Minn. Braces For Gov’t Shutdown Over Taxes

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — In an echo of the debate unfolding in Washington, Minnesota hurtled toward a midnight government shutdown Thursday in a dispute over taxes and spending that could force thousands of layoffs, bring road projects to a standstill and close state parks just ahead of the Fourth of July weekend.

As the deadline drew ever closer without a resolution, people rushed to get driver’s and fishing licenses, and park officials began warning campers to pack their gear and leave.

Though nearly all states are having severe budget problems this year, Minnesota stood alone on the brink of a shutdown, thanks to Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton’s determination to raise taxes on high-earners to close a $5 billion deficit and the Republican Legislature’s refusal to go along.

Negotiations between Dayton and legislative leaders were fitful, starting and stopping with no outward signs of progress, and details were scant, since the two sides agreed to what they jokingly called “the cone of silence.”

Late Thursday afternoon, GOP leaders again demanded the governor avert a shutdown by calling a special session to enact a “lights on” budget bill that would keep the state running while talks continued. Top Democrats said Dayton would not take such a step.

Republican Sen. Michelle Benson said she wasn’t budging, either.

“If we don’t start taking a different approach to how we manage our government, we’re going to swing from one bad economic circumstance to another,” Benson said. “We can’t just keep throwing more money at government and hoping that makes things better.”

The showdown was something of a small-stage version of the drama taking shape in Washington between President Barack Obama and the Republicans over taxes and the nation’s debt ceiling.

Though many states are having budget difficulties this year, those where political power is concentrated in a single party easily passed budgets. Some of those with divided government had healthy reserves, including Alaska, Iowa and Montana; Minnesota’s rainy-day accounts are drained. Others such as Louisiana and Nevada used one-time money or federal dollars to patch things together. Nevada and Missouri renewed taxes.

In New Jersey, Republican Gov. Chris Christie used the line-item veto Thursday to pare a budget from the Democratic-controlled Legislature before signing it into law, preventing a shutdown.

Only four other states — Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Tennessee — have had shutdowns in the past decade, some lasting mere hours.

A stoppage in Minnesota would halt non-emergency road construction, shut the state zoo and Capitol, and stop child-care assistance for the poor. More than 40 state boards and agencies would go dark. Critical services, including the State Patrol, prisons, disaster response and federally funded health, welfare and food stamp programs, would not be affected.

State park officials told campers to strike their tents well before the deadline, even though there was still a chance of a deal. They said it would be too difficult to herd campers out in the middle of the night if talks failed.

In Afton State Park, near St. Paul, Rick Miller of Elko-New Market pushed up a camping trip with his 7-year-old son, Jack, to beat the shutdown. Miller originally hoped they could spend Thursday and Friday nights in the park on the picturesque St. Croix River, but he booked a campsite for Wednesday night.

“With the shutdown we decided we better come and get it in,” he said. “We don’t know how long it will be before we can get back into a state park.” He added: “It’s too bad they can’t just get the job done.”

A small group of protesters paraded before reporters clustered outside Dayton’s office on Thursday afternoon, chanting and waving signs to support the governor’s position. “You say cut back, we say fight back!” they yelled. One woman carried a handmade sign that read: “GOV DAYTON DON’T BACK DOWN!”

Dayton is Minnesota’s first Democratic governor in 20 years, and Republicans are running the entire Legislature for the first time in 38 years.

The governor has proposed raising taxes on couples earning more than $300,000 and individuals making more than $180,000. Republicans have opposed any new taxes or new revenue sources, arguing instead that the state should rely on spending cuts, including deeper reductions in health and welfare spending than Dayton is willing to accept.

Some GOP moderates have talked of breaking the impasse with other means of raising revenue, such as eliminating tax breaks or authorizing a casino. Dayton has said he is open to such ideas.

Rank-and-file Republicans gathered at the Capitol on Thursday, more than a month after their regular session ended. Members of the large Republican freshman class, whose election victories in November helped the party take control of the Legislature for the first time in decades, held tight to their message that a total two-year state budget of $34 billion is big enough.

“I personally think the Republicans will probably be more damaged than the governor” by a shutdown, said freshman Rep. Mike LeMieur, R-Little Falls, who toppled an incumbent Democrat in November. “The fact is that we’re all up for re-election again next year, and he’s not up for three years.”

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  • jimmy

    AS the GOP moves to force a shut down of state government the Governor is still ready to meet them halfway. The GOP with their my way or the highway mentality will cost this state hundreds of millions of dollars.

    • jim

      why do conservatives continuously cite incorrect or no facts? why do they resort to name calling so very very often?

      sorry, bob, but you are wrong, wrong, wrong on every single point you try to make. history has shown that cutting taxes on the rich does NOT produce jobs.

      • Explain it to me then Jim....

        Can someone in here PLEASE explain to me why a “rich” person should have to spread their wealth more just because they did something right with their life? Isn’t this a “free” country where we are able to make as much as we want? Why is it that people think they are entitled to others money because they are “rich”? It makes no sense to me so someone with some intelligence please explain this to me and have a compelling answer instead of the whole “well they just don’t pay enough” when we all know they pay in plenty of money, I’m not talking percent they pay I am talking cold hard cash that is paid in. Example let’s say I make 1 million and I pay in 10% to taxes(which I believe it is more than 10%), that is $100,000.00 paid to taxes. That is more than most make combined in a year. Please explain!!!!!!

        • Ron

          and give it to 3 or 4 familys that made the wrong decisions all their life, dropped out of high school had a half dozen kids, no known father, did drugs got caught, got a record, can’t get a job, on welfare, foodstamps, free medicial, free college for the kids, and biggest decision to make all day is wether to watch Montel Williams or the Price is Right.

        • Neille Sawyer

          See the response to your same question above. It is not about total actual dollars it is about the percent of you income that you pay. No one will ever convince me that just because you managed to make over a certain amount per year you are somehow entitled to pay less than your fair share. If I make $80,000 a year and am required to pay 28% of my income in taxes, how in any way is it fair for those who make over $1,000,000 to use your figure to only have to pay what equals 10% of their income as taxes. Yet somehow every time this comes up those who are the richest manage to make sure they pay less as a percentage than anyone else.

          • Still no real explanation???

            Neille, you still don’t make sense, I am not talking percentage here I am talking cold hard dollars paid in. How in any way is 100,000 not a fair share if it is paying double what you and I are? Still no real answer, I am asking people on here to not look at percentage I am asking you to look at cold hard cash paid in because that is what the bottom line is.

          • Please explain????

            One more quick question? If you are talking about “fairness” here then why do I not see you complaining about the ones that don’t pay “any” income taxes? Should they not have to pay their “fair” share as well? There are people out there that get all of what they paid back in a tax return. Am I not correct in this statement? I am not trying to be the “bear” here I am just asking you to explain to me and the fact that you use the example that they don’t pay the same percentage as you but in the same sentence you don’t mention the people that make let’s say $15,000 a year and pay no income tax.

            • Linda

              Yeah, shame on them for living high on the $1250 per month income that $15,000 per year provides.

          • Jim

            The actual numbers are …
            Rate Married joint
            5.35 percent $0- $33,770
            7.05 percent $33,771- $134,170
            7.85 percent $134,171 and up

            How do you do you math to come up with a number that says higher income people don’t pay as much as you do?

            By the way … these numbers are straight off the Minnesota Department of Revenue web page.


            • Alfred

              You are wasting your time. Facts and logic make no sense to liberals.

              • kieron

                This from the no-facts crowd that panders and engages in demagoguery? The crowd that would rather ban something that’s already illegal here rather than focus on the real issues?

                • Citizen

                  Minnesota should look at North dakota, less than 3 percent unemployment. the tv show “how the states got their shapes” reported folks from around the world are moving to the “Silicon Prairie”. the state has a low corporate tax rate, which attracts businesses from around the country.

                  liberal Minnesota should take note.

              • Ha Ha Your Parents Were Weird

                Alfred (funny name)

            • Cache

              There is a difference between a tax table and what is paid. Somewhere on the website is the study where they look at total taxes paid versus income. You need to look at total taxes paid to judge what people are paying in taxes.

        • stubby

          they can’t explain it. It’s class warfare at it’s finest.

        • TJ2

          For one thing you don’t pay 10%, second if you have more income you have more at stake if things go bad. Third if you have $1million in taxable income you wouldn’t even miss the extra 2% being taken.

          • QUIT using a percentage!!!

            WHAT???? TJ2 what? I am just dumbfounded at your comment. “If you have more income you have more at stake if things go bad”? Are you seriously serious with that comment? Why is it you still cannot explain to me without using a percentage, instead using cold hard cash paid in? Why are you not complaining about the people that pay no income tax? Seriously can any Democrat in this chat give me a real explanation? Even a Republican please explain to me the logic. QUIT using a percentage I am talking “straight cash homey” that is paid in. To all that think it is not a “fair” percent well get over it life isn’t fair and the so called “poor” don’t pay their fair share either so complain about them to.

