ST. PAUL (WCCO/AP) — A Minnesota judge issued a bare-bones list of services that must be maintained if state government shuts down, increasing the pressure on legislative leaders to strike a budget deal that has eluded them for nearly half a year.

Below is a snapshot of Minnesota state government services that would continue, or not, under a government shutdown:


Forty-six state boards and agencies, with minimal staffing at 29 others. Departments with the most staff kept on duty would include Human Services, Corrections, Public Safety and Veterans Affairs.

State funding for many nonprofits including some child care assistance programs. A court-appointed referee will decide whether some social service programs will continue.

Most highway and other state-funded construction projects. Private contracts may have to lay off workers. Emergency highway repairs will continue.

— State parks
— State lottery
— State tourism office
— Many licensing boards for occupations from physical therapy to private detectives
— Minnesota Zoo, though some staff would care for animals
— Various state licensing offices, such as for new driver’s licenses and car registration
— Knowledge driving tests and road tests not available
— State fire marshal
— Traffic management cameras through MnDOT
— Minnesota WorkForce Center; Minnesota’s Online Job Bank


— State emergency/disaster agencies
— State Patrol
— State court system
— Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigations, BCA lab and crime scene teams
— State prisons and regional treatment centers
— State tax collections
— Federally mandated services such as medical assistance or food stamps
— Payments under the MinnesotaCare health insurance program
— Unemployment payments
— Workers compensation claims and benefits would still be processed
— Veterans homes and programs to help veterans, though claims services would be limited
— Health and safety inspections of health care facilities
— Food safety work
— Workplace safety enforcement for high-risk employers
— State payments to cities, counties and schools
— Skeleton staffing in governor’s office
— Funding for Legislature, including a special session
— Security at state buildings
— Deputy registrars and driver’s license agents will be able to renew tabs and take license renewal applications
— Minnesota Zoo concert series
— Health care, cash and food benefits, child support, adoption assistance, service for people with disabilities and the Minnesota Sex Offender Program will continue, according to the Minnesota Department of Health.

Click here to view the complete list and executive findings. To see a list of the agencies that were recommended to close, click here.

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Comments (66)
  1. paul says:

    the legislature should NOT be funded in the shutdown they are the culprits causing this problem NOT us state employees who are being LOCKED OUT OF OUR JOBS ! THE LEGISLATURES SHOULD NOT BE PAID PERIOD!

    1. Joseph Rodela says:

      My sentiments exactly.

    2. Kathy says:

      Don’t worry Paul, they all bought themselves a one-way ticket out of office.

      i wonder how many will be filing unemployement soon.

      1. Joe says:

        Well, it’s safe to say it’ll start with 36,000 UI claims

    3. g says:

      if they are getting paid to mess it all up, they shouldn’t be continued to be paid for then fixing it.

      Whether you like it or not, everyone in this state will be effected in some way and we will all remember this next time we vote. My guess is that these politicians know it too and will make it happen very last minute. well….maybe that’s my hope.

  2. Wish I wAs Ed Anger says:

    So a jacka@@ walks into a bar and sits down next to Dumbo…. I can’t finish this bad joke. Wow I got censured on the third word.

  3. Joe says:

    The legislature is not the only culprit. Our governor vetoed a balanced budget and would not sign the parts that he and the legislature agreed on. In my opinion, Governor Dayton is to blame for the shutdown.

    1. Kathy says:

      You are right about the blame in part, Joe. Problem here is that both the gov and gop have come to terms long before the submission of a budget dispute.

      If you look at the facts very closely, you will notice that gov approves a budget increase by $2 billion dollars. Yet, he only demands that MA Recipients in the number of 140,000 are kept on the current program.

      The agreement behind closed doors is the real issue. MA made major cuts in what they will pay for. Dangerously so. It will cost life for the 140,000 people and the rest of us.

      Who will benefit from the increased funding the governor approves? I’ll bet that funding is circumvented back to the wealthy who supposedly are taxed 2%., plus a benefit or few.

      The cost to buy groceries, gas and life in general has skyrocketed in the past three years, and yet, where in the budget does it provide some consideration for the people who live on unsustainable means. The anxiety level for people who really do need the subsistence is profound and perpetual.

      I am ashamed of gov. We voted for a democrat with the hope that common sense, compassion and a sense of caring would make up for the years of being bullied by Pawlenty.

      There comes a time when life becomes too hard. That is the plan in both the GOP and Dayton Agreement.

      The state, industry, church and national government turned a corner and crossed the forbidden in all that’s humane. it’s unconstitutional, as being the least consequence by a gross misjudgement.

