

          Dale – you need to understand “Citizen” and others like him/her don’t believe in ANYTHING except, maybe, man made global warming and JUNK like that. They most likely have SHRINES to Al Gore and Don Shelby in their homes.

          1. Dale Gribble says:

            Yes, atheist liberal traitors bent on destroying the Republic and installing the New World Order.

            1. V says:

              You caught us, Dale! But what you didn’t realize…. is that WE’RE COMING TO YOUR HOUSE FIRST!… WATCH OUT!

    3. Amanda says:

      And all of that so she can go out on national television to say the following… BP is not responsible for the biggest oil spill in the gulf, and all of the nature they destroy, they should not be held accountable for it, and they should not pay for the clean up… when someone ask her who was responsible and who should pay for the clean up… she went an answer… the consumers! gees… if I have to be a lawyer, and get a post-doctorate degree in federal tax law, and then open my mouth and say stuff like that!… WOW, I mean WOW, please tell me what college she attended, so I never go there

    4. Lisa says:

      I agree, what you have listed looks good on paper, but the problem is the background on all of those accomplishments. They are more than a bit tainted, and her real aggenda is concerning. I was shocked by my research. You may be too.

    5. Les Johnson says:

      “Rep Bachman has been married 33 years”

      Qualifies her for NOTHING.

      “is a lawyer”

      Really? She practices law? Where?

      “has a post-doctorate degree in federal tax law”

      And still knows nothing…

      “worked in the U.S. federal tax court”

      Oh yeah? So what did she do there? Do you know? What was her contribution?

      “has five children”

      Again, qualifies her for nothing. Is she running for PTO secretary or something?

      “raised 23 foster children”

      I call BS on this one. Define “raised.”

      “and opened a charter school for at-risk youth”

      Pray away the gay is a charter school tenet and is for “at risk” youth?

      “She also been a state senator and a member of U.S. Congress for five years.”

      And we all know what kind of d(ouch)ebags those folks can be, right? A member of U.S. Congress? Wow that’s a stretch.

      “She is active in private business”

      Oh yeah? What kind?

      “been a job creator, and understands job creation”

      LOL. False. She knows nothing of the sort.

      “She is an outspoken Tea-Party member”

      Nothing to brag about there. That seems like a black mark on her record, not a shining star.

      “Which 41% of Tea-Party membership voted for B.O. ”

      Is this a question or a statement? I can’t tell from your writing.

      “She is ready to compare her college records and writings. ”

      Skip Obama. She can compare with me. She will look just as foolish and uneducated.

      “People are getting informed”

      Everybody but you it would seem, eh? Or have you met her and live in her district? No?

      “Bring on the debates”

      Indeed. I can’t wait. Let the humor begin.

      “The far left are afraid and full of hate.”

      A flat out lie. That has never been the case.

  22. Joy says:

    Time to move north to Canada. She’ll take us back arlight..way way back. How far can we dumb down this country? I don’t even want to know.

  23. Maybe we could do worse? says:

    fascinating, hate her or love her, this whole thing is going to be fun

  24. Citizen says:

    No, it won’t be fun. I don’t want anyone shoving their religious beliefs in my face.

    1. Maybe we could do worse? says:

      And you know for a fact that as president she would be able to do this? really, it is going to be fun, just read the ridiculous posts

      1. Citizen says:

        Yeah, you’re right. I’m going to try ignore all her religious references when they show her mug on the news. I’ll switch channels until I find one that doesn’t have her talking about religion.

  25. Maybe we could do worse? says:

    The republicans were sure that Obama was going to make us all muslims, now the democrats think that Bachman is going to make us evangelical christians, it’s all like a really funny Saturday Night Live skit…

  26. A Voter says:

    Bachman sounds like the female version of Jim Jones, drink your cool-aid boys.