        • Jim

          I’m not sure if you’re addressing me, but… I’m a registered Democrat, and personally I support the flat tax. I think 10% is a bit low, but I’d support everyone paying 10-20%.

          The problem is both rich and poor, in my opinion. Many rich people have accountants and exploit tax loopholes, and many poor people work the system and don’t pay anything, only collect. We should eliminate tax loopholes–everyone pays the same, no matter what. We should reduce the time people can spend on unemployment. 99 weeks or whatever it is is ridiculous.

    • TEA

      Half way is not good enough. GOP proposed a 6% increase over last budget. That is 10% too much. This is on Dayton.

      • Joe

        This from the party that STILL hasn’t paid its campaign bills.

      • sweny

        it’s on both plain and simple , get it done compromise and that’s it.

        • Yep

          Speak for yourself.

        • Work together

          I would like to know why you think you can speak for everyone. Compromise us what is needed. That is what adults do. Time for some folks to put on their big boy and big girl pants and meet in the middle. Put the people of MN first and leave the egos at home.

          • teddy

            So you love socialism?

            • jimmy

              This is what’s wrong with the GOP sheep. Teddy has no idea what people are talking about so he just throws out socialism.

              • Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

                Comrade Jimmy-

                We want you and other Minnesota Socialists to consider moving up to Marxism and perhaps even Communism!

                CAPITALISM IS EVIL! Successful people should be stripped of the wealth they got by stepping on the poor and their property confiscated by the state!

                That part of the Minnesota proletariat who are the victims of EVIL capitalism or do not want to work MUST be provided for by the state! As Comrade Karl said, “Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains!”

                Republicans should be executed and the obviously intellectually superior Democrats should be exalted!

                Comrade Dayton and Comrade Jimmy give us hope!

                Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

                • Jim

                  “Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao” are both dead, you know, and so are their ideas. The Democrats I know do not support Marxism or communism. My dad was a bleeding heart liberal and he risked his life in a foreign country fighting for the United States against communism. So if you weren’t just a random and misguided internet poster, I’d probably take offense at your assertion.

                • jimmy

                  I see by the use of the word comrade you must be a Nazi. Since the 2ND world war when Nazis made that word there own, Only people with no knowledge of history and Nazis still address friends in such a manner.
                  I see from your post you must think that we are a Capitalist country. We’re not, as a matter of fact the founding fathers rejected Capitalism as the economic system for their fledgling country. If you look real close you will find there is no country on earth that practices pure Capitalism .
                  I also see from your post that you must think there are only 3 economic systems. You would be wrong there are many more and a few that suit our country much better that Capitalism.

          • Middle of the road

            I agree, they need to work together. the republicans started with a cut in government and then moved to no increase and lastly to a 5.6% increase. It si time to work together and for the other side to give a little. Governor, are you listening? the press has published these numbers, so if you cost us all these tax dollars and fail to compromise we will hold it against you and your party, again. We need balance in governemnt, so please give some now that we all know the republicans have given some.

            • Gerald Alama

              I cant agree more hell you’ll never get another chance or vote period!

      • Sam

        Halfway is not enough?
        Do you understand what a compromise is?
        One side or the other can have everything 100% their way when everyone in America agrees on a side. Until then, one side attempting to enforce their entire opinion and not being willing to make any compromise or sacrifice is called a dictatorship.

        Thankfully, it sounds like both sides have more of an understanding of compromise, at least when forced to really examine the issue, as they are saying that they are close to a solution.

        • ItsTheSpendingStupid

          Revenue is not the issue here, it’s the spending. We have a budget, in fact we have a budget increase. Simple – live within those guidelines, just like the rest of us.

          By the way – I say you owe me $1million dollars, but I’ll *compromise* on half that. Just as meaningful.

      • Jon Lee

        Just like everyone else in America has become so used to doing, blame someone else. Does not matter whose fault it is, the problem needs to be fixed. That is something both parties agree on. What has happened to not only this state, but the country. Members of both sides, local and national, will pretty much say they want the same thing to happen yet cant seem to come to common ground. It seems that our politicians have become so stubborn that compromise is no longer in their vocabulary.

      • Tailgunner

        You mean the DEBT left by Venture you Jackwagon…DAYTON is a Quitter..Just like when he quit as a Senator..You Democrats are all LOSERS……………

    • Stacy

      This is all on Dayton! He is the only one with the veto pen. A budget was sent by the house and sentate who are made-up by the voice of the voters and you have one man who is standing against that voice

      • jimmy

        @Satcy Take all the GOP members in the house add all there votes together and Dayton still had more. If it’s what the people want then we should pass Daytons budget.

        • Justin

          Jimmy. What is wrong with you? Don’t you remember the election with Dayton barely skimming passed Emmer? I seem to remember it was almost a dead heat. Emmer won handily in most all outstate Minnesota precincts. If it hadn’t been for the metro area and its voters with their hands out, it wouldn’t have even been a contest. By the way….your argument for the votes for house members versus votes for governor is all wet also! Everyone in the state who votes, votes for the Governor, House members are voted on it small areas they come from.

      • Jeff

        Get real Stacy! Grow up and get educated!

      • Tom F

        This is not on Dayton. Dayton has laid out what he wants from the budget, and has come down significantly from his budget needs. All he is asking is that the Top 2% of minnesotans, pay the same percentage as the bottom 98%.
        The funny thing about all of the Tea Partiers, is that they dont get that all of the tax increases being proposed, likely will not affect them. And that if the tax increases do NOT go through, their property and income taxes will go up. Taxed Enough Already party needs to stop being slaves for the upper 2% and realise they dont care one bit. So i have one question for the people who claim to be taxed enough, How are you going to feel when the Puppeteers of your “party” get less taxes while your taxes go up? Stop being sheep, and learn who is really controlling your party.
        I am a Liberal, I stand up for the middle class.

        • umm what

          When haven’t your property taxes gone up? Please tell me… because it seems every year MINE HAVE.

          • jordanj

            Value goes down, taxes rise.

        • Bill D

          of course it affects them, the top 2% earners already pay an exceptionally high percentage of the tax revenues collected, raise their tax and you will see a decrease in jobs, after all, how many low income earners ever create jobs for others?

          • just asking

            am wondering if there are any statistics that prove number of jobs the upper 2% create besides housekeepers. maids or chauffeur’s???

            • Justin

              This is about the dumbest thing I have read! Are you saying the top 2% of wage earners don’t employ thousands of people in the state? You think all they do is employ a driver or a maid? Get a clue.

              • Cache

                Doctors work for companies, Ceo’s work for companies, Corporate lawyers work for companies. There are many people out there working for money that are not responsible to pay for people out of their pocket.There is no statistic for the number of people earning over 150k, much less their demographic profile, readily available.

                • Terri Lynn Margadonna

                  I don’t disagree that some pay for higher ups has gotten out of hand but to assume that the people who put time in effort into their education and careers should be responsible for the welfare of others because they make more money is outrageous. Everybody seems to be under the misconception that if a person makes over a certain amount they get to keep all their money, not so in fact a lot of those people do pay more in taxes in a year than most of us make in a year. That does not count what they may contribute in time or money to charities and such to help others. Case in point I did a tax return for a client once with income over one million dollars, he had already paid $300,000 in taxes but still owed over $100,000 at the end of the year. Now how is that fair? He ended up paying over 40% of his income, if some of the people out there who are complaining had 40% of their income taken by the government you would be screaming.

              • Morgs

                They are not taxing the companies, they are taxing their personal income.

                • Cache

                  Very good of you to realize that. Jjust asking’s question was responded to by what I thought was the idea that the top 2% are responsible for creating jobs. I merely pointed out that there are plenty of high paying jobs that are not responsible for creating jobs out of their pocket directly, but instead pay extremely well. I never said a thing about taxing companies. So what does your comment have to do about the thread?

            • jordanj

              Who owns MN companies?

          • Pat

            Dollar for dollar, the top 2% pay far less in taxes than i do. And if cutting taxes on the top 2% created jobs, this country would be at 100% employment. The real truth is that as taxes on the wealthy have been cut, so have jobs. Exactly the opposite of what you claim.

            • weird argument

              How would you even know what the “real truth” is? Have you written the definitive word on economics in this country or conducted an academic investigation into the economy right now? Doubt it.

        • Jon Lee

          Tom let me ask you something. Where do new local small to medium businesses get their capital from? Some comes from banks, some comes from their pocket, and some comes from….wait for it…..wealthy local investors….that’s right. So if you were an investor living here and Dayton got his way wouldn’t you move to another state and take your wealth there. Minnesota has the 2nd highest business tax in the country. So add in a higher income tax to that for the wealthy and you would see this state wither up and become a ghost state.