      What they may not fully be aware of at this point, is the fact that hurting people of lesser means causes more hardship for them.

      These are the most true statements that can be made.

    2. IwonderIf says:

      balanced budget? It was 1.8 billion short..

      1. Joe says:

        1.8 billion short of what? Our governors dreams? The budget spent what the state was expected to take in. I know I don’t just take money from somebody if I feel as if I was short of funds. I either work harder or spend less or both.

        1. IwonderIf says:

          this is how budgeting works.. You have a good idea of your bills and future bills based on what ever variables affect your expenses.. You will need to set aside monies for those bills.. If you don’t have enough money to pay those bills you are SHORT.. Pure n simple

          Your monthly bills amount to $10.. You need at least $10 to cover your monthly expenses period.. If you have $9 then you are short.. So what do you do.. 1 – you look to reduce the $10 expense.. 2 – You look to increase your income

          This isn’t new.. We all knew this was coming for 2-3 years now… You cant save your way out of this and you can tax your way out either.. You need a little of both

          1. dan says:

            There in lies the probelm. The GOP wants to cut spending and the Gov wants to increase revenue. I dont think there is a single citizen of MN that wouldnt welcome decreased Govt spending and control the waste. Oh, maybe one, Mr Dayton.

            1. IWonderIF says:

              Hey Im all for trimming the fat but you have to look at this from both side as well. Fuzzy accounting got us into this mess. there is a 2 billion dollar gap. We cant save our way out of it because this 36.x billion bill was generated years ago. The money was spent. We all KNEW about it and ignored it. So yes trim the fat AND increase revenue till things settle down.. We can sit here and cry foul all day long and say shrink the government ect but the time for shrinkage was when we had a surplus and that time is long gone friends

              It’s like this, when the Titanic hit the iceberg, the time to argue about architectural flaws passed. However in our case there is some hope but right Now its time to bail water and try to stay afloat.

    3. King says:

      Yea, Lets keep giving the rich a tax brake and make it harder on the poor guy.

  4. See BS says:

    The State Legislature passed the largest budget in history.

    Führer Dayton is responsible for the shutdown.

  5. Millie says:

    Line item veto can not always be done. Dayton is NOT the problem. The problem was handed to him from the T-Paw administration so lets put the blame where blame should be. Everyone is complaining about different parts of the budget but seem to forget there is an entire budget to be looked at. I for one commend Dayton for standing his ground. What alot do not realize that the cuts the republicans want to make will endager minnesota’s most vulnerable adults and children. It is to however very unfortunate that there are those out there that truely manipulate the system but those that truely need the system should not suffer because of it!

    1. Joe says:

      Are you saying that Tim Pawlenty wanted to spend more money than was taken in? I don’t see how spending less creates a shortfall.

    2. Seriously ??? says:

      I think you forgot the little known fact that “T-Paw’s Administration” was DEMOCRAT RUN !!! (He worked with much less…) Spend, spend, spend, & money will mysteriously fall from the sky… Uh-huh.
      This wonderful state finally has the great opportunity to get things done right!
      You claim it will endanger vulnerable adults & children? What rock did you crawl out from under??? (Not in MN, I’m sure.) The Repubs budget gives over 12% MORE (each) to BOTH education & health care OVER Dayton’s plan… Yet, their budget is balanced – go figure! Can anyone tell me either, WHY Dayton really NEEDS the extra 1.8B, or WHAT is it really for ???
      Dayton needs to grow up & be an adult, not the spoiled rotten brat that he is, & forever has been. Always having big brother to bail him out of his ignorance & many financial issues will come to an end someday… This time, Dayton bit off way more than he could ever chew…

      1. Nikki D says:

        It is T-Paws fault that there is a deficit right now, that is why we need the extra money. to fulfill his promises of repaying all of the loans he took out that are now due. You need to grow up and be an adult and realize that the GOP’s whole platform was to create jobs, and no taxes. With the GOP’s plan they want to eliminate jobs permantly, they also want to raise property taxes throught the roof, and they have been busy doing things like getting a vote on gay marriage…..Dayton’s whole platform was to tax the richest 2% and not a crazy amount – an amount that they paid before T-Paw gave himself and them all of those breaks. Wouldn’t it make sense to make some revenue to pay back all of the debt that T-Paw amassed?

