Bachmann Defends Medicaid Funds To Spouse’s Clinic

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — As Rep. Michele Bachmann tours the country criticizing government as too big and too expensive, the Republican presidential candidate has come under mounting scrutiny over public dollars flowing to family business interests.

There’s $259,000 in federal subsidies paid since 1995 to a family farm of which Bachmann is a part owner. Another $30,000 went to Bachmann and Associates Counseling Clinic in the last five years from various Minnesota government agencies, including one small payment logged the day after the congresswoman’s official 2012 kickoff.

In addition, at least $137,000 came from Medicaid-backed programs for patients using the mental health clinic run by her husband, Marcus Bachmann.

All of the money poured through legitimate channels. Bachmann maintains none of the farm subsidies wound up in her pocket, although she disclosed the income on her congressional financial disclosure forms. And most public payments to the clinic are connected to services it provided, although it did receive a federal health grant for employee training.

The arrangements threaten to pose image problems for the tea party heroine — and could give rivals an opening to exploit in ads or other ways as the White House race drags on. All week, Bachmann has been forced to explain how her fervent talk of bloated government squares with a family that sometimes benefits from it.

Asked Monday about commodity subsidies for the Wisconsin family farm, she insisted to The Associated Press that “none of the income goes to my husband and I. All of the income goes to the farm.”

Campaigning in South Carolina on Wednesday, neither Michele nor Marcus Bachmann would discuss the money his clinic draws from the Medicaid program, which Minnesota officials administer using a mix of state and federal money. The payments were first reported by NBC News.

Instead, campaign press secretary Alice Stewart issued a statement saying it would be “discriminatory” for the clinic to turn away patients enrolled in the subsidized program. “As a state-sponsored counseling service, Bachmann and Associates has a responsibility to provide Medicaid and medical assistance, regardless of a patient’s financial situation,” Stewart wrote.

It’s routine for Minnesota health providers to draw Medicaid payments, said Karen Smigielski, a spokeswoman for the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

“To be able to serve clients on our programs you have to enroll as a provider. Most everybody in the state enrolls as a matter of course,” she said. “So almost anyone who does health care serves some of our clients.”

Smigielski said the $137,000 paid to the clinic over the last seven years isn’t all it received because the amount only reflects costs billed directly to the state. Some patients in public programs who used the clinic are in separately operated managed care health plans, but the state doesn’t routinely compile those costs.

The Bachmann clinic also received about $24,000 — split between the state and federal governments — for a grant program to train counselors who treat people with both mental illness and substance abuse issues. According to state documents, the money was intended to offset anticipated revenue losses for clinics during the training.

Over the years, the clinic has received smaller payments from other government entities, some for providing mental health care to crime victims and others for helping officials determine eligibility for disability or rehabilitation services. One Minnesota agency sent the clinic $35 on Tuesday, a day after Bachmann’s formal campaign announcement in Iowa.

Throughout her career in the state legislature and Congress, Bachmann has fashioned herself as one of the fiercest foes of government spending. She fired up a crowd Wednesday in Lexington, S.C., with vows to trim government, telling her audience the nation can’t afford “four more years of unrestricted spending.”

Dante Scala, chairman of the University of New Hampshire’s political science department, said the focus on Bachmann’s own financial ties to government is a sign she’s being taken more seriously. But he doubts voters are paying enough attention where the questions will immediately damage her bid.

“It’s a small drip,” Scala said. “It’s the type of thing that an opposition research person in a rival campaign will tuck away in a folder and keep it until it’s useful.”

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  • Questions

    What about all the government dollars her family received for the 20+ foster kids they took in?

    • moth

      all girls, hope she didn’t encorage them to have 5 babies!

      • Harold

        The Dems are so scared. Watch who they attack. That is who they fear.

        • mad citizen

          Informed citizens do not fear FLAKES. We just like to poke fun of them.

        • Steven

          So Harold, by your way of thinking you Teapublican’s must really FEAR OBAMA right??? Ya’ll been atacking him since he took office…this folks is what I mean by the term HYPOCRITICAL RIGHT!!!

        • Mary

          Maybe she scares Mitt. She wouldn’t scare President Obama.

    • Give me liberty

      What is your point? Democrats can get entitlements and Republicans can’t?

      Here is an idea, why don’t you just steal all of the money from people you don’t agree with and give it to who ever you think deserves it the most. Oh wait, that is the Democratic tax and social program platform.

