NEW YORK (AP) — Sarah Palin will be stopping by for the start of her daughter’s book tour.

The former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential candidate will appear with Bristol Palin on Wednesday in Bloomington, Minn., at the Barnes & Noble in the Mall of America. HarperCollins Publishers announced Monday that the two will sign copies of their latest books.

Sarah Palin says in a statement that she is “so proud” of her daughter and ” thrilled to be joining her to kick off her book tour.”

Bristol Palin’s memoir, “Not Afraid of Life,” came out last week and Wednesday is her first public event. Sarah Palin’s “America by Heart” was released last fall. HarperCollins imprints published both books.

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Comments (50)
  1. allrepublicanssuk says:

    Oh, yuck.

    1. Get off her nutz! says:

      HOW IS THIS IN THE POLITICAL SECTION? This woman and her family are not in politics anymore but almost every other day there s a story about her!!! Get it through your heads at WCCO that she should not be in the politics section, if you want post a comics page and put her there.

  2. Common Man says:

    Thank God for people like Sarah Palin who will stop George Soros’s from destroying the United State with his puppets like Obamma
    and all the “I want the government to control my life” followers.

    1. Ever pass 10th grade civics? says:

      Sarah Palin wants to limit stem cell research, ban gay marriage, decide women’s medical decisions for them….

      ….sounds to me if you support Palin, you suppor the government telling its private citizens what they can or cannot do.

      Now if you are a true conservative, you would support States and Individuals rights to choose the above mentioned issues as they see fit, not some big governement mandate.

      You got your facts wrong my uncommonly stupid good man.

      1. Jeffrey L Colquette says:

        Good reply, man!

      2. palin4prez says:


        Palin is a constitutional conservative with a healthy independent streak. She in principle opposes any unecessary mandate. What she says is the government business is NOT to support killing babies. If any state says otherwise that is the will of the people and not something she would oppose in har role as President.

        See a true conservative is not just hands off on mandates but also hands off on endorsements. That is Palin and the proof is in her books and videos and her governing in Alaska.

        So stop lying libs and embrace the truth, if you can. (And ps: your annointed O. is against gay marriage.. think about it libs..)

  3. flandersjef says:

    Agreed. It sounds like an enormous waste of time.

  4. Woot says:

    Sara Palin can read?

    1. Nope says:

      Whoa, whoa, whoa…..slow down there Woot. Nobody ever said that.

      There just happens to be alot of pictures.

      1. musicman says:

        My thoughts exactly. This just means that both of them know how to sign their names, not actually be able to read the books that they supposedly wrote. Personally, I can’t wait to read about Bristol’s profound life experiences. If you detect a note of sarcasm in that last sentence you are indeed correct.

        1. Palin4Prez says:

          Don’t worry just buy the book, its for Tripp the childs future, and even if you are malicious in your mind, you will help Bristol with a purchase, and for that we hope for your redemption from any pavlovian hate-feelings. There is hope even for Libs they say..

  5. GOPSUX says:

    Scroll up and look at the picture. Really look hard. Look at all of the faces in the picture (except the cop). Look very, very hard and try to find anything in any of their faces that would indicate any deep, thoughtful, interesting thing inside of their heads. You can’t, can you?

    1. Blah Blah says:

      And you base this on one picture? Take a look at any of your posts, ANY ONE OF THEM. I shouldn’t even have to point out your ignorance.

      1. What??? says:

        Blah Blah
        When it comes to this woman and her offspring, nobody can take just 1 photo of her into consideration when stating anything about her. She herself has made it this way by staying in the spotlight as much as she can. If she does not want the bad publicity she should not be looking for the good as 1 cannot be there without the other. It is people of your ilk that think that only 1 should exist and that is why we pity you. I guess that I am not as modest as you are as I will point out that you are VERY ignorant to stand by someone who was trying to be Vice Pres and had no idea what the job detailed. Shall we bring back the information that she does not even know what kinds of material she reads when asked by Catie Curak (spelling?)? I got it, we should cut her slack because she knows that the founding fathers abolished slavery? If you can take this woman or any of her family seriously then we, the people of MN, have to ask you to kindly pack your belongings and move closer to her as we are going to continue to make fun of her at the drop of a hat. Think about it this way, when you move up there with her you can spy on the Rusky’s with her as she can see them from her backyard.