          • Eric Bell

            Local investors don’t create jobs just for the hell of it. That’s where you’re wrong. If instead the state cut taxes, do you think local investors would just hire extra people? Wrong… they would invest the money ins something else, and that’s where the money sticks. So like uh… that Zygi guy… what jobs do you think he will cut because of a tax increase?

        • Mark "F" Dayton

          You’re so wrong. This is on Dayton. His all or nothing is pushing for this total government shutdown (except what is determined “essential”). Dayton will not agree to what both sides can agree on…he wants total agreement or nothing and he is chosing NOTHING! Also, since when does the state government have anything to do with raising local government property taxes? What you say just proves that “government” whether federal, state, or local, can’t get enough money because none are willing to live within their means. I agree that the top 2% needs to pay the same rate on their adjusted gross income as everyone else. But one or two sticking points, should not cause a total government shutdown. That’s just plain “F” grade leadership!

        • revdude

          Tom F you said “This is not on Dayton. Dayton has laid out what he wants from the budget, and has come down significantly from his budget needs. All he is asking is that the Top 2% of minnesotans, pay the same percentage as the bottom 98%.”

          Then I want to pay the same rate that the bottom 35% pay, wich would be a lot less then I pay. We should just go to a strait 10% tax on all income and be done with this. The rich will pay more, the “poor” will pay something for their benefits and I will have more spending money.

          • sodapop

            I like your idea revdue. Even the poor should be paying something. Don’t leave the rest of us to pay for their benefits.

        • Darren

          Bottom 98%? Half of those people don’t pay taxes in to the state.

        • GN

          Your an individual that is either union or government that absorbs most ot the state budget over the long haul. While the folks in the private sector were getting 1 or 2 percent in pay increases, if they were lucky, state and local government employees were getting 5 and 6 percent increases year after year.
          They forced the bank to bust. I am actually hoping the shut down last for weeks. The reason is that folks would have to learn to do some real thinking and we may find out what we don’t need and get rid of the government employees that administer what we don’t need.

        • Terri Lynn Margadonna

          News flash the majority of the bottom 98% do not pay income taxes at all in fact they are the ones who get money back because they are in the lower income brackets via tax credits and such for things such as earned income credit. I have seen people who pay in little or nothing get back not ony what they may have paid in taxes but additional thousands of dollars from both the state and federal government because of the way the system is set up. I have done income tax returns for years and know what I am talking about. As far as the government shutting down that is on Dayton because he is the only one who can call a special session or keep the government going until a new budget is passed and he wants his way so bad he will sacrifice the citizens of MN just to be right. By the way I am not one of the ones with money in fact I have been on unemployment for the past 6 months and am a single income household so I am hoping I can keep a roof over my head. I am also proud to say I am a Republican I wouldn’t have it any other way.

      • Deb

        Dayton represents the common people, this is on Pawlenty!! I am losing money on social services single moms, because I do daycare for them… they can’t pay me, which means they can’t work!! I still say hang in there Dayton!!!!!!

        • Jason

          So your source of income is a government subsidy. Great. Maybe you should think about taking on clients that pay for themselves. Always plan ahead of a problem. It is not the function of government to fund all of our lifestyles. Get off government life support.

          • Deb

            Sorry, you obviously live in a box!!! If daycare homes do not take social services people we get fined! Besides, it allows them to work!!!!

            • Melissa

              I am also a daycare provider; I don’t accept subsidized clients or belong to the federal food program. I don’t like the paperwork, plain and simple. If I accepted these clients or belonged to these programs it makes ME dependent on government also. I charge a reasonable weekly/daily rate that is about 30% lower than the ‘average’ for my county. I don’t have unmpteen paid days off. I will and have negotiated a lower rate for families that fall on hard times, isn’t that how the free market system is supposed to work?

          • Cat

            You are one of the sheep, being lead by the 2%, the Govt subsidy for daycare meshes in delicated with the assistance for an independent lower income single parent. If you don’t know the particulars educate yourself or hush.

          • Amy

            I moved to this state 8 years ago from WI to get married to my now ex husband. I was a stay at home mom for 6 1/2 years, and in November 2009 found that my husband was having an affair. I filed for divorce, and was forced to move into an apartment. I was not able to move back to WI where my family could help me out while I got on my feet. I have a 5 year old and a 7 year old. My exhusband barely helped me in 18 months( $600 and 10 bags of groceries). I went out and got a job, but my paychecks don’t pay my bills completely. I was forced on public assistance and receive child care assistance. It has been humbling and I cried through the filling out the paperwork. I have no family or friends here, so it has been hard to raise two small kids. My family has helped me out. I have been searching for a better job, but have been unsuccessful, so far.
            I was forced into a situation like this out of my control and it angers me that you act like people like me are “living on government life support” as a means of lifestyle. It’s people like you that almost made me not get the support I need for my daughters. I was too embarrassed but my daughters have needs. I did it for them, not me. Don’t be so quick to judge before you know all the facts.

            • Jason

              What happend with a similair situation like yours 50yrs ago without the gov. People made it. EVERYONE falls on hard times, I was stuck on an arm loan utimatley lost my home, car was stolen and my wife and I had our first child all at the same time. So yes I am familair to hard times. Also did this on about 40k salary. Try harder dig deeper.

              • amy


                Do understand what an at home mom is? I had no income and was left with two small children and no money. My 7 year old has celiac disease and has to be on a gluten free diet for the rest of her life. If she ingests one little crouton she will throw up for 4-6 hours constantly. She also has medical bills from that and her food costs alot! Her bread mix I use to make her bread is $4.79 per bag, which makes one loaf. Her mac n cheese is $4.00 a box. I go without and only make $7.75 per hour. $40K salary is heaven compared to what I am making. You act like I have all this money. I would like to know where because I work alot and still struggle. Where is it my fault for my exhusband’s failure to be a father and a husband? I am doing my best and if you think that’s it’s not good enough, then you are so naive. You have a wife to be able to watch your child and have $40k salary. I don’t have either of those and have been looking into going back to college, but who will watch my children on weeknights when I have to be in class or take care of them when I try to use my computer. I have gone without. I don’t have cable, just a converter box. I have hand washed clothing to get by and let them air dry. I have stayed home or walked to get places so I don’t waste my gas. In the beginning, I skipped meals so my kids could have food. How much have you done of that? I am not a lazy person by any means, but was put in a tough spot. I am trying to get off the public assistance cuz it’s people like you that make us feel so worthless for just trying to get on my feet, so my kids have a better life. What is so wrong with that? Would you rather see my kids starve? I am sorry for your situation, but i bet you got a new car and are in a home now. I don’t have the means to even fix my vehicle if it breaks down. I don’t own credit cards, so I pay with cash, debit or check. I don’t over spend and buy things I don’t need. I spend my money wisely, but it is just not enough.

                • cue violins

                  Write a memoir, then you could make an income.

                • Melissa

                  You are the person that these programs were designed for. Unfortunately there are the system suckers who have ruined it for you and given the people who truly need the help a bad name.

                  Do you have a church family of some type? I am providing care for a little boy right now (free) while his mom is getting her degree. She does some housekeeping every other week in exchange, though I didn’t ask her to. She just wanted to do something to repay my kindness (her words).

                • Jason

                  amy, people like me get up a 5am work 12 hr days, pay my taxes, repair my family car, The home we bought needs/ needed extensive repairs, we did ourselves as we could not afford to pay someone to do.We barley make it. All I ask is for you to try your hardest to do this on your own, and stop making excuses. The government is not here to take from me or others to support your life. I like many others cannot afford to help. Thats what your church and family are here for. Good incentive for treating people around with good regard. Hard times fall on us all, can you pick yourself up?

                • jojo

                  You dont have to explain anything to anyone….You are the only one you have to answer to…not some ranting and raving critic that doesn’t know you or your situation…Do what you can not what you cant!! :0)

            • Les Johnson

              “My exhusband barely helped me in 18 months”

              Your own fault most likely.

              • Cathy

                Easily said by a man who can walk away from his responsibilities.

                • Jason

                  cathy, I dont really consider walking away from my two boys 4 1/2 and 2 an option.

            • I care

              I usually do not respond, but this is exactly why we have the programs we do. Some people plan on staying home to raise their children and that is THEIR JOB which is not an easy one. Unfortunately things happen in someone’s life and they may need some extra help. So to those who are judging Amy raise 2 kids on your own, make breakfast, lunch, and dinner for them, get them off to school, put them to bed, clean the house, do the laundry oh and don’t forget to go to work full-time to pay the bills. This is a sore spot for me because I have a friend in the same situation and her soon to be ex-husband is not helpful and I work in the social services

          • Always in favor of less government

            Excellent point, Jason.

          • Justin

            This is right! Way to say it Jason! Finally someone on here with half a brain! And its not tied behind his back.