      • hvo

        The point is that this goes against everything Michaele Bachmann claims to stand for.

      • What???

        @Give me liberty (I think that is a “liberal” statement)
        The point, my mentally challenged friend, is that MB who is against any kind of “Gov handout” is taking quit a few of them. She talks about never taking money such as farm subsidies (which she has received) and other programs yet she has her hand out as well. If you cannot see the irony in this than you are far beyond help and should probably stop watching and reading the big boy news.

      • moth

        my point is : all girls, hope she didn’t encorage them to have 5 babies.

        Thought I said that the first time. sorry maybe your blind

      • DTM

        The point is, her hypocrisy knows no bounds. She rails against subsidies yet her husband’s parents farm – which she receives income from – received plenty. And now this… gee, Give me liberty, you tell me what the point is?

        • Charlie

          No, the point is that she wants to change the law (rules) for everybody, otherwise and until then the same payment processes apply to her.

          So, is she to turn away patients and monies due her and go bankrupt on principal?

          No, she is running in hopes of changing those programs, for everyone!

          This is the lamest point that the liberals have jumped on to date…

          • DTM

            huh? So let me get this straight. You think that shelly who is against farm subsidies for everyone yet actually received is trying to change to the program for everyone?

            ■Bachmann falsely claimed that she and her husband “have never gotten a penny” from a family farm that received federal subsidies. But she reported income from the farm in 2006, 2008 and 2009 — the most recent year available — on her congressional financial disclosure statements.

            yeah, I trust her…

          • abe

            then she should have said when asked “yes, I have taken the money however, I am ready to change the law”. Instead she lied through her b.. mouth and said she did not take any money. I don’t wonder anymore if she is truthfull – how can anyone who evalautes what ones says at face value?

          • Jeremy Pettit

            Many people qualify for food stamps and that too, but they aren’t all standing in line are they? Liberals, conservatives or whatever, she’s a hypocrit like so many other politicians.

          • Steven

            Charlie…the twilight zone music is playing…time for your meds son…

          • Mary

            Don’t you have a problem with your tax dollars going for prayer therapy? If it worked, the local preacher would do it for free.

        • DTM

          No, they are not obligated by law to see them. This is a private practice, not HCMC ER.

          • Dave

            OMG, who cares! Point is, a clinic got paid by medicaid for seeing medicaid patients! Who cares!

            • DTM

              Then why mention it? If it’s not part of your Point, omit it? Or better yet, just leave. If you really do not care and “this is an article about nothing” why do you linger? And also, patients are NOT “usually on Medcaid” Can you back that claim up?

          • Mary

            I find them both dispicable. Most insurances wouldn’t pay for this kind of therapy since there is no proof it works. They cover it by touting their other “services”.

        • Give me liberty

          To What??? and DTM.

          No, your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

          My point is that Michelle nor anyone else for that matter that is legally eligible to receive subsidies are not the problem. I guess the Federal and State governments need to check with you two first to determine if the recipient of the entitlement is worthy or not.

          The problem is the entitlement programs themselves. Programs that we all know were passed by liberal left leaning politicians because they are smarter than everybody and need to take care of the poor needy people. They know that no one can succeed in life without big brother helping them out.

          Minnesota is the home to 10,000 loons. It’s called the Democratic base.

          • What???

            @Give me liberty
            The stupidity in that statement speaks for itself. I would lay into you but I am starting to think that there is nothing that I could do to you that life has not already done. I think the Give me hypocrisy idea is grand and should be implemented immediately. Thank you for your time and the laugh. Stay two sided and tune in for the next double standard.
            One more thing, if you do not know who made the programs mentioned you may not want to talk about them like you have researched this. “we all know were passed by liberal left leaning politicians” then name them. Who were the people that made these and how far left were they? Do you really need to post liberal left leaning? That is almost like saying the pink lightish red.

            • As jack said...

              Well apparently Give me Liberty thinks Nixon was a liberal.

      • ???

        Perhaps you should change your user name to Give Me Hypocrisy?

    • Helen

      if they exist

    • meow

      Duh… who else runs the Farm? It’s smart to have plenty of child labor on hand.

    • pat

      If she didn’t accept medicaid patients she could be charged with a crime and certainlly with discrimination. Just because some welfare mama is on tax dollar subsidies doesn’t mean she isn’t entitled to the finest mental health care.