  6. soapboxgod says:

    I dare say this woman is something of a rockstar if not a hypocrite.

  7. john says:

    The only thing worse than making tons of money and fame being tied to the government and benefitting from it, is making tons of money and fame being known for criticizing the government and those that benefit from our large government. In other words, if what annoys Palin did not exist neither would she. She is not eloquent, accurate, inspirational, or relevant with anything she says.

    1. john nailed it says:

      Well put.

  8. Reasonable says:

    3 – 2 -1 Glitter!
    Anyone taking bets?

    I really do feel sorry for them personally as they have been given the standard bearer role for this “right-wing woman!” nonsense, but they certainly don’t do anything to deflect and/or lessen the vitriolic sentiment. The mamma grizzly hasn’t done much of anything to protect her cubs…

    1. Libs are like Slugsm you don't want them anywhere near your house says:

      Oh poor libs, cant understand that there is somehing else in this world than their self-hating lives, projecting their own failures onto someone that embraces life and the pursuit of happiness. It just gets under your skin don’t it hm libs? 😉

  9. Ronald Raygun says:

    The entire family are leaches on society.

  10. lol says:

    Sarah Palin is great you people don t know anything about good white people you all must crime ape

    1. What??? says:

      Me frunk Engrish, that unpossible!

  11. Kevin says:

    Which one of you left wing tuna tasters or glitter bums will be tossing the glitter salad to get your 15 minutes of fame? Good for her……at least she is not one of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants on the MN welfare role…..Go Sarah!! And God Bless your family…..

  12. Steve says:

    I agree kevin….I say Bachmann and Palin in 2012! You know the more they trash the more they fear…..silly little liberals…..tuna tasters…..thats some funny as* Shi*…

  13. bearpirate says:

    I thought Sara Palin was on jury duty?? That was the reason she gave for not continuing her “family vacation” on the bus on the East Coast.

    1. Libs are like Slugs you don't want them anywhere near your house says:

      And that’s what she is. Any questions or are you unaware of how Jury Duty works in Alaska? (Now why did I ask a Lib about that, asking them to read up on the subject.. that will be a cold day in hell lol!)

  14. J.McCain says:

    My wife & I watched a hot porn vid this weekend & the chick was a Palin Look-alike..The Mom,that is.

    1. Libs are like Slugs you don't want them anywhere near your house says:

      You have to watch someone else do it on a flatscreen to get it going with your wife? Only libs would think that is a positive thing..

  15. L.Craig says:

    I heard Todd Palin is Gay

    1. Libs are like Slugs you don't want them anywhere near your house says:

      Yeah, thets why they have five children, lol! Libs.. how stupid can they get? Bottomless it seems..

  16. T-Paw says:

    I think she’d make an awesome president!

  17. Katie C. says:

    I read somewhere that she wasn’t all that smart..

    1. Kevin says:

      Oh well…if you read it… must be true………I read that you “wasnt” that smart either……these are the ones who vote so my vote does not count……..GOOD GOD…..

      1. T-Bag Kevin says:

        @ Kevin…How’s that Tea thing workin for ya?

        1. Libs are like Slugs you don't want them anywhere near your house says:

          Worked mighty fine in 2010, GOP gaining more local and house/senate-seats ithen in the last 80 years..! Much todo with our fine woman Palin rqallying Tea-PArty sayin’ “hows that hope’nchange woring out forya’?” LOL!

          Poor Libs, hopechange turning into “nochangeinmypocketduetounemploymentthankyouObama” LOL! Libs..pff..

      2. ??? says:

        You are right, your vote does not count. So if these are your ideas then the people of MN would ask you to stay home that day. You should rally more people with your views to do the same. Then something might be able to get done in politics again as we would have intelligence in debate again.

  18. Dudetou says:

    Well they got to make money some how. I guess her TV show bombed so she is broke. Hunting and fishing in Alska is slow right now.

    1. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

      Hunting and fishing is never slow in Alaska.

      Her TV show rocked. I have every episode on DVR. I even watched some of the “Mamma Grizzly” episode last night.

      Willow is still the hottest Palin girl though.

  19. Bb says:

    Show up and make sure she knows your views on her stupidity!!