        1. Claire says:

          You are exactly right Nikki. The GOP will create jobs once they hold strong on tax increases and get the budget signed. No business owner with any common sense would expand or hire in this environment of no budget and a Gov hell bent on raising taxes.
          Eliminating Govt jobs permanently is a great idea. We need growth in the Private Sector, not the Govt.
          I guess I missed the proposal to raise property taxes through the roof??
          Please remember the State earns money based on a portion of people’s income. As you may have noticed over the past 3 years, personal income has nose-dived as well as taxes collected. This may have played a small part in having to borrow money to keep social services open.

          1. Reasonable says:

            Hello Claire,

            Please reference a period in recent history where tax cuts have decreased unemployment. Also, do this with facts and not opinion. I wish you luck in this endeavor.

            Why do we need more revenue?
            Pretty simple, stuff costs money, even when it’s being spent by the govt. Besides, we collected a fairly similar amount in taxes and fees over the last few years. A solid plan would reduce fees and raise taxes to an equal % as the last time we had surpluses and such in the state. Think Jesse checks, even though that surplus should have been saved but that’s a different argument.

            Why do we need to cut spending?
            Because there is definitely largesse in the public sector, one would be a fool to think otherwise. But, the spending cuts should be made with an eye towards higher efficiency and accountability by the program leads.

            What’s a good plan then?
            5% across the board increase in taxes. For every $1.00 you paid last year, you pay $1.05 next year. This appeases those “spend happy liberals” that you know, employ people in MNDoT to keep your roads fixed etc… No one income bracket is hit and we all “share in the sacrifice”.
            In addition to that we have a 10% spending cut on non-essential services. Across the board, no one special project is spared so no fingers can be pointed to disinterest to a special interest.
            This creates a positive 15% gap. Simple math tells you that 15 x 7 = 105. So, in seven years of this budget (adjusted for inflation with no new spending or anything to that effect) will create a “free year” of revenue. This erases any defecit, keeps services going, can be used as a rainy day fund for river flooding, crazy years of snow, etc… It can also be used as a lien for bonding issues.

            I know it makes sense, which is why it won’t ever happen.

            1. Claire says:

              Pretty easy question to answer. After the Reagan Tax cuts unemployment dropped steadily from Jan 1983 10.75% thru Jan of 1988 5.75%. After the Bush tax cuts unemployment fell from June 03 6.5%thru Jan of 2007 4.5%.

              I guess facts outweigh your small opinion

                1. Claire says:

                  You must have forgotten how to read Mike. As quoted in your article “Important to note that Reagans tax increases did not wipe out the effects of the initial tax cut. But they did eat up about half of it” Sounds like they was still a pretty hefty net tax reduction.

                2. Wil says:

                  Mike & Reasonable,

                  Dont mess with Claire. she has both of dead to rights on you fact questions. You ask for facts but cant back up any of your left winged spew. Go have a beer and stew about losing another political discussion.
                  Claire for President!

        2. Kim says:

          I agree with Nicki and Millie and also King, The bottom line here the rich are for the rich and that’s on reason it sounds like the rep are getting mad cuz Dayton wants to raise there taxes boo hoo. I am sure if that happens its not going to hurt them much. Again the rich is for the rich out there. I am not a poor person either and I think this way. We all have to suffer because of the Rep can not get there little way.

          1. Kim says:

            opps one reason it sounds like! Typing to fast.

    3. john says:

      Are you willing to have your taxes raised also to pay for these services? Always to hand out money if it isn’t yours

    4. Julie says:

      You tell them Millie, you are right on!

  6. shirley says:

    Did Pawlenty create this problem or was it Dayton? If we did not do our jobs we would be history. Talk about watching out for the citizens of Minnesota……….shame on you. How are familys going to pay their bills if their not working. Put your heads together and think of us for a change……..Amen

  7. nick says:

    The state is in charge of making sure we get what we pay for at the pump and when we buy food. Who’s going to do that now?

    1. Guy says:

      Oh gosh – how did we ever survive for thousands of years before states started to make sure we “get what we pay for”. Its called SELF RELIANCE. Try it – you might like like (probably not; nobody to wipe your nose or your butt)

    2. dan says:

      How old are you Nick? I would gue3ss 23 and fresh out of a Liberal College.

  8. Cyrus says:

    The question is – why is there such a shortfall? It is because Pawlenty slashed revenue with his tax cuts. It is not so much a spending problem (although I agree spending on certain programs is excessive) as it is a revenue problem. Believe it or not, taxes are necessary to uphold a balanced and civilized society.

    1. Darren says:

      How much money would you like to give to the government in taxes? I believe they take out way too much of my money as it is.

      1. Yep says:

        The top 2% could afford to give a little more.