          • besty

            I to am a provider and unfortunalty due to the economy self paid familes are now few and far. And Alot of these so called goverment funded families never were before they lost there jobs and other things. So before you speak stop and think of others situation and why they may have no choice but to get a little help to get back where they where, and survive and take care of there kids, do you think they liked doing this no so don’t be so judgemental and count your blessings every day.

        • Paul

          I say, take out the “in there” in the last statement on this post. Dayton has about as much with the “common people” as the Queen of England, a ton of wealth he did NOT earn, He has the brains of a head of lettuce, no offense to the lettuce

        • soda

          Dayton does not represent the common people. He and his family are rich. By the way, they have their money in South Dakota. So even he won’t be paying the taxes he’s proposing. Also, don’t take on the social service moms, there are plenty of families out there who need daycare that could pay you. This sounds like your problem, not the governments.

        • GN

          Sorry Deb but I believe the Unionist Dems controlled the legislature when Pawlenty was governor. The silly part is the less than 7% of the private sector is unionized and with the help of Dear Amy, the public sector now has 36+% unionization. I think it would be neat if some of public sector jobs were off shored. I can be done without a problem especially the clerical departments. This would also include the most of the DMV.

      • Shirl Mann

        Stacy,,,the Gop is looking out for their wealthy friends again Dayton should hold out for the 2 % paying their share.What part of that do you not understand? The repub’s have taken away your negotiating rights’, for a respectable wage ,benefits, safety regulations, and decent work ethics, they want to down size medicare,soc.sec. & veterans benefits.I’m with Governor Dayton on this one. How many of the gop party have signed this pledge with Norbert Nodquist,saying they would never raise taxs while they’re in office ? bachman has and most of the republican party candidates.

        • Mark Too

          I reading a lot of post that are advocating that the top 2% “pay their fair share”. Everyone paying their “fair share” is a good thing. I will not argue that. I’ve also read may post in past articles that no one has disputed . . . approx. 50% of Minnesotans pay very little state income tax, most of them (the 50%) pay no state income tax at all.

          If we are advocating that everyone pay their fair share, I’d submit that all of those people who are paying no state taxes are the one who are not paying their fare share. Bottom line, if you use state services, you should help contribute to the resources needed to provide those services.

      • Anwar

        One man who was elected by a majority.

    • It's the Governor

      I bet you think when the government shut down in 2005 it was Governor Pawlenty’s fault. I would agree. But now it’s Governor Dayton’s fault. If the legislature passes a budget then it’s the Governor’s decision to veto it and shut down the government. It doesn’t matter what party controls the legislature or what party is governor.

      It’s also Governor Dayton’s decision to reject the lights on offer.

    • Its both parties

      The state house and the state senate both passed a budget that mark dayton vetoed. Saying the GOP moves to force a shut down is not very accurate? Both parties are at fault in this!

      • CHESTER

        If you people would have read the budget peposal that the rebublicans sent to Gov.Dayton you would have vetoed it also ! the rebublicans are hoping to get a federal stimulus that may or may not come through and layoff 5000 state employees aswell as huge increases to the middle class this isn’t fair or realisic to try………………………….actually this is political suicide by the rebublicans as they hold us hostage!

        • Layoff?

          What layoff of 5000 employees? BTW, Governor Dayton’s budget also proposes layoffs of state works.

          What huge increases (taxes?) to the middle class?

          Most of the spending increase in the budget is going to DHS. This is so that folks on welfare don’t have to cut back after the increase caused by federal stimulus.

        • weird argument

          A. Who is “you people?”
          B. Sometimes people get laid off, happens at my company all the time.
          C. Who said life is fair?
          D. The hostage line doesn’t make sense.

    • Deb

      sorry you are wrong!

    • Tom F

      I would love to hear the Historical Facts that Trickle down Economics works. Im not talking about when our country was founded. but recent activitiy within the past 20 YEARs that shows your point.
      Stating something is factual doesnt make it factual.

      • Johnathon

        The reagon years after Jimmy Carter. He cut unemploymnet in half, interest rates went way down. tax revenues went way up and oil prices went down.

        • Duh


        • sw

          He also left the biggest budget deficit up to that point in time.

      • John L

        I don’t believe in trickle down economics either. Setting up five generations with trust funds does not create more wealth for America.

        • TJ

          With millions of dollars infamily weatlh secured in South Dakota trust funds, I think we can agree it is working for Mark Dayton. At least he won’t have to worry about that pesky 2% tax he’s proposing.

          • TJ2

            What differance does it make where it is. It’s still income and taxed by MN.

    • Dan

      Minnesota is arleard ranked as the 2nd most un-friendly of the lower 48… what’s taking a little more off-the-top going to make any difference? )

      #2 MINNESOTA
      State Income Tax: 5.35%-7.85%
      State Sales Tax: 6.875% (cities and counties can add another 2.65%)
      Estate Tax/Inheritance Tax: No/No
      Minnesota offers retirees cold comfort on the tax front. Social Security income is taxed to the same extent it is taxed on your federal return. Pensions are taxable regardless of where your pension was earned. Income-tax rates are high, and sales taxes can reach 9.53% in some cities. Food, clothing, and prescription and nonprescription drugs are exempt from sales taxes. The North Star State does offer some residents 65 and older who have income of $60,000 or less the option of deferring a portion of their property tax. But this is a low-interest loan, not a tax-forgiveness program.


    • Mary

      thank God for the GOP. It is time and past time to STOP the tax and spend mentality. Dayton is as stupid and assine in his comments as Dumboma.

    • Greg

      Read the article, Jimmy. The Republicans are trying to get Dayton to call a special session so that they can vote for a “lights on” bill. In other words, they’d keep the ENTIRE state government running at current funding levels to prevent a shutdown and give them additional time to come to an agreement.Why would Dayton and the Dems do this? They do it because they don’t want an agreement unless the Republicans completely cave and give them everything they want.

    • Matt

      You couldn’t be more inaccurate, this is 100% on Dayton and no one else. He’s the greedy trust fund baby who’s doing nothing but pandering to the unions and trying to increase the size of an already bloated government. Give me a break. The guy won’t even call a special session.

    • dayton is to blame

      Okay GOP has basically said we are in a recession and need to make some tough decisions….the democrats response as always is to blame and tax the supposed rich and ignore the problems that got us in this mess with wild spending. Minnesota is flooded by immigrants (somali) who don’t work and are too lazy to get jobs. The state has WAY TOO MANY people who are out of work for decades and get health insurance and welfare that are top notch and give nothing back. The republicans are facing these hard facts with realistic solutions and some moderate cuts in spending across the board….Dayton is so dead set on punishing the perceived rich (most farmers make over 180k per year) he is blind to other solutions.

      Dayton is an idiot and I blame him 100%!!!!

    • Bb

      Shut her down, let the Republicans play their manipulative game to protect their friends and allies in the top 2 percent from paying their fair share of taxes. I will remember this in 2012 as will many tax payers, Repubs were unwilling to compromise and were more interested in protecting their friends in the top 2 percent. What needs to be done is a recall of the Repubs that refuse to compromise and do what is right for the majority in this state, not the minority 2 percent.

    • Joycene Ryan

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Plenty of Nothing egging them on
      while taking no responsibility for the mess he created makes me ill.

  • Bill Clinton

    AS the Mark Dayton moves to force a shut down of state government the Legislature has ready met him halfway. Mark Dayton with his my way or the highway mentality will cost this state hundreds of millions of dollars.

    You had a few typos jimmy. I fixed them for you.

    • Go Mark

      jimmy has it right. The GOP plan means higher taxes for middle and lower income Minnesotans and no taxes for the wealthy.

      • Cindy

        The only one that has proposed higher taxes is Dayton. Get it right.

        • Go Mark

          Cindy – Higher Taxes for the wealthy only. If you make more than $300,000 per year or more, that will mean you. I am all for that. .Those who gain the most, should pay the most. The words “Minnesota Taxes” should be changed to “Invest in Minnesota”.

          • cindy

            150k for single, 250k for married. Thats not rich by anyones standard. Thats upper middle class. This Dayton tax would make minnesota the highest state taxes in the country. Do you really want that.

            • Tom F

              Cindy where are you getting this information. You are SERIOUSLY Misguided.

              • cindy

                Misguided on what. CCO good question ‘Who will pay Dayton Taxes’ http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2011/06/23/good-question-how-much-would-taxing-the-top-help/

                • TJ

                  Cindy, you will never convince these fools. They are simply the have-nots who live for today. They don’t understand that some people have worked very, very hard to get where they are – they would rather wish they had more and just steal from you. It’s amazing how libs think government is enititled to everyting you own and the fact you get to keep some of it qualifies as a subsidy. The Mark Dayton wrecking ball needs to be stopped. Shut it down and quit talking about it already.

