Good Question: Government Shutdown ‘Reply All’

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — “Can we recall legislators or the governor?” asks Barbara of White Bear Lake.

We can in Minnesota. It’s pretty new, but a 1996 constitutional amendment created the recall. However, there are restrictions, and a recall has to meet one of three reasons.

(1) Malfeasance: intentionally doing something unlawful or wrong outside the scope of their duties.
(2) Serious Crime: gross misdemeanors like assault of aggravated DWI. If you get convicted of a felony and have to serve time during your term in office, you’re automatically removed under the state constitution.
(3) Nonfeasance: intentionally and repeatedly not performing the duties of your office. Nonfeasance may apply to the circumstances surrounding the shutdown, but a court would have to agree. Then 25 percent of voters would have to sign a petition, and then there would be a recall election.

In Wisconsin you can’t launch a recall until someone’s been in office at least a year. That’s why recall elections are underway against 9 state legislators and not against the new Gov. Scott Walker.

“What’s the longest government shutdown?” asks Erik Peterson of White Bear Township.

The federal government actually closed down for three weeks, from December of 1995 to January of 1996. It cost taxpayers more than $1 billion.

The Minnesota shutdown in 2005 lasted eight days.

“What other states have shutdown over the past decade?” asks Nick Blankenship of Maple Grove.

Besides Minnesota, four others have shutdown in the past decade: Pennsylvania in 2007, New Jersey shut down for about a week in 2006, Michigan shutdown for 4 hours in 2007, and Tennessee for 3 days in 2002.

“What happens to the Minnesota State Fair if the government shuts down?” asks Cole Angrimson of Sartell.

If the government shutdown threatened to shutdown the State Fair, they’d get this thing worked out in ten minutes. But despite the “State” in the State Fair title, Minnesota doesn’t give a dime to the fair. It’s an independent operation and funded without state tax dollars. So your pronto pups and skyride are not threatened by the shutdown at all.

State agencies with booths might not operate (like the DNR booth), but if the shutdown lingers into late August, that will be the least of Minnesotans concerns.

  • LeAnn

    I’m waiting for someone to “go postal.” I am surprised there are no stories involving violence over the shut down.

    • Sandy

      I’m also surprised that more people aren’t protesting. I’ve read many of the blogs and for all of you that want to blame one side or the other who cares. I’m angry with both sides for allowing this to happen on their watch. It’s unforgivable that either side would not communicate rationally and get this resolved as the first order of business months ago. Why must you make the point at the general public’s discomfort on a holiday weekend? Politicians please grant stand on your time and do your jobs you wanted and the general populous voted you in for. Right now you all receive a grade of “F” for failing us.
      This glorious state of Minnesota waits through cold winters to have these beautiful summer months to use our lakes, camp grounds, and visit our historical places. Not to mention those distant travelers that came here for tourism or business. Here’s something you’ve not heard from either side.
      I’m sorry!
      For the families going through tough economic times or have disabilities that make your reliant on the government services I’m sorry this is making your life harder.
      Politicians please get your minds clear and fix this now and put the sign up “Open for tourism, business, and assistance to those in serious need

    • Larry

      I’m in agreement with what others have said here. What would happen if we were given an assignment to complete that we were hired to do and we went back to our bosses and said we just can’t get it done. Would not go over well. Government as a whole needs to start being held accountable by the people. We sit back too impassively while they do (or in this case do not) carry out functions. They get paid well and get tremendous pentions. Sorry if they run into some periods where they have to work harder. Two average people can come to an stalemate in negotiations. We elected them to be smarter than that. The ability to reason is what make men/women great.

      I have written to my representatives and expressed my frustration. I will do the same to the Governor. I emplore all those who take the time to read these comments and write a comment, to take the time to write to your representiatves.

  • Kris

    How can we make the shutdown permanent?

    • King

      This is what happens when you vote in a bunch of religious extremist into
      our goverment ! ( Republicans ) they will destroy our goverment ……
      We need to keep them out of our goverment and back to there churches so
      they can,t do any more harm.

      • DFLoser

        You’re an idiot. You also need to take an English class or five.