  9. Chris says:

    Great to see the parks and Zoo will be closed on the busiest weekend of the year for tourism. Well played.

    1. kim says:

      Yeh if the are going to shut down why not wait until after the 4th of July how dumb! I agree with you Chris!

  10. Darren says:

    I just noticed the list, doesn’t look like the government is shutting down at all, there sure are alot of “essential” services. No wonder why Minnesota Government is so big and costly.

    Hate to see the federal budget and see all of the waste there.

  11. Sick of MN Politics says:

    What happens if we don’t do our job, we get fired. I don’t care to hear anymore between this Democrat vs. Republican…….this is for our STATE of MINNESOTA! Buck up, do your dang job, and knock it off……get it figured out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Signed, sick of MN politics

  12. Linda Halvorson says:

    I don’t like the govement at all.

  13. LeRoy says:

    As usual the whole shutdown is overblown by our media for it’s own gain. So the goverment workers get laid off. Many of us do. At least they know they will have a job to come back to because we always just keep spending hoping everyone else will take up the slack. If you want to keep the same rate of services raise taxes on all. Don’t fall back on the easy way out and say let someone else pay. Otherwise stay within the money coming in. The more the state takes in the more they will spend.

  14. Bill says:

    I say shut it down! State governement does nothing for me so let it shut down and lets just see how important it is. After a few weeks of the giant savings we get from a shutdown, then maybe the leftist citizens of Minn will let the Fuher Dayton know to drop his immoral tax increase.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      Totally uneducated comment, Bill. How embarrassing. It’s too bad you can’t delete your own posts, because that one was just plain dumb.

      1. Ferris Lind says:

        Nice to see a Educated person start a sentence with ” Totally’

  15. James says:

    How the heck is the Minnesota Zoo concert series a critical role of government? Seriously?

  16. kevin says:

    We have people laid off in our shop due to lack of work. I care about them. Why should I care about your welfare check you have been collecting for ten years.

  17. Yep says:

    The one thing that should be removed is funding for a special session. They should be required to finish the budget on their own dime.

  18. Yep says:

    You can’t add lines though. A tax increase to top 2% needs to be added.

  19. newswatcher says:

    Who thought of “leaving the lights on” after shuting down. That’s a waste of taxpayers cash. Just TURN THE LIGHT OFF including the ones on the freeways when retiring for the year, OK.

  20. Ingy says:

    Dayton should be ashamed. The GOP met him halfway and they agreed on a balanced budget. I can’t wait to vote him out unless he resigns before then. Shame on him.

    1. Paul Solinger says:

      How, exactly, did the Republicans meet him halfway? Also, I’ll get my chance to vote out the Republicans before you get your chance to vote out Dayton. Hopefully enough people will vote them out in 2012.

  21. Jon says:

    All states are short on money due to the fact that so many that are still with out work. Come on folks this isn’t that hard is it, no money coming in from taxes from workers no money to spend.
    The real unemployment numbers in the country, as well as, Minnesota are so cooked due to the fact that once you are no longer collecting any benefits your dropped off the books. It looks like all these people have found jobs and everything is just hunky dory!
    Minnesota should become a Right-to-Work state like Texas is, All states could learn a few things from that idea alone. Repubs, have always looked out for themselves and the rich. While the Dems are not so good either, at least they are looking out for more then the top 2% of the population.

  22. JC says:

    I was born and raised in MN. Our family has several generations of hard working men and women from the iron mines to business owners to the farm fields and never have I been more disgusted or embarassed of our state leaders (or is it losers) than today. Neither side is all right or all wrong, but at least recognize you have a job to do in St Paul! This state and its people give your their vote and more importantly their trust. You are suppose to be the BEST QUALIFIED people to do what’s right for this state; so when did you forget this? Political posturing won’t fix this mess so get back in there and do your damn jobs!

  23. sensible says:

    Pawlenty sent our National Gurard troops out so heavy that we are now higher than the world war II levels!…who pays for this? lets bring our minnesota boys home and rebuild Mn instead of rebuilding Afganistan and Iraq.?

  24. Claire says:

    Does the whole newspaper shutdown too??? i HATE this shutdown i think everybody does

  25. DG says:

    Do we still have to pay state taxes if they are shut down?

  26. Helen says:

    If I didn’t get my work done I would been fired at my job . Just a friendly reminder keep this in mind when it’s time to vote.

  27. Talucci says:

    If the government at the state level can’t decide on the budget, maybe we should bump it down to the county level. I’ll bet the players on both sides at the state level would be jumping through flaming hoops of $#@&, then, or else they’d loose any semblance of power.

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