                • Clay

                  First off, this is Cindy’s money! She works just as hard as you and I. I make about 20% of what Cindy and her husband make. Why should she be taxed at a higher percent than me? Do we both not use the same resources in this state? Why should she be charged more for something than me? The government is not entitled to more of her money just because her family’s situation. She has had more success than me and deserves to have that money for her family. I am sure she also financially contributes a lot more money into local businesses and other areas than we do because she has more money. That is what makes America so great! I am striving to further my education and make more money (on my own by the way). When I do make more, I deserve to what I earn. I should not be taxed at a higher rate than anyone else. If we keep going down this path of let’s raise taxes on the upper 2% by just a small amount then eventually we are going to start equalizing incomes. Where does it stop? This is America! There should be motivation to earn more and be more productive.

                • Jason

                  I am with Cindy on this.

                • Always in favor of less government

                  Cindy, you do not have to justify anything to the jealous replies who would be the first to howl if their taxes were getting raised. This is still America the last time I checked, where you don’t have to stop striving for greatness once you make enough to “just get by.”

            • Les Johnson

              250k for a married couple is upper middle class?

              What part of Lake Minnetonka do you live on, Cindy?

              • cindy

                andover, teacher and salesman.

                • Les Johnson

                  And you think a quarter million doesn’t get you entrance into the “well off folks” category?

            • ps

              Are you kidding! i wish i made that kind of money! why do you care anyway, you are not going to get the higher tax anyway! To me it sounds like the rich are getting a little greedy!

              • cindy

                My husband works 60 hours a week and we spend every extra dollor we have for our two children in college. Yes we will get hammered by the dayton tax.

                • Brian

                  Wow Cindy, you have money to send your kids to college? Most of us are paying off our college loans for 30 years. Lucky kids you have! And you think you’re in the middle class still?


                • cindy

                  Brian if my husband did not work 60 hours a week, we to would have to take out additional loans for college. We choose to try and pay for it instead of a loan. Maybe you should try it. It feels good to not owe anyone and take no handouts.

              • TJ

                That’s like being told by a mugger that I’m being greedy when I refuse to give him my wallet. Too funny!

            • Diesel211

              Cindy I truley do mean this with all do respect, but I make 68K a year and they throw me into the upper end of the middle class. So to me anyone making 150k may not be rich, but is definately well off. But honestley it does not matter what denomination you make each year it matters what lifestyle you lead!!!

              • weird argument

                I make $25,000 a year, so to me, you are well-off. See the problem with your argument?

        • Deb

          Cindy your the one that is incorrect, but both sides have the blame. Time for them to stick it to the rich instead of the middle class and poor!!!

      • Stacy

        Maybe it is time for the lower income to start paying their fair share instead of sponging off the rest of us!

        • Paulie

          You got that right!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • outragedinNWMN

          Wow! Really think pretty highly of your self don’t you! Do you know how hard it is for people to ask for assistance or be “lower” class??? Seriously wish the shoe was on the other foot for just one month, maybe then you would understand what they have to go through!! Granted there are those who do “sponge off the rest of us” but don’t lump all of them into it!! Until you ARE lower class don’t talk trash until you know how it is!! I think it is pretty sad that you could have this kind of view of people who are “lower” then you! Maybe you should be put in a position of loosing your job and then your house and see how it feels!!

          • Tammy with 3

            Hey guess what I have. I have been through an awful divorce, lost a job, lost my home and had to move into rental housing. My ex owes me over 50K in child support and guess what, I worked full time and part time and put my self through college. Never collected an effin dime from the state or my ex for that matter.

            Cry me a river. I am still trying to dig out from that and I still do not collect assistance. Get out and get a job or two or three, but quit sponging off the system. If you need TEMPORARY help so be it, but for the lifers who collect welfare, section 8, food stamps, medical, the faucet needs to be turned off.

            Enough is enough.

            • Les Johnson

              How could he owe you 50k in child support? Unless that “awful” divorce was about 10 years ago already…

            • Critical Thinking

              Tammy with 3,
              I have been in a similar situation with young children, barely enough money for the necessities (food, water, and shelter). Thankfully, when you daughters were young (twin daughters) I qualified for the WIC program. I felt uncomfortable about receiving the money, but I knew it would benefit my children. I also worked three jobs in order to survive. Now, at almost 50 years of age, I find myself unemployed (after much younger people replaced me at half my wages–which were close to $50,000 a year). Even returning to school was frightening for me, but I did it. I can receive unemployment, and I do, because I paid my taxes for the right to receive temporary help. Granted, many abuse the system, which negatively reflects on those who are desperate for any type of help (food shelves, lower income housing, or other options). Curiously, I am taking courses in Human Services, and it is surprising how many resources are available that do not depend on the government. The point is, we all will need help at some time in our lives, and depending on your age, life situation, and financial situation, the short-term resources can help us (without having to depend on family or friends). Governor Dayton proposes to limit the cuts on these valuable resources, and I am all for that. Sure, in medieval times there were no cell phones, but people managed. Does that mean we should act like we’re in the dark ages? Or do we accept that “times are changing”, and sometimes, in order to at least obtain the minimal items to exist, we need the “helping hands”. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, and you may see things differently.

          • cry me a river

            Hey outraged. Doesn’t look to hard to me. Ever live by Section 8 housing?

          • Deb

            I second that!!!!!

          • sick of entitled people

            You know this statement by you can and will be throwed back at you.. Why Blame the rich for being rich, for working hard to get to where they are at? Taking something that they earned and giving it to someone who has not earned it will only instill a worthless work ethic and tell future rich people to say why should i work so hard when the gov’t. takes all my hard earning away? It’s per socialism at it’s finest..

          • weird argument

            I hear the government if offering free diaper changes as it’s deemed a critical service… stop by and get yours changed.

        • Sam I am

          You are right.

          How much more do the welfare people think they need. Seriously as it is they have the best cars, shoes, cell phones, internet. If they get that much money it needs to be cut. Welfare is for the neediest, not leeches like some of the people who collect it.

          This falls squarely on Dayton – and more and more people are realizing that.

          • just sayin

            Oh hilarous thing the other day – homeless people getting all their free clothing over at the dorthy day center… and a lot of them had cell phones! HMMMMM….

        • ps

          the thing is Stacy, we already are paying a higher tax percentage than you are. Maybe if you would pay your fair share we could make Minnesota a great place to live, a great place for new business.

          • Bill Clinton

            Minnesota tax rates are 5.35%, 7.05% and 7.85%. Can you pease show all of us the “lower” higher rate for the top 2% please??? The tax incidence study is as faulty as they get but most do not have the brain cells to understand that.

        • Jon

          whle i’ve never taken any a penny of assistance, i will say that helping those in need is the only thing left that makes this country great. The fact that there are people like you who have clealy never seen adversity and are so willing to spit on those that have disgust me. Where is your sense of humanity. and fyi, some of those “sponges” work harder than most wealthy have to. Get off your high horse!

          • Tammy with 3

            THe people that collect welfare, section 8, foodstamps, medical assistance year after year after year do not work harder then me because they do not work at all.

            I agree helping people who are genuinely disabled are exempt. Anyone who sponges year after year, having child after child, they should be cut off.

            • jim

              just how many people are there who “sponge year after year after year”?

              i’d like to see actual real numbers.

              personally, i suspect those numbers are far less than you seem to imply.

              • dan

                1 is too many

                • Cathy

                  Then when are we going to start complaining about the corporations who are getting millions more in govt welfare than any struggling disabled person is. If you are against welfare for one, then being against welfare for all. Oh, and by the way, stop taking the tax deduction for your mortgage interest on your first (and second if you have one) homes. Because that is me (AND MY HARD EARNED Tax dollars) subsidizing your housing. And yes, I have a job. I pay taxes. I have sent in extra taxes this year and I give away 10% of my income to charity.

          • Jason

            Your statement lacks 2 things, facts and figures.

        • Jim

          You got that right! The problem is almost 1/2 of the people in MN think they have the right to live on someone else taxes. Its a free country so get your butt out and work 1, 2, 3 jobs and pay for your own stuffs.

          • Bekki

            Absolutely agree!! TEMPORARY assistance is one thing… but those that continue to depend on assistance (and are raising children who will collect, who will raise children who will collect…) are the ones that hurt MN the most. The “entitlement” cycle MUST be stopped.

          • Deb

            Sorry those that run people down have NO CLUE about their lives!!! You people work hard I am sure, but I pray you fall on hard times, or get sick, run out your accounts, your health insurance and need help… we will then see what you have to say!!! I know people who have worked their butts off their whole life, and someone gets sick in the family and it drains everything!! Single moms are told to work, well great… suppose you are, and trying to go to school, while a deadbeat dad (that also made that child) doesn’t pay support!! I say if they are gonna go that route then all men that make two kids out of wedlock be dealt with!!!!!!!! I know several that have 8 kids!!! Everyone a different mom! I hope that you republicans learn a lesson the hardest way possible!!!!!!!!