      • DTM

        They most certainly can choose not to accept Medcaid. It’s a private business! Think before you spout off false statements – though I guess that is what shelly does…

    • mad citizen

      Bachmann’s Dictionary:

      Foster – anyone who stays over night at the Bachmann’s.

    • meow


  • Max

    Since she has expressed her opposition to Medicaid, why doesn’t her husband treat the poor for free instead? Fat chance.

    • dan


      What does her opposition to Medicare waste and fraud have anything to do with her Husband treating patients for free?

      • DTM

        dan, what does Medicare have to do wih this? Read the article. It’s about Medicaid. Or just stop commenting…

    • Chris

      Max, What kind of comment is that and what sense does it make?
      Turn down payments when you are a doctor? Give us a break…
      Not all doctors are missionaries working in the jungle somewhere for free!!

  • Dave Campbell

    I believe they also receive federal money in the form of farm subsidies! She’s a bit of a hypocrite, don’t you think!

    • dan

      Great substance Dave. “I Believe” If the benefit of susidies are available I dont blame anyone for taking them. Its no different than Liberals taking a mortgage tax deduction. If you support more taxes and bigger govt, then you should not be taking any tax breaks! Wake up knot head!

      • Les Johnson

        Oh it’s different all right. Not that you read the article or anything…

        She claimed she DIDN’T receive subsidies, but her tax filing shows that she did. SHE FILED IT, then she said on TV that she DIDN’T RECEIVE ANY SUBSIDIES.

        Why is this so hard for some of you to follow?

        You read these blatant lies by her, and your response is “Oh yeah?? Well what about Obama!!!??!!”

        I mean dang, people….

        • dan

          Hey bonehead read the article above. its about her husbands clinic not about her taking any farm subsidies. Take a pill and walk out to your mailbax again and see if your welfare check came early.

        • dan

          I dont think I said anything about Obama in regards to my reply to Dave. I am simply stating that if you Libs think we should raise taxes and govt spending then stop taking your mortgage interest break. Hipocrit? maybe

          • Les Johnson

            I’m not a lib, and I’m offended you’d call me one.

    • Jake

      Dave, the hypocrisy in this is minimal, if it is hypocrisy. Your position is a little like saying a person who disagrees with the U.S. going to war with Iraq shouldn’t use U.S. currency. Hey, you disagree with the country but you still use its currency? Hypocrite.

      Find me an environmentalist on the left or right who doesn’t have a car or use power generated by fossil fuels. . . .

      In reality, the fact that she would “bite the hand that feeds” her husband’s practice (at least in part) gives credibility to her position that it should be reformed.

      • Charlie

        Jake, Thanks for sharing some common sense with these folks!
        This is definitely the lamest attack on her by the Dems to date…

  • John Doe

    Let the liberal hate comments flow!

    • KIm

      Rep B claims she values “family ,life etc” but reviewing her voting record( visit this site ) , she has consistently voted against every Bill that would keep families & children safe ( ie :FDA Food Safety Modernization Act & Bill (S.F. 247) opposing a ban on toxic chemicals in baby bottles) the list is endless….

      Her mantra about ” too much Government spending”, really ? She has no problem cashing her “government checks for her foster children”. She is among scores of Republicans who criticized the $787 billion economic stimulus law while privately asking Obama administration officials for stimulus money to pay for local projects.

      She is ALL that is so scary about tea baggers…..

    • lefty

      john there is no liberal hate comments about this article only the one thing that bachmann seems to have no idea about that is the TRUTH

    • Dave Campbell

      Grab your pain meds John because the truth is gonna hurt! I’ll bet her hero John Wayne would have never behaved like her!

  • tim

    Wow. She’s really good at working the system. You’ve got to give her some credit for that. She’s definitely a go-getter.

  • Nancy

    Oh you mean like all the experience Obama has? He is the least qualified person in any room he enters. Dont be hateful just becasue you are not a pretty person Kapulas!

    • larry

      Really, how is Obama “the least qualified person in any room”? care to elaborate?

      • Nancy

        His resume is unbelievable: Community organizer, College graduate and a one term Senator who rarely showed up to vote on anything. I cant think of any president, Senator or Rep with less credentials

        • Don_J

          I can… he was Gov. of Texas… G.W. Bush.

