ELK RIVER, Minn. (WCCO) — Two Minnesota men were arrested for allegedly dealing up to 15 pounds of marijuana in the span of three months.

According to the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office, 26-year-old Christopher Hallberg, of Annandale, and 27-year-old Alan Mosio, of Cambridge, were arrested on Wednesday.

Investigators said they observed the two engaged in a marijuana sale in Elk River. Hallberg and Mosio were arrested, as well as a 33-year-old man from Missouri.

Both Hallberg and Mosio have been booked on fifth-degree sale and possession of a controlled substance.

Comments (44)
  1. junior fretting says:

    Wonder how they ever suspected these two innocent looking lads of ever doing anything wrong.
    I mean sheesh ==== they don’t look like they’ve ever smoked a joint in their lives now, do they. 😉

    dope for dopes I guess…..40 years ago we’d have just looked at them like anyone else living in the West bank area. lol
    man I do miss those days ….. 😦

    1. Huxley says:

      Jury nullification.

  2. Purple brandy and TP and LSD says:

    Wonder how they ever suspected these two innocent looking lads of ever doing anything wrong.
    I mean sheesh ==== they don’t look like they’ve ever smoked a joint in their lives now, do they. 😉

    dope for dopes I guess…..40 years ago we’d have just looked at them like anyone else living in the West bank area. lol
    man I do miss those days ….. 😦

  3. Les Johnson says:

    Why is this a crime? Who is the victim?

    Who is safer now that they’re in jail? Anybody?

    1. Alan mosio says:

      I was never a threat to no buddy. Yes y is this a crime?

  4. Hugh Jorgan says:

    Hahahahaha! Incredibly, the dork on the left didn’t figure out that the dork on the right actually smoked it all. Hell, we did with just one picture of the two of ya.

    Put down the crack pipe children, and go back to school…

  5. Make it legal says:

    I agree with Les. I can’t say I’ve ever tried it, although my brother, a super rich attorney used it a lot in college–doesn’t seem to have harmed him at all (well, except for the being an attorney part 😉 Pot is no worse than alcohol. Make it legal, save millions in court and jail costs, raise billions in tax dollars and everybody is a lot more mellow…

    1. Huxley says:

      Sorry to hear about your brother’s career choice. Legalize it. And I would say pot is less harmful than alcohol.

    1. hate the system says:

      because now it lets everyone know they are probably going to become confidential informants.. if you were buying or selling from these guys… STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. soapboxgod says:

    Another victimless crime sucking up resources and money we don’t have. Legalize it.

  7. See BS says:

    Weed contributes to obesity, teen sucide and welfare mentality.

    It also gateways people into worse drugs.

    1. Make it legal says:

      Actually, tobacco is the real gateway drug. Cigarettes are the most common drug kids try first. Where are your studies to show that weed contributes to obesity, suicide and welfare? Even if that is true, woudn’t it be better to regulate it than send the poor fat kid to jail for using it? As I said before, my brother use it a lot. He is very succesful and very thin. I, on the other hand, have never used it, would like to lose 20 lbs and make a modest income.

      1. Les Johnson says:

        I used it for many years. I’m not overweight, lazy, suicidal or on welfare. I have a 6-figure income and a white collar job and I recently completed P90x. I never felt the urge to smoke crack, kill anybody, try heroin or become a meth head or even smoke cigarettes.

        1. What a joke says:

          Sure you do Les…Your probably an unemployed fat lazy POS!

        2. Alan Mosio says:

          I hate cigarettes n liquor .How is liquor legal?

      2. Patrick Shull says:

        Isn’t that the truth, cigarettes are more dangerous for you and everyone around you even after your done smoking, because now we have 3rd and 4th hand smoke. So yeah Cigarettes are a lot safer than weed and oh yeah Alcohol never kills anyone at all, but yet some how marijuana kills hundreds of thousands of people each year just like Alcohol?? Oh wait can’t forget about you either Cigarettes, you kill even more people every year.

        I am not a pot smoker and I have no will to go out and start smoking it, but I have no problem with it and the only problem that I do have with pot is how the law throws billions of dollars into the trash can every year trying to get rid of small time pot dealers and smokers and then once they do catch them we waste another millions of dollars each year having them in prison, all the while you can go smoke and drink and kill people and oh its not a crime you get eh maybe one year in prison for killing someone but weed you get almost 5 plus years?? Makes a lot of sense don’t it?? Here stop wasting billions of dollars each and legalize pot and then you will be making billions of dollars each year from the taxes, but I forgot we are talking about the US Government here where they are into wasting money and not making money.