            • Les Johnson

              “Single moms are told to work, well great… suppose you are, and trying to go to school, while a deadbeat dad (that also made that child) doesn’t pay support!!”


              If he has a job, you can get money for child support. Dads all over the country are living in run down shacks, cheap efficiency apartments, and driving 1986 Hondas so the county can steal their support money and give it to the custodial mom to spend on her new POS boyfriend all the while keeping the kid from the dad. This is how the system REALLY works.

              • Jinger Pulkrabek

                I have an 8 year old son and have NEVER seen one penny of child support. I also work one full time salaried job plus another part time job on the side, but I still cannot afford medical care for my child and I without MN Care, for which I do pay what the state determines to be a fair rate. You would take that away from me so you and yours can go on some glamorous vacation? And then sit and tell me that it’s my fault that my son’s test scores suffer because I spend all of my time working instead of doing his homework with him? We cannot afford a vacation, and every day I regret having to work so much that I barely get any time to spend with my son. And then you all tell me that I am a bad parent and that it is up to the family to educate their children… Open your eyes people!!!! Without MN CARE, if I get sick the whole house of cards comes tumbling down and we have no income…. Have a little compassion, people. Most of us “lower cl;ass people” work as much as we possibly can and can still barely make ends meet.

                • Jonas

                  Maybe you should’ve used planned parenthood for one of their resources. Then you wouldn’t have an 8 year old. But liberals like yourself make people like me pay for your kid either way.

                • Les Johnson

                  “I have an 8 year old son and have NEVER seen one penny of child support.”

                  That is YOUR OWN FAULT.

              • besty

                dead beat dads got from job to job just so they don’t have to pay support thats a fact!!

            • Jason

              deb, you wish hard times on another. Very compassionate. Like a lib. If you dont agree than I will kick and scream at you. Grow up.

            • weird argument

              God would never answer a prayer that wishes ill on others. Just saying.

        • Dini


          DEB–SO just because you may work hard be very successful in your life you should pay a higher percentage of taxes than the less successful person paying a lower percentage?? It’s not the $$ amount of taxes, it’s the percentage of tax that is unfair. The top 2% is 44,000 people out of 2.4 million in the state of Minnesota. We should be dependant on 44,000 people and corporations to bail us out of this situation??? Where is the logic in that? Where are people’s motivation and drive to be their best?? Where is the damn motivation to work?? This society has become a truly lazy society as a whole. There needs to be cutbacks on programs!! People need to learn how to get out there and try to be successful and have goals. I will not say in certain situations there are not exceptions, but MANY people are too lazy and want to live of others and believe that they truly deserve it. Pretty soon your “RICH” will leave the states, (as many corporations already have because of taxes) and we will be in an even greater econmic strain.

          I am a middle class single mother who makes 45,000 a year working full time. I own a nice home, have a good paying job, and raises my son full time. I also CHOSE to pursue education, make goals in life and work hard. I consider myself moderately successful, but when 3 of my so-called friends are sitting at home on their butts everyday for the last year to two, collecting welfare or unemployment, when they are FULLY capable of working ANYWHERE, but choose to live off of everyone else that gets under my skin. Basically I feel that I’m paying for their laziness. NOW what’s truly fair here??? The successful rich probably feel pretty much the same way.

          • Les Johnson

            The successful rich just gave themselves a 30 million dollar bonus for the year and don’t even know or care that you exist unless you accidentally give their 120k car a door ding.

            • TJ

              Les, you’re sure throwing around a lot of unsupported stats. Sounds like Daytonspeak. Could be Obamaspeak. Hard to tell.

              • dan

                Les probably created 12.5 million govt jobs over the past 15 months as well. Get back on your meds Lse

                • Les Johnson

                  What meds?

                  “While CEO of 3M in 2008, George Buckley earned a total compensation of $12,182,410; which included a base salary of $1,720,000; a cash bonus of $2,844,074; stocks granted of $4,002,421; options granted of $3,363,492; and other compensation of $252,423.[5] In 2009, George Buckley earned a total compensation of $13,992,628, which included a base salary of $1,720,000, a cash bonus of $3,859,112, stocks granted worth $4,333,655, options granted of $3,757,572, and other compensation of $322,289.[6]”

                  So what were you saying again? Do you need more examples of the millionaires keeping themselves millionaires on the backs of the working poor?

            • Dini

              One more statistic for you…directly from the IRS. “According to the IRS, the top 1 percent of income earners paid 38 percent of all federal income taxes in 2008, while the bottom half paid only 3 percent. Forty-nine percent of U.S. households paid no federal income tax at all.”

              49 PERCENT didn’t pay any taxes at all??? This is a truly disturbing stat. I think people out there really need to take a hard look at how much we already rely on the “rich” and corporation taxes. They may have these ridiculous jobs that pay them these stupid, outrageous bonuses and stock options, but my question is if that was you and you had a job like that what would you do?? Would you gladly hand over 35% for federal and typically 10% for state taxes? WOULD YOU REALLY hand over 45% of your income to taxes?? They do!!! Everyone complains about how much money they have and how they hide it, or get taxes breaks, but if you were in their shoes dont’ even say you wouldn’t do the same. You would and you know it. I can’t imagine paying 45% of my income out, even after tax deductions. We should all be grateful that they pick up 38% of our current taxes as is, or you oould only imagine what it would truly be like for the middle class.

          • Weee!

            Dini– you’re what I’d call a real woman! Super glad there’s still a few left!

        • Jason

          Aint that the truth! The amount of abuse of sec 8, food stamps, ebt cash card is crazy. I live in n mpls.

  • Shirl Mann

    I hope some one tells the gop to forget about their wealthy friends who they already assised them to move their jobs overseas, and remember the middle class out here ,,who are paying their wages.

    • chuck in st paul

      my, my… another economics major heard from
      It’s your class warfare that drove all those businesses out of state and out of country genius. Did you really think anyone would stay here and get economically raped for your benefit?

    • Stopbegging

      The average income for a famer in MN is $200,000 per year. Farmers have never been the “wealthy” friends of the GOP. The liberals of the world tend to be the wealthiest. They do not want to help lower income, they believe those who are lower income can not do for themselves and the the superior liberals must do for them. Also creates quite a dependent class.
      Also, when small business owners and farmers(who fall into this top 2%) have to pay higher taxes, where do you think they will make up that difference. The cost of their product goes up, simple economics.
      The top 2% already pay the majority of the taxes in this state, they do more than their part. The lower wage earners in this state pay very little in taxes(both $ and %) yet they reap the most dollars than anyone. Stop punishing people for their success and responsibility. People really need to develop some responsibility and stop wanting to take more from people that are better off financially than them.

      • jim

        clearly, your idea of what a liberal is, is incorrect. whether they are wealthy or not makes no difference. they are, however, more inclinded to help those who need it.

        • weird argument

          A. Please enlighten us with the correct idea of a liberal.
          B. I don’t know what inclinded means
          C. If they want to help the poor so bad, then why aren’t they giving away every last cent they have extra to help ’em out?

      • Dini

        So true!!

      • Les Johnson

        “The average income for a famer in MN is $200,000 per year.”

        Income as in their EBITDA number, or just raw income?

        That is a hugely misleading figure if it doesn’t take operating expenses into account.

        • Keep it up city folk!

          Don’t even go there. I come from a family farm and $200,000 is conservative after operating costs, insurance, legal, ect. And guess what! If someone can go out there and earn a big income then GOOD! Farmers laugh all the way to the bank with subsidy checks in hand while snickering about how they fly under the radar of public scrutiny because no one thinks a farmer can be rich. Don’t believe me? Those checks are a matter of public record and if you still don’t believe that, then just go sit in any lil cafe in any lil Minnesota farming town and listen to the old men shoot the sheet. hehe… still laughing

  • wade

    Don’t be rediculous. The Republicans are taking the my way or the highway mentality. All Dayton wants is for everyone to be taxed equally. Give him that one and the doors will open. If government gets shut down, it’s 100% the Republican’s fault. They have the majority, and don’t want to compromise. I wonder how the taxpayer will take the State Park shutdown. Can you say “Recall Election”?

    • FUBAR

      yep, recall that dictator of a Governor that I did not vote for!!!

      • GCR

        Glad to know who’s vote really counts and gets to decide who is Governor

      • CHESTER

        better yet lets have a recall on ALL rebublicans commies that I didn’t vot for

    • Jason

      Dose Dayton have the power to pick parts of the budget and sign some into law and others not. Instead of vetoing the entire bill. This is what needs to be addressed. Oh and DAYTON DO YOUR JOB!