          • William

            Exactly, he actually had a real job in government, showed up to work everyday. Case closed

            • larry

              Actually, George holds the record for most vacation days while President but, Cheny was running the Country while George played….

            • Don_J

              …Because you go to work everyday doesn’t mean you should have the job. And there are folks in Texas that would beg to differ with your assessment.

            • Sam I am

              When – not in the past 6 months He started campaigning for 2012 in January 2011. Not to mention anytime there is a problem he mysteriously goes on vacation.

              Moochelle Obama has had more vacations then any other first wife I know. She is always on vacation.

        • Ali

          I will take his intellect over anybody else’s credentials any day, three times a day. The fact that he has to work with 2 political kindergartens is where the problem is. While the DFL and GOP point fingers at each other, the country is unsupervised.

          We need more parties at the table. Competition is a great thing…

          • Carl

            His lack of intelligence has put this country back into so much debt our grandchildren will refer to this as the Obama plague

            • Don_J

              No Carl… putting the “secret” cost of 2 WARS on the books is what did that… you may want to blame Dubbya for grazing through a $2+Trillion surplus and his $2+Trillion of war debt which was not being counted

            • David J. Conklin

              Actually most of the debt was run up under Reagan and the Bushes. Largest transfer of wealth to the upper 1% in the history of mankind.

            • What???

              After the last Pres that we had nobody can ever bring Obama’s intelligence into question. Tell Bush how to say nuclear correctly and we can talk but until then I will not even agree to disagree with you on this.

              • Sam I am

                Tell Obama his daugher is 12 not 13.

                • What???

                  Sam I am
                  What could your point possibly be on this and why are you that into Obama’s kids? Might want to watch that, you may be on a list now.

        • Les Johnson

          President of the Harvard Law Review.

          Does that title mean anything to you? Have you ever even heard of it? It seems you haven’t.

          You probably voted for Sarah Palin, didn’t you… Unbelievable…

          • Nancy

            Yes, and he was an expert on Constitutional law but that hasnt stopped him from defacating all over it!

            • Les Johnson

              You aren’t very knowledgeable on this subject. My advice to you is to talk about recipes and sewing and talking on a phone.

              • this is background noise

                Dude you’re a public sexist. If you want to be one in private that’s cool, but when you put it out there it discredits you and all your statements. I’ve read a few articles today and you comment on all of them, usually something sexist. Sorry your mom didn’t raise you right so now you hate all of them.

          • Bobber

            Successuflly lead one of the largest states of the union (Govenor of Texas) vs Community Organizer (Agitator). My choice would clearly be GW Bush. Not my favorite but a better choice than mister False Hope, leaving small Change..

            • DTM

              successfully? education is TX dropped significantly.

            • Steven

              Tell that to GM…Chrysler…and OSAMA BIN LADEN….

        • David J. Conklin

          >Senator who rarely showed up to vote on anything.

          Liar. Check it out at

        • DTM

          David just destroyed your false claim. You really are like shelly, aren’t you? Clueless and willing to let others see it…

  • gdog

    Why don’t they EVER go after libs like this? Dayton and all his money and how he hides it from being taxed. I don’t get it. IF the media did go after both sides the way they do conservatives then I would have no problem with the tough questions for either party.

    • Dave Campbell

      I’m pretty sure that Dayton’s money is in a trust that his grandfather or father set up for him. If it was done in South Dakota, it was more than likely done before he even knew about it.

    • What???

      That is correct gdog, you don’t get it. Read a little before making such a dumb comment. Do you know what a blind trust fund is? If you do you would not have asked that question as he cannot do anything with this but get a check. Do people set up trust funds for themselves? Then why would you think that he had anything to do with this? You labeled yourself stupid before you clicked on “submit comment”.

  • dan

    Wow, what would the comment be if they turned away the poor as they didnt believe in Medicare? What would the Libs be screaming then?

    • Don_J

      … there IS no “what IF”… were talking about what has been reported. What if you were never born, then I would not have to respond to such a dumb comment.

      • dan

        Did that make you feel good Don J? Boy you really thought about that one for a long time. My question was what if they turned away medicaid patients? I believe the article states they treated patients and collected from medicaid. I get tired of people like you who think they are so brilliant but ony show their stupidity when they actually type something out or spew it from their mouth.