    1. Libs are like Slugs you don't want them anywhere near your house says:

      Yeah! Shout something like “You are stupid! I don’t know why but MSNBC and CBS told me so so you are, thats right! Uhhh..(like Obama Uhhhhhh..57 states.. Uhhh.. where’s my teleprompter? Uhhhh…” LOL!

  20. Peter SuckyAssa says:

    people take things too serioulsy I dont like Sarah Palin, but I would not show up at the mall and cause any ruckus that is scary, why u wanna scare that woman?
    thats not how u get your voices heard…be creative! dont be rude!
    So sad
    yall need a reality check next time you say or do something, that someone else doesnt agree with, I hope they call you stupid and mean names too
    Sarah Palin, be yourself girl quit trying to feed the needs of losers and get down to buissness….you been in the game for a while its time for a change

  21. Citizen says:

    Sarah Palin is a first-class hypocrite. Here is what the BBC News has to say about Sarah Palin’s Alaska, so how can she be a former governor and member of the teaparty from a state like Alaska and spout her anti-big government nonsense?
    “The author and serious student of America, Anne Applebaum makes the point that, as she puts it, “Alaska is a myth!”
    People who live in Alaska – and people who aspire to live in Alaska – imagine it is the last frontier, she says, “the place where rugged individuals go out and dig for oil and shoot caribou, and make money the way people did 100 years ago”.
    But in reality, Alaska is the most heavily subsidised state in the union. There is more social spending in Alaska than anywhere else.
    To make it a place where decent lives can be lived, there is a huge transfer of money to Alaska from the US federal government which means of course from taxpayers in New York and Los Angeles and other places where less rugged folk live. Alaska is an organised hypocrisy.”

    1. Libs are like Slugs you don't want them anywhere near your house says:

      What nonsence, Sarah has consistently promoted Alaska to be a net-producer and not reply on Government subzidies, she cut 100 of millions in subs. to avoid Fed. anti-freedom regulation on freedom-loving Alaskans. If the government hadn’t blocked Alaska from drilling and getting access to land with billions of barrel of gas and oil, Alaska would produce a large percentage of Americas energy-needs and be one of the most prosperous states in US history! All to the benefit of the citizens of Alaska. Blame the Government of Bush and Obama for actively wanting to keep Alaskans dependent on them to control them better.

      BBC leftist donkeykong Channel can go sit on a ten foot pole with their “investigate” sorry-ass British-snark-uppernose attitudes. Give me an American Lib anytime against a British “moderate”…Yuk!

  22. Citizen says:

    What I would like to know is when these women have time for their families–specifically their babies. They both have babies close to the same age. Shouldn’t those babies be their priorities? I always thought this when Palin was running for V.P. She has a special needs baby. And these first 3 to 5 years of life are when parents (both mothers and fathers) are needed. I cannot imagine anyone I know who would take all this amount of time away from their families.

    1. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

      What makes you think they aren’t their priorities? Doing a book signing means they can’t be moms anymore? What?

      Their whole family is involved in raising these kids.

  23. Citizen says:

    I wasn’t just thinking of the book signing. I was thinking of the constant running around keeping their faces in the media. Of course, they can still be moms, just maybe not such good moms. I’m old-fashioned enough to believe that kids still like to have mom (or dad) in the kitchen baking cookies and there when they come home from school to listen to the day’s activities the kids experienced, to have a family dinner, to provide a home–not a tour bus.

    1. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

      That sounds like an episode of The Waltons I watched 25 years ago.

      I never had a mom or a dad in the kitchen baking cookies when I came home from school. I came home and made dinner for the family by the time I was in 8th or 9th grade.

      A home is a home if the people in it are happy and safe and cared for, even if it’s not the blueprinted Walton experience you insist it should be.

      1. Libs are like Slugs you don't want them anywhere near your house says:

        Don’t let yourself be fooled, its a leftist meme about Palin being a mom should not run for office, but they don’t mind any of the Boyz like Obama or any of the other with even more children because they really couldn’t give a puff, they only want to recite something they think is negative for Soc-cons, to pick at Sarah. The libs would defend to the hilt (pun intended) any leftist candidate even if they dressed in BDSM clothing and had 2 slave-wives, as long as they were Libs.

        Each month many more conservatives are finding out how Libs have been trained in the tools of Alinsky and refudiating them, not giving them any value in the media-space since they are morally corrupt and ideologally dead.

        Good riddance..

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