    • JP

      “To be taxed equally?” Are you dense? The wealthy already pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than the middle or low income folks do. If we want “equal” taxes then all people should be paying the exact same percentage in income tax regardless of income. So lets call a spade a spade…you just want the wealthy to pay a ridiculously high percentage to support the government services that go for the others. Lets see…that sounds just like they did in the Soviet Union or Cuba.

      • melpamn

        You want to call a spade a spade, than do just that and stop being ignorant. Review the 2011 Minnesota Department of Revenue Tax Incident study. When you combine all taxes, local, sales, property…the wealthiest pay less overall percentage than the middle class. A $100 property tax hike for someone making 22,000 is a far larger and greater percentage and issue than a $100 property tax hike on someone making 400,000. The GOP likes to use what I call “fuzzy” math. And this budget will do just that; shift the burden onto middle class working families, all the while cutting services needed. “During Pawlenty’s two terms as Governor, property taxes rose a stunning $2.5 billion-more than the previous 16 year combined…an approximate 250 percent increase.” Think I am just spouting some liberal, tree hugging propaganda…-those were the exact words from GOP Governor Arne Carlson on his blog. Carlson also goes on to list how Pawlenty “balanced” the budget by taking money from tobacco settle, borrowing against our schools, and delaying bill payments. The GOP is the party of smoke and mirrors and it is time people realized that Minnesota needs sound budget fixes, not shifty accounting tactics and cuts to local government aid, which in turn only adds to the growing disparity between the well off and the middle class. Do some research with an opened mind or maybe just a mind at all.

        • Cache

          Stop buying into their Class warfare!

        • Les Johnson

          Ok, I have to ask, melpamn…

          Who out there is really making 22,000 per year. I mean come on. 10 bucks an hour? I don’t believe any adult would or could have a home and a car and food for that. No way.

          The 22,000 a year jobs are the kids’ jobs, not the adult jobs.

          • Work together already

            Many “adults” make that for a full time job in MN. In fact, a large population of school employees make that as paraeducators, necessary for the support of medically fragile and students with special needs. (And that is statewide…metro included.)These individuals are deemed highly qualified and many have the equivalent if a 2 year degree. Many that i have hired have a teaching license.
            Setting that population aside, visit Beltrami County…

            • Les Johnson

              Anybody who has a college degree that is making 22000 per year is a moron.

              I totally disagree that many adults live and survive on 22k. Sorry. It doesn’t happen.

              If you make 22k per year, that’s your own darn fault for not doing anything about it, because that is a PATHETIC income.

              • Anwar

                Many people make minimum wage or 8 to 9 dollars an hour. That gets them to under $20K per year. If someone does not have a college education, they may be in a job like this. You sound pretty out of touch to me.

          • Keep it up city folk!

            You can in a small town! You whinny city slickers should wise up.

            • Les Johnson

              I live in a town of 3000 people. There are no jobs there. And again, nobody is successful on 22k per year if they have even one bill to pay per month.

              Nobody thrives on 10 bucks an hour. Period.

      • ps

        don’t you realize that the upper class is in a much better situation than the middle and lower. you know what i know middle class families that are barely able to put food on the table and you want to tax them more? what is wrong with you people!

    • Middle of the road

      Wade, you are really funny man. Nice to see someone has a sense of humor this early in the AM. 50% of minnesotans pay no taxes at all, so yes I agree, lets tax EVERYONE equally. That way, the rich that already pay 74% of all taxes and then the other 40% middle class that pay the rest of the taxes can all get tax breaks. As for your recall reference, we just did that, you want to remove more Democrats from office? Wow man, you are cold.

      • Les Johnson

        “50% of minnesotans pay no taxes at all”

        I think it’s 48%, but do you know who those people are?

        Or are they, in your mind, just the freeloaders?

        • Cache

          EVERYONE must have skin in the game..some new rules should be put in effect…ALL must be fazed in 1) new tax system so ‘everyone’ must pay into it. 2) All illegals must leave – no freebies. 3) All welfare rats ‘must’ be moved to workfare. 4) Anyone on welfare/subsidies must have their vote suspended and returned when they get off the dole. 5) Term limits.

        • dan

          Freeloaders! Unless 48% of our population lives in poverty. I dont think so Les ideas than a gnat.

          • Les Johnson

            Wrong. Do you expect seniors in assisted living to pay income taxes? How about kids under 16 with no job? How about the permanently disabled? Should they be paying income taxes.

            Doesn’t sound like you used your squash to figure this one out.

        • Keep it up city folk!

          I don’t pay taxes! I write every last thing I do off and make money to boot from the subsidies you give to me because I’m a poor farmer. Thank you!

    • bob marcotte

      Right on!!! Dayton should be recalled.

    • dan

      Lets tax everyone equally. have a flat tax of 15% and no deductions. That way the 50% of Minnesotans that dfont pay any taxes can pay their equal share. Great point Wade!

    • Bill Clinton

      Wil Mark be lowering the 7.05 and 7.85% rates for higher income earners to 5.35% as it is for the lower income earners? Or will he be raising the 5.35 and 7.05% brackets to 7.85%? Please, do tell. I want to hear your version of equal. Or are some people “more equal” than others???

  • steve

    i blame every one of them, from the governor on down. they’re all to blame. they need to get the job done. to allow the shutdown to take place is irresponsible, on all their parts.

    • laura

      you are so correct everyone of them should be ashamed of themselves. I hope when the govt shut down goes into effect and they come back to their districts , they get such an earful that they will learn to play nice, get their work done, and both sides will stop whining about the other party! they are worse than my preschoolers

  • Fred

    It’s BOTH parties fault!!! Quit being so brain-washed about what “party” you belong to and the kool-aid they make you drink…. ALL politicians are at fault here

    • GCR

      Nailed it Fred. Both parties are equally to blame. Everything has been geard toward political posturing for 2012. maybe they all need to stop listening to the Party instructions and start listening to the people who elected them. That would probably require to much inependent thinking for any of them.

      • I say "Good job politicians!"

        They should start listening to the people who elected them? Are you daft, man? That would overturn the entire political apple cart of American society!

        A politician’s job is to wallow in the public trough, vote for his/her own pay and benefit increases each year, find new things to tax in new ways, and spend at least 125% of all tax revenues collected. That’s what a politician is for!

        Balance the budget. Indeed. Listen to the public voice. Indeed. Do something sensible or reasonable. INDEED and INDEED!

        Don’t be so hard on these elected officials. It’s time to lower the bar on our expectations of them. If we elected these wonderful people for life instead of imposing unreasonable term limits, they would be more prone not to worry about their own re-election and instead concentrate their efforts solely on fleecing the public – which is what we elected them to do in the first place, right?

    • Jason

      OK, where have you been for the last 6 months. Stadium this stadium that. That has been daytons focus. He has had plenty of time to sign a balanced buget March 2011. Whats about last Sunday, he left negotiations on the budget to play with his friends, whats up with that? Continue to keep your head in the sand, dont expect others to do the same.

      • melpamn

        All the while the GOP legislatures worked on DOZENS of Constitutional amendments for the 2012 ballot. Really? You have months to work on a budget but instead you work on banning gay marriage, which isn’t even legal here. Come on. I stand with Dayton. I stand to lose my job July 1, but it is better than losing a great state to live and play in and my morals and values. Sounds like 63 percent of us are also with Dayton on raising revenue and making cuts…not just cuts alone.

        • Middle of the road

          Melpamn, did you bother to read any news lately or do you just listen to the democrat side of things? The republicans are proposing a 5.6% increase in the state budget, but that is not enough of an increase for Dayton of the Democrats. I understand you live in a bubble and that bubble has treated you well, not great, but well. For hose of us that do not work for the government, a 5.6% increase would be like manna from heaven. since 2000 government spending has increased 214%, while I can tellyou that my income has increased less than 10% in those same 11 years. So you tell me who is greedy and who is beign responsible?

  • chuck in st paul

    I wonder at the ignorant drivel that gets posted. Rich people pay way more than you do. Way more. This economic penis envy is truly out of control lately. All Dayton and the other kleptocrats want to do is take all your money and then they’ll decide how to spend it. As usual. Enough already.

    When you lose your job or your overtime you cut back on expenses or go bankrupt. The same rules apply to governments. The Legislature is merely trying to use some fiscal sanity but good old tax-and-spend Dayton wants more bread and circuses. Taxing the rich is a simple minded game of begger thy neighbor. It always results in the flight of money to safer waters leaving behind… Detroit.

  • Jack

    Just as he was voted WORST Senator, he will also win that title for his ability to not Govern… “Abadi abadi abadi aba- That’s all Folks!”

  • northern minnesota

    This government shut down is hurting Minnesota already. Even if they deside not to shut down. People are already making plans out of state. I know that we are going out of state. Yesterday i spoke with a gentleman that drove three hours just to take his son in the the DMV for his learners permit, because the DMV’s were already closing down. Who is paying for all this over time for these legislatures? That is hurting us even more.