    • dub

      dan, why do you keep referring to Medicare in this discussion? I hope you know the difference between MEDICARE and MEDICAID….there is one, you know. A pretty significant one.

      • Billy

        dub. You foirgot the “m” in your name

        • dub

          Good for you Billy! Class, Billy made a funny…and it only took him 10 minutes to come up with it. We are so proud of you! Keep going, Champ!

        • Kara

          Yea Billy now take your meds and go back to bed like a good little boy or girl

  • d kahls

    I don’t think it’s fair to question the Medicaid payments. However, she has repeatedly fed at the government trough as an IRS agent, congresswoman and sometimes farmer, although, as to the latter, there is apparently a convoluted explanation as to why farm subsidies she reported receiving on congressional reports were actually not. Obviously, she has relied on the government for more dough than the vast majority of people her age.

    • Doug

      Sounds like she was one of the few women in Washington not polluted by Weiner!

      • v

        Doug… there’s a Senator in the Minneapolis Airport bathroom waiting for you.

        • Doug

          Not interested v. When were you elected Senator?

      • Les Johnson

        “Sounds like she was one of the few women in Washington not polluted by Weiner!”

        No weiner would want to “pollute” her. Yuck. I bet she carves her way out of that makeup like Sigourney Weaver climbed out of the Zool dog in Ghostbusters. Ease up on the clay, lady…

        • meow

          O M G … CAN’T STOP LAUGHING!!! love your comment Les. Your Rock! Zool dog? OH MAN that is awesome. ROFL

  • John Doe

    Durr republican presidential hopeful post time for me to waste time at work flaming on it! Boo T-Paw! Boo Romney! Boo Bachmann! Go Obama! Yay liberals! Time to watch Bill Maher and then I’m going to troll some conservatives elsewhere!

  • Carl

    If the clinic was reimbursed for “religious” treatment it may well be in violation of the first clause of the first amendment to the Constitution, usually referred to as the Separation Clause. And of course Marcus has spent years bashing gays in ways that drive them into the very “treatment” he profits from. How convenient.

    And of course the religious right have been threatening this particular Constitutional corner stone for decades. They want so badly to see the US become a Christian religious state.

    Praise Jebus, God hates the secular state, Amen.

    • Slim

      Oh boy, is that ever a stretch!

      Good try, but you are way out there…

    • meow

      Hey Carl !!! So glad you are on here making comments. LIKE. You and Les are my faves.

    • Lady Jane

      @ Carl- well said

      The problem is not being paid for healthcare provided or farm income,it is lying and saying it was not received.

  • Neil

    thats crazy i didnt know he runs a mental health clinic. thats probably where they met. he ran the place and she was a patient! ;)

    • Don_J

      …or an experiment.

      • ???

        gone wrong!

  • Debbie

    Must be your time of the month. Settle down girl, I dont think you can find 1 ethical issue with Bachmann and by the way pole dancing is a great workout. give it a try!

    • DTM

      you mean, you can’t find one ethical bone in her body…She spouts lies, lies and more lies (go to – a neutral site) and you sheep just take them as truths. So John Q. Adams was a founding father, right?

      • dan

        Lets compare misquotes of Biden vs Bachmann. I think Bachmann will come out on top.

        • DTM

          I completely agree. shelly certainly would have more than Biden.

        • MB has BM of the mouth

          Um…. because mosquitoes are blood suckers like Bachmann? Oh wait, sorry, ‘misquotes’. Oops. Um… yeah. I digress.

        • David J. Conklin

          Did Biden try to defend his mis-speaks or evade the question about it like Bachmann does?

          • nancy

            Biden is too dumb to even know he had mis-speaks

    • David J. Conklin

      >I dont think you can find 1 ethical issue with Bachmann

      You only need one: she lies and liars will die in hell (Rev. 21:8, 27, 22:15).

  • watahor

    Oh I see, uh huh.

  • Linda

    So does this mean that if she is able to kill Medicaid her husband will treat them for free because he has a responsibility to provide the care regardless of the person’s financial situation?

    • Stacy

      hahahahahahaha. that will happen just as soon as she give up those farm subsidies.

  • Wade

    Me thinks “Bachmann defends” will be seen & heard quite a bit. She really does live in some other reality than the rest of us do.

  • Stacy

    Don’t y’all know by now. When Republicans talk about spending cuts, they’re referring to government programs that they don’t use.