        • Republicant

          We get it, you’re a component of intelligent design, better known as abstract responsibility.
          Republican legislatures are holding up the process and are unwilling to compromise. No surprise to their commitment to forgo their responsibilities and let people suffer. It’s what they do best.

          • Alfred

            The Republicans have a balanced budget that increases spending 2 billion dollars.

            That’s not enough for Dayton.

            This is ALL on Dayton. He is at fault. He is the one that wants to give hundreds of millions of dollars to Zygi Wilf.

            • Stop

              Worst senator ever now worst governor ever, why don’t you run for President in 2012 and see if you can finish us off

    • Rosalie Hansen

      I am enjoying the Shutdown. I 2nd the Vote. Do I hear a 3rd?

      • Keith


    • bruce

      I agree. At the very least, the scope of government needs to be drasically reduced.

      • Keith

        Yes, and now we’ll find out what can be cut. Albeit not all “services” were shut down…so, some of the big offenders will not be counted.

    • Brad Schrunk


      If you want to pay two to ten times as much for services I hope your wish comes true. I am a computer network engineer. Now if my job is outsourced you and other tax payers will pay at least 180 dollars per hour. Now I want those consulting dollars. You see the “free market” is not free. Only the very richest people benefit from it.

      Check out Arne Carlson’s speech on the New Republicans. He stated Reagan would be considered to “liberal” what joke. The propaganda machine is doing quite well

      A great documentary to watch is Orwell Rolls in His Grave, on youtube free.

      Also Inside Job shows that Obama is NO different than Bush.

      Tell me what have the Republicans done for you? If you make 300 grand a year you get to pay 4 percent tax on your State taxes.

      Thank God the sniveling Pawlenty is gone. Dayton actually cars about people. The so-called republicans were high 5ing each other when they voted to eliminate meals on wheels forcing the elderly into nursing homes.

  • LeAnn

    @ Kris, pay quadruple the property tax you currently pay to make up for the lost revenue.

    • Tony

      There isn’t any “lost” revenue.

      • white bear reaganite

        Yea there is!!! Don’t you understand that all your money belongs to your DFL overlords? Anything they allow us peasants to keep is “lost revenue”.

  • To Citizen

    @Citizen with a CAPITAL C. I can’t even express my gratitude to you. You are tough–been rude–but… always right. Yep, I got you confused with lower case “c” citizen and yes, I made the mistake of the big C from little c..the point is ..THANK YOU for what you have written. I mean that. I’m a different person. Thank youl. Populist…Yahoo. I’m still a libertarian but I love the Populists too. Okay… nice. I don’t wanna come back here to see you bash me for admiring you. Just, you know, allow it to be. And—again Thanks…Capital C–Citazen. Thank You!

  • See BS

    I think media is trying too hard to make people notice the shutdown.

    We all know Gas Stations can sell fishing licenses, and State Parks don’t need to be closed.

    For Centuries, Native Americans didn’t need chubby white State workers to get funding for

    Tell Dayton to quit using old and disabled people as human shields for his DFL ponzi scam.

    • Marlene

      This is about disabled people of poverty. If republicans are given the opportunity, they would take away housing, medical care, mental health care, and food from the weakest among us. What has happened to the Minnesota that cared about what was fair. Why not raise taxes on the richest among us? Care for the poor and aging is more important that being re-elected.

      • See BS

        If anything, this shows what State agencies are ripping off old people in wheelchairs.

        We can Start by letting gas stations sell DNR licenses and cut out the middle men.

        And then we can put lawn mowers like the bicycle rental system on State Park campgrounds. You use a credit card and mow your own camping spot.

        • Cache

          Gas stations can sell fishing licenses, I guess you don’t go fishing. Your name is very appropriate for you.

      • King

        Your so right Marlene, go Dayton, he has a tough job.

        • See BS

          Dayton is the one ripping off old people in wheelchairs, using their wheelchair money for a ponzi scam.

          • King

            BS, pull your head out !

            • DFLoser

              Yeah BS, pull your head out. King can speak English as well as a 10 year old illegal immigrant from Mexico so you really should take his advice.