  • tuna-free dolphin

    Does this mean no DWI enforcement this weekend? Woo hoo! Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999. (don’t tell anyone) Seriously though, I think this shut down will be about as exciting a popcorn fart. Just like they said the world would end on Y2K, I bet nothing will feel any different for those of us pulling the wagon. We’ll keep going to work to pay the spendaholics at the capital. The entitlement class may feel the pinch, but hey, that’s life as a government dependent, right?

    • Cache

      Stupidity on your part once again. Please go out drunk so one of the 600 state troopers can find you.

  • Triple J

    The rich do not pay the same percentage of taxes as everyong else! They pay way less. They pay the majority of the taxes as they have the most money! Make them pay their fair share!!!!!!


    JP the wealthy actually pay a lower percentage of their income to Taxes. Plus Governess Pawlenty gave millionaires a permanent $57,000 tax cut or 5.7%, which means $570,000 extra in their pocket over the last 10 years. Someone making $50,000 got a $500 tax cut or 1% or $5,000. over the last 10 years. The middle income cash went into the economy helping it chug along. The rich tax cuts went into housing, crops and futures, ruining the economy. nuff said

    • Middle of the road

      Tony, The governor does nto write any laws, he can only approve or veto anything presented to him by the legislature. So if you want to blame tax cuts for the wealthy on anyone, it woudl be the DEMOCRATS and large Marge. Did you sleep in high school civics class or what?

  • Wu

    It IS both parties fault. What did we expect? We elected a Republican House and Senate to do one thing, and a Democrat Govenor to do the opposite. And since the only thing these elected officials care about is following party lines, here we are. And they can get away with it, because of the bozos like many of you commenting that come with the mentality, my side is right and your side is wrong.
    I can’t believe that people think the rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes. They pay a higher percentage, and in terms of real dollars, much, much more than the middle class. (By the way, I make about 45k, so I’m not speaking for my own benefit). I just don’t understand how people can think that every time there is a budget deficit, every time the State wants to spend more money, that we should just tax the rich. Where will it end? The more incentive we take away for these people (and more importantly, these large Corporations) to make money in our State, the more likely the will leave and take their money and jobs somewhere else.

    • Sarah in Outstate MN

      Wu, I agree completely, both sides have to share in the blame.

  • Heidi

    I think we should get these people on welfare and who are abled body to get off of welfare and get a job and make them pay their fare share!!!!

    • Yep

      You see the problem is the rich folks with their wonderful tax cuts were supposed to be giving those people jobs. Unfortunately, the idea that lower taxes on the rich creates jobs is bogus.

      • Heidi

        I have to say that the papers are all filled with “want ads”!

        • I So Tupid

          That’s just idiotic, newspapers don’t even run job ads anymore, they post them online, so you are just saying something to sound…………..dumb?

  • Heidi

    I met “fair” share.

  • Dayton wants a shutdown

    If Dayton wanted to avoid a shutdown he would have called a special session and started talking to the GOP sooner instead of waiting so long to do it.

    • Yep

      Your opinion. I would rather he stay the course than give in to the GOP without any compromising on their part.

    • Patty

      Why call a special session when they can’t balance the budget. Do you want the legislature to sit around and collect pay and per diem for doing NOTHING.
      The legislature should not be paid for a special session. We one have one person that will look out for the middle class. Dayton stand your ground.

  • hawkeyeter

    It is time to “shut er down” Let’s see what is essential and what is fluff and waste. After a few days you reassess and figure out what to incorporate back into the system and if you survive w/o it, there are your programs to cut. Let’s see how much waste is in this system.



    • weird argument

      You should go to Youtube and type in “Dramatic reading CAPS LOCK”

    • MsM

      Printing in all caps (considered by the world as shouting) does not make your comments a fact. Instead it is a glaringly apparent misrepresentation of the facts as spoon fed by those who use propaganda to further their cult agenda….just as Jimmy Jones did – and he lead all those people to drink poison kool-aide when the facts (he was a pedophile) and the law caught up to him.

    • Sam I am

      Thats because business taxes in Minnesota are one of the highest in the nation. Why on earth would a business want to stay here if they can get a better deal somewhere else.

  • AAM

    The politicians and their one-issue-agenda donors will run this great country into the ground. We don’t need massive debt, Russia, China or Middle East to help us with that.

    Money, fear, greed, entitlement and ignorance are the reasons civilizations fall.

    On the bright side, a challenge always creates an opportunity. Kids, go to school and study. Study hard and you will succeed. America can only survive by innovating and producing high-tech products and services. We need to lose the sense of entitlement and get down to math and chemistry books.

    Happy Thursday to all. Stay cool!


  • Fulltime employee

    Regardless if there is a shutdown or not, how much money is being wasted on preparing for it?

    • Lefty

      I can tell you that at one particular state agency (where I am employed) – the construction crew projected that to shut everything down and bring everything back up, the cost would be approximately $1 million dollars. Huge money waste in an effort to resolve the deficit.

    • Dan

      A little more off-the-top going to make any difference? )

      #2 MINNESOTA Un-Friendly
      State Income Tax: 5.35%-7.85%
      State Sales Tax: 6.875% (cities and counties can add another 2.65%)
      Estate Tax/Inheritance Tax: No/No
      Minnesota offers retirees cold comfort on the tax front. Social Security income is taxed to the same extent it is taxed on your federal return. Pensions are taxable regardless of where your pension was earned. Income-tax rates are high, and sales taxes can reach 9.53% in some cities. Food, clothing, and prescription and nonprescription drugs are exempt from sales taxes. The North Star State does offer some residents 65 and older who have income of $60,000 or less the option of deferring a portion of their property tax. But this is a low-interest loan, not a tax-forgiveness program.


  • Stacy

    Once again the only time you hear complaints from the left is when they are going to lose free services. I am tried of paying for things such as: medicaid, free daycare, free lunchs……The fact is I am tired of paying my fair share of taxes while 50% of the so called low income pay nothing. Yet they are the ones who whine the most and take the most from the rest of us. I will be glad to pay more taxes when all have to pay their fair share no matter what income class they are in!
    Listen to a report on WCCO last night of a single women who was whineing about no free daycare if gov shuts down and she is pregnant again. I did not tell her to go out and get knocked-up yet she feels she is entitled to a free handout. Except it is not free, a taxpayer had to foot the bill.
    This is just a very small example of what is wrong with the hole counrty. It is not free someone is having to pay for it and it is’nt the whinners.

    • Cache

      Right on…They are not owed anything by me or others…Life is choices and consequences. Getting pregnant multiple times (Selling their kids to gov’t for payments) and whining they need more and more freebies is wrong on every level!

      • Jim

        “Life is choices and consequences.” Exactly. You don’t have to live in a place that “steals” your tax money for petty things like roads and firefighters and daycare for needy children. There are lots of places where taxes are as low as the GOP would have them, such as Somalia. Look into it.

        • Mary

          Most of Somalia is here Jim.

    • Always in favor of less government


    • Cache

      @ Stacy. What would you do with the people on medicaid then? Do you have any idea why they are on medicaid? It is because they are sick. What is your solution to the health care. Curious to see how little knowledge you have.

      • Sam I am

        Bull Medicaid is not only for the sick. Its also for welfare families. MFIP is the Minnesota Family Investment Plan – they provide food stamps, cash assistance and MEDICIAD to families. Typiclaly families who are abled bodied and can work, but who keep producing kid after kid without ever having any intention of getting of their a$$ and get a job.

        • Cache

          Yep, didn’t ask about those people. you didn’t answer the question either. Stacy says she doesn’t want to pay for medicaid. Medicaid funds may programs.i asked about only one of them.

  • Yep

    Anyone else really excited? This is fun!

    • Weee!

      lol, it’s kinda like when there’s a tornado warning and you go stand outside just for the thrill of it!

  • Meow

    I can’t even imagine the stress levels. I can actually see both sides on this issue and thanks to all for your comments and information. I have faith that there will be a resolution. I really like Go Mark’s comment about The words “Minnesota Taxes” should be changed to “Invest in Minnesota”.

    I hope that this doesn’t come down to GREED.

  • sw

    These are not simple issues, and I for one, am glad that MN has 2 sides that need to compromise. It might not be a pretty process, and they might take it down to the wire, but in the end, balance will be struck, and that will be a good thing for Minnesota. Take a look at WI. They elected Republican tea partiers to all branches of government, and while they may not realize it now, they will be in a world of hurt because there is absolutely no balance to their approach. MN will come through this just fine.

    • weird argument

      Bless your heart dear.

  • Ronnie

    Thanks to Tony Sutton and the GOP misanthropes we are heading into a situation that was COMPLETELY avoidable. Come to the table with a proposed budget you GOP morons.

    • Les Johnson

      Tony Sutton is a buffoon, and his lap dog Mike Brodkorb is a blogger turned wannabe right wing attack dog.

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