  27. d kauls says:

    I am one conservative who will not be voting for Ms. Bachmann. Despite my bent to the right, I am realistic enough to know that the job of the president requires a superior intellect, one that can understand this country thoroughly as well as its place in the world. She simply is not such a woman. It absolutely is a disqualifying factor for me that she believes the world is four to six thousand years old and that some guy put two of everything on a boat and road it out. To me, this is no different that the Iranian president believing in the imminent return of the missing imam. To cling to such nonsense in the face of science and plain common sense means she can’t be trusted to truly analyze our country’s needs and act rationally..She can’t learn, develop and mature because she sees the world through such a small lens, apparently developed during her first 12 years in Waterloo, Iowa. As much as I want a conservative president, I do not want her tackling the deficit. I do not want her with our nuclear codes.

  28. AAS says:

    I am sorry, Michelle, but you are just too radical to lead a country the size of the US.

    We are intimately integrated into the world economy and are highly dependent on it. We have to re-establish our brand in a very smart way by finding a new niche in the world co-run with China, EU, and Russia. The only way for America to survive in the 21st century is through innovation. Innovation demands excellent business climate, social integrity (let the gays finally marry for Christ’s sake), well-funded educational system, lax immigration laws for skilled labor and global image as a progressive nation. Let me summarize the ingredients: education, innovation, equality to all social groups, business-friendly climate, tax incentives for corporations to pay taxes here and not overseas, and a charismatic, educated and likable president.

    Bachmann’s radical approach from working with corporate America to banning same-sex marriages is just over the top. She is not a world-class politician and the fact that she or the GOP don’t perceive it is just plain disturbing. If the GOP nominates her, we may face a brutal reality check in 2012. As in… red states going blue. She won’t win because a lot of Republicans won’t vote for her. I will go independent before signing away my future to her.

    // I am a conservative Republican, CEO of a medium-size technology company that creates high-tech jobs and pays taxes in the US.

  29. Sylvia says:

    Unfortunately, I live in the 6th Congressional District, and M. Bachmann has done NOTHING for this district. She is one of those people who should have a bumper sticker on her car that says, “It’s ALL about me”! All she does is BLAST everyone else, primarily the President, and she has NO solutions of her own that would truly WORK! Tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires in this country have NEVER created jobs and helped the economy, Michele! She is an embarrassment to MN – oh yeah, I forgot – she’s from Iowa now!

  30. Lori says:

    Finally they are listing her as being From Iowa!!! Yippi, we got her out of our State!!! She’s no longer associated with MN.
    It’s Time to Celebrate once less citizen!!!

  31. Robert says:

    How many times is Bachman going to make it official? She is just another media hogg, like Palin.

    1. Kim says:

      All politicians are media hogs. Thats the nature of the job. You see you have to be seen by people to get votes. You do that in ads, personal appearances, rallys, etc. What would you have her do? Do you have any idea how ridiculous your statement is?

      1. My Brain Hurts says:

        It’s only riduculous because people like you “Kim” clearly show that you take it for granted, now that is the ridiculous part

  32. anotherleftie says:

    Bachmann kicked off her campaign in the former hometown of child-murdering serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Like Ronald Reagan did with his campaign kickoff in Philadelphia, Mississippi, notorious for the killing of peaceful protesters during the civil rights struggle, it is clear Bachmann is sending a specific message to a faction of voters whose support she needs to count on.

  33. A Voter says:

    Bachmann was a supporter of George W. Bush, who many feel should be facing trial for war crimes

  34. Daddy Doo says:

    No matter how many degrees she has MB will never be smart. You don’t have to be smart to earn a degree, just do the coursework and you will have a high GPA but you morons without a degree would think that and support that. MB thinks the world is 6000 years old, well I think she is 6000 years old.

  35. GRANNY GET YO WIG says:


    1. Troy says:

      Once again the “flake” from MN (nee Waterloo, IA) shows her capability of researching facts. Just like “not receiving farm subsidies” but forgetting it was on her disclosure forms that she’s received some quarter million dollars from the Fed.

      Good to see Fox starting to eat their own, and she hadn’t even started yet.

      1. Les Johnson says:

        She didn’t forget.

        She’s a bald-faced liar.

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