  • Gman

    A lot about nothing. This is not a story. As they said, it would be discrimination not to accept Medicare. And this from a Liberal. Lets get serious people. real iossues, real points of view, real differences.

    • Charlie

      Thanks Gman!

    • Xman

      What is an iossue?

      • dub

        xman…yea, the grammar nazi is here….dooosh

    • ???

      It isn’t Medicare. It’s Medicaid.

    • What???

      I did not know that the AP (associated press) was “a Liberal”. Where can I look up this info and find out what liberal this would be? Did you have another point, or was that the big thought of the day?

  • larry

    Bachmann needs to produce her long form birth certificate…

  • James P. Stout

    It is not that she received Federal funds that is wrong, but that:
    1) She lied about it.
    2) She savages socialism, but takes advantage of socialist programs.
    Ms Bachmann is to be commended for adopting so many foster children, although having four of her own is irresponsible, in light of the world’s overpopulation. Let’s hope she didn’t home-school her children, based upon her ignorance of history, science and economics. She is also clearly deficient in critical thinking.

    • Billy

      Your name soiunds like a good beer. You should go have a few before commenting

      • dub

        and it appears you already have. Now get off the computer and start looking for a place to live. Your mom wants you out.

    • meow

      I agree with James. I also am a bit surprised at how many idiots are defending this joke of a politian. She is beyond rediculous. Maybe she is put in the spotlight with all her idiot comments so as to make Romney (the Mormon … *shudder*) look sane.

  • TC

    She also likes the farm subsides she gets from ‘not farming’, what a hippo-crit.

    • mad citizen

      Yup and don’t forget that she fosters 20 kids last count. In Michelle’s dictionary the word “Foster” means any kid that steps into her house and stays overnight. so that would also mean her kids friends to had a sleep over. Those poor foster rich kids. HAHAHA!

  • Pityamericapolitics

    OMG you all need help although this is good afternoon reading. Dems and Repubs are all to blame. Why can’t you feeble minded people see this. Just like the politicians you rather point the finger at each other and bicker. Obama did not do what he promised to do I am worse off now than I was before. I would not vote for him, I am certainly not voting for MB I think she is utterly a idiot and I would be awfully scared if she got in. I am going to have a tough time in the 2012 election. Both parties are idiots and they are not doing what they are suppose to be doing working for US.

  • Dave

    This story was poorly written, but am I missing something? Sounds like her husband runs a mental health clinic. They get Medicaid patients (big shock), and Medicaid has paid the clinic for their services? The dollar figure was $137,000.
    1.That’s not a lot in health care terms, especially on mental health patients
    2. No time frame is given – is this in the last week, month, year, decade?
    3. I’m sure, like anyone else, they take in patients that they never receive
    payment from and write it off to bad debt and just eat it.
    4. Why would they turn away the payment from Medicaid for seeing their
    patients? They are entitled to it.

    Is this even a news article? Why not run a news article on every clinic on the state that takes money for seeing medicaid patients? I’m so confused.

    • Sam I am

      Dave you are correct. This is not a story just a piece written by liberals looking to bash Michelle Bachmann for one thing or another.

      If you run a clinic you will get Medicaid patients. You are NOT allowed to turn them away simply because they are on Medicaid.

      These are the same idiots that think Dayton is doing such a great job.

      • Sanity

        Actually you are dead wrong. Private practices are NOT required to accept Medicaid. As a matter of fact 40% of mental health facilities don’t accept Medicaid.

  • this is background noise

    that was suppose to be in reply to “Les Johnson” or maybe it should be… Less Johnson.

  • Michelle Bacmann speaking

    Yep — all to blame.
    BUT — when you sitting ripping all that receive subsidizes and handouts and whatnot on every level and then HAVE THE AUDICITY to defend your own slimey hands taking some fruit too …… that warrants a Who is BS’ing Whom label for life
    She 100000% pure BS but we all new it. Now if she just woman up and hand the millions back the faimly has reaped we’d all be good with her.
    She also sucked in a BIG chunk of $$$$ for the foster kids she had….you know her saying about if you have the means take care of your own. Not MB the money ho. She’s totally like them all …. beetching bad. ;-)

    • Hate MB Love BM's

      So let me get this right…. you are saying that MB is just BS? As you think of MB might you want to go take a BM? LOL

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