              • King

                Yea, like you say alot. He He

      • Wu

        You’ve got to be kidding me. Its hilarious that you think “my side is the good guys, and the other side is evil”. Until there is an endless supply of money, or we become Socialist, a line will always be drawn. And with that, there will always be people who need help but don’t get it, and on the flip side, there will always be people who don’t need it but take advantage of the system. Republicans do not want to not take care of the poor, they just have a different view than you on how to go about. “Why not raise taxes on the richest among us?” Where does it end then? When everyone who wants a handout gets it… because that isn’t possible. Or when the richest individuals and corporations decide its better to take their money and jobs to a different state (or country) and we’re left with less income to tax?

  • mn123

    Sorry, pretty sure they are not letting anyone sell fishing licenses since it is part of the state.

    This shutdown is hurting more people than you could ever imagine. Have you lost your job yet? I really do mean yet…

    And for years until we were here they were not rich from our technology that they are using at the casinos.

    Point being, it all ties together…

  • See BS

    Perhaps it can be like the Boston Tea Party, and the public can toss the closed signs in the ditch and go camping anyway.

    They aren’t letting gas stations sell DNR licenses, because you don’t need state workers to sell DNR licenses.

    And you don’t need State Funding to pitch a tent and grill hot dogs next to a lake or river in Minnesota.

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day!

    • Cache

      Who cleans and maintains them? Why am I posting to the illogical?

  • annemarie

    So disgusted by all of this. I use to think that Republicans were like the rest of us, that they cared about their fellow Minnesotans but they have shown that this is not the case. To chose to protect the wealthy from tax increases over our vets and other elderly is just appalling. What bothers me most is the total lack of respect that Koch and Zellers display. They seem to have forgotten that they swore an oath to serve all Minnesotans. Every district has Republicans and Democrats and you swore to represent both when you took the oath. Remember that! That pledge also includes those in need of state government assistance programs like healthcare. Both republicans and democrats use state services. It is foolish to waste your time trying to prevent taxing the wealthy, it will come to pass because its what Minnesotans want, there maybe a few that disagree but it is what the majority of Minnesotans want. Minnesotans don’t like the bull thats going on in state government and elections are not all that far off.

  • Dustie

    All of the Minnesota House of Representatives is up for re-election next year. We need to remove them with Independents and Democrats. The Republicans are only representing the 7000 richest Minnesotans and their extremist religious groups. Next year they are gone. THANK YOU GOVERNOR DAYTON FOR STANDING UP FOR THE REMAINING MINNESOTANS. You’ve got my support Governor. Remember both Mr. Pawlenty and Ms. Bachmann are cheering on this shutdown – neither are good potential Presidential candidates :(.

    • terry hummel

      i wish you people would do your math. check this out. 5 million people in minnesota , 2.5 people per household, that makes 2 million households in minnesota. take the top 10% of them which is 200000 households. ok ? now we have a govenor that wants to tax them to make up 1.5 billion dollars . ok do you follow? so take 1.5 billion and divide that by 200000 households and that equals 7.5 million dollars per household. so is our govenor really telling you the truth ? the top 10% is earning 130000 and over. anyone with a brain doesnt really think those people have a extra 7.5 million setting in the bank to give away. the numbers dont lie but i think our governor is full of bs. these figures come fron the us census page online. check it out and do your research before you spout off. oh by the way on 5million people divided by 1.5 billion is 300000 each man women and child, so do you have an extra $300000 to throw away.

      • Mary Rogers

        @terry…..regardless of the #’s…’ve obviously forgotten the people who need just $5 for one hot meal a day (meals on wheels to seniors) or the people who need supplemental child care because of the economic fallout having lost their better paying jobs…or the people who rely upon medical assistance (legitimately) to buy a prescription of antibiotic for their kid……Terry….research aside, it’s time we ALL get back to what is important and that is taking care of ALL people of our state. It’s just those of us that DO NOT make 3 figures believe that it is well within the peoples means to pay the appropriate percentage of tax in comparison to what we pay out. 34% or better has a much bigger impact on someone making 30-40000 than it does to someone making 130-150000+!
        Unless you live our realiity….stay in your tower and keep turning a blind eye to all the people who need legitimate help just to live each day.

        • terry

          and what do you mean research aside. the numbers dont lie . WE CANT CREATE MORE MONEY , so if you dont have more money you spend less. FACT OF LIFE. sorry

    • Mark

      do that and YOUR taxes will go through the roof! dems love to spend, and they’ll use all of the money everyone makes to do it.

  • Not impressed

    I have never seen a more uninformed group of legislatures. It’s the media that’s making us look bad is what I heard from one legislator. WRONG Mr Legislator – YOU are making YOURSELVES look bad.
    You cost Minnesotans 100,000 per DAY during a special session you did NOTHING with. You DARE to extol your 1% pay cut when you cut MILLIONS of dollars from those who need it the most. SHAME ON YOU! Stopping budget progress talks to promote your OWN businesses! HOW DARE YOU! You are NOT there for yourselves!! You are supposed to be there for US.
    Look at the citizens you are supposed to represent! We are a state of hard workers and people who can barely eeek by and yet you hold out for the richest. How many people have you put out of work? How many people have you stopped from enjoying their summer? How many people have you inconvenienced by your shut down???
    DO IT WITHOUT PAY! YOU DON’T DESERVE IT! The citizens of the State of Minnesota DESERVE an apology. Go Mr Governor – Get em good!

  • lisa

    My question is: where the poor, elderly, and low income go without medical insurance because of this tantrum, do the republicans also go without their health insurance? odds are they still have theirs. Also are they being paid for these tantrums? If so how do we get them out besides waiting for the next election? Everyone else in Minnesota would loose their job if they did not do it- so why do they still have theirs? Heckling the governor, please, how juvenile can you get?

    • old nurse

      An emergency room of a hospital, thus driving up costs. This would be especially true if they waited and got sicker. Not all will get sicker. There are two facts. One is that an ER visit costs the health care system more than a clinic visit. The other is that a few preventable hospital stays cuts the health care costs dramatically.

      • kieron

        Lisa and Old Nurse, I have 2 words for you to describe the Republicans’ opinion on dealing with the sick, elderly and infirm: Population control. They would like nothing better than to cull the weak from the herd. They deny it if you accuse them outright but actions speak louder than words.

  • David

    This is ridiculous. Taxthe rich? Like you tried to tax corporations?–then watched them move out of the state taking many jobs with them. Other states havetried only to watch the affluent sell their houses and MOVE OUT!! We as a state need to learn to live within our means–not tax and spend more. One program the local paper saidwaseffectedwas raising geese! There are more geese than there havebeen for decades. This is one of MANY wasteful , expensive programs . Wake up Minnesota! And vote every one of these dummys OUT!! We should NOT be a Mecca for every welfare freeloader in the country. WAKE UP!

    • King

      Income tax ! your the dummy, they are paying a lower % then you and me.
      You only need so much to live on, you don,t need to beg for a job from them !

      • Citizen

        Our government provides services for everybody. Therefore everybody should contribute to the revenue needed to run the government.
        To continue to expand spending and then rely on a shrinking pool to pay for the spending is a model that simply cannot be sustained. Either spending needs to be curtailed or the pool that provides the revenue needs to be expanded.

        • Citizen

          @Citizen. Posting once again as me, Citizen, the populist. I do agree that the revenue pool needs to be expanded. I guess I will have to get another “handle” if you want to be me!

    • Mary Rogers

      @David – you obviously KEPT your job during the recession and have never had to rely upon anyone else for anytihing in your entire life. The welfare, as you call it, that is in most dnger affects the elderly, children, under or unemployed employable people who hit a hard spot in this financial mess we call our national economy.
      David = heartless;
      Yes, there are people that take advantage of EVERY system – so on the converse of your point, why should we allow the smaller percentage of uber-rich to remain fat & sassy while we have people starving on our streets?

      • David

        Mary, We have an obligation to provide for those incapable of providing for themselves–phisically, age-related,,etc. It should not be a way of life for those capable of supporting themselves. I invite you to give away your posessions to someone who wants to have a wonderful life but not through working if you feel so strongly about it. God bless you

  • David

    No corporations = no jobs–no affluent citizens = nothing to tax–simple math “King”–simple math—spend too much = GO broke! –simple math –religious fanatics? Please…….. The wise ones had a saying ” Those that will not work–shall not eat.” We have lost our way–and the biggest thing missing is REAL LEADERSHIP! Unfortunately the average citizen does not EVEN RECOGNISE real leadership or we would demand better from our “leaders”

    • Mark from

      well said sir

    • King

      Yea, Like your Bush did for us, you republicans only think of is yourself.
      and run our goverment in the hole .

      • @king


        • Cache

          I think King was talking of the federal government. As you might recall Bush pushed through a tax break for the wealthy. You might also recall that Bush started with a healthy economy and a balanced budget. He left office with huge deficit spending and a recession.

          • kieron

            There’s that “mntaxwaste” guy again touting his nonexistent website. I wonder if it’s meant to be ironic? No site = no tax waste.

    • Republicant

      Who pays taxes for your corporations when 58% of them pay nothing?
      Who purchases the goods they sell?
      Who makes the corporations products?
      Besides the government, what makes the corporation exist?
      The people do David. You have it all backwards……….
      The only group who lost its way are the idiots who voted this irresponsible group of Republicans into office. The hard working educated people of this state have drawn business here regardless of it’s tax base and we have many fortune 500 companies here without the help of Republican legislatures. Their ideas are bankrupt and have caused two major depressions in this country. Pull you head out your derriere David and embrace the people that make this state great instead of this drive for corporate fascism that you have embraced.

    • Citizen

      No corporations equal no jobs? Small business is the job creation engine in this country. How do you think people managed to live before corporations? They did. Right now the federal government is actually considering a pass-through tax on income derived from various sources–corporations being one of them. Corporations really pay no income tax at all any more with all the loopholes, deductions, tax havens (Cayman Islands & I hear, a house in Laramie, WY), so a pass-through tax would force income tax payments for the individuals involved. Revenue needs to be increased and the government isn’t imploding any time soon.

  • Minnesota Socialist Style

    Well I thought I would be able to celebrate this 4th of July remembering all the liberty we have and the freedom that we never take for granted, or do we? It seems that our votes don’t count anymore here in Minnesota. We have judges that have taken that away from us.
    The State of Minnesota is shutting down because of the people we elected to keep it running, but what has happened is that they can’t seem to get it together and work things out. So what happens? The Courts of Minnesota have taken up the cause of running this State, not the people we elected, the Governor nope, State Senators nope, State Legislators nope, a Supreme Court Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz will be running the State of Minnesota!
    It amazes me that people are fighting and blaming one party or another, but fail to see that their rights as Americans are being taken away and we are not doing anything about it!

    • Republicant

      Retired Supreme Court Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz has been hired by the Governor to arbitrate the petitions that have been presented by various organizations to decide what is essential to keep open. She is not running the government. It is not her fault that Republicans have shut the government down by not willing to compromise. Your paranoia is getting the best of you. Light a sparkler and celebrate your heritage.

      • Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste

        a LITTLE ONE SIDDED ARNT YOU? At the very least I admit I blame both sides.

        • jimmy

          Why? After all it was the Republicans that put the poison pill into the talks with their social agenda at the last minute.

  • David

    Here’s a little history lesson: Target stores[ part of Dayton- Hudson} while I worked there, had a policy for retirement where benifits were vested after 17 years of service. I watched many good, hard working employees GET FIRED when they reached 16+ years without notice so Target would not have to pay retirement. We are seeing THE SAME CALLOUS DISREGARD for good hard working people from our governor. I want what I want and I don’t care who it hurts from the spoiled rich boy.

    • Republicant

      Gov. Dayton does not currently own Target stores, but thanks for getting that load off your chest. I lost my hair over the years, do you know of any good attorneys that could help me fight my previous employers for that?

  • King

    David, I started working at the age of 14 !/2 after school and still working today
    and seen more of the same thing, and I ran my own business at 18 ,
    any good business runner will show little proft on the books.
    These rich people that run a business use people thats how they get rich !
    So why in the world do you want to give them a tax break.

    • Mark from

      You make no sense King?

      • Frank

        Are you that foggy this morning. King’s comment is about as straight forward as it gets.

        • kieron

          The humidity is fogging his brain, I believe. BTW his “mntaxwaste” is a nonexistent website. So why promote it? That’s Repub logic for you: make a big deal about a nonexistent situation.

  • David

    Economics 101 “King” : businesses have employees—pay wages–wages pay taxes—wages pay living expenses, which is taxed–creates more spinoff jobs in support industries–more wages–more jobs–an economic tax base to support whole communities. Hard working people deserve to see the fruits of their labors. I used to see Jeno Palucchi still going to work at 4:ooam when he was over 70yrs old and very rich already–rich because he earned it–and created millions in wages through his businesses–and milloins in taxes–and they want to take more from this kind of people to give it to ones who never have worked and never intend to–you are misguided,sir.

    • King

      And Jeno Palucchi will not have any trouble paying his income tax at the same
      percent that us little hard workers do, and it won,t hurt him one bit.

      • Mark from

        King, Please qualify your comments. Or are they just comments?

        • King

          Its what I live for , thats right !

          • David

            now gradated to incolherent—lol–I suspect Mr king has had a beverage or two –:>) Good night and GOD BLESS AMERICA–we need it

      • Mary Rogers

        Well said, King!! Do the math, David….and by the way, I hope that your parents, if still living, never have to go through supplemental care from the states cause it sure sounds to me like you would toss them there in a heartbeat to fend for themselves come h(*& or highwater – and heaven forbid that you need assitance of some kind some day – goes around, comes around….good luck with it when it happens.

    • jimmy


      What did you do take your economics 101 at talk radio? Jeno Palucchi never took a million dollars of taxable income out of a company in his life. That would have been stupid. Remember Jeno made the bulk of his money when there was a 70% federal income tax rate. Small business owners don’t take millions of dollars out of their companies.
      The people that have million dollar plus incomes are W2 wage earners.. They’re just employees of a corporation like everyone else. With one exception they’re greedy.

  • David

    Obviously he is not paying attention, Mark. Millions king–they are already enriching the system millions of dollars and ways and you want more from them to fund one boondoggle program after the other–rob hard working people–then waste it—amazing

    • King

      Thinking of yourself, again.
      You make more, you pay more , its not hard to understand.

      • Cache

        @ King. Please remember that a lot of these people need detailed explanations written at the third grade level. When you write your comments in that fashion they do not argue with you.

    • Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste

      David, Your right, this clown cant even back up his comments.

      • Citizen

        1,000 U.S. families control 98% of the wealth in America. The other 2% is left to the rest of us. Yet, none of these 1,000 want to pay more income tax (course, most of them pay none). Indeed, the income tax rates for the wealthiest Americans are historically the lowest ever. It is still not enough and they want them lower. Do they want the middle class and poor to just pay them to be rich? When is enough enough? And there has been no job creation. When I was young in the 50’s, you might get a couple of people applying for a job. If you wanted to move and change jobs, it was pretty easy. Now, I see 300 to 400 applicants for a single job–sometimes it’s 1,000. The lower taxes did not increase jobs, and corporations have since moved manufacturing overseas while at the same time hiding income in the Cayman Islands. The really unfortunate fact is that companies and corporations who did not send production overseas or hide income from the U.S. government are paying taxes. So, literally everyone is supporting the multi-national corporations and the uber rich. Makes us all fools and our legislators at all levels owned by those wealthy families.

        • milton

          same ol song citizen. wrong then wrong now. nobody buying your bs

          • Citizen

            Sorry, milton, the statistics are accurate. You must be one of the 1,000 hiding out. And plenty of people are starting to understand the incredible transfer of wealth that has taken place in the U.S. in the last 30 years–from the bottom 98% to the top 2%.

            • Billy

              I read that same article in MAD Magazine a couple years back.

              • Mary Rogers

                Obviously the extent of your reading (if you can call it that) level then Billy. Citizen has the figures correct – don’t take their word for it – research it yourself!

        • Lance

          Little early to be hitting the loco weed even for you.

        • Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste

          Wrong! Wrong! get your facts right

        • David

          @Citizen; The Bolchevics had similar ideas in 1918 toward the Czar in Russia- how do you like the results?

  • Darn Republicans

    Shame on those Republicans for facing the reality of a revenue starved government. Don’t they know that Minnesota’s biggest business IS government? Don’t they understand that people have abdicated responsibility to the government and now feel they have a right to state aid? Thank you governor Dayton for trying to solve all our problems by trotting out the old liberal strategy of class resentment and advocating that we eat the rich. If we just add to the state’s already onerous tax burden we won’t have to wait for the real solution through economic growth. In fact, since taxes stagnate economic growth we won’t have to worry about it for a long time. We’ll just tax whomever and whatever you focus our resentment against. Whatever it takes to keep the entitlement programs going, right? The old siren song of the liberals: Don’t worry, just abdicate all your rights and responsibilities to us, and we’ll take care of you. Nasty terrible Republicans should be recalled. Don’t they know the democrats need that gravy train to keep rolling to keep the votes of the indolent?

    • kieron

      If the shoe fits…

      • ?????

        What shoe are you referring to? Your attempt at a snappy comeback makes absolutely no sense.

    • Thomas Paine

      Very well said. The class v. class tactic is always popular with those that don’t wish to think for themselves. MN ranks 6th in overall taxes and, subsequently, 43rd in business climate. We work until April 16th just to pay taxes. Everyone wants to take care of those that need it, but the pendulum has swung WAY too far toward the handouts. It’s never enough and the result is a shutdown…which will reveal what’s needed and what’s not.

      • billy

        Thomas relive your history, we are 5th

    • Marlis

      Well Said ‘Darn Repulicans’ you stated the truth and exactly how it is. Demo’s have always loved raising taxes to keep the entitlement folks and programs going….that equals votes for them. Living within our means rarely occurs to them, cutting waste programs is out of the question, hand outs to people who don’t want to work, its the demo’crate way!! Its Dayton who is not wanting to compromise, what a sad day when we ended up with him as our Gov.

  • Kelly

    I think we have a good case against the governor for recall. He specifically said he would not shut down the government over his wanted tax hike. He lied to get elected. I for one am waiting for the petition for recall.

    • kieron

      Get comfy, hon.

      • wow

        Wow, are you ever a pithy thing hon. You got her writhing in the grasp of reason now!

    • jimmy


      Could you please tell me what a total ban on stem cell research was doing in the GOP finale budget offer.

      • Kelly

        It doesn’t belong and neither do all the other social issues jammed into the bill. But the fact remains, Dayton said he would sign the bill if we taxed the one million plus people. When the republicans said no, he shut it down.

        • jimmy

          Dayton said from day one he would not sign a budget bill with the social issues attached.
          If you have a quote from Dayton saying he would sign a bill baning stem cell research please link it. Or admit you’re lying.

          • Kelly

            I am talking about a recall based on what he said to get elected. Why is this so hard for you to understand.

            • jimmy

              Kelly Here’s your quote
              “It doesn’t belong and neither do all the other social issues jammed into the bill. But the fact remains, Dayton said he would sign the bill if we taxed the one million plus people. ”

              You claimed that the Governor said he would sign a budget with social issues attached. Show me where he said that or admit you were lying.

  • p

    50,000 Korean War National Museum supporters can use charity search engines.

  • Concern,,, &

  • ?????

    It may be true that our wealth has become concentrated, but I question your assertion that it is in the hands of “1000 families.” You need to back this figure up. Where did it come from?

    • Citizen

      Citation to “Perfectly Legal,” David Cay Johnston, Penguin Group, 2003, pg. 41-42, for starters. Just read the book and get a clue about wealth from the poorest to the richest for the last 30 years or so.

      • Ralph

        Johnston is a lacky for the left wing news media. NY Times, MSNBC, LA Times etc.

        • Citizen the Populist

          @Ralph. And that “lacky” won a Pulitizer Prize. Did you?

          • Ralph

            and obama won the nobel, whats your point.

            • Citizen the Populist

              The point, Ralph, is that you are no genius. And neither is woop dee doo. But, then the great unwashed rabble always go after the intellectuals and the educated.

          • woop dee doo

            And Hitler was Time magazine’s Man of the Year.

  • ?????

    Wow, you certainly have her writhing in the grasp of reason now!

  • shirley

    where’s the republican’s intrest with their constituant’s? The majority of us out here are not the wealthy,,so you may want to think about who you REALLY are concerned about. Hang in there Governor Dayton!

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