      3. What??? says:

        See BS is just making things up and trolling. Do not feed the trolls.

    2. alexofarmies says:

      haha!! i had no idea weed was the problem with the world. if only weed didnt exist we would live in a paradise! i had no idea.

    3. Les Johnson says:

      “Weed contributes to obesity, teen sucide and welfare mentality. It also gateways people into worse drugs.”

      False. People contribute to their own obesity, their own suicidal tendencies, and their own laziness is what creates a welfare mentality. A substance can’t do anything to you that you don’t let yourself do.

      Nothing you said was true in the least.

    4. Maypo says:

      The main reason it gateways people into other drugs is once they smoke tpeople realize the Federal Government has been lying about for 70 years. So thinking they are lying about everything they try other stuff.

    5. Cliff Olson says:

      What a closed minded idiot.You have a reliable source for your idiotic comment?Besides what the government taught you in fifth grade?

  8. dudetou says:

    Maybe they were selling to each other??? Kind of looks that way. LOL
    Hope it was not at that camp ground that has been in the news this week. LOL

  9. matthew says:

    Would love to always get updated great blog!
    Nico neugeboren

  10. weedy in MN says:

    another couple of winners. Mom is so proud.

    1. Huxley says:

      Funny, that’s what your mom told me about you when I was with her last night. She is a tomcat!

  11. @See bs says:

    Why do you comment no here? You’re are the biggest joke to ever say a word here, it’s embarassing to me as a human being.

  12. Steve says:

    In other news…meth dealers are free to roam the State freely as most Law Enforcement agents need a boost….from time to time…

  13. tom says:

    funny story, deal 15 pounds in 3 months, use to do that in a day. lol. LAw enforcement is stupid, why do we keep saying this is a gateway drug??? The reason is when ya can’t get pot, lets get something else, thats the only gateway. Legalize it, tax it, economy would get better and it would create jobs.

  14. Ronald Raygun says:

    They look like a couple of hard working republicans.

  15. Sarge.... says:

    These are exactly
    the kind of go-getters…
    I want working on my EM-
    project in Italy.

    1. Huxley says:

      Baaasic training SIR!

  16. trl the alligator says:

    …what a complete and absurd waste of police and taxpayer resources….and to Hugh Jordan—only an imbecile would equate anything in this article with crack…..and to all the zeros commenting on the two guys looks—these two are probably more normal than you yourselves were at that age…..and to those fools who really believe that weed is a “gateway” drug, well, your just stupid, and of course stupid people say and do stupid things and they actually think and believe that they are smart—-thats just part of being stupid…..just sayin.

    1. Jen says:

      Thank you for this! I personally know Alan and he is THE nicest and funniest guy you could ever meet. I’ve never known him to have any type of intent to harm a person. He doesn’t use any illicit substances (other than weed) – if weed were legal, he wouldn’t be a criminal.

  17. what says:

    Where are all the racist comments?.. oh yeah.. these are white guys .. never mind

    1. Blah Blah says:

      These d@mn krackers!

  18. See BS says:

    “Big Marijuana” is greedy and corrupt, and target children with peace symbols.

    They pay scientists to say weed is not bad for you and it cures cancer.

    But in reality it contributes to greenhouse gases, and global warming.

    1. Mike says:

      See BS is a good name for you and a mirror confirms it every time you look in one!

      1. What??? says:


    2. MAke it legal says:

      Nobody ever said it cures cancer. But it helps you deal with the god-awful pain you have from cancer. The cancer you probably got from eating all the legal processed artifial fast foods or smoking your legal cigarettes…

  19. What??? says:

    Anyone remember refer madness? That was one of the funniest propaganda films EVER! I remember watching that a long time ago and nobody that I knew thought that any of it was real and this does not matter if they smoked or not. I still think back on that and cannot help but laugh……IT COULD EVEN HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!!!!

  20. DARREN says:

    They put this on the news because they are white. They are not minorities who seem to get all of the heat for selling drugs. I know alot of young white people selling pot in their towns and cities. Alot.

  21. James smith says:

    what is a troll ???

  22. Philip m Mosio says:

    Looking at a biblical aspect the only reason you cannot use marijuana is because of what it says in Romans 12 about obeying the laws of the land, but I also like the constitution if you don’t like how it is ran